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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla complimenting Romi. She asks where is he going. He says I m going for interview in Raman’s office, Mihika told Mihir about it, Mihir is CEO now. She says I wish you give good interview, you will get job, come in kitchen, have curd and sugar, everything will be fine. She goes. Romi hopes everything goes well.

Sarika scolds watchman. He says its not my mistake, I don’t know what electrician and plumber did. She says there is no water and light in my room, get it done fine. He says its not my mistake. Ishita and Amma come there. Ishita smiles and tells Amma that Sarika is angry for her problem. She greets Sarika and asks any problem. Raman smiles. Sarika scolds watchman and angrily leaves. Ishita thanks watchman. Raman says you are great. Amma

asks Ishita did you do all this, its good, this should happen with Sarika.

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Chadda comes there and greets them. Raman introduces Amma and Rohit. Chadda says so he is Rohit, very cute baby. Pallavi gets down the car and greets them. Chadda says I had to drop Pallavi and got her here. Pallavi asks them to go, she will wait here. Chadda goes with Raman and Ishita. Rohit cries. Amma tries calming him. Pallavi gets restless and asks can I take him. She takes Rohit and talks to him. Rohit becomes calm and smiling. Amma gets surprised and says he got silent, it seems you like babies a lot, and babies also feel love touch, he is smiling too, like he has old relation with you.

Pallavi says you take him, I have to make a call. She gives Rohit to Amma, and thinks if Chadda knows Rohit is my son, don’t know what will happen. Chadda suggests to give Rohit’s pic in newspaper and put ad for his parents to claim baby, as Rohit is going for adoption, I m sure his mother will not come to claim him. Ishita says but everyone will know Rohit is our adopted son. Chadda says I understand, but Rohit will know it when he grows up. Raman agrees with Chadda and asks Ishita is she okay with it. she nods.

Vandu comes angry to Suraj and scolds him. She says how dare you cheat my husband. He says I did not know Bala is so weak to send his wife to fight. She calls him fraud and says Bala got trapped in your plan as he wanted to give good wife to his family. Don’t say anything to Bala. He has goodness and honesty. He says your husband is finished, he can’t repay my loan, I ruined him. She asks why, what did Bala do, I will not let you snatch anything from us, I will get you arrested. He asks what proof you have, how will you get me arrested, don’t take me wrong, but you look beautiful when you get angry, you are smart and beautiful, leave this matter, Bala does not deserve you. She fumes and slaps him. He gets angry. She scolds him and says you are disgusting, what could I expect, you and your brother will always be cheap, stay away from me and my family. She leaves.

Romi comes for interview. Mihir says let me be honest, don’t feel bad, we are family, I m CEO, I would have not given you this job by your past doings in this company, I m giving you second chance as Mihika convinced me. Romi says I knew I did mistakes, I want to start my life right way, I promise I won’t let you get any complaint from my side, thanks. Mihir says thank Mihika, even Raman and I did not think to hire you again, Mihika gave assurance about you.

Mihika comes there and Mihir asks her to meet her new assistant. Romi thanks her. She says I m sure you will do this job well. She asks Romi toi come for their new assignment. Mihir wishes Romi all the best. Mihika introduces the staff to Romi. She tells Romi about marketing. He gives her a rose and says I don’t know, how to thank you, I lost and you go this job for me. She asks him not to get senti and come for making presentation. He says yes and smiles.

Vandu comes to college and recalls Bala’s tension. He comes to her cabin and sees a student stealing question papers. She scolds him. he says sorry, I did not study, I did mistake. She says one mistake is enough to ruin family, you should have came to me, everyone wants easy problem, did you think about your family. I will call your parents, go and stand there. He says no Mam please, don’t call them and gets tensed. He sees her calling his parents and jumps from the window. She gets shocked and phone drops. She rushes to see down out of the window and sees the guy bleeding.

Students form group there and say maybe he fell from Vandu’s cabin. Vandu comes running downstairs and sees the guy fallen on the ground. The students say did he die falling from there. Vandu checks his pulse and says he is alive, call ambulance fast.

Pallavi comes to meet manager. He asks how did you come here. She asks him to give consent form copy soon. He asks do you really want to do this. She says yes, my husband wants to give Rohit’s pic, I can’t let anyone tell him, so I want to give my consent, their problem will be solved and no one will know anything, but if anyone knows then… she gives him 50000rs and he says its very less. She scolds him and asks him to keep this and not double cross him. She says I will tell everyone you helped me, so do as I say.

Ishita gets manager’s call. He tells her that he got Rohit’s papers and makes excuse. She gets glad. He says there is Rohit’s real mum consent form as well. She thanks him. He asks her to come and see file. She says we will come soon.

Manager asks peon to bring black coffee for Pallavi. Chadda asks how do you know Pallavi likes black coffee, do you know her. Pallavi gets tensed. Ishita and Raman look on…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awww …’s episode was total contrast to yesterday’s episode today only the start was little bit funny other than that today’s episode was full on drama, feeling very sad for vandu and I liked the way she confronted that blo*dy suraj how dare he is…. and bichari because of that student she will get into trouble and as per speculation ashok will provoke the students against vandu and he might force
    Ishra for something I don’t clearly…. and the new advocate seems to be clever by the way and precap was quite interesting…… so aaj ka episode was ok for the story and really bad for ishra lovers and poor one for ardent yhm fans… p.s : today I love the dialogue of raman “yeh subha nahaya kaise hogi???!!! Without paani” to sarika !!!

  2. aaj ka episod thora slow tha,mujhe lagta hai rohit romi ka hi beta hai. Acp ko dikha nahi rahe hai,uska aur mihika ki love story ka kya confusion hai

  3. Actually yesterday’s episode was really good. It really brought out the old Ishita and Raman sense of humour plus Ruhi’s call made the whole show complete. We can see really how relaxed both Ishita and Raman were in that frame. I wish they do have some of those cute scenes that they showed yesterday. Sometimes the old epsiodes of YHM are very memorable. I hope they add some spice in Ishita and Raman’s life as is all the funny and cute taunts. I am dying to see Ruhi. Hopefully she comes soon. I hope as for Sarika she would really get taunted by Ishita and Raman until she runs away from the house. Poor Vandu she will be sacked by the board for causing hurt to the student.

  4. Episode is not good. Poor vandu.

  5. episode was ok .precap was also ok.

  6. hey guys darahika parvathi siddhi naaz jhanvi nivedha vp natasha naina misty faya fathi riya ramchin nimrit diya ( both the diyas) bhagi ude and all yhm friends.

    1. sorry by mistake .it is darshika.

  7. The most uncontrollable thing in
    Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life is
    Problems, though she manages to get
    out of it. But the CHAAYA of problems
    will never leave Bhalla’s family. The
    Story reveals a another twist as they
    are on move to find Rohits Parents.
    As we have already came to learn that
    new girl will enter Ishitha’s life. She
    will be the lawyer Mr. Amarnath
    Chadda’s (Lalit Bisht) wife Pallavi.
    And pretty beauty Garima Kapoor who
    was last seen in Life OK’s Ajeeb
    Daastaan Hai Ye will be portraying this
    A source shared, “Finally Rohit’s
    mom will get revealed and she will be
    the new entrant Garima. However,
    Mr.Chadda will be clueless about
    these things. Without being aware of
    this Mr. Chadda rolls normal. And
    with Pallavi coming into the lovely
    pair IshRa’s life, trouble will start
    cropping up.”
    On the other hand, Suraj manages to
    steal the college money from Vandu’s
    house.Later he instigates College
    Students against Vandita. This will
    create a big problem for Vandu and
    We will have a full of Thrilling events
    in Ishitha’s life is Promised. Will
    Ishita learn about Pallavi being
    Rohit’s mom?
    How she will find the thing? If does
    how will she react at this? So much
    drama we say!

  8. vandu bechari .hamesha bala aur usse hi paison ka problem hotha hai .

  9. mihika ka story bahuth hi funny hai .hamesha koi aatha hai aur usse chodke chalaa jaatha hai .bechari .lekin yeh acp toh gayab aur gumnaam hai show se .kya hua mihika aur uska story .

  10. Ok episode…. stop this moderation… why ff r not uploaded???

  11. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi rithushree and all…..
    It’s an average epi…. But I don’t like romihika as a couple….. But friendship ok…… Missing lovely ishra scenes….. But happy to see ishra working together. Don’t know what’s gonna happen to bala and vandu…. Now ishra can adopt that baby.(but I like to aware about pallavi’s secret). An OMG precap….!
    From SL

  12. episode was ok…little bit confused about mihika…waiting for more thrilling twists

  13. episode wasaverage . starting was funny . but ending was interestng . actually i didnt feel bad fr bala at all . but i am feelig bad for vandu . she hs turned out to b the victim of circumstances

  14. Ishra in problem alwayyssss… Let them have some peace yaar… Poor ishra.. Now a new girl Pallavi… OMG..
    Kithne probs …

  15. Renaissance Sayma

    Pallavi ! Who will b d father of Rohit ! Another suspension

  16. Nice serial this year it will rock

  17. I wish ishita and raman can live in peace

  18. Yes nice episode but plz show some chemistry between mihika and acp abhishek???

  19. I really want to see more ROMIKA scenes. The two look so lovely together, hope they will become a pair in show.

  20. Romi is actually the father of Rohit. Pallabi is actually Romi’s ex girl friend. Soon EvErY1 will know about this…

  21. Pallavi do not look like romis ex as she is not that type…she is shown as a bit aged..she cant be romis gf

  22. I wish to see mihir n mihika’s jodi,plz don’t match romi n mihika ….these days mihika is getting concerned on romi….it is OK,but want mihir n mihika back…

  23. Episode was okay…bala started all these problems and now poor vandu is suffering,feeling bad for iyer sisters(vandita,ishita,mihika)

  24. Agree with you happy,i also think that pallavi is not romi’s ex-gf,there may be some twist which relates rohit with bhalla family

  25. Episode was kk and hope for best further

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