Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying she is tolerating a lot, Raman knows this, his love secures me, he does not say he loves me, but see our relation, we don’t need to say anything to each other, its so strong. She says my strength is your and Appa’s love. She says I have seen you both, you have been my inspiration, you don’t fight but shower love and win, you can’t blame me, my upbringing is such, my parents are so good. Amma cries. Ishita says you asked me to find my strength, my silence and patience, I know till I m patient, many people are happy, nobody can ever take me for granted. She says Shagun should behave well and follow the house rules, its good for her, else if I start seeing her, I will shut her mouth, she has seen my silent idol, she won’t be spare if my Kalimaa

wakes up inside me. Amma says I m proud of you and hugs her.

She says she is scared of Shagun and Adi, its delicate thread, its risky what you are doing, this can turn around anytime, you need to be careful. She says Raman loved Shagun, he loves his son now, its not easy to solve this problem. Ishita says I will be careful and hugs her. They cry. Raman talks to Romi bringing him to office in morning. They come to know Mihir has come early. The peon says no, he was here all night, worked and had lots of coffee. Mihir is sleeping. Raman and Romi talk about him. Raman says he is working to forget himself. Let him sleep, and not disturb, come. Raman says about Mihir’s pain and heart break sound, its very painful. Romi says you are giving him promotion, he will work even more.

Raman defends hhis decision and says it will act as a light, his mind will divert and his life will come on track, he will smile again, he is hurt now, but he will overcome, see me, when I lost everything, wife and kids, and slowly everything came back. Romi says don’t make me cry now. They smile and leave. Ruhi gets ready for school. Adi says Shagun is coming back. Ruhi says so what, she is your mum. Adi says she is our mum. Ruhi says my mum is Ishi Maa. Adi asks her to come airport, they will pick her up. Ruhi refuses. Adi insists.

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He asks her to notice in storybook about stepmum. Ruhi says its just stories, Ishi Maa made everyone happy, Raman used to be sad, you don’t know anything, no one loves me more than her, you can’t make me against her. Adi says Ishita made Ruhi on her side, I have to convince her. Rinki talks to Mihir. She says she is going to gift her friends, she would have cancelled this if she knew he was coming. Mihir says I will keep coming, I m part of this house. They laugh. Rinki leaves. Ishita serves food to Mihir, and scolds him. He says thanks for making this for me, south Indian food is my fav, and talks about Mihika’s handmade food.

He asks her to sit, and says I want to talk to you. He says I can’t take it anymore, I see Mihika everywhere, I m unable to forget her, I miss her. He says I want to go away to Singapore, as Raman was going there before, I see Ashok daily and get reminded that I lost Mihika to him, I can’t take this. Ishita says life is weird and make us ready for everything, except heart break, everyone’s heart break once, and even Raman and mine. I understand you want to go Singapore, its good, maybe you will forget your pain there, you can start a new life and can come back to us, maybe wounds will heal there.

He asks does she think wounds can heal. She says life just moves on. He says Raman won’t let me go. She says I will explain him that its imp for you. He says please talk to Raman, I have to get over this. She says I know you are not leaving us. He thanks her. She says its my double duty, as your sister and Bhabhi. Raman brings Adi to pick up Shagun at the airport. Shagun comes. Adi hugs her. Raman looks on. Shagun and Adi have a talk. She says she got a gift for him. He gives her flowers and she hugs him, seeing Raman and smiling. Adi likes the gift. Shagun says she made Adi sit back as its safe. Raman says safe is not kids driving and Adi did it too. She thanks him for picking her. He asks her about her mum. She says she is better and stress free, as she knows you are taking care of me and Adi, she is worried for Mihir.

Raman says he is fine, he is getting promotion. She says he is lucky that you are in his life. He says its not about luck, he is hardworking guy and deserves this. She says I wish he forgets Mihika. Vandu meets Mihika and they talk about Ashok. Vandu says he won’t leave you if he knows this. Mihika says I m fearless, I won’t do anything if he takes my sign, help me. Vandu says Ashok and Suraj will defame you. Mihika says yes, they always insult women, but my respect is related to them. Vandu says I m glad that you are still fighting. Mihika says I m enough for Ashok but as you are helping me, Ashok has no chance.

Shagun comes home and meets Ishita, saying mum’s surgery went well. Mrs. Bhalla says we will meet Amma and come, and leaves with Simmi. Raman says I have to talk about Mihir. Ishita says me too. Shagun hears them. Ishita says its imp to get his mind diverted. He asks is she wife of google, she knows everything. He jokes on her and they smile. Ishita says she has to get potatoes to make pau bhaaji. He says he will come. She asks will CEO Raman Bhalla come. He says we will go to supermarket. He says I will go and change. She says me first. They argue. Shagun is tired seeing their love, and says she will end their love.

Raman argues with Ishita and asks why is she arguing in Adi’s presence and gets angry on her. He says its my problem whom to send Singapore. She says Adi is not at home.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • ruhi

      Hi Prayosha…. It’s sankranti… Couldn’t watch the show. Kya taunt maara?? Kyuki updates me to hain nahi

      • Ruhi Shagun ne Raman se kaha ki car ki front seat par bethana safe nahi iss liye maine Aadi ko pichhe bithaya aur me aage bethi hoo……tab Raman ne kaha….iss age m to car chalana bhi safe nahi but tumhare raaj me to Aadi wo kar chuka hai……..

  1. Are waah. ……
    cutie pie…..Ruh kya jawab diya Adi ko ….k..sshagun tumhari maa nahin hai. Tumhari sirf ek hi maa hai ishimaa ……..very good. …k tum uss Apshaguni ko pickup karne airport nahin gai. ……

  2. wow yaar ruhi doll ur so superb yaar.ruhi is our cute baby angel to us and ishu.kya jawab hai ruhi amazaing dear.adi kuch seek ko tumare choti behan se.this called values which ishu gave to ruhi.and bad values is u adi which u got form ur stupid mom.

  3. and arey ha raman dont fight with ishu will not look good.we want goody goody scene of ishra and ruhi not anything else like that stupid shagun.waise bein all the character r becoming selfiss except ruhi and ishu.

    • hi

      we want a happy serial… fed us with all fighting serials.. make this one exceptionally good for all of us to enjoy.. think abt it n b happy..

  4. Yaar yeh Ekta ke paas paise nahi hai kya??? Jo itni bakwas script likhanewale writter rakhe hai…….yaar humse puchho hum free me iss show ki puri story likh denge………fan fiction me jaa kar dekho ek se badhkar ek story mil jayegi…….

  5. and amena thank for becoz of my busy schedule i miss my serial to watch.only read update.waiting for 11pm may be i can c in that time.anyways thanks yaar.

  6. Are ye shagun. ….kaisi woman hai. ..raman uss ko ghans bhi nahin dalta. .usse dekhta tak nahin. ..phir bhi uss k peeche padi hai. ……usse samjh nahin aata ke. ..raman ke life main ab woh koi mayene nahin rakhti. ………….phir bhi bekar plan bana rahi hai uss k paas Jane ki. ………
    ..ooh Apshaguni. .hosh main aao. ……jo tum mehnat raman ko hasil karne main laga rahi ho. ……sab mehnat toh bekar Jane wali hai. …
    usse achcha toh tumhe ashok par try karna chahiye. …….hosakta hai tum successful hojao. ………..

  7. Yeh shagun apni gandi chaalo se baaz nahi aayegi..and raman toh uss ki taraf dehkta bhi nahi hai…..Raman is great husband….Raman rocks ….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. priyanka

    Are ishitha.. become little strong and show shagun what you are .. Otherwise this is never ending.Shagun keeps coming home as and when needed. If she finds another male, she goes away with him..

  9. Aliya Naz

    Kya yaar spoilerz toh bahut bakwaas hai. Raman ishu ku nahi believe karega jab ki ishu kitna bardaash ki hai.plz kuch toh acha dekhao har baar ishu hi kyu sehna padtha hai.aur shagun kaisi maa hai apne bete ko apna hatyaar bana rahi hai raman ke lyf mein aane ke liye.

  10. zee

    Ruhi baby doll u r very cute and u r lines r amazing baby and shagun idiot u came to to torture and today spoiler is very bakwass i did not expect u this from raman anna how could u believe because he is ur son dont even no what is true and what is false just going bulshit pls end this chapter soon its a request

  11. Kp

    That’s the reason I stopped watching it weeks back and just reading upates here…Already TRP has dropped for our YHM..By the way after reading the upcoming spoiler ther will be no surprise if TRP drops even more…..At least Makers should do some justice to the Loyal Fans…

    • dolly

      it has become worth not watching after mihikas marriage with ashok.. i even dont know wats happening now!

  12. 123

    ab bas i’m irritated. I will not watch this show. no romance/physical love. Ishita ko abhi bhi isi baat ka intezaar hai ki raman ne I love U nahi bola jis ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.

  13. Aliya Naz

    Raman aur ishita ki super jodi thi par ab uthni achi nahi lagti plz in dono ke beech main kuch romance daalo

  14. Hey 123 I want to suggest you one thing…….maine jab se yeh site joine ki hai tab se aap ki sabhi comments padhi hai…..aur sab me aap ki yeh hi demand hoti hai that you want physical relation between IshRa…… agar aap ko padhane ki hobby ho to aap IshRa ff par jaakar stories padhiye……aap ko waha sabhi type ki stories milegi……IshRa love confession ki, Suhagraat ki, Honeymoon ki, Ishita ke pregnant hone ki ….
    .aur bahot kuch……….trust me current treck boaring lage to yeh try karna achchha lagega……

    • Yeah maine bhi notice kiya hai. …..jab bhi. ..123 ka comments aate …Un comments main ek bar toh iss ki dimand hoti hi hai. …

  15. bhagi

    wow yar raman aab tume yaad aya ki adi ke samne jagdaa karna achi baath nahi hai par us vakth tumhara yardaash kaha chala gaya jaab tum kudh ruhi ko dantthe the use hurt kartha thE its very disguisting Aagar raman ne ishu ko southeli maa ya phir usse shagun ko sorry bolne ke liye kaha tho vo sach me ishu ka pyaar ka layak hi nahi rahe ga…..sirf our sirf uski kuahiyoon ke liye ishu ne ithna dhuk sehan rahe hai aur usne aise hi keh diya ki vo adhi our rhu me farakh dikha rahe hai

  16. Mizun..100% right……..Raman ne Shagun konahi chhoda tha…..Shagun apni khushi se Raman ko chhoda tha to Raman par uska koi haq nahi…..& yeh Ashok duniya ke saamne thos maaar raha hai ki wo Aadi ka Ashok Dad hai to uski paas ja kar apna haq mango…….

  17. Aliya Naz

    Guyzz mani hai kaha. Ek ko nayi character laate ho aur kuch din ke baad wo character gayaab hota jaa tha hai.

  18. For the makers…..
    Jitne bhi tu karle sitam…..hans hans ke sqhenge hum……….yeh pyar naa hoga kam……sanam teri kasam…..sanam teri kasam…….
    We madly in love with IshRa & we can’t leave IshRa & YHM………

    Are agree with me Mizun?????

  19. Today’s episode was nice.. ….in yhm screen ishra are always fantastic !!!! Ruhi is soo nice……and divyanka rocks….love you divyanka…

  20. Yes prayosha……..100%……..
    perfect song ..
    hame ishra se pyar kitna ye hum nahin jante. .
    magar jee nahin sakte ishra …ke. ..bina. ….
    Ye kaisa hai. ..

  21. Indrajeet Sarkar

    oh my god imagine if mihika shagun had lesbian s*x it woulld make me wanna masturbate all the time.

  22. lo bhai news bhi aaya toh aisa bakwaaz news aa rahe hai yhm ke baare mein . ishitha shagun se maafi mangegi .mafi my foot. ek toh shagun jaisi aurath ko ishitha apne ghar laakar jheal rahi hai .uss se bad aur kya expect kar rahi hai yeh shagun dekho.aaj se pehle sab hi log ishitha ko stupid ya bewakoof keh the the lekin ab yhm show ka naya bewakoof raman hai .saala apne bete ke pyar mein itna pagal hai ki woh ab ishitha ko hurt kar raha hai . kya samaj tha kya hai woh apne aap ko .aur ishitha ko bhi kya samajtha hai. ishitha should not forgive raman so fast. nikaal do bhai shagun ko ghar se .kuch zyada hi overacting kar rahi hai. toh obviously trp kam hoga hi.aur veiwers ka gussa karna bhi jaayaz hai .really disappointing.

  23. Yaar yeh jab Shagun Raman ko chhod kar gai thi tab Raman bhi apni family se door Dillhi me nahi but Mumbai me rehta tha….to ab Mihir Mihika ki yaadon se door singapore jana chahta hai to yeh Raman ko kya problem hai……………
    & precap me Raman looking daam so good………but Ishita se kyo fight karta hai……..we don’t like that…….

  24. Yeah. ……….kitna gussa karta hai. But ishita se utna hi pyar karta hai. ……
    ye shagun. ..Adi k drame k bad. …….ishita ko. ….manane k liye achcha sa surprise de ………..kyun k IshRa Itni fight karte hoe achche nahin lagte. ……..
    unke uper sirf. .cute cute. Nok jok. …khatti meethi. ..takrar hi Achchi lagti hai. ………

  25. Rithushree. …
    Google par. ….ishra ff….type karo. ..wahan par fans ki likhi hoi stories hoti hai. …..aur bahut achchi stories hoti. ..hai

  26. Are Ishu tumnne Amma se kaha ki Shagun ne abhi sirf tumhara devi wala rup dekha hai……..usne abhi tak mera kaali maa waala rup dekha nahi to use apna wo rup bhi dikhao Ishita……..kab tak sirf Raman ko apna Jaansi ki Rani wala avtar dikhaogi…kabhi Shagun ko bhi mauka do tumhara yeh avtar dekhane ka……

  27. yhm is the best serial. we can bear any sort of drama ,long time drama etc.for this serial as we liks this show and ishra very much.and whatever may happen we will always like this show . as we are true loyal fans of yhm .

  28. jiss din adi aur shagun ka bhanda phoote gana toh ussi din ashok ko mihika ko chodna padega aur shagun adi ko apne saath le jana padega. phir baad mein mihika mihir ki baat hogi lekin raman ko pacchtava hoga apne kiye par.

  29. ab jo bhi hoga sab kuch theek ruhi hi karegi . ishra ke beech itnaa fighting.kya raman ko ishitha pe bharoosa nahi hai toh bhai kyu itnaa chilla raha tha ishitha pe. kitni koshish kar rahi hai adi ka dil jeet ne ki par tumhara beta adi jo mumaa’s boy hai .woh toh wahi karega jo shagun karegi .aur shagun toh choodail hai .aur choodail ka iradaa kabhi bhi sahi nahi hota hai .i dont understand ramans character as they showed him arrogant good shot tempered angry young man and now negative.

  30. my name is khan

    Ishita is going to be pregnant… I read….and after that Raman will forgive him….for that misunderstanding….shagun will try to do her miscarriage….but fails…I don’t know how but ishu will become pregnant and I also heard shagun will say it is not Raman child and all that…u guys better understand …is it so…now I hope u have no issue with my spoilee

  31. amirk

    Dear Prayosha tell these guys…how u messaged me and I added something in or juice…actually guys prayosha was my frnd here I called her on tea and mixed something… She is angry with me…that’s why she is not admitting that who I am…she says stop it…I don’t know u

    • Just ignor this guys……….Iam not that type of girl………muje to apne claas ke boys ka naam bhi pata nahi to yeh kaha se aa gaya…meri life me ab tak sirf aur sirf IshRa se pyar kiya hai………..IshRa are my 1st love………………
      So pls stop this nonsense about me……..

  32. dear srk and amirk

    Just stop saying this

    U stupid guys

    No idiot blo*dy rubbish

    Don’t u have mother sister

    I tell u ur mom got pregnant with ur aba

    Is it true

    U were left alone it

  33. prayosha

    Hey u
    Who r u
    I don’t know u
    Stop it
    I am stopping commenting on this site

    Guys next comments will not be mine

    Take care
    Love u guys

    U gave so love and respect to me that I thought I should go


  34. amirk

    Hum Ghareeb Ache Hain Duniya Dar Logon Se WASI
    Hum Apne Khawab Zarur Torty Hain Kisi Ka Dil Nahi…

    Lehron Se Khailna To Sagar Ka Shoq Hai
    Lagti Hai Chot Kese Kinary Se Puchiye…

  35. prayosha

    Hey u
    Who r u
    I don’t know u
    Stop it
    I am stopping commenting on this site

    Guys next comments will not be mine

    Take care
    Love u guys

    U gave so love and respect to me that I thought I should go


  36. jalsa

    Ishu ur great but now a days whi brings there husbands first wife home…drama serials jus drag on as they stretch a story so much….shagun shud be shot

  37. Syamala

    Adi and Shagun are two horrible characters and Adi is like demon child. I don’t wish e ven my enemy to have a son like Adi. He is full of venom incorporated from his mom
    How can Shagu n expect to come back in Raman’s life after liv ing with Ashok for 6 years. Her mother is also is like a cunning fox The whole family is made of bad blood

  38. how can ishitha become mother .any sort of chamatkaars cannot happen in this show .come on it is modern show and many are expecting even adi ‘s custody at the end or after some time.

  39. sugi

    can anyone say which serial is good in story and romance? i’m a tamilian and like to read YHM in tellyupdate… can u refer me for another serial? anyone please reply me…

  40. Oh yeh 3:12 am ki comment meri nahi hai………mai kabhi yeh site chhod kar nahi jaaungi……because I love IshRa & YHM………
    & Mere naam se aur mere baare me aisi bakwaas likhana bandh karo ……..& by the way ab aisi bato se muje koi fark nahi padta….kyunki sirf tum logoke kehne se mai aisi ho nahi jaaungi…..

  41. Rithishree you are right this is morden show aur isi liye iss me aisa chamatkar hoga……..medical science bahot aage nikal gaya hai…………….& Ishita kabhi na kabhi to pregnant hogi yeh to final hai………

  42. Yes prayosha. ….maine kal pada tha. …yhm fb ….par. .
    lekin jitne bhi romantic scences karte hai. .woh sab se aalag aur hatke. …. hote hai ……..
    tum kya kehti ho? ??

  43. Haa maine padha…..kitana drama karti hai yeh Shagun ……sach me drama Queen hai…………Yeh Toshiji & Simmi tto Shagun ka har rang jante hai…..Toshiji kaise Ishita ko maafi magne keliye keh sqkti hai…..I hopeke Simmi & Romi Ishita ka saath de…………
    Yaar Raman pehle hurt karte ho phir sorry bolne se kya fayda?? Humari Ishu to hurt ho hi gai na….tumne Param ke time bhi aisq hi kiya tha………pehle hurt karte ho phir sorry bolte ho…….

  44. SBB me wo hi dikhaya……jo FB par likha tha…jab Ishita sorry bolti hai uss ke baad end me yeh bhi dikhaya ki Raman Ishita ke paas baat karne jaata hai but Ishita waha se chali jaati hai…..

  45. Yaar phir se aagai se ye Apshaguni bhalla house main. ………
    kitna natak karti hai ye. ……aur bete ko bhi wahi sikha rahi hai. ………..

  46. 123

    Guys – I’m not happy with Divyanka saying she will not do a lip lock with Karan. Really disappointing. Pyaar ki khoobsoorti to lip lock se hi milegi. Hum Imran Hashmi wala lip lock ki baat nahi kar rahey woh to wasna hai. Hum to sweet soft french kiss ki baat kar rahe hain jo aapki rooh ko choo leti hai. Iss statement ke baad to really sab kuch artificial aur fake lagey ga. Divyanka dil se romance nahi kar rahi hai karan se on screen pe.

  47. Lohri festival special. .hona chahiye….no. ..dirty plans…. nothing. ……..
    Lohri..celebration main toh dance banta hai. ..woh bhi IshRa ka. …kitna achcha lage ga dono junjabi getup main. …dekhne ..I hope k aaisa hi ho. …….
    tum kya kehti ho prayosha. ….????

  48. Mizun you are right……..I think Lohri me wo bich me aag lagate hai punjabi jaise hum Holi me lagate hai……..aur Hindu purano ke anusar kaha jataa hai ki iss aagme saari buraiya jal jati hai…..aur ek naya sawera apne saath lata hai….I hope ke yeh Lohri celebration ke doran hi Shagun ka asli chera Ruhi sab ke saam ne le aaye……..

  49. rajat

    end this show it does nt make sense it fully boring if any1 is accepting this that show must show different things plz comment and support

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