Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi saying what, you are coming here for dinner, Dadi tied Kangana to my hand, I can’t go out. She says we are going to get married, they are not letting us meet. He says I miss you, we are going to unite. They have a talk. Dil bharta nahi….plays…… Adi says I love you so much. Aaliya says I love you too, but now when I m coming to your house for dinner, don’t you think you should do anything special for me. He asks what to do, tell me. She asks him to make some special dish for her. He asks what. She asks can’t you do this for me. He says I will do. She asks him not to ask anyone, no cheating, just make it yourself. He says I will do it alone. She says I m waiting. He ends call. She says now we will see what he makes for us.

Adi goes to Raman

and asks for his help. Raman asks him to stay away and ask. Adi says Aaliya, Shagun and Mani are coming for dinner, you called them and also a problem for me, Aaliya wants me to make some dish for her, without taking anyone’s help, I want to impress and please her. Raman says pleasing Madrasi women is tough, they are mad. Adi says I understood, but I have to do something, do something, else Bhallas name will spoil. Raman says cooking is not tough, get my laptop, we will check recipes. Adi says we will make Bengali for Aaliya. Raman asks foolish will you serve non veg to Madrasi. Adi gives suggestions. Raman discards all his ideas. Adi asks what shall I do.

Raman suggests snacks. Adi discards his ideas. Raman asks him to go. Adi calls him unromantic. Raman asks did I get three kids in lucky draw. Adi says fine, I m going. Raman asks him to take laptop and keep it back. Adi goes. Raman says he likes to have Madrasan, now bear her. Everyone is leaving for parlor. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to come. Ishita asks them to come, Raman is fine, I have to cook food, Raman called everyone for dinner. Roshni asks Ishita to go, she will make dinner. She asks shall I make special food. Adi says no need, no one eats spicy food. Roshni says if food is not spicy, its not tasty. Ishita says Roshni makes tasty food. Neelu says I will help her. Ishita says I will go clinic, if food is made till then, we three will go parlor for facial. Amma, and others leave. Adi says I need to talk something imp.

Ishita says Aaliya is intelligent, she gave you challenge. He says you love Aaliya and not me, suggest me what she likes.

Ishita says Aaliya like gulab jamun and halwa, check on internet and make it. Adi asks can I make this alone. She says you can’t take anyone’s help family, you can take Roshni’s help. He says no, I will do it alone. She says then do it and goes. She asks Raman is he fine. He says yes, you got tired and I planned dinner. She says I like the ceremonies, everything is set, we are going to go on date.

Raman keeps the wine bottles and says its for night, hide it somewhere, Dadi is also coming, how will we drink in front of her. Bala says if all men disappear, will Dadi not doubt, if she knows, she will not leave. Raman says we will make excuse. Bala says call everyone silently, involve Mani, if Dadi catches us, Mani will save us. Raman asks what about Ishita, she should not know.

Adi goes to kitchen. Roshni offers him help. Adi asks her to clean slab and go. Roshni goes. Adi says she did not clean, I will manage. Roshni asks Neelu to help Adi. Neelu asks Adi what is he making. Adi says I m making gulab jamun, you did not put label on boxes. Neelu says I know everything, tell me what you want. Neelu keeps the things. Adi sends her. Roshni looks on and thinks how will he make gulab jamun. She goes to him and says the flour which you took…. He asks her to be quiet, he can read recipe.

Roshni asks why is he shouting, tell Neelu when he leaves. Adi makes gulab jamuns and asks Neelu not to let anyone touch it. He goes. Roshni sees the gulab jamuns and checks recipe. She says he did mistake, paper changed, he made gulab jamuns with wheat flour, he may have made it for Aaliya, it should be good. Dadi gives a dress to Aaliya. Aaliya likes it and shows the lahenga to Shagun. She goes to get ready. Dadi says Raman should rest, even then he called us for dinner, he has conjunctivitis. Shagun says yes, how can we have dinner with him. Dadi says so what, its fine, get Aaliya. Shagun says conjunctivitis is contagious, how can Ishita be careless.

Raman asks Ishita to come for dinner. Ishita says sorry, don’t come for dinner, infection will spread. He says I missed all functions. She says Shagun’s concern is right, Adi, Aaliya and all guests will be there, they will also have glasses in marriage, please stay here. He says I planned everything and kept alcohol with Bala. She says relax, you can’t do this as Dadi will be there, I will make drinks and send everyone here. He asks will you make drinks. She says yes, I will learn, everyone is getting ready, I will come back. She goes. He says I understood why life goes by drinking wine, its because wives make the peg.

Adi scolds Roshni for spoiling gulab jamun. He trashes the sweets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Candiva007

    Okay, enough is enough! The truth about Adi and Roshni should come because Adi does not deserve anyone’s love. This kid is a hot head.

    I felt sorry for him because he was forced into this marriage with Roshni as she was forced in it too, it’s not her fault so why is he so rude? I’m sorry, he needs a rude awakening. Both Aaliya and Roshni to leave him.

  2. azuka nkwonta

    Adi does not need any help why is roshni trying to help. She is trying to make everyone like her. She is now settling herself very well in the bhallas house, look at the way she is controlling neelu now, she is gaining ground. By the time the truth gets exposed she must have won the heart of the bhallas that the bhallas will find it difficult choosing between her and aaliya.

  3. episode was soo boring without old ishra..n there nokjhok…missing pihu..where is she…..n sad for raman he is nt allowed to meet all…n hate this shagun…always ready to insult n fight with ishu…plzz end this track sooooon..its soo boring.the truth shd come out…family shd know abt adi roshni mrge…

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Let me tell you guys something, there is a big difference between ishita and roshni. Ishita came into the bhallas house as ruhi’s mother and she went about doing her duty as a mother and daughter-in-law without trying to impress any and nobody liked her but gradually they began to love her because they found out that she is not bad probably like shagun. But when it comes to the case of roshni she came in as nobody like a street girl, secondly she is keeping a secret that could destroy someone else life, thirdly she is trying so much to impress everyone and make them love her. She forces herself on everyone, she wants to do everything so that people will praise her. This is just too much, she is not real, we don’t know her true colours.

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Guys let me tell you I think this drama is going to be like this in the coming weeks. The truth will come out and then aaliyah and Adi will have misunderstanding because of it. Adi will try to convince aaliyah to forgive him for not telling her earlier, aaliyah will try to be stubborn and at the same time wanting to forgive him but she will not act fast thereby making Adi to have doubts about their love.
    Mirgi will come back and hear about what happened between Adi and aaliyah he will try to console aaliyah,from that aaliyah will start having the same old feelings that she had for mirhi before. Adi started noticing the changes in aaliyah and how their love is dying away he started confiding in roshni which made them to start getting close to each other.
    For those who are already pairing Adi with roshni don’t think that it’s going to be easy to get them together, no it will not happen so easily.

  6. Rahul96

    Oomngg. Ok i understand Adi pain . But he is really dumb .
    Even i am also a boy. But i am pretty sure that wheat flour is not used in gulab jamun. That’s so stupid of Adi. Even that stupid thing which he made was not even looking like gulab jamun . Adi is so dumb .
    Height of stupidity of Adi is infinite . He didn’t even care to look at gulab jamun of Roshni . Gulab jamun of Roshni was actual Gulab.
    He might have bring wheat flour(aatte) to make “aatte ka halwa” for roshni .

    Gulab jamun of Roshni was looking so tasty and yummy . Gulab jamun is my favorite sweet . ????
    How rude of adi. Why did he throw so much tasty gulab jamun in a dustbin ??? If he didn’t want gulab jamun made by Roshni he should have given those gulab jamun to mee!!! Trust me guys i am damn good in eating gulab jamun . ????????. I will never forgive Adi for his this brutal act. He throw all those tasty gulab jamuns in front of my eyes!!! Can you believe this guys ??? ?????. When Roshni make all this tasty gulab jamuns, water was coming out of my mouth. Those gulab jamuns were looking so yummy and tasty. Hmmmm.
    . Tomorrow i will go to a sweet shop and will eat a lot of gulab jamuns . I will not share those gulab jamuns with you guys . I will eat a lot of gulab jamuns and will not share even a single gulab jamun with you guys . ????????????????. And i will never forgive Adi for his this brutal act ( for throwing all those tasty and yummy gulab jamuns in Dustbin) .????????. My poor tasty , yummy gulab jamuns ???????.
    Tomorrow i will go to a sweet shop and will eat a lot of gulab jamuns and I will not share those gulab jamuns with you guys

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Well it is good that you are going to buy gulab jamum but make sure you share it with Adi and not with roshni, because Adi needs to know how tasty gulab jamum is.

  7. Well at least there was a face to face talk between IshRa. Everything else was very annoying. Seems like they are going to drag these wedding rituals until episode 2000. I don’t really care who Adi marries but Roshni’s “goodness” is starting to get on my nerves now.

  8. Santana Russo

    Such a crackhead u r Adi, Rosh like i said b4 dont ever help him he dont deserve it and let him spoil whatever his making. Y dont u pretend his invisible and dont let him or his doofus uncle dis u. Man I can stand Adi’s behavior, he is so f**king childless, I don’t even thing his ready 4 marriage because he can’t handle such responsibility. Alia was better of with Mihir, by the way where is Mihir and Rosh u dont deserve such dull-witted man although u seem to be cute Jodi but if he doesn’t change his ways I hope he doesnt get any of the girls they r way better of and he don’t deserve any ones luv. God he is such a duchbage. I hope Alia leaves u so u could drink yourself 2 death, since u can’t leave without her and also after Alia leaves I also hope Rosh dont stick around after all there is nothing there to stick around 4. Pc luv Ishita&Shagun&Rosh &I miss Mihir. Adi change u ways b4 its 2 late.

  9. Poor Rosh forced to damn marriage. I feel sorry 4 both Adi&Rosh they r both in unwanted marriage buy y is Adi always pissed at Rosh wen she is blameless. He is always pissed or blaming her instead of understanding each other wen they both r in same situation. Adi u need to go to anger management therapy cause this will lead u to ur down fall. Rosh u r so sweet but ur sweetness is getting on my last nerve because how can u be sweet 2 someone who is such a dickhead. Come on girl be sweet to ones who r sweet 2 u but the ones who r ass be ass to them. Anyhow Rosh u r very lovely ? and Adishni or Roditya luk good jodi, very cute.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    I am so so so so not interested in this track anymore ,it seems not to be ending . But I am looking forward for the dinner and I hope something interesting will happen there.

  11. dilse diltak fan

    I always support roshni……. Like roshni…… stupid adi

  12. Athira Ramesh

    Hi guys…. I couldn’t find out the latest episodes of mach baliye (13th may 2017 & 14th may 2017) on hotstar. Please help me with other links which I can watch these episodes.
    I know that this is not the area to comment or ask about nach baliye, but I have no other option. Sorrryyy

  13. Mihir nd roshni wil make a gud pair…Dey rly suit each other well in all aspects….CVS r u reading diz?

  14. azuka nkwonta

    If you cannot watch at hotstar then go to and watch it there , I watch yhm everyday there. Good luck ?

  15. why is raman using spex.. is he really suffering some desease

  16. Athira Ramesh

    Thank you azuka nkwonta

    1. azuka nkwonta

      I hope it was helpful if so you are welcomed.

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