Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi watching the girls dancing in the hens party. He gets a call and is stuck. He says why did Mihir call now, and falls on the ground. Shagun and everyone ask him what is he doing here. Mihika says tell us Raman and Mihir has sent you to spy on us. Romi says my bones got broken. Vandu says I will take him to doctor, you guys enjoy. Shagun says take my car and driver, don’t go by taxi. Vandu takes Romi and leaves. Mihika says so sorry everyone, carry on. Mihir and Bala have a talk about Romi. Mihir says don’t know what happened, Romi is not taking my call. Bala says enjoy here. Mihir says here? Its so boring….Bala says lets see what arrangements Vandu did. Mihir says Mihika and Vandu will see us then.

Mihir says there is no food. Bala says then complain

Ashok. He gets Vandu’s call and goes out. Suraj and Parmeet looks on. Ashok comes to Mihir and asks about Raman, he should have come and see how his wife is becoming my wife now. Mihir says he wanted to make the most of this party, he is very happy for you, I need to get another drink for me, excuse me. Suraj says Bala is gone, I will see this Mihir. He goes to Mihir and asks him to have drink. Suraj says get the whisky I ordered for special guests. The girl says its over. Suraj scolds her. Mihir says its not her mistake, tell me which whiskey, I will get it, which brand. Suraj says its special brand and says its found at his friend’s place. Mihir says he will get it. Suraj says its not found in any random wine shop. Mihir says he will get it, as he is doing this for his sister, send me the name and address of your friend by message. Suraj asks about Bala. Mihir says I will take him along with me, and then we will join you, don’t worry. He leaves.

Suraj tells Parmeet that they are gone. Parmeet says we have to wait for Ishita. Suraj says her entry should be grand. Raman drops Ishita at Blue lagoon and asks is this the venue. She says yes, Shagun sent this address. He asks her to keep her promise, and come back soon. He opens the car door for her and asks her to come. They have a sweet talk and smile. She says if you act sweet, how will I call you Raavan Kumar. He says don’t call, find some other name. he says go, I will come to pick you in some time. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………… He says remember the promise, I know you don’t break them.

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She goes. He says I don’t know how to wait for you, as I have to do something special and tell my heart out, my Jhansi Ki Rani. Ashok asks Suraj why did the lights dim. Suraj says there is special entry, entertainment, wait and watch. Ishita walks inside and a girl takes her purse, saying she will keep it in locker. Ishita sees its all dark. She proceeds and is shocked seeing so many men. She says men here? Did I come in wrong party? She moves back. The man asks are you our entertainment, Ashok arranged her well, she is beautiful. The man says lets have a drink, don’t be shy.

She says I came in wrong party, I m not the one you are thinking, stay away. Parmeet asks Ishita you here. She says I came by mistake, I m going. He says come, it will be fun. She asks is this his planning. He says I did not do anything, I don’t know how Bhalla respect came in our house, did they start making their bahu and daughter do this. The man asks will she not dance, we called her here for dance. Ishita is shocked. Parmeet laughs.

Raman buys roses and says I hope Ishita likes it. Mihika calls him and asks where is Ishita. He says he dropped her 30misn before. She says no, she did not come, she is not taking call. He ends the call. He says maybe she sat out feeling party is bore, I will call her, she will take my call. A man takes the call. Raman asks him to give phone to the phone owner. He says she is for us here, she has come here in our bachelor’s party to entertain us. Raman is shocked, and says shit. He leaves hurriedly. Ashok asks Ishita to be a sport and come to have a drink, as even Parmeet is here.

He asks Parmeet to make drink for her. She says you are going to be family member, how can you do this, and ditch Shagun, your marriage is tomorrow, how dare you. He says come on, don’t do this Sati Savitri drama, I know you wanted to come here, I know women love attention, you want us to say no, and leave it. She says shut up. He says why, I have license to get naughty today. The men surround her and she asks Ashok to stop them. She says stay far, don’t touch me. Raman is on the way worried.

She says let me go, and runs out. The men run after her to stop. Parmeet says beware Ishita ji. The man holds her hand. She calls for help and asks him to leave her. Mani comes there and beats the man. Suraj, Ashok and Parmeet look on. Raman comes there and sees the fight, and Ishita crying. He runs to her. Ashok is shocked seeing Raman. Raman makes Mani away from that man and starts giving him personal punches. He asks how did you touch my wife. The man says why did your wife come in this party. Ashok says let Raman come, CEO’s wife in such part. Raman beats the man with the rod. Ishita asks Mani to stop Raman. Raman says Ashok Khanna, I know you and your dogs did this, I will beat you like a dog. The guards hold Raman. Raman comforts Ishita asking her not to worry, and leaves. Mani looks at Ashok.

Ishita cries and tells Raman what happened. Raman says I m with you, come, sit here. He pacifies her and says I m with you, no one can do anything. She says if you did not come then…. He says he will get water. She says no, don’t go. He says get a hold of yourself, I m coming. Ashok goes to Mani to give an explanation. (Blooper: Same scene shown of Raman and Ishita leaving shown again) Ashok says I thought its belly dancer, I was shocked seeing Ishita. Mani says I m not fooled easily, be careful Ashok. He leaves. The trio laughs thinking about Ishita.

Ishita covers herself with the saree end. Raman gives her water. She drinks and cries. She says everyone was staring me there, they troubled me. He asks did Shagun message you. She says yes, but I did not confirm with Mihika, I did not know this will happen. She hugs him. He says its fine, nothing will happen, come, lets go home. He makes her sit in the car. Mani looks on standing far as Raman and Ishita leave. He thinks Raman has managed her well this time, I thought he will be angry, but how did she come here, I have to find out who did this.

Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ishita and blames Shagun. Ishita says she did not do anything this time. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she is the one. Raman asks how dare you send Ishita there. Shagun says I just called her in my party. He says stop this nonsense, you have sent her the message with that address.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Muje lagta hai ki jesa wikipedia par likha hai wese Ishita & Mani ki shaadi ki taiyaariyan hogi par shaadi ke din Raman ka man badal jayega aur Raman Ishita se shaadi karega. I hope aisa hi ho kyon ki bahut jald hi 3 rd Dec. ko YHM ki 1 st Anyversry aa rahi hai aur hamare liye bahut bada surprise ho.
    Jaise ki hamne socha hi nahi tha ki aisa bhi ho sakta hai.

    1) RV & Ishani ki shaadi
    2) Archna & Manav ki dusri shaadi jo unhone gharse bhaag kar ki thi
    3) Mihir ki Trisha ke badle Mihika se sagaai
    Ye sabhi Ekta ki serial ne unexpected tha. Hum akhri din tak soch rahe the ki aisa ho hi nahi sakata fir bhi aisa hua.
    Hame YHM me laga hi tha ki Mihir & Trisha ki saagai hogi par Raman ne last movement par puri baazi palat di thi.
    I hope aisa hi ho ki Ishita & Mani ki shaadi ke badle Ishita & Raman ki shaadi ho jaye. Finaly Happy Married life ho unki kyonki is bar koi samjota nahi par dil se ki hui saadi hai.
    I hope aisa hi ho . Agar aisa nahi hua to YHM apne adhe se jaya da fans kho dega.

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