Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi using a hot water bag for her hand pain relieve. Ishita sees her and says why is Simmi doing all this, I just don’t understand. She gets teary eyed and goes to room. Raman asks her is she not getting sleep. She says no, I went to take water. He says I have seen you restless, is everything fine. She says I m not getting good sleep, nothing stressful. He says fine, I will trust you. He holds her hands and they smile seeing the sudden rain. They put hands in rain and he takes her out in rain. She asks what is he doing, they will get ill. He asks her to come, else he will think she never supported him.

Chak dhoom dhoom…..plays……… Raman stands in rain. She hugs him and they dance….. The kids come there and dance along them. Raman and Ishita hold

each other and smile.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla tells Neelu about halwa puri dish to be made. Raman and Ishita cough by cold. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did they both get cold. Ishita says it maybe viral, I caught cold from Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says I understood and smiles. Romi jokes on them. Amma comes and asks for newspaper supplement. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she smiling. Mrs. Bhalla says I can see them happy after a long time. Simmi is leaving and says she has imp work. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stay at home and help her. Simmi says I m busy, I will come by evening. Ishita looks on. Raman says I will leave too.

Vandu tells the jeweler Dinesh to make same design necklace using American diamond. Dinesh says fine, it will cost Rs 20000rs, I will try to make similar one, exact may not be possible. Vandu requests him to make same. Suraj looks on and hears them. Dinesh leaves. Suraj says sorry to disturb, I wanted you to check my project. She says fine, come. Prateek follows Simmi to a restaurant. He says Simmi will doubt if she sees me.

He sees Simmi talking to Ashok and clicks their pic. He calls Ishita and tells about Simmi meeting Ashok. Ishita asks what, are you sure. Prateek says yes, infact I have sent you the pic. Ishita checks the pic and feels disappointed. She asks can you hear what are they talking. He says no, I m standing out, I can’t hear them. Ishita says I can’t say how I feel, why is Simmi doing all this. Prateek says I can understand, Simmi is working for Ashok, see the hand sprain, lying and meeting Ashok, what does this mean. She says we will talk in evening about this.

She ends call and says I should inform Shagun. She sees battery gone. Neelu comes to her and asks her to see Ruhi, she is asking for new dress. Ishita puts her phone on charger and says I will talk to Shagun later. Abhishek goes to watchman’s house and finds it locked. He calls the watchman and says he is not answering call. He asks the neighbor lady. She says she does not know, a big car has come and since then his house is shut, don’t know where he went. Abhishek gives his card and asks her to call him when watchman comes. Abhishek says watchman was going to give me info, whats happening.

Dinesh comes to Suraj’s office and asks what do you want me to make. Suraj says I want you to make necklace. He says Vandita gave you a design. Dinesh says yes, do you want similar design. Suraj says I want a necklace for her, I want to use real diamonds. Dinesh says madam said her budget is low. Suraj says you do what I m saying, no need to tell Vandita, she should now know this, diamonds should be good. Dinesh asks how can I do this. Suraj says I have her big favor, she won’t accept this if I tell her, I want to do this for her. Dinesh says fine, and leaves. Suraj says I hope Vandita ji likes this necklace.

Raman prepares to leave for office and something hurts his foot. Raman asks Neelu to help and they move sofa. He gets a diamond earring and asks her whose earring is this. Neelu does not know. Mihika comes and says lets leave. She sees earring and says its Shagun’s earring. Raman looks on shocked. Shagun looks for earring. Abhishek calls her and says watchman has gone missing. Shagun asks did he inform this to Ishita, we had to meet today, is she coming. Abhishek says yes, she will come, my earring is missing. Abhishek asks what, is it that important. She ends call and thinks about her earring.

Raman says how will Shagun’s earring come here. Mihika says I went with Shagun when she bought this earring, I remember she changed the defective one. Raman asks Neelu to get her phone. Neelu sees Ishita’s phone and assumes its Raman. She gives Ishita’s phone to Raman. Raman leaves. Mrs. Bhalla worries knowing about Shagun’s earring.

Ishita gets Raman’s phone, and says its big problem, when Shagun calls me, Raman will take the call. Shagun thinks to inform Ishita and calls her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. diya

    Omg …its simmi… well hvnt seen the episode yet …really eager to see the rain dance … but am really worried for raman .. wt if he sees shagun’s call. Kurkhsetra gonna happen. Am having a feeling that he knows about the whole fake ghost drama. will give my final cmnt on this epi ..after watching it on 11pm.
    Btw ..isnt the trp of week 44 out yet?doez ny body know anythng …plz tell if u known .

  2. guys I hv 1 doubt wen shagun faked her death she cm 2 da bhalla house so ishitha sees her and faints so wat is da need of shagun cmg really ishitha cn evn lie??? is der a reason fr shagun cmg to da bhalla house ??ishitha cn evn shout dat she saw sm1 der and cn faint so itstead of taking risks dis wld hv been bettr…am I right or is der any otr reason fr her really cmg???pls clarify my doubt

    • navya

      she wanted raman to believe that shagun has became devil. after raman saw the shagun ishita got fainted dat time raman concentrated on ishita meanwhile shagun left that place . after that wen raman looks dat place shagun was not ther..

  3. amishi

    Like really…..


    What does this suraj thinks of himself to be???
    Lovely scenes of ishra…..

    Hi everyone ….
    I m also a fan of yhm…
    As u do…
    And am following it for months….
    Thanks AMENA di for as usual fastest updates….

  4. Darshika

    Thank you so much amena.
    Nice epi…… So sweet romantic dance…….
    But what is simmi doing with ashok…..!!! Totally confusing……. Seams like ashok is blackmailing simmi for some season…..!

    And omg….! Suraj is liking wandita…..!!!

    And what will happen tomorrow…. ??? Will ishita be caught red handed by raman……. ???
    This neelu……, always exchange everything……. !!!!! It’s her habit since beginning of the story.
    waiting…..want to see next.
    From SL

  5. Darshika

    ananya……, yes, ishita can scream alone…… But it’s not the purpose of that scene…… The purpose is conceiving raman for believe the ghosts……! First raman saw the ghost(Shagun). Then suddenly there’s no ghost. So raman was confusing. And he started to believe the ghosts. Ishita wants raman to believe about ghosts. So it has happened since that day……..

  6. Varsha

    Eager to knw about tmr episode…
    How will ishu manage to get her phone…
    How will they find the truth about simi….
    And the most
    Thanks zzzz… Amena for a quick and beautiful update…
    All the scenes r cmng front of our eyes if we read it… U don’t even miss a single scene and that’s ur speciality…
    Even though Hindi is not my language I am a huge huge huge huge…. Fan of yhm and ishra…this update is so helpful for me.
    Thanks a lot…

  7. Priya Choudhary

    nice episode
    love ishra’s seen

    now what suraj want to vandita. why he is giving her real dimond neckless. what’s the mean of it.
    I think ashok is blackmailing her for some reson.
    I’m sure that is rinki who is helping ashok.
    eagerly waiting for next episode

  8. wowwwwww!!!! i like today epi it was very romantic……….

    hy guys did suraj fall in love with vandu nooooo i hope it’s my imagination……..

    i hope shagun she will not phone ishita ohhh no plzzz…….

  9. Some people on this site use to give gayan to others so kindly please stop this its really irritating pllzzz everyone has its own opinion so stop scolding others n you people think u r yhmians only bcoz u are liking the track n others are fool wasting their time pata to cal gaya ho ga about whom I am talking rightNa diya n darshika so kindly stop this

    • diya

      Listn .. whoevr nd wtevr u r .. i really dnt scold ny one fr telling nythng against yhm …u r the frst person to say it .. if someone has a problm has a prblm wt i say they tell me nd i tell thm wt i actually mean plz ..stop ovrreactng nd giving prabachan… nd dnt take my name in it … but as this is a public forum…say nd write wtevr u write .. i will nvr evr read or rply ur cmnts … cz i know kuch to log kahnge logoka kam h kahna chodo bekar baatein kahi bit na jaye rayhna .. so i will better cncentrt on this show thn ur cmnts .. nd i thnk u dnt know bengali .. am writtng a phrase in it.. which exctly goes with u .. “”pagol e kina bole , chagol e kina khay””
      If possibl find the meaning of this phrase frm net .. thnkyouu

  10. plzzz stop draging tooooo much i want to see ishra happy moment plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

    love u ishra i hope the drama will end soon…..

    i want ishita & raman lovely moment……

  11. sweety

    So lame track, and too much dragging…. We can see somebody is trying to involve and prove simmi is culprit bcoz somebody purposely asked WATCHMAN to show simmi’s hand pics to ACP , and then he gets call if he has done the work. Later watchman realises he shouldn’t lie to ACP ,he wanted to confess to ACP that somebody was trying to involve that hand , its somebody else. Obviously, Simmi is not culprit.
    Its Sarika, because she lied to family abt Rohit as Romis child, but actually she adopted Rohit. Rinki gotto know that, so she killed her.
    Then ashok gotto know abt Sarika killing Rinki.
    So he is blackmailing sarika to murder Raman.
    Or maybe, She is doing it for money.

  12. diya

    Woww…wt an epi .. uff the lovly rain dance simply made my day.. ..lots of kisses to ishraa ???
    they shwd simmi wid ashoke … maybe she is the real culprit evry gawa is against her .. …but i really dnt blv it anyway ..her xpressions doesnt say so…wtevr she is doing may hv very strong reason thats y she is complld to do all this …nyway .. only the upcmng episodes will hlp us to fnd out
    i m not gonna blv ny spoiler ..but only the leaked vdio. Evry1 .. is saying itz sarika.. .. but it maynt b also.
    cz .. the face of the lady who bribed rinki’s bf is not yet shown. So how cn we blv fully ..that its her..nyway i will hppy if its sarika not simmi … :v
    gunnit ppl . Nd wait fr another romantic eve btwn ishra .

  13. The culprit is not simmi fr sure.. Coz in dat diwali epi she was standing behind ruhi wen dat grinding stone was thrown… So its defntly not her.. Ppl watch dat diwali epi again n ul find dat simmi s stndng wid d family… Ty.. I strtd watchng yhm bcoz of u ppl’s good comments here..

    • jhanvi

      Ya right simmi was there with d family…. So I think smone else helping Ashok.. Nd Ashok is using simmi also by forcing her…. May be param is also involved in this…. Nd he us troubling simmi…

  14. Siddhi

    I think simmi is not the real culprit I think she is in some problem and I love ishra dance they look wonderful together

  15. Darshika

    This comment for I hate Dayani baba.

    I’ve never blamed to anyone…….. Read ananya’s comment CAREFULLY……. She asks from someone “plz clarify my doubt”. So I gave an answer as my knowledge. And if she has problem with it, she will tell it. So what is your problem about it……!?!?
    And this is public page. So I tell anything like others which I want.
    And again I tell this…… I like this track…..!!! So if someone don’t like this track, plz comment and tell it. Few ppl don’t like this track…….SO IS IT MY FAULT…..!???!
    And if I blame to someone, they also will blame to me. But it hasn’t happened……. And I’ve never replied to you. U r the first person to say this without any reason.
    Yes, some ppl don’t like this track. So what can I do ? It’s not my fault. And I like this track, so can’t I comment about my opinion…..??? If You don’t like this track, plz tell it ekta and cvs……. It’s useless telling to me.

  16. ifra

    gys..u remember a lady shown who give a pic to Kumar (rinki’s boyfriend) who is that Lady her suspense is open till now and they show another suspense track….can anyone know about the lady?????

  17. jhanvi

    Amazing epi in starting….. My fvrt song my srk’s song nd my fvrt ishra…. Oh my god…!!!! So lovely …m so happy with that rain dance…. In fact last rain dance was also amazing …did u remember guys ???????
    Ishra always rokzzzzzz !!!!!!

    BT after watching simmi with Ashok…. Feeling sad nd ofcrse again confusions……BT I m sure if simmi is doing this really she is in big pro… Nd she have to do this.. That’s y she is doing this.. She is nt real culprit… I think so…..nd pls no simmi ….coz I rally love simmi……

    Nd what is suraj doing ???? Is he really changed….???? I think he likes vandu….. BT pls don’t do anything wrong with their family ….its really nice pair…

  18. jhanvi

    Nd ya I missed it…..guys I don’t know y BT smtimes I feel that Raman also knew this drama… May be he didn’t know everything. BT he knew that ishu is acting nd he doubted her so he is also trying to find that y she is doing this with d help of simmi…. U hope it will happen only coz I don’t want to see simmi as a real culprit…..

    Nd missing mihir….. After long time mihika has come…..

  19. diya

    Raman – ishita to celebrate diwali in sudh tamilian way . in both yhe sbs nd sbb segments they showed ishita doing a tam ritual by massaging raman with oil nd then pouring milk on his foot nd body . But in between their romance adi ruhi came nd embarresd wnt upstairs nd ishita started gigling …
    very sweet nd cute upcomnig scenes.
    they also said with the suspense the romance will also futher brew in upcoming epis …
    visual retreat . But i hope makers always be sweet like this nd never seperate our ishra.
    yhm rockz

  20. jhanvi

    No ifra ….it is nt shown yet.. …. Nd that suspense is going on ….

    Hi diya…. No I didn’t miss this.. I was busy ystrday… Soooo I cldnt cmnt….

    Hi everyone nd ya new members r always welcomed….

    Nd guys again ishra romance is coming…..did u remember last year on diwali celebration ishu did oil massage to Raman… That was superb na… They will do it this year also…BT Ruhi nd Adi will interpret them….. Awaiting for this..!!!!!!

  21. barathi

    U people… u r all always telling… i dont like tis track.. tragging… end tis track… etc.. etc. Actually wht u like to see… i dont understand lol… if u ever watchd other language serials… thn u ll strangle ur neck urself
    .. ha ha… lol… i love isra dance… black to black. Love tis awesme… chancea illa

  22. ifra

    BARC Ratings Of Hindi TV Serials/Shows in Week 44 2015Star Plus serial ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ stands in the first post with 4.3 TRPs, closely followed byYeh Hai Mohabbatein, Kumkum Bhagya and Naaginwith 4.2 TRPs.Top Ten Hindi TV Serials/Shows 1.Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4.3 (4)2.Ye Hai Mohabbatein 4.2 (3.9), Naagin 4.2, Kumkum Bhagya 4.2 (4.5)3.Sasural Simar Ka 3.4 (3.3)4.MahasangamTashan-e-Ishq/JamaaiRaja/KumkumBhagya (Wed 8pm) 3.35.Diya Aur Baati Hum 3.1 (2.6)6.Udaan 2.7 (3), Swaragini 2.7 (2.8), Balika 2.7 (2.6)7.Ek Tha Raja Ek Tha Rani 2.5 (2.3), Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah 2.5 (2.4)8.Suhani Si Ek Ladki 2.4 (2.4), Comedy Nights With Kapil 2.4 (1.4)9.Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2.3 (2.3), Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.3 (2.2)10.Kaala Teeka 2, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 (2.2)

  23. Shreya

    I have a serious doubt..
    On the episode of Karva Chauth Ishita flew Raman leading to very unusual thing..
    If it was Ishita only.. How could she do this?
    How did she had non veg then?

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