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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Ruhi that she is ready to go now but she is not happy as she doid not speak with Raman well. Ruhi justifies herself and says please no fighting now. She says no one will fight now. Ruhi says when I scolded Papa, my heart was beating high, I was scared, shouting is not good. Ishita says yes, right, you are very good that’s why this happened. Ruhi says sorry. Ishita says very good. Raman comes there and says Ruhi. He says lets go. Ruhi says yes. They leave. They reach the restaurant. Ishita gets Sarika’s call and asks her to take keys with her. They order food. Ruhi waits for her friend Roshni who comes with her parents.

They greet Raman and Ishita. Roshni’s mum says Roshni was adamant that she has to come here. Ruhi asks them to join them. Ishita

and Raman too say it. They join them. Ruhi tells Roshni that her parents are not talking. They start the acting. Ruhi says my mum loves my Papa a lot. Roshni’s dad says you are lucky, as I love my wife too. Ruhi says see now, Papa will share the soup with her. Roshni says my parents will also share. Ruhi asks Raman to have soup by Ishita’s hand. Raman and Ishita has to do as Ruhi says. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………..plays……………. Ruhi gets happy. Ruhi praises Ishita and says she will share food with my dad. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………….

The couples are invited to dance and they can win a prize too. Ruhi says my parents dance so well, they did Salsa in Pathak’s function. Roshni says my parents too. Roshni’s parents ask them to come. Ishita says no. Ruhi insists and says if you don’t dance, then Roshni will tease me at school saying shame shame, please come, you have to win the prize, best of luck. Ishita says no. Raman holds her and signs come. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

They dance on the song Jaise Banjaare ko ghar………… The kids look on. They dance well having an eyelock and warmth between them. Everyone clap. Ruhi says our plan is successful. Raman and Ishita are announced as winners. Ruhi says you did it and smiles. Mihir drops Mihika home. Mihika says you impressed me a lot, Amma said you brought Ravipal at court. Mihir says yes, don’t know what Ashok threatened him, but Romi helped a lot. She says you are my hero and kisses him. She says I stay here, leave me, bye.

Mihir says how will I sleep tonight. Ruhi says I m feeling sleepy IshiMaa, I want to sleep between you and Papa. Ishita says you sleep here, I will go. Ruhi tries to convince her. Raman hears them and comes to rest. Ruhi asks Ishita to tell them stories. Ishita says don’t be adamant. Ruhi holds her hand and Ishita tells her a story. Raman and Ruhi sleep. Ishita sees him and sleeps. Ruhi wakes up and holds Ishita’s hair and Raman’s hand. Do alag alag dil ka………………..plays……………….. Ruhi goes from there and prays to Lord that they make them together again.

Raman and Ishita turn towards each other. He holds her hand in sleep. Its morning. Ishita and Raman wake up seeing Ruhi is not between them. She says where did she go and goes out to see. Raman comes in the court and asks where was Pathak. Pathak says I was here. Ishita talks to Kaur and says don’t talk to Raman about his character related question. Kaur says I promised you, don’t get emotional, go and sit. Raman and Ishita see each other. The proceedings starts.

The judge asks Raman to come in witness box for testimony. Kaur questions him about Shagun being with him. Kaur says but you took Amma to hospital after accident, how did you come so soon. Raman says she was in my car. Kaur says clear the confusion. Raman says it’s a story, I was in my car with her. She says maybe she did the accident and you came there. She says you are lying as I have proof you did not meet her. He shouts saying Shagun was with me. Kaur took argues and says I have a witness. She says I would like to call Mihir.

Mihir comes in witness box and Kaur questions him. He says Raman was with me, we had meeting with foreign clients which Raman was heading, I have many witness to prove this.

Mihir says Raman was with me, meeting ended at 8pm and he left, then he called me at 9m that he is taking Amma to hospital as she met with an accident. Raman gets tensed. Raman thinks if Shagun gtets punished, Adi will come here and confess, no I will save Adi. Ishita thinks what happened to Raman, how is he feeling so much for Shagun.

Raman talks to Shagun and Pathak. He cries and she asks him to think about his son Adi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raman!don’t do this! satyamev jayte,mr bhalla!let adi confess-no jude is going to send a 11 yr old kid to jail…they will make you n ishu get adi’s custody!

  2. raman!don’t do this! satyamev jayte,mr bhalla!let adi confess-no judge is going to send a 11 yr old kid to jail…they will make you n ishu get adi’s custody!

  3. raman…. Pls… Tell the truth!!!!!! Let shagun go die… Thank god adi is the culprit and not mihir….. Well todays epi was great… I luv ruhi…. She is soooooo cute….. I luv her…. Who all agrees wid me!!!?????

    Why arent spoilers cuming now a days… No fairrr…. Ppl… I am actually new to this site… I’d want to get to know some of u…. As frnds….. Pls…. Do reply…

    Love Jasmeet

    1. Hai jas……!me too was eagerly waiting for the spoilers of YHM… the way I am also a science student…..I’d love to be a cute friend of a cute girl……will you like to be a friend of mine…….?????reply

  4. hi jasmeet… Ur writings give ‘e a hint that u r a cute girl… I luv u just reading ur messages… Not critical…. Hi i am renu…. I’d luvvvvv to be ur frnd…. I live in oman… Where do u live؛‎?k??k??????

  5. i agree wid u:))))

  6. hi jas….
    Id like to be ur frnd… Well i d like to tell u… There r some ppl in this site who r tooo critical about anything we write….. They have to write a negative comment on everything and their stupid advices….. Like if u check yhm 9th july 2014 episode comments…. If some1 is toking crap u can avoid it… U dont need to abuse them…. They feel sad too…. Sooo ya..

  7. i luvd todays epi….. It was amazzeeee…… Hi jasmeet…. Hahahaa riya.. U r kinda true…. We r well not allowed to tok abt tooo personal stuff here k jas???? I hope u get it… And stay away frm some ppl on this site….
    WWell. Lets ignore all this and tok abt the serial…. I was amazziiinnggg.. Awww ruhi is tooooo cute… I luv the way she speakssss….

  8. hi all. I never knew i d get frnds soooo fast… Yes will stick to ur advice… Ikr.. Ruhi is tooooo cute….. Hhahahaha.. I am tooo small (only 18)to talk about personal stuff… I live in dubai… I am searching for college…. I am a science student…. I studied in oois….. Well ya….

    1. Hi jasmeet !!!! this site ppl are very nice so you can easily get nice and caring friends here

  9. hi am new on this site..

    1. My name is anu too.. *confusion

  10. So stupid raman should tell everyone abt adi the judge also ishi will withdraw the case no one can send a 11 yr old to jail shagun should lose custody story khatam
    But serials r made so stupidly nothing ever makes sense

  11. I wish ishitaa hear the conservation of shagun and raman ( pracap conservation ) and gets to know the truth.

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