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The Episode starts with Raman coming home. He sits crying and thinks of Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks him to sit, she will serve dinner. He says I m not hungry. She asks how was your meeting, tell me. He says this always happens with me, I worked hard and lost again. She says don’t say this, if one meeting did not go well, how did you lose, its life, person falls and gets up, there is nothing bad in fall, person wins by family, not business. She goes to get food for him. He cries.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla worries and tells Mihika that Raman is not in his room. Neelu says he left early. Mihika says maybe he had a meeting. Romi and Mr. Bhalla come from walk. Mrs. Bhalla asks him about office work, Raman came late and went early today, what’s happening. Romi thinks how to tell

about Gulabo. He says Raman is busy in work, don’t worry. She says he stays worried, he said he lost. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened Romi, Raman stays in tension after Ishita and kids went. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to take breakfast for Raman to office. He agrees. Romi says no, Raman is not there. Mrs. Bhalla asks what. Romi says I mean, he is not in office, he went for breakfast meeting, you don’t take tension, I m going office and will talk to him. He goes. Mihika thinks and goes after Romi.

Romi calls Raman. He says he is out of reach and worries. She asks about Raman. He thinks she is doubting. She asks him to say, you maybe thinking of excuses. He says stop it, you always start this, Raman went for meeting, I don’t know where, you are strange. She argues and goes. He says my marriage can break to save Raman’s marriage.

Parmeet meets Gaurav. Gaurav asks what are you doing in my office, just leave. Parmeet says I just want to clear one thing, why do you believe all that, you know that pandit right, you follow superstitions. Gaurav refuses and says I m a self made man. Parmeet sees his office. Gaurav asks him to show his kundli to pandit. Parmeet leaves.

Raman meets Abhishek and says my fate is bad, I lost the chance, how will I meet my children. Abhishek asks since when did you accept failure, you are Raman Bhalla, you always think of some idea, think again. Raman says I got the idea, Poonam is educated, she would need money, if I offer her a job with better pay, she will refuse to Nanny job, then I will apply as Nanny, you tell Ishita to hire Gulabo. Abhishek likes the idea. Raman thanks and hugs him. He leaves. Romi calls him and asks is everything fine. Raman says yes. Romi says mummy is asking about you. Raman says she saw me in tension, tell her not to worry, everything will get fine, I will get job.

Poonam comes home and tells Ishita that she did not wish to get late. She asks about Pihu. Ishita says she is sleeping, sit, I will get coffee. Poonam asks her about Pihu’s likes and dislikes. Ishita says Pihu is sincere, but very naughty, talkative, she likes to watch serials. She gives her coffee. Shagun comes coughing and says I feel uneasy, I think its acidity. Ishita asks her to sit. She asks Poonam to see Shagun, I will wake up Pihu. Poonam says you handle Shagun, I will wake up Pihu. Ishita says Pihu does not like anyone waking her up. Poonam says don’t worry, I will become her friend. She goes to Pihu’s room and sees the camera fixed. She acts sweet to Pihu and wakes her up. Pihu says let me sleep. Poonam asks her to get up. Pihu asks for Ishi Maa. Poonam says she is outside, come. Pihu says I want Ishi maa, she wakes me up every day.

Poonam says I m here, she is busy, I will make you ready. Pihu calls Ishita. Ishita comes and asks her to get up. Pihu hugs her. Ishita says I will make your food. Poonam hears her and makes food. Pihu says I don’t want this. She asks Ishita to make it. Ishita says you behaved bad, say sorry to her, she made food by love. Poonam acts good. Pihu says sorry. Ishita says Poonam will teach you history and all subjects. Pihu asks why, Papa was going to teach me, I don’t want to study. She goes. Poonam says give her some time, she will understand. Mani says Poonam is right, give some time to Pihu. Aaliya comes and says Shagun had vomiting again, come fast. Ishita asks Poonam to drop Pihu to school, tell her I will pick her. She asks Aaliya to call doctor.

Adi tells Ruhi about admission form of Delhi’s top business school, can’t I do this for you, Aaliya told me that you have interest in business studies, don’t be confused, I m sure you will do well, Raman and Ishita will be glad knowing this. Ruhi hugs and thanks him. He asks her to fill form fast. She says Raman and Ishita’s anniversary is coming, I feel bad seeing them staying separately. He says don’t worry, Aaliya and I are there, we will make sure they celebrate anniversary together.

Poonam drops Pihu to school. Pihu asks will Ishita come to pick me. Poonam says stop this Ishi maa, I will take care of you, you will like me, don’t irritate me. Pihu says I will tell Ishi maa that you are bad aunty. Poonam says if you say anyone, see what I do. She pulls her ears and hurts her. Pihu cries. Raman comes there and gets shocked seeing this.

He goes and says leave her, you think you will threaten my daughter and none will say anything, I will not leave you if you touch her. Poonam calls security and says he was asked not to meet this girl, send him. Guard asks Raman to leave, else he will inform Pihu’s mum. Raman says fine, I will leave, just take my daughter inside the gate. He sends Pihu and asks Poonam to remember…. Poonam says you remember, you know what happens when a woman shouts, leave from here. Raman leaves.

Parmeet asks what happened to pandit now, he came to meet minister, I had some work. The man says Pandit did not tell me, I will ask him to contact you. The man asks Gaurav why did you make me lie. Gaurav says Parmeet is dangerous man and spoiling my reputation. He gives donation cheque and sends the man. He says Parmeet was using my pandit against me, his plan flopped.

Ishita gets her schedule and thinks to meet Pihu at school. She meets Pihu and apologizes. Pihu says I m not angry with you, I love you and want to be with you. Ishita says I m with you, sorry. Pihu gets ache. Ishita says why did you get pain, show me. She checks her ear and asks why is your ear red, did anyone hurt you. Pihu says nothing, I will go. Ishita says even your hand is hurt, what happened, did any student or teacher hurt you. Pihu says nothing. Ishita says just tell me first. Pihu hugs her and cries. Ishita worries.

Ishita scolds Poonam. Poonam says Pihu is a spoiled girl. Ishita asks her to shut up. Abhishek arrests Poonam. He asks Ishita not to lose hope, there are some people who do work well, I know someone who is perfect for Pihu, her name is Gulabo. Raman runs on road to be on time as Gulabo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now why was this condition laid down where Raman is not allowed to meet Pihu in school? Is that necessary? He is father of Pihu and why restrict him from meeting his own daughter. Well Poonam can say goodbye and pave way for Gulabo. I liked the part where Pihu cries and hugs her Ishimaa. It really shows the good old days of little Ruhi and Ishimaa. Nice frame with both of them. It is nice to know she only wants Ishimaa to wake her up in the morning just like before the leap. Well I hope cvs will continue with this bond between Ishimaa and Pihu but they are only showing morsels instead of bigger screen space.

    I don’t like the precap because they have used body double for Pihu. Oh my they never will stop this body double…..

  2. Episode was good because of ishima pihu scenes….but i felt something is missing btwn DT and Ruhanika
    in old yhm they shared a very good bond and when little ruhi gets sad, ishita sits close to ruhi or takes little ruhi in her lap, kisses her , hugs her…but here ishita talks to pihu as she is someone else’s child…that affection btwn a mother daughter wasn’t there..
    Param and gaurav scenes are simply waste of time…

  3. Raman plans date with Ishita on Valentine in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus successful running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman (Karan Patel) calls to Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and wishes to take her on a date as he forgot their marriage anniversary.

    Ishita tells Shagun about Raman’s date plan and Shagun gives some love tips to Ishita as not persuade soon.

    Ishita dresses up beautifully meeting to Raman and Raman who is in Gulabo attire is also ready to meet with Ishita but Shagun’s illness spoils his plans.

    Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) illness makes Raman late recahing to Ishita

    Shagun suddenly starts feeling dizziness as she is pregnant and insists Gulabo to take her to the hospital.

    Gulabo tries to avoid Shagun but she takes her to the hospital while Ishita waits for Raman on Valentine Day.

    1. Disgusting things are showing in yhm…ishita shares her problems with shagun….ishita thanks shagun for supporting her….and now shagun gives love tips to ishita…and above all, Raman is also shaguns care taker….ishita is there ruhi is there pihu is there now raman too…in next episode they will show whole bhalla family in manis house to help shagun…..Shagun is getting the VIP treatment…

  4. Great, now the nanni is going to prison. I bet she will be in the cell next to niddhi. Another villain seeking revenge. The bhalla’s destroyed her image. Crap crap crap and more crap. Read spoiler that shagun will spoil IshRa’s romantic dinner. So even more crap.

  5. Poonam Is bad gualbo is good aks raman

  6. oh..very bad1

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