Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Amma insults Mihika

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman calling out Ishita and asking what is it. Ishita’s dream ends. She looks around. He asks what do you think, I don’t know why are you doing this, you did this to trouble me, I have fixed Gajra in your hair by mistake, you are using someone’s daughter to… She says she is our daughter, don’t say anything that you later regret. Simmi asks Ishita does she not have shame to involve their house’s children. Raman says make her out of here. Ishita cries. Bala asks what nonsense are you saying, Ishita is not responsible in this. Adi says stop it, Ishita didn’t tell us anything, we were trying to show a love story.

Pihu says its not Ishita’s mistake, don’t let her go. Raman says fine. Ishita cries. Raman says I m sorry, please don’t leave.

We need your blessings, Mihika come, its our marriage, we should be happy, Romi call the dhol artists. He promises Mihika that no one can separate them now. Ishita cries and goes. Adi stops Ruhi. Simmi and Parmeet smile. Bala says I will see Ishita. Raman and everyone dance on dhol beats.

Bala asks Ishita to say something. Ishita says there is nothing left to say, Simmi has done this, if Raman’s memory doesn’t come back then.. Simmi says Adi, Aaliya and others are together, maybe Ishita assured Aaliya that she will manage everything, we have to do something. Parmeet says you are right, I m waiting for the right chance, I already have a plan in mind. Ishita says no way, if Raman gets hurt…

Ruhi says don’t worry, Adi is with Raman. Adi says don’t think much, I m leaving. Adi apologizes to Raman. He asks Mihika to tell Raman to forgive him. Mihika says its okay, forgive him. Adi says thanks, just one drink, have it. Raman and Mihika drink. Adi throws his drink and acts. Amma says you can’t give up so easily, Raman gifted this saree to you, you have to remind him, you shouldn’t lose. Ishita says Simmi have erased Raman’s memories. Amma says you have to remind Raman. Ruhi says don’t give up hope, be strong. Adi says now I feel you have forgiven me, thanks. He thinks alcohol has shown its effect, I hope Amma has convinced Ishimaa.

Mihika says its our sangeet, we have to dance. Adi asks Raman to dance. Raman says clear the dance floor, here we come. Adi goes. Ruhi says the most awaited performance will start in some time. Adi says the wait is over. Ruhi says welcome Mihika and Raman.

Mihika and Raman dance on Suno raat ki kahani…. Pihu flashes the mirror light on Mihika. Mihika gets troubled and goes. Pihu and others dance with Raman on Nachdene saare…. Shitija locks up Mihika and goes. Simmi looks for Mihika. Kiran gets Ishita there.

Mihika knocks the door. Simmi opens the door and asks what are you doing here. Simmi says children did this. Mihika says that’s why Adi made me drink. Simmi says Ishita will dance with Raman, come with me. Bala calls Mr. Bhalla away. Kiran sends Ishita. Raman sees her and stops. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. Simmi and Mihika come and look on. Raman and Ishita dance. Pammi says Raman is getting married to Mihika, but he is dancing with Ishita, its good, I m happy seeing them together. Ishita doesn’t let Raman go. She holds his hand. Simmi asks Mihika to tell Raman to kick out Ishita.

Pihu drops a chair. Mihika falls down. Raman goes to her. Pihu says sorry. Simmi scolds her. Adi says its fine. Raman takes Pihu. Ruhi says I will see, stay here. Bala asks Ishita not to go, else Raman will get furious. Amma says we have succeeded in our plan, I will talk to Mihika. She goes to Mihika and says I told Pihu to do this, I wanted you to have a fracture, you ruined your sister’s life, I took good care of you, I loved you more than Vandu and Ishu, Ishu did so much for you, I didn’t know I m feeding milk to a snake, Appa will do your kanyadaan, I get raging seeing you. Adi asks Amma to come. Amma says I will only curse you, you lost your parents today. Adi takes her away. Mihika says let them say anything. Simmi says how can they curse you, go and see them, do something to stop them. Mihika goes. Parmeet sends the waiter. Raman scolds Pihu. Ruhi comes there. Raman says Mihika is going to become your mum. Pihu says I don’t want her. Aaliya feeds water to Amma. Amma says we should leave, lets go from here. Mihika stops her. She says what did you tell me, I m nor your daughter, you love your daughter a lot, you said you have raised me, else I would have been an orphan. Neelu asks Ishita to come fast and see what Mihika is doing.

Ishita scolds Mihika and pours wine over her. Parmeet ignites fire. They get shocked. Raman saves Mihika. Simmi says you have ignited fire and pretending now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such disgusting episodes. Better Raman and mihika marry and have a kid. And even Ishita will be seen crying that time too.

  2. It was so good to see raman ishita perfmoing on Dil diya gallan, amma is right , mihika is a snake who is ruining her own sister life, mihika should be ashamed of herself.

    1. Guys a great news mihika is on ishita’s side and this is confirmed by divyanka n ishita got married to raman

  3. How many days ishitha will suffer please end this drama and make ishitha happy

  4. ishita is always saying “I love Raman and so on.And Pihu too she acts like a brat !

  5. why not let Mihika marries Raman and let that man live happy eve rafter, rather than Ishitha fighting for Raman. After all love is sacrifice and let Ishita scarify her love for her Sister and get lost. If She wants file a custody/ access case against Pihu and take older children under her wings and protect them. After all being a “Bahu” of Balla family is very dangerous life threatening and not livable at all. She should let her love go and finish off the matter and finish the show.

    1. Candiva007

      Raman can never be happy. He wasn’t happy with Shagun and always mean with Ishita. When he was happy with Ishita, someone always made them fight. What makes you think he’ll be happy with Mihika? I’m surprised Parmeet hasn’t tried to make a move on Mihika. LOL

    2. perfect

  6. Ekta Ma’am where do you get such disgusting ideas. How come when romi is very much alive his wife is getting married to his own brother. Neither their parents have any objection nor Raman . He is way too convinced to marry his brother’s wife. Have u lost everything?? What r u selling ?? Though it a daily soap u can’t show case anything. Have some social ethos.

    1. I haven’t commented on any show so far but I felt like to do so now.

      1. Exactly, I was thinking the same mother (Mrs Ballah) promoting wife of his youngest son to older son. Must be she is promoting polyandry in the family. My surprise was even grown up children of Raman play mum. Other thing is getting divorced by getting signatures on duress on to a paper and can any family tolerate such issues. Then what’s a point of marrying under rituals as it indicates the stongness of a marriage.

      2. ekta does it always, right from the beginning. when she made kasuati zindagi ki, komolika married first anurag then anurag’s little brother. in sas bhi kabhi bahu thi, i am sure all the bahus and sons had married each other at some point of the time. thats what she does, when there is no story, she will break up couples, get them married (here even without a divorce) and then spends months getting the original couple back. she has done this with hundred of shows, people still watch, she still makes money. so she finds no need to show something decent

    2. Very well written msg

    3. Eka Kapoor, you are going crazy. Even in fiction there is truth and now its getting so disgusting to watch. I did not watch this drama for 2 months and thought by now Raman & Ishu would have got back together, but now the same old disgusting drama. Today is my last day of watching this drama until I hear that Isu and Raman are together and Simmi/Parmeet are caught and punished.

  7. Really Raman ka memory s going too much.
    It’s a nice story..but it’s going so bore now.

  8. where is ishita ki self respect? Even thn raman s her husband she shld ve some self respect. Pyaar ki naam se duniya nai chalthi. Ek aurath kaisi nai honi chahiye toh iska perfct examble Ishita. I hate ishra ki relationship. They dont ve proper undrstndng. Mani s aaliya ki dad. Why she didnt share the prblm with him instead of ashok. Hiding evrythng thn getting inside the trbl. Raman ko kuch yad nahi he tk. Phir bhi ruhi and aadi ko kya hogaya. Unka mom ke liye unlog stand le sakthe the na bhalla house me.

  9. It was such a nice show before.. But now it’s nothing but a headache.. I watch only this serial.. From seeing all this drama I’m loosing my likeliness towards the daily soaps.. Does heroin have to suffer all the time??

  10. Hi Ekta wat a tremendous episode u show ratings going down so Ur playing dirty drama to get best prp ratings oh god it’s already gone. Don’t try to play such cheap old tricks we already know that mrg won’t happen bcoz it s ye hai Mohabbatein na title never accept that so please try to stop Ur dirty serial thank you

  11. Ekta is sick in her head – because only she can think of such twisted stories – I wonder if her personal life is as messed up as the series she produces

  12. I think this is too much of its happening, don’t get one thing why the hell Ishita and kids just show pictures of Raman and Ishita and there are many proof that they can show to get Raman’s thinking going. He will not DIE!!! At some point I feel Mihika and Simmi and Parmeet is right and Ishita is STUPID!!!

  13. Are what kind of this serial is… Seriously how can a sister do ds…….dumb character…. I think now ishita should die and b happy… Coz in this serial they r just killing her character and end ds melo drama….. It has bcm an headache

  14. oh god please spare us from this shitty serial…cant even have a good laugh anymore cause its becoming so painfully irritating now…raman loss of memory dragging on and on …same all bullshit everyday…ishita and her gang plans failling so ridiculously all the time…i really think only neelu’s perforrmance worth watching…

    1. Well said

  15. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Good day ppl … chill ? … Mihika will eventually change and support her sister for want of a family’s love ? Blood is thicker than water, never doubt that …

  16. I do not understand what you are trying to show. You are not making it good. Plz end this rubbish idea of memory loss and move forward. At least show some sanity in elderly parents. You are trying to portray that Peram and Simi are very conniving that they can hoodwink every one. Plz end this disgusting thing.

  17. Total bkwaas?

  18. Patrick Brahaspat

    I would really like to have a talk with Ekta Kapoor
    what rubbish is she selling

  19. azuka nkwonta

    So in actual sense Raman’s memory recovery was just a dream. Ishita is very frustrating why will she have such dream. Her love for Raman has gone from love to obsession. In as much as I like to see old Raman back but I also like the fact that ishita is facing hell now. I like what mihika is doing to her so that she will see how painful it is when someone snatches what you love from you. She snatched shagun’s children from her and made her marry Mani pretending that she was settling her but she was actually clearing the way to settle herself with Raman in that house which at that time was shagun’s home not ishita’s home.

    1. where have u been lol Ishita married Raman because Shagun left Raman to have an affair with Ashok

  20. Count me in Patrick I’d willingly go with you to meet Ekta

  21. I’m not surprised. Ekta is lesbian,living in a family environment where his single brother has resorted to in vitro fertilization procedure to become a father. This is the product of messed up upbringing. How will she understand husband-wife relationship or healthy family life!

    1. *her single brother

    2. now guys pls keep your personal opinion of EKTA as what her private life is that’s so not good pls respect her I don’t know if she is a lesbian or not that’s her choice

      1. Respect is not a cheap thing.It has to be earned.

  22. Riana

    And ekta said that yhm’s spin off is coming soon…like what ??? ?????…It will be based ishita !!! Looool !!…Ekta first u go and marry someone…after that spent some time ur husband…then reproduce kids and then start making shows…Trust me you will get AWESOME IDEAS !!! ???…ishita pouring wine on mihika n all bakwass ???

  23. Mihika is with Ishita.. Mihika marrying Raman is all the plan of Iyers. At the last minute, Ishita will be marrying Raman with a veil in place of Mihika. I had this doubt from the start but now it’s confirmed

  24. no amount of insulting words affect ekta… because we stupid viewers are still watching her serials expecting something good to happen ….(at least today…at least tomorrow… and so on) and sometimes because we like the actors….Anyhow ekta is making the money she wants…even if it is by selling her ethics…. so she is unmoved and will never stop her disgusting way of thinking and making shows full of illogical polygamy….all she wants is money…she is not bothered whether the public respects her or not

  25. i was totally shocked when ekta kapoor was called to speak in TEDTalks… what quality does she have that the show invited her…what happened to SRK… it was so disgusting to see her on the podium i her disgusting dress.

    1. They have ruined the quality of TEDTalks India by inviting frivolous people from entertainment industry.But they couldn’t fool audience.That’s why it has been a program with the consistent lowest trp.

  26. I wonder how come even the guests in the marriage dont talk about ishita to Raman… has society become so mute that they dont question at all…. just mutely attend the marriage as guests….eat dance and push off. one of them could remind him of his relationship with ishita…

  27. Please end this show..ramans memory lost is forever and the show has lost the plot

  28. Please stop this nonsense pleaseee

  29. I mean all jokes aside how can Mihika even think of sleeping with her own brother in law
    my opinion

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