Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla missing Simmi. Ishita comes home and tells her about Simmi’s name in the mobile store register. Mrs. Bhalla says you are always after Raman and Simmi. She says are you mad, Simmi is in Dubai. Ishita says no, it was on today’s date, I saw her in market also. Mrs. Bhalla scolds hera and asks Ishita to call Simmi and ask herself. She does not believe Ishita and leaves. Ishita says mum is right, I should call Simmi, that would be fine.

She calls Simmi and the number is unavailable. Ishita says why is the announcement in hindi, it should be in english or arabic if she is in Dubai. She tells this to Mrs. Bhalla and she gets annoyed. She asks Ishita not to find out more and leaves. Ishita says she is right, why am I over thinking, but what

should I do, I m so sure I saw Simmi there and today also it has her number. Mihir meets Mihika. He says I need to talk to you. She says that you are going to meet Trisha. Mihir says its only for business, I love you, I m going as Raman told me. Mihika says this is the problem, Raman decides for your life, whom will you choose between me and Raman. Mihir says this time Raman will listen and understand me. Mihika says go and meet Trisha, marry her, I don’t care. She gets angry and leaves.

Amma talks on phone and asks Vandu, Bala to come and stay with them. She will be happy if Shravan comes. Appa and Mr. Bhalla comes home and asks Amma to make special coffee for her. The power goes. Mihika brings the candles. Amma says I did not make food till now. Mihika says the power is everywhere, it went only in our house. The watchman says it will take 4-5 hours. Mr. Bhalla says come to our house and have dinner there. Amma says don’t worry, I will make something. Mr. Bhalla insists. Mr. Bhalla asks Amma to invite Vandu and Bala also. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry knowing he invited everyone. She says I will make butter bread for them as they eat only veg.

Mrs. Bhalla asks the maid to make veg food. Amma, Appa, Mihika, Vandu and Bala come for dinner. Rumi greets everyone and asks how are you. Mr. Bhalla asks him to bring samosa fast. Rumi calls the shop man and orders the food. The man misunderstands and thinks Rumi said about mutton samosa. Rumi calls Raman and asks him to come soon as Ishita’s family came. Raman says tell them I m busy with Mihir. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to come home soon. Raman tells Mihir we have to go home. The food comes. Mrs. Bhalla says we have veg food when we are ill. Mihika says I will help Rumi.

Mrs. Bhalla says the importance of non veg food. Vandu talks in favor of veg food. Rumi brings the samosas. Ishita looks at the argument. Amma takes the samosa and is about to eat it while talking. Raman enters and Amma stops. Ishita says thanks you came. Raman says what happened to you, gone mad? Raman stops Amma and asks Rumi from where did you ordered it. He says its mutton samosas. Amma throws it and gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla says I asked him to order veg chicken. Ishita says paneer. Raman says I m sorry, come with me. Mihir comes and Mihika looks at him. Raman goes to change clothes. Ishita thanks Raman for stopping Amma. Ishita says Ravan Kumar.

Shagun calls Ashok and he comes home. He asks where were you all day. He says I went out of city to give you surprise. He brings Adi with him. Shagun is so happy to see him and hugs him. Adi says how are you, Ashok uncle told me you are not well, please take care. Shagun says now I m fine seeing you. Adi says I love you mum. She says I love you too. Shagun says why did you bring him here, its his exams. Ashok says thats why I brought him here, he will write his exams in Delhi. He tells Adi that Shagun got unwell because of Raman. Adi asks what did he do, I have grown up, tell me everything. Ashok says Raman came here with his mum and insulted your mum.

He says they even tried to slap Shagun infront of everyone, Raman warned us that he will take you from us like he did Ruhi. Adi gets angry. Shagun says stop it Ashok. She says now I have my Adi here, I don’t care about anything. She says Adi, your birthday is coming, we will celebrate. Adi says I will not leave him, I hate that man. Ashok is happy hearing that and says Raman, this is my weapon to fight a new war against you. Adi will help me as I have filled poison in him.

Mihika talks to Rumi and Mihir understands that Mihika is angry and he has to do something. He thinks of writing chits and thinks it will work for sure. He writes a chit and keeps it. Mihika does not get the chit. Raman sees the chit and thinks whats this. Mihir calls Raman. Everyone see the cricket match together. Ishita gets the shit and reads it. Mihir writes lets forget what happened, lets start fresh. The maid tells Ishita that the chit was in Raman’s hand. Raman also says the same. Ishita thinks Raman kept it for her.

Ishita says I went to Raman to say thanks and he wrote so many chits. She feels happy and says why is Raman writing this. She hugs the chits.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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