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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Simmi. Simmi tells Raman that she thought to think about herself, she wants to become independent and can’t see direction. He shows her an article in newspaper to become a business woman entrepreneur. Ishita comes and smiles seeing Raman encouraging Simmi. She says Mihir is calling. Raman talks to Mihir and asks Ishita to go to doctor. Ishita asks am I the patient. He goes.

Ishita talks to Simmi and says she has to go to doctor now, they will talk later. Ishita reaches the hospital and waits. She sees ACP Rajveer arguing with a nurse, asking her to check job profile of someone missing. The nurse says she has the pic but name is different, how can she give him any ex employee details. Ishita meets Abhishek and he says they don’t have his cousin’s

record, she was linked with some guy and then something bad happened, and she disconnected with the world, she is my best friend, when I came to Delhi, she is nowhere, so I came here to find her. Ishita says you will get her. He says yes, and that guy too and I will do injustice.

Ishita says send me her details and I will ask my colleagues. He says fine and she goes. He sees the pic and says where are you Sarika and where is that guy who ruined everything. Romi recalls Sarika and cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and he tells about Sarika, he thinks why did he let her go off his life. She says we will get her. She goes asking him not to tell anyone.

Raman gives presentation and everyone like it, except an investor. Raman asks him to trust on his decision to invest. Mihir gives the good news about getting a new deal and credit goes to Marketing head Mihika.

Ishita meets the doctor and nurse says a patient needs blood. Ishita says its her blood group and she will donate blood. The doctor asks nurse to take Ishita for blood test. Adi agrees to his friends to go for night party but worries of Raman and Ishita. Mihika talks to Amma and says she has helped Raman get a deal, everyone congratulated her in office, she is on the way home now. The auto stops at the signal. She sees a traffic inspector and recalls Abhishek. She asks driver to take her to police station. Abhishek talks to someone that he is trying to get info about his daughter, sometimes we fail to find our loved ones too.

Mihika comes and he turns. His phone falls and he scolds her. She says I m sorry, guess what I got, icecream, I have so much to tell you. He gets angry and asks her to go, he is busy. She says I m sorry ACP sir, I forgot my manners, I thought I came to my friend, I guess I was wrong, I had come to share a good news, have the icecream or leave it. She leaves. Shaila is leaving and talks to everyone. Adi takes Raman’s permission for a friend’s party at night. Raman says yes and Ishita denies saying he is not grown up. Adi requests her and Raman permits him.

Mihika recalls Abhishek’s words and Amma says Soumya called. Mihika says actually Amma was asking me to come to Chennai for few days, she said she will come once her project ends. She says she has to go airport and looks at the phone. She says ACP does not have decency to say a sorry. Ishita and Raman have a light talk. She gets doctor’s call who asks her to meet tomorrow, as there is some problem in her blood report.

Ishita worries and Raman distracts her hoping the report does not have anything serious. Later, he wakes up by a bad dream and says he felt something happened to her and she went far from him. She says I m with you, where can I go. He asks her not to go anywhere as he can’t live without her. She says me too, I will never leave you. She asks him to sleep and looks at him. yeh hai mohabbatein………plays……. She hugs him and sleeps.

Raman tells Ishita that he will meet her doctor. The doctor talks to them and says she has donated blood yesterday and according to it……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis going to showa lot of Drama related to Adi and Mihika.In the coming episode’s,we will see Adi attending his friends party.When he ges to knowthat Vinny’s mom is not giving permission to attend the party ,he talks with her mom faking himself as Raman.He assures Vinnie’s mom saying that elders will be present at the party.As said before,Ishita will reach the place when he is late which embarrass adi and he will talk rudely with ishita.Soon we will see vinne’s dad who is also investor of Raman,will come to Bhalla house complaining about adi and his brought up.Ishitagets angry and goes to scold adi but Raman stops her.On the other hand,It is revealed that Sarika is cousin of ACP Abhishek and he is searching her.Mihika started liking Abhisheks company.Mihika and Vandu will go to a restaurant and there they will spot abhishek with a girl.Mihika feels Jealous seeing them together.Soon ACP sees a criminal entering the cafe and decides to catch him.To escape from the ACP the criminal holds vandu and warns to shoot her if ACP comes near.However ACP saves Vandu and mihika thanks him for saving vandu aka.Soon we will see a intimate scene between Raman and ishita.Regarding that TOI quoted as “Divyanka has put forth some conditions for shooting the scene. She has asked the production house that there should be minimal people on the sets and that the costumes for the scene should be of her choice.She wants the scene to look aesthetic and not vulgar in any way.In fact, she has said that she will shoot the scene only if her conditions are adhered to.”Will mihika falls in love again with abhishek?To know more keep reading for more updates.

    1. Adi deserves some discipline….At least let that Vinnie’s father teach him

      I hate the fellow from the beginning because of his attitude only… just like his nasty mom shagun..

      Hope Ishita wil have a cute baby boy, a well mannered baby to teach Adi a lesson

      1. Adi was brought up by ashok and shogun so they r 2b blamed not bhallas but yes they even don’t try to rectify his ways!


  3. hai frds
    we are the fools to request them
    they vil nt do anything
    ekta mam show always separation
    in masth also nw masth they
    are patcing up
    nw they came to our yhm
    now ruhi vil hate ishita we can’t see this
    plzzzzz….makers think nd do
    u r playing vit our emotions….

  4. actually the entire production and yhm is the biggest fool. when there was a track where ruhi went away from ishitha and hated her then the trp came to fifth . and now yhm will neither be in trp nor the fans are going to watch.

  5. divyanka said she will never do vampish roles because she is scared that her fans might hate her.agar leap aur post leap track hua toh koi bhi divyankako utnaa pasand nahi karega aur kisi bhi award ke liye vote nahi karega. hate the so called crappy leap.

  6. hey guys sbb mein yhm ka bathaane wale hai. bhadak gayi ishitha.patha nahi kya.

  7. sbb mein ishitha vinnie aur uske paapa bahut gusse mein kuch keh rahi hai.

  8. Plz close the show. we do not want this anymore. bas ek baar Ishra ki suhaagraat ho jaye, plz close the show. thanx for entertaining us for one and a half years.

  9. This writer is gone mad or this ekta has got the habit of ruining everything? She can’t tolerate any peice of her creation to b loved by the viewers! Complete psycho this woman is! God bless her with good mental health;

  10. sbb mein adi party mein jaatha hai aur late hotha hai 12:30 tab police aake adi ko chod tha hai. vinnie aur uske paapa aakar ishra ko sunaathe hai adi ke baare mein.raman gussa hotha hai aur ishitha bhi kuch kehthi hai.baad mein ishitha raman ko gusse se dekhthi hai kyunki usne pehle adi ko party mein jaane se manaa kiya tha.leap ke baare mein kuch nahi kaha.

  11. Hey guys….i wnt to say u smethng…..first of all u r taking this serial as real life..nd if u dint forget..karans marriage is already happen….nd divya nd karan r jst friends….dey cant b one in real life…dey cant b 1 in reel life also….if they shw ishras sepration also they dont care….bcz they dnt luv each oder…in real life..then y u r taking tension guys…and 2nd ruhi….i knw u guys ill miss her..but let she focus on her studies…nd she is best child actress…but she cant leave her studies rgt…nd dat 2 she is going in higher grade…she ill have much 2 study….jst pray dat she shud b sucessfull in her life..nd it is her life v cant intefere..rgt..hope u understand…guys..thnk u…

    1. What you said is true and all the fans also not interested in their personal matters…. they just want only ishita raman and ruhi bhalla not divyanka tripathi karan patel and ruhinika dhawan….

    2. Gadah prasad?

      V r not talking about kp and Dt but r talking about ishra because they are heartthrob of the whole world ?

  12. yes der ill b a leap.,

    1. Gadah prasad?

      Oye hoye behna amruta kaisi ho mere jaan ?

      1. gadhe tu yahan kyaa kar rha hai tujhe is waqt ghar pe hona chahiye

  13. hai gys i’m frm Benglore,
    i am mad fr yhm,i also dnt want leap…i totttaly loveing your’s unity to protest yhm

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