Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons talking and saying its good that woman did not see whats in this sack, boss would be calling, we will go and have food. Driver asks Ruhi where are they going. Ruhi says we have some work, we are not visiting anyone. Pihu shows the van with sticker. Ruhi asks driver to stop cab. Driver says this area is not safe, you won’t get cab to return. She says its okay, we will manage, our Papa is coming to pick us. Driver goes. Pihu asks Ruhi is Papa really coming. Ruhi says no, I said that to make uncle leave. Raman gets cab details and asks are you sure. The man says yes, driver dropped them to godown. Raman hopes they are fine. Shagun calls him and says Ruhi did not come. Raman says I m going to pick Ruhi and Pihu. She asks are they together, how did they go there, they

are so careless. He says I m also getting anger, don’t worry, I will pick them.

Mihir asks Aaliya did you call me for Vandu’s accident. She says sorry, I was afraid and called you. Mihir says relax. She says she was talking to me while driving and this happened. He says we will go to police station. She asks won’t you shout on me. He says you realized mistake, thats enough. They see Vandu and Bala coming home, and looking upset. Vandu and Bala don’t talk to them and leave.

Pihu shows van to Ruhi and says there was sack in it. goon sees them and think who are they. Pihu says I m sure, I have seen this sticker, this is clue that Ishita is here. Goon says these girls are clever and finding that woman, I should tell boss. Ruhi says we will inform Papa, I don’t find this place safe.

Vandu asks Bala why did he take blame on him. Amma asks Bala is this true. Vandu says yes, Bala told inspector that he did accident. She cries. Mihir and Aaliya look on. Bala says I love you Vandu, we are one, then how can our mistakes be different, whats use of this relation when I can’t help you, I m also responsible for this, you were doing all this for me, I liked all your efforts, I was thinking to pull your leg. Mihir tells Aaliya that this is called true love, there is no need to express. Aaliya apologizes to Vandu and Bala. Bala says its not your mistake, you tried to get excitement in our boring married life.

Goon tells others about two girls looking for Ishita, if their dad comes, it will be problem. Other goon says we will kill her and leave, we will throw her and no one will know. Raman comes there and asks Pihu are you fine, Ruhi are you mad to get Pihu here, if anything happened to her. Pihu says Ruhi lied for Ishita, and tells everything what she has seen.

Raman gets shocked and asks are you sure. Pihu says yes, I remember, I gave clue to Dadi at Parvati’s kidnap in serial. He says this is not a serial, are you sure this is not story. Ruhi says I think she is just saying. Raman says there is nothing here, we are going home. Goons take the sack to throw. Boss calls them. Goon says fine, work is more, money will be double. Raman says this area is not safe, come. Pihu says we can’t leave aunty here. He says I don’t want to listen to anything, come. Ishita throws her ring there. Ruhii gets it and shows Raman. She says this is Ishita’s ring. Raman says yes, it means Pihu is saying right. Ruhi says it fell from upstairs. Raman says I will go and see. She says I also want to see Ishita.

Raman asks them to sit in car and lock it. He goes to the godown and calls out Ishita. He does not see anyone there. He sees the van gone and says they have sent ring so that I came here and they leave. He goes to Ruhi and Pihu, and says they have kidnapped Ishita, nothing will happen to her, she is strong. Shagun calls him. Ruhi says we should go home. Raman says fine. They leave.

Everyone ask Shagun why did Raman not come with Ruhi and Pihu. Shagun says they would be reaching. Everyone worry. Raman gets Ruhi and Pihu home. He sends Ruhi and Pihu, and tells everyone that Ishita is kidnapped. They all get shocked. Mr. Bhalla says you said its her plan. Raman says I felt so, but she is kidnapped, its not her plan to stop Ruhi. He tells everything.

Romi says it means the goons are doing on someone’s saying, else they would have asked ransom. Simmi says Niddhi did this. Mihir says we have to go and confront Niddhi. Raman says nothing should happen to Ishita. Mihika says I think we should inform police and give all details. Raman says no, we did same mistake 7 years ago, I m bearing punishment till now, if Niddhi knows we informed police, she can harm Ishita, she did this for Ruhi, Ruhi is with us. Shagun says I think Ashok is with Niddhi, we should ask Ashok. Romi says I will try. Raman says no, Ashok lost trust on you, we have to think of some plan. Aaliya thinks they are just talking, Amma is in danger, I have to inform Appa.

Aaliya informs Mani. He asks what, Niddhi kidnapped Ishu, I will see her, how dare she do this. She asks him to wait. He goes. She calls Adi. He does not answer. She calls Mihir. Mihir rushes and stops Mani from meeting Niddhi. Mani says I won’t stop, I won’t leave Niddhi. Mihir says listen to me once, we are also worried for Ishita, we are not confronting Niddhi, there is a reason, it can harm Ishita’s life, we have to think well, we can’t be angry, we lost a lot by anger, we lost Ruhi, Raman and Ishita’s relation broke because of anger, I beg you, we are keeping an eye on Niddhi, I hired a private detective, no one knows it, not even Raman, keep this to yourself, trust me please, we have to be calm, its about Ishita’s life. Aaliya looks on. Mihir says we did not get any demand from goons, Ishita is safe, we are doing our best to reach her, if you do anything with Niddhi, it can be harm to Ishita, we don’t want that.

Mihir says I will meet Ashok. Raman says he won’t trust you. Mani comes and says I will meet Ashok, Aaliya told me everything. Simmi stops saying seeing Ruhi. Raman says I know Ruhi won’t say anything to Niddhi, she will not put our family in danger ever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How to catch kidnappers? You come to a deserted place in the middle of the night where you see the kidnappers vehicle. Then you storm into the building and shout Ishita, Ishita at the top of your voice. Really!!

    1. I’m totally agree with you susan yesterday episode JUST blank

  2. ugly sisters ruhi pihu address ishitha as if she is garbage raman’s relationship with shagun and she calls & advises Raman and he listens to her looks ugly and disgusting
    what a cheap values they having

  3. Lol Susan you are right. And what were the girls doing. Could they not notice the van driving off. Post leap this serial has become extremely sloppy. Off course now Raman will save Ishita, Ruhi will remain behind but the wedding will not take place. So for another two years we will wait for them to get together again.

  4. hi guys i am new here.i was a big fan of yhm.but now i hate it

  5. Yes Devika the relationships in that house is very corrupt. No morals. The children are extremely rude to the adults and the adults stand lime ornaments and do.nothing. Lol in South Africa that kid would get such a slap. Our children never interfere in adult conversations and it is always aunt or uncle, even with strangers.

    1. very true ….Ninsh and Susan thats the way it should be … cvs have gone brainless just imagine they cud not plan well for Dts absence … and really without Ishitha … this serial is nothing ….What was Balas and vandus scene ? now Shaghuns game will start … may be on sunday only they will somehow save her …Totally no values no morals …. the story which was stepmother and daughter has gone to some rubbish

  6. the episode was ok.. i hope every thing gets fine…. ?

  7. I hope Ruhi will prove herself n not inform anything to Nidhi. Hope Raman’s trust on Ruhi is true. Ruhi plz correct your self Ishita is your Ishimaa.

  8. Where is everyone today…really missing them.

  9. Nice team work -good episode – lovely serial it keeps you wanting for more.

  10. Please bring ishita back to the serial soon

  11. Totally agree with Nish, Ruhi calls Raman Papa and Shagun as Shagun Mama but Ishita as Isitha. Raman and elders do not correct her and does not blam her for putting her’s and Pihu’s life in a danger. Pihu’s behaviour is not adorable all in all it is very poor episode

  12. hey guys ye Mihir or Alya ke itne scenes kyun rahte h…

  13. hey guys good morning to all.

  14. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ruhi believes as Ishita hide purposely and she decides to go back to Australia with Nidhi.
    Apart from this, Raman gets shattered knowing Ishita has been kidnapped and kidnappers warn him not to inform police as if he wants to see Ishita alive.
    Both Iyyer and Bhalla family worried for Ishita while Raman is very much disturbed about not able to do anything to save Ishita.
    Ruhi comes to meet Raman but gets tensed seeing Raman shouting on phone with someone about do whatever is need to save Ishita.
    Ruhi decides to leave her musical job.
    Ruhi is worried for Raman and brings food for him but later she asks Pihu to take it for Raman.
    Pihu tries to cheer up Raman talking about some past memories.
    Apart from Ruhi refuses to go Pune for music concert as she wants to leave this profession but both Shagun and Mr Bhalla insists her that she should continue it.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  15. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Divyanka Tripathi’s marriage has got over and the actress is back on the sets of her daily show to shoot, hence she will soon return back in the show as well.
    In the episodes to come Raman ( Karan Patel ) will decide that he needs to find Ishita and will embark search for her. Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will decide to come along and find Ishita too.
    It is heard that Ruhi will soon realise that Ishita has been kidnapped for sure, will decide to go with Raman and find her. The father-daughter duo will be seen fighting all odds to get Ishita back.
    On the other hand Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) will fumes with Ruhi getting close to Ishita.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  16. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Ishita goes missing on her wedding day leaving the entire Bhalla and Iyyer family tensed.
    Ruhi gets worried for Ishita and decides to find out Ishita.
    In the interim, Raman gets tensed on hearing about the ransom call from the kidnappers about not informing the police.
    However, Raman calls up someone and yells on the phone stating nothing should happen to Ishita.
    Ruhi’s heart melts seeing Raman worried for Ishita.
    On the other side, Ruhi had to go for her music concert in Pune.
    Ruhi decides to leave her musical profession to help Raman in finding out Ishita’s whereabouts.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  17. Viewers would already know that a major twist is all set to take place wherein Ishitha (Divyanka Tripathi) will get kidnapped in Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein .
    Ishita’s kidnapping will bring major differences in the family. Adi will turn into an angry man. He will accuse Mani and Aaliya of kidnapping his ishiMaa. As we know, Aliya wanted Ishita to marry her father and live with them in Australia. Aaliya will be disgusted and tell him that Mani can’t even imagine of doing something like this with Ishita.
    In the upcoming episodes, Raman in search of ishitha reaches a godown. There he finds ishitha’s ring. He searches everywhere but he will not find her.
    He reaches home and tells everyone that ishitha is not acting but got kidnapped by some one. Everyone will doubt nidhi and ashok behind this kidnap. Mani and Mihir think to trap ashok .
    On hearing about ishitha’s kidnap, Ruhi gets worried and helps raman in searching her.
    As we have already revealed, the kidnapper is none other than shagun . She is making the whole plan staying in Bhalla house.
    However, Shagun acts before everyone as if she is worried for ishitha so that no one will doubt her. She ven offers help and tells them that she will confront nidhi to find ishitha’s whereabouts.
    Oh No, Shagun is back on her Revenge mode.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

    1. But didnt nidhi and ashok kiddnap her

  18. simply dragging the show too much .

    1. shreya shetty

      yes even we all feel the same rithushree but these producers are doing so coz they re money minded.cant they end this third drama between ishita,shagun and nidhi so soon????whats happened to them

  19. Hi Adu monique nazz az rithu vp mino shona shivani salley susan super girl bhagya bhgi megha sherya nishsigh molu and all members of yhm fans group gd morning GUYS

  20. Hi Good Morning … Rithu Shivani Mino Ninsh Jaz Aditya Susan Az Devika and all . I doubt whether they will find out immediately that Shaghun is behind all this … And the story line will drag on …

  21. good morning have a nice day yhm fans yesterday’s episode totally bakwass

  22. Hey, A very good morning to you all. The episode is Ok but two girls going alone to a no safe area is a bit too much. It’s not correct and Ruhi taking a such a drastic decision to go alone with Pihu in search of Ishita is not right. At least she should have informed Mihir or Romi. Anyhow now what will happen to Ishita’s ICU scene. Won’t it take place? And the marriage after she returns home? And earlier spoilers showed that Pihu will get to know from Raman about her relationship with Ishita. Won’t these scenes take place? Then how will Ishrarupiadi will reunite? How will Ruhi trust Ishita and accept her as her same old loving Ishima? Lots of unanswerable questions.

  23. Hi EVERYONE….Rithu VP Mino Sindhu Siddhi Jaz Aditya Shona Nish Monique d and my all other loving friends…

    So as we expected shagun is turning NEGATIVE……As Nish said Bhallas will definitely throw her out after knowing the truth…and finally ishra will unite…but what about pihu…??….i don’t think she will accept ishita so easily….means ishitas happiness are far ahead…
    Without ishita YHM is nothing…they are simply draging and its necessary until ishita returns….

  24. Hey guys Gd afternoon to all my lovely friend’s

  25. Guys it’s a good news dt come back to shooting today wow really I miss her just I saw in a Facebook page

  26. Hi all yhm fans. With out ishu yhm is totally crap.plz stop dragging the serial. By the way dt looked stunning in her wedding pics.

  27. MY Dear friends Adu monique whr r u guys its a good news dt START yhm shooting today I think ishu scene next week hi batha yeghe

  28. If you really had enough of the Ruhi drama in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, then get ready as soon this drama will end and finally Bhalla family will have some relief.

    Accoritng to a report , in the coming episodes, Raman will get a call from Ishita. And then everyone will try to track the number that Ishita had called from. Raman, Mihir, Mani and Romi make a plan to get more information out of Ashok about Nidhi.

    What takes everyone to surprise is to find-out that it is neither Ashok nor Nidhi who have kidnapped Ishita. But it is revealed that Raman’s lawyer is the kidnapper’s boss. The goons will try to kill Ishita, but the female protagonist will manage to escape by chance. Raman and Ruhi come to the same house where Ishita is stuck but because of the goons around, Ishita is unable to meet them. Nidhi tries to get Ruhi back, by saying that the time given by the judge has finished.

    Then, finally our Ishita is able to runaway from the clutches of the kidnappers and returns to the Bhalla house. Ishita tries to bond with Ruhi, but does not succeed.Amid all this, Raman gets Anil arrested for kidnapping Ishita. Then, Ruhi and Ishita both decide to stay back at the Bhalla house because of Mani.

  29. A Very GOOD AFTERNOON to JAZ AZ Naaz Rithu VP Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi Monique Super GIRL Ramchin SHIVANI Nish.
    There Was No LIFE in The EPISODE.
    Just for Pastime It Looked Like.
    Whole Episode was Bakvas
    Hi Radhika
    Good Afternoon.
    Am NEW to You in This GROUP.
    Radhika ONE THING YOU Should Remember That This is Balaji Telefilms.
    RAANDI EKTA Kapoor is Very Well KNOWN for Spoiling Characters.
    Why She is Showing Most of The SCENES of Mihir And Ahliya is
    To Unite Them.
    It Used to Be Adi n Ahliya
    Mihir And Ahliya.
    SHE IS A QUEEN OF b*t*hES.

    Yesterday even I felt The Same As You Thought Radhika.

    These People Are Dragging The Story Radhika.
    It Was Supposed to Finish LONG BACK.
    THESE People Are Just Making MONEY.

    ENJOY The DAY.

  30. HELLO Adu monique AZ NAAZ VP RITHU SHONA SHIVANI SALLEY SUSAN SUPER GIRL nish megha molu sherya and all yhm fans members gd evening Guys

  31. Hi JAZ A Very GOOD AFTERNOON to You.
    JAZ Don’t Mind
    Am Just Correcting You.
    You Should Say GOOD EVENING Only At 5.00pm or After 5.00pm.
    You Became Close to Me
    That’s Why
    till 11.59am You Can Say GOOD MORNING.
    And GOOD NIGHT You Should say
    Only When You Are Going to SLEEP.

    Kya Khaayi JAZ Aj ke Lunch mai?
    What Special Today?

  32. shagun is very bad she again turning negative role. there is no difference between raman and shagun. Raman and ruhi doesn’t understand ishita is love and sacrifice. pihu also hate her. so ishitha will decided marry to mani and goto Australia with loving girl aaliya

  33. Divyanka (Ishita) has taken leave for her wedding with Vivek Dahiya so looks ike this kidnapping drama will stretch for littler longer until she returns for shoot again.

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