Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi meeting Aaliya and apologizing. Aaliya asks him to leave. Shagun comes and asks what are you doing here. Adi says I want to talk to you. Nikhil comes. Adi asks what is he doing here. Shagun says Nikhil is Aaliya’s friend, he came to meet her. She asks Nikhil to take Aaliya out. Aaliya asks Shagun why did you call Nikhil here. Shagun says relax, Adi should realize he has hurt you, he may have got angry, but he can’t treat you this way, you have self esteem. Nikhil asks Adi how will you convince Aaliya. Adi scolds him. Nikhil asks Adi to leave him and pushes. Adi falls down. Nikhil says sorry and gives a hand. Adi leaves.

Shagun and Aaliya come. Nikhil says Adi has gone. Shagun says Adi has gone on Raman, you should go out. Nikhil says I came here to give

you company, I don’t want to come between you two, so just relax. Kiran picks Pihu, Shitija and Ananya. She says I m Raman’s business partner. Shitija asks where is my dad. Kiran says Bala and Ruhi had come work, I was going from here and thought to pick you all, we will hear music, Shitija which song do you like. Shitija says I like that round and round dance song. Pihu asks how will Kiran know the song. Kiran says I will find on net. Pihu says Shitija is hungry. Kiran says I should have thought for them, we will buy something from shop. She plays radio. They hear rain forecast. Shitija asks how will we reach home. Kiran says don’t worry, I will drop you all. Her car does not start. She check the car. Ruhi sees someone and gets shocked. She says no, how can this happen, its not possible, I have to do something.

Ruhi comes to Shagun and asks for Mani. Shagun asks why is Ishita sending you all. Ruhi says no, I have seen something. Shagun says Aaliya is not at home. Maid says I have some imp work, I have to go. Shagun sends her. Ruhi says I have to talk to Mani, I can just tell him. Shagun asks what’s this new drama, tell me, its Ishita and Raman’s plan, you can’t talk to Aaliya and Mani, please leave, ask Ishita to stop these tricks.

Ruhi says oh no, how to tell what I have seen, I can’t tell her, I have to talk to Mani. Raman calls Mani and asks where are you. Mani says sorry, I came home, Raman you come here, Shagun won’t say anything. Raman says fine, I will get late. Mani says take your time. Shagun asks why did you call Raman. Mani says Raman is saying sorry, so I wanted to hear him out, he wants to talk to me in private, you can go for some work. Shagun says no, I will stay in room.

It rains heavily. Ananya asks Kiran to call someone. Kiran says I called Bala. Mr. Bhalla helps them. He takes them in his car. Kiran says thank God you have come. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita told me you are picking kids and getting them home, so I came to check. Kiran says I will manage to get the car, don’t worry.

Raman comes to Mani’s house and rinds the bell. He finds the door open. He gets inside and calls out Mani. He stumbles in darkness, and falls on Mani’s dead body. He gets shocked seeing Mani stabbed. He removes the knife from his body. Lights come. Raman holds Mani. Raman sees the blood on his clothes and hands. Aaliya and Nikhil come home. They get shocked seeing Mani lying dead. Raman says I did not do anything Aaliya, I just came to talk, someone killed him. He throws the knife and says believe me Aaliya. Aaliya cries. Raman says I did not do anything, I swear, do you think I can do this, listen to me, believe me Aaliya.

Aaliya says you did this. Raman picks knife and says this knife was in his body when I fell on him. Nikhil says don’t touch Aaliya, your Appa is murdered. He calls police. Raman asks why are you calling police. Nikhil locks Raman in the room. Raman says I did not do anything. Aaliya says you don’t control your anger, you did this. Raman says believe me, open the door, I did not kill Mani, he was already dead when I came. She sits crying. Adi goes to washroom and sees the blood stains on his shirt and hands. He washes his hands. He removes the shirt. He says what did this happen, this can’t happen. He cries. He changes clothes, and sees the papers. He says Mani made me and Aaliya away, you did not do this right. He is about to tear papers. Mihika calls him out and knocks the door. Adi says I m changing and coming out. He hides the papers. He says none can come between me and Aaliya, none should know about this matter. Police comes there and collects evidences. Raman says I did not do anything. Aaliya says I have seen knife in his hand. Raman says I did not stab him. Inspector asks them to shut up, we will decide who did this. Raman says I came to talk about you and Adi. Inspector says I have to arrest you, they have seen you holding knife, please cooperate with us. Raman says Aaliya knows I can’t do this. Raman gets arrested. Aaliya asks where is mumma, and looks for Shagun.

Raman says believe me Ishita, I did not do this. Ishita says don’t explain me, I m sure you did not do this, but we have to find the culprit. Raman says all evidence is against me. She asks where is Shagun, she knew you are coming to meet Mani. She calls Adi. Adi says mom is not here. She says maybe attacker has seen Shagun and ……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hell…….this is hell now……Adi…..seriously……

    What has ruhi seen…..that she could not tell shagun…….maybe nirvaan…….or aaliya’s dadi……

    Adi will confess his crime when raman will be arrested…….aaliya will divorce adi and leave…….and adi will eventually marry roshni……..f**king storyline…..serioudly fcuking……

    Wish kiran takes kids home safely……

    Now…….shaguns memory loss……old times…….pihu will be ruhi….shravan will be adi……ruhi will be rinki……rest will be neighbours…….


    Middle finger to ekta kapoor

    1. Diya I feel the same.i agree whatever you said.its not because v r a group of 2or 3.v r just expressing our views.and hp I can’t believe you like the episode.but it’s up to you.i ve no objection.

      1. Hey thanks

    2. Cheena2001Cp

      Actually very true…..

  2. Hi friends… Exciting episode… Leading to many mysteries… It is very difficult to guess, who killed Mani…. Currently we can doubt on ADI, but if he has may be by mistake… It won’t be revealed so easily.. so ADI is not the culprit… May be Shagun … Also I think Ruhi saw Riya with Mani, hence she came to talk to Mani and not tell about it to Shagun… Mani may have affair, Shagun came to know, fight between two, ADI came in between and by mistake Mani got killed…or it may be Ashok s plan and tried to kill both Mani and Shagun to frame Raman… Super suspense .. some wat getting interest to watch yhm again…

  3. Hi everyone…I am new in this site…

    1. Welcome to this site pooja.

    2. Welcome Pooja !

      1. Thanks…?

  4. Actually this plot is disgusting, this show will do anything to make Aaliya and adi apart wow and to hell with this nikhil

  5. M.N.Hanumantharao

    The time of death(after post mortam and, the cctv pictures will prove that Raman did not kill and the cctv may throw some leeds . .involvment of Shagun ,,Thaaneja and Ashok can not be ruled out.

  6. What a horrible episode.Is Mani really dead or what ? Whom did ruhi see ?
    Upcoming story is really worst .Shagun ‘s accident and then Shagun with Raman . What are they showing .

    Hey guys Sindhu VP jhanvi nivedha ranching fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma jaz Sam tansuri shivani Lavanya summi naaz Meghana darshi sowmy darshi shreya super girl siddhi disha bhagya Monique d unique angel Mino khushi sachie Priya avanthi jassi Sarita juhi Natasha aparna Aliya naz priyaroli Aisha ankitha and all yhm friends.

    1. Sayyeda

      Hi rithu is me Sabá when i be registered i need change my name. Sorry long time i didnt comment. How are u and your studies? I cant bealive mani dead.
      Rithu be registered member.

  7. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Ishita-Shagun’s Karva Chauth Vrath for husband Raman.

    As reported earlier, Mani is no more unfortunately and thus Raman will get married to Shagun.

    As per the latest promo it’s seen that, ladies are preparing for Karva Chauth in Bhalla house.

    Aaliya comes and enlightens Amma that Moon has raised up.

    The Bhalla ladies will be seen with their respective husbands with the aarthi thali and strainer.

    Adi will be seen breaking Aaliya’s fast similarly, Mr. Bhalla will be seen breaking Santoshi’s fast.

    Not Ishita but Raman to break Shagun’s fast

    Shockingly, Raman will be seen breaking Shagun’s fast while Ishita will be seen standing at one side.

    What is this new twist that Shagun has once again entered amid Raman and Ishita’s love life?

    Let’s wait and watch to see who will break Ishita’s life.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  8. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness mind blasting twist as post Mani’s death, Raman to marry Shagun breaking Ishita.

    As reported earlier, Mani is no more as he is killed by mystery man.

    It’s not yet revealed that who has killed Mani but surely Raman will be blamed for Mani’s murder.

    Raman was the one who wanted to meet Mani alone but unfortunately someone took advantage of this situation and killed Mani.

    Unfortunately, Mani was lying dead in dark room and Raman was the one who reached there and touched the knife getting shocked to see Mani dead.

    Mani’s death will take toll on Ishita and Raman’s married life along with Adi and Aaliya’s as Shagun will create havoc in everyone’s lives.

    Raman to leave Ishita & marry Shagun

    To balance out everything and to make Shagun maintain all the relations, Raman will come to a conclusion to leave Ishita and marry Shagun.

    Will Ishita let her love Raman marry evil Shagun once again?

    Who has killed Mani?

    Is Shagun behind Mani’s death?

    It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  9. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein there would be a strange but true twist coming up with Shagun’s re-entry in Raman’s life.

    Mysteriously Shagun and Raman would again become one and leave Ishita all stranded.

    Raman and Shagun would be seen performing the Karvachaut pooja as Ishita would be waiting for Raman to come to break the fast.

    Ishita would be unaware about Raman accepting Shagun in Raman’s life again as Raman would be seen hiding this fact from Ishita.

    Ishita’s reaction as Raman-Shagun’s affair truth get revealed

    Raman would no longer make Shagun stay at Mnai’s house post Mani get bankrupt and decide to get Shagun home.

    This is when Ishita start to doubt about Raman and Shagun’s reunion which make Ishita get shattered.

    What would be Ishita’s reaction knowing about Shagun and Raman’s ongoing affair?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  10. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that the show will witness one of the biggest twists in the near future.

    In the forthcoming episode, Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will have a major accident and the accident will turn everyone’s world around.

    We have heard that a major twist will be followed with Shagun’s accident on the show as she might end up losing her memory.

    Shagun is one of the most powerful characters of the show and if she loses her memory the show will witness a major turn of events.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Keep watching this site for more details.

  11. Star Plus’ most watched and popular daily soap casting Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) going to take interesting twist and high voltage melodrama.

    It was earlier seen that, Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) goes to Mani’s house post Adi (Abhishek Verma) raises hand over her.

    Mani calls police and get Aditya arrested for raising hand over Aaliya, whereas everyone tries to stop Mani but of no use.

    Further, Raman burst out seeing all this and vows to kill Mani.

    Thus Raman makes up his mind to meet Mani and sort out the things.

    Mani was on his way to meet Raman while someone stabs Mani and kill him.

    Everyone is shocked and blames Raman for Mani’s death and also there is Raman’s fingerprint on knife.

    Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming twist in the show.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    Wonders of this earth aditya bhalla murdered mani with a knife and use a flower verse on shagun’s head and that could have been the reason why shagun will lose her memory or maybe the shock of what she saw caused her memory loss. Shagun has seen the murderer who happens to be aditya bhalla . Ishita is proud of her up bringing and can vow that her son cannot do bad. What happened now, aditya bhalla is a murderer. Those papers with adi are divorce papers. Mani must have given him divorce papers and he got angry.

  13. azuka nkwonta

    Where is shagun? They should find her. Only God knew what adi did to her. She saw him. Aditya bhalla is a murderer simple.

  14. today episode is very excited lot of Mestory. what is seen ruhi. I think when Shagun memory will come back a end of Mestory. memory loss story is like a Kumkum Bhagya story.please aktha this track end soon.

  15. OMG!!!!!! Niddi is back.She has come to seek revenge.Ruhi saw her and came to inform Mani.Niddi stabbed Mani and kidnapped Shagun.

    1. But why will ruhi tell this to mani and not shagun?

      Why did she nit tell this to anyone else

  16. I dont think Aaliya was honest with Adi when she said she took the photo to show the doctor about the allegy and which female would buy red roses for her husband.She was with Nikhil and he must have given her the flowers.Adi must have realised she was lying and slapped her in anger.
    As for Shagun she is a nasty woman who has a passion to break up relationships
    She herself cannot keep a relationship and is envious seeing others in a happy relationship.
    She is a shameless individual that blames Ishita for all her short commings. She should rot in hell.

    1. Why do you think that a girl cannot buy red roses for her husband?

  17. the past is going to occur again oye this is starting to get irritating really come on.

  18. adi is not a murderer don’t blame ishu upbringing mam jab suspense revil hoga tab dekh lena tumara mooh bandh ho jayega everytime blaming ishita

  19. Unbelievable. I can’t believe Adi could do something like that. I think it’s ashok and tanejas plan to frame Raman coz taneja had provoked Mani against Raman and he heard Raman talking of killing Mani if he raise had on Adi again.

  20. Hi everyone! From the recent spoilers I have read, it says that Raman will marry Shagun leaving behind Ishita. And the only thing that comes up to my head is… Why? I mean I understand that Mani is dead. But that doesn’t mean he ties the knot with Shagun again. This storyline has gone so twisted! If someone knows why Raman married Shagun then plz tell me. Because it might just be a plan like how it always is. If its not… Then can you guys plz do me a favour and give the biggest disappointment award to Ekta Kapoor. I just cant think of a better winner!

    1. I understand your frustrations like lots of us.heared that shagun met with an accident and got memory loss.thinking Raman is her husband and pihu s her daughter.i am not sure . don’t know whether she really got memory loss or she is acting.i don’t think even ekta and story writer sure about what s going to increase trp they will do anything anytime.dont know they are coping from beyhad and Mani will come back one day.anyway I hate if Mani s not there.he was the most sensible character.

    2. Don’t believe spoiler s… They can’t be true… Initially when media was allowed in sets.. spoiler s were true.. but now they are just a guess…. Raman never marries Shagun again… He just loves Ishita… He just pretend s to be husband of Shagun…

    3. Ya angali .We all can give .

    4. Shagun is going to have a memory loss and will go back to the time when she was raman’s wife

    5. Shreya shetty

      Correct Angali. After one man dies after the other that shagun always ties knot with Raman
      Can’t this Raman ignore that shaggy completely or not
      It’s getting irritating whenever I see Raman-Shagun bond.even I too wish to see ishita Raman love moments but not shaggy
      She’s disgusting and gross and even that villain actress Anita hassanandani is totally over acting to outshine us

      1. Shreya shetty

        Of course even I too will gurantee to give a big disappointment award to Miss Ekta Kapoor for her hellish production of this charming serial to a criminalized one

  21. Guys I think you’ll all agree that Ekta Kapoor deserves an award! And this award is most suitable for her…. Its the Biggest Disappointment Award! Congrats Ekta you really put the Yeh in yeh kya kiya hai!

    1. Very true

  22. Hi everyone I’m new to this site

    1. Me too Priyanka

  23. What an episode full of mystery we can’t come to conclusion that adi killed Mani something would have happened nobody knows adi cannot do such things ishitha’s upbringing will not go waste

  24. Hi VP mam I love the way u comment hi rithu muskan pat I like all of ur comments pls join me with u all

    1. Hi priyanka.welcome to this site .You can surely join us.

    2. Thank you Priyanka !

  25. The murderer is “Nidhi”

  26. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Adi revealed to be Mani’s murderer, Raman behind bars.

    So far we have seen a huge rift amid Adi and Aaliya due to Nikhil’s entry causing misunderstanding.

    Hence Aaliya returns back to Mani and Shagun refuses to send Aaliya back to Adi.

    On the other side, post Ishita makes Raman understand about the situation and the ego clash due to which the kids have to suffer.

    Furious Adi kills Mani, Raman declared guilty

    Raman thus decides to meet Mani and discuss the matter.

    Amid this Adi and Mani have some tiff moment and furious Adi kills Mani.

    After Adi’s exit, Raman comes to meet Mani and takes the knife leading to the evidence that Raman killed Mani.

    Will Ishita be able to save husband Raman this time?

    Let’s wait and watch.

    1. hi im new
      i fell det de murdere is sohail

  27. Hi friends… After yesterday’s episode .. I thought Ruhi may have seen Riya with Mani… But I have another guess that she may have seen Nidhi with Mani….

  28. This track is going to take many months and all should again wait for reunion . That again takes many months . Wow!!! These CVS have no story so bringing the same story back.they started now with adi and Aliya and now they are not even ending this track properly and starting a new one.

  29. too messy. what started as a love /family story is becoming a crime thriller. Not worth a watch. We want ishra back.

  30. evanisha pathaw

    really ya all of a sudden so many suspense dont feel like watching it anymore,at least they should show some interesting scenes which will bring Adi n Aliya together but No,n now shagun will be seen that she lost d memory oh please ya Ekta dont lower down d standart of indian telivision in this way we dont from where these types of episode is being telecast its really so confuse just hope you will come up with good n clear episode

  31. Hi all ! Good Morning ! I never thought brainless cvs can go to this extend to ruin this unique yhm . Its for sure Teneja and Ashoks hand … and Shaghun … too achieve her dream to seperate Ishra … thus entering back in Ramans life . One Raman and so many enemies … all becoz of Shaghun and Ashok .Its not Adi nor Raman . Ishitha will be the reason for Shaghun to enter in Ramans life ..,just to find out the mystery behind Manis death . So cheap Shaghun ! To call Nikhil !No values for marriage and relationship !I just hope Ishitha to get out of Bhallas and lead her own life … she is independent … a dentist . If Ishitha is out … the storyline will end . Give us peace … its disgusting to watch Shaghun ! Hi Azuka I was thinking of you while watching yesterday . Millions watching this episode .. How can cvs stoop down so much to give space to AH .Ruhi must have seen Ashok and Taneja with Mani …or if there is a mystery behind Riya … he must have been with Riya !

  32. Shreya shetty

    What the heck have I just seen now since yesterday’s episode??
    ADI HAS KILLED MANI!!! Omggggg
    Its unbelievable for us to accept that adi is the main culprit behind Manis death
    How can he do this.I mean he has fallen and stooped so low and down that out of furiousity he killed his very own father in law that too aaliyas dad
    For just two tight slaps on his face over for a such a small thing that rascal Aditya bhalla killed mani
    Chiii! !! How disgusting of u Mr dare u to kill aaliyas dad that too with such anger
    At least u should ve thought twice before declaring Raman guilty.Ishita can never teach such bad immoralic values to her children by committing murder
    It’s all because of shaguns upbringing.if she has at least stayed away from bhalla parivar then perhaps this would nt have had happened at all.its like ishus values of goodness has no affect over Adi because as we know that Adi has been raised by that evil shagun for around 19 years of his life, only just 2 year’s with ishimaa
    Wow shagun wow.I must really admit not only u have ruined Ur children by teaching them all these rubbish such as murder, outraging, divorce, Ill-tempered ness, smuggling, kidnapping and also those nasty crimes to them
    But u have even created havoc in everybody’s lives so far Mistress Shagun 9
    That’s why many of yhm fans hate u a lot for being the most negative role of this show
    Adi u should be sentenced for life imprisonment only then u will learn Ur brains well there by staying in jail for a very long long time

  33. Shreya shetty

    For the first time azuka I must say u ve spotted correctly
    That idiot Mr Aditya bhalla is all behind Manis murder
    But please don’t blame ishu for everything
    In fact shagun is responsible for adI s upbringing
    What were u saying that shagun is u r favourite right?
    Then tell me one thing did ishita teach Adi how to kill people when u lose put of control?
    Answer me Azuka.I want to know
    Did ishu ever taught him to do all this and which is why u hate ishita a lot, I know we’ll
    Besides u haven’t seen shaguns real colours till now because she s known to be the most drama queen villain of this show
    Shagun nor can be a good mother nor a good DIL of the house
    And adi, I always regarded him to be ishimaas angelic son, but what happened now
    Adi has now become a CRIMINAL for doing so
    Instead of Raman going to jail his own ladla beta Mr Aditya bhalla should be sentenced to life
    Raman is innocent as he never thought of killing mani but only just vowed that’s all
    Ishra, please go and catch Adi and punish him so badly that the next time he shall never ever commit such horrible thing ever again
    I want ishita and Raman to slap him 50 times to their beta Criminal Adi
    Aaliya, I am really so sorry to regard u to be the way u don’t deserve such husband at all gl for whom he has killed Ur father
    Let Aaliya divorce Adi and move ahead with her life with nikhil
    After all Nikhil us the best guy for a perfect match to Aaliya.they both are meant to be for each other

    1. Miss shetty… Wat r u blabbering… Of course shagun gave birth to adi but ishitha I only brought up adi after the age of 7 or 8.. So whose fault is it… Ishitha right… That pig ishitha ? wants everything n everyone to herself…selfish Kahinka… Instead of mani someone should have stabbed that pig ishitha

      1. For your information … Adiwas more with Shaghun than Ishitha … but he could realize who is true and who is fake . Please its not Raman nor Adi who killed Mani . I feel so sad for Ishitha that she cant mourn for her good friend … same was the case with Vandu … Yhm producers please kill everybody kill fans also with this stress whether shaghuns fans or Ishithas or kps … and Porsha you said it right instead of Mani if they killed Ishitha … millions will stop watching Yhm … and finally we will hear the last breath of yhm . If no Divan no yhm

      2. Shreya shetty

        Madam porsha
        I am not blabbering
        Instead u are doin so.whatever I ve said is what I ve seen.If u want to know the real mystery man who’s killed mani then please do watch the yesterday’s episode precap and observe how adi s behaviour was completely weird and trembling
        Which indicates that he’s the culprit
        Read whatever rithu didi mentioned in the upcoming twist carefully
        To be honest ishita is not a pig.
        Porsha u r more than a filthy pig who cleans her own dirt with her mouth
        Don’t attack me Devil Miss Porsha

      3. Ms shetty… Send me ur address I will send u some of my shit… Eat it and enjoy… Wat side dish u want with it…

  34. yhm has all the vices. shame on you. the sanctity of marriage is lost.

    1. very true Deepa S

  35. I don’t understand……when adi does something good its ishita’s good parvarish….ue is ishita’s son……but when he does something bad…..he instantly becomes shagun’s son

  36. I don’t think that adi killed mani… may be there is some other mystery..
    Hope cv story ko bakvas na kare ishra ko separate karke… dono sath me rah kar bhi to sab solve kar sakte h and agar shagun ka memory loss hona h to use adha adhura kyu yad… pura memory loss kardo na otherwise mihir uska bhai use kaha se laoge…
    And raman ko bhi phir se ashok ki company me job karna padega na…. lol

  37. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita said that adi is her pride. When ishita took away adi from shagun she knew or she saw the same character of Raman in him ishita wants to change adi and she was happy doing it. She believed that she changed Raman so she will also change adi. And that’s what has been happening since she took away adi. I kept saying that adi struggles between his nature and ishita’s values that he becomes confused. Shagun knew adi’s temper is natural and from his father’s blood. When adi was with shagun she tries to calm his temper whenever necessary meanwhile ishita wants to change him that today adi is battling between good and bad. Even now ishita cannot believe that adi can kill, why? Because she is proud of her up bringing. But now if you believe that adi cannot kill, tell us why and provide evidence.

    1. maybe we will see the old ishra moments. and watch them fall again in love but more than the last time. The kids will always bind them together.

  38. What the hell..!!
    Again shagun-raman marriage…Oh god

  39. disgusting to watch raman with shagun…. what about ishita

  40. All these indian show are the same. You see someone holding the knife and become witness, judge and jury. Don’t think logic or wait for real evidence, just accuse the people who are family and loved ones because you are stupid/dumb/idiots…

    Take some lessons from other western soaps, you need it as you are very stereotyped and predictable

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