Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to some constables outside jail. He tells about his 2nd anniversary today, its valentines day tomorrow and I wanted to do something special for Ishita, I can’t do anything today, you all say what are your plans. The man says we don’t celebrate, we sit here outside jail on duty, my wife is understanding and bears everything silently. Raman says we are lucky to get such wives. The man asks Raman to think what can he without breaking any rule. Raman says I have some idea. The man says we will see. Raman gets the radio and says it does big things, listen to me now. He tells his plan. The man says great, you are so smart, we will help you. Raman gives him the radio. The man says your work is done, don’t worry, you taught us that where there is love,

there is no distance and ways are made on own. Raman says please take this inside, there is just half an hour now.

Shagun thinks why Manoj did not call. She thinks why did he react that way and calls on clinic. Nurse says Sir is busy in delivery. Shagun says tell him I called and ends call. Sarika smiles seeing Shagun restless. She thinks to kick out Shagun from here.

The women in cell talk about valentines day. Ishita hears them. Ishita thinks it means its our wedding anniversary today, we could not celebrate, I miss you Raman. The constable plays radio outside the cell wall, and the women hear it. They think they did not hear radio from this side ever. Raman calls the RJ. RJ says this message is for Jhansi Ki Rani. Ishita hears this. RJ says the message is sent by Ravan Kumar. Ishita happily cries. Raman smiles. RJ says names are interesting, we will call them, and calls Raman. Raman answers RJ’s call and says I m Ravan Kumar. RJ says great name, how did you do this Naamkaran. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……… Raman tells their love story, when they met 2 years ago. We did not like each other and today when I do not see her, my day does not complete, she is my best friend and world’s best wife. The woman says wow, he loves his wife a lot. RJ asks where is his wife, they can connect him to her.

Raman cries and says no one can’t connect her, she is unreachable, but not away from me, we both are under the sky even today, I know she is listening to this program, and I want to give her a message. RJ calls him romantic and asks him to say. Raman says Jhansi Ki Rani I love you, you don’t know my state without you, its like I m breathing but I m not alive, you are my heart. I promise you this distance won’t be there for long. Ishita smiles. Raman says I will get you out, or do something to come to you. Ishita says I love you Raman, my Ravan Kumar, wish you a very happy anniversary. Raman says happy anniversary, I promise you are not with me this time, but we will always celebrate it, I love you very much. He cries and thanks RJ. RJ says great, we had Ram and Sita’s love story, and now Jhansi ki Rani and Ravan Kumar’s love story, we pray that this love story completes. He plays a special heart touching song for them. Tere liye………….plays…………..Raman and Ishita recall their marriage and lovely moments.

Raman thanks the constable and hugs him, saying you did a big thing for me. Ruhi tells Shagun that she will read a bed time story for the baby. She asks Shagun is she feeling uneasy and plays Ishita’s recorded bed time stories. She says Ishi Maa’s voice is so lovely. Shagun smiles.

Appa thinks how will Ishita come out free, I heard Niddhi is a good lawyer. Vandu hears them and worries, thinking the wine ended at home, how can I ask Bala to get more. She says I will go and see kids, and meet Bhalla aunty. She goes to Bhalla house. Bala thinks why is Vandu behaving strange. Mrs. Bhalla boils milk. Vandu offers help. Mrs. Bhalla says since Ishita went, all its messed up here. Vandu says don’t worry, I will give milk to Shagun and even Muttu. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her for help and goes. Vandu takes milk for Muttu first and goes. Sarika looks on.

Sarika goes to kitchen and adds rat poison in the milk for Shagun. She says I got a good chance, Shagun will understand she should not fight with me. She smiles and says I will see her now. Mrs. Bhalla comes there and Sarika hides. She sees the milk for Shagun and says maybe Vandu went to give milk to Muttu, I will give this to Shagun. Sarika says now poison will show effect and Shagun will go to hospital.

Vandu comes back and thinks Mrs. Bhalla gave milk to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla sees Shagun slept. Ruhi stops her and says Shagun slept. Mrs. Bhalla says I got milk for her, you drink this milk. Ruhi sends her. Ruhi drinks the milk. Muttu comes and makes the glass fall. Ruhi says why did you make it fall Muttu, Dadi will shout. She faints on the bed.

Doctor tells everyone that Ruhi is given rat poison. Niddhi tells Raman that I did not know you will take my idea so serious, Ishita will come back, I will give this file to jail authority.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is another bullshit track in star plus serials

  2. What the hell??!!! This sarika is just getting on my nerves..she’s just toooo much..
    Muttu is a smart dog..well that’s why i love dogs. They can always sense danger…hope ruhi gets well..

    1. Its a drama which means it is fiction therefore Ruhi is fine

  3. N thanx amena for the fast update☺

  4. Episode is nice hope ishiya will be out soon raman is so romantic

  5. I hate that sarika. Please kick her out of that house. I hope that they come to know that sarika did this with ruhi. Please make romi and sarika separate and let romi marry mihika.

  6. This sarika is really unbelievable. This much of anger! Oh gosh! Cnt believe.

  7. Hi rithu! Do u have any new news about YHM? I totaly love ur cmmnts. But please write them in english becuz i cnt understand hindhi that much. Waiting for ur cmmnts.

  8. episode was ok . precap was bad . sarika ko pehle ruhi ko maarne ki kosvidh mein jail bhajna chahiye .pagal kahiki .

  9. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita gets
    bailed out and wishes to
    see Rohit.
    Pallavi brings Rohit in
    advocate Nidhi’s cabin
    so that Ishita would meet
    Advocate Suyash who
    brother in law of Pallavi
    also come in Nidhi’s
    cabin where he
    challenges Nidhi that he
    will not leave Ishita so
    Nidhi is angry on Suyash
    but also like challenges.
    Nidhi and Suyash start
    fight of words in the court
    where Suyash tried hard
    to prove Ishita culprit
    while Nidhi uses her
    efforts to prove Ishita
    Meanwhile, Nidhi reveals
    to Ishita that Suyash and
    sarika blackmail Pallavi to
    give statement against
    Ishita otherwise they will
    not let her meet to Rohit.
    How Nidhi will save
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  10. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina and all yhm

  11. Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has
    some more drama in
    store as lawyer
    Chabbra tells Raman
    that he has to prove
    that the kids are sick
    if he wants Is-hita
    out of jail. There is
    buzz that Raman will
    shoot himself on the
    There seems to be trouble in both Is-
    hita and Shagun’s lifeIn last night’s
    episode, we saw how Sarika (Sarika
    Dhillon) managed to poison Manoj’s
    (Manoj Chandilla) mind against
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Is-hita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is meanwhile in
    jail trying to adjust to the life there.
    Raman (Karan Patel) is unhappy as he
    is losing all his contracts and has to
    manage enough money to pay the
    lawyer, Nidhi (Pavitra Punia).
    In the coming episodes, we will see
    the lawyer telling Raman to fake his
    children’s illness so that Is-hita is out
    of jail. He will disagree initially but
    later give in to the idea. Is-hita will be
    happy to return home to Ruhi
    (Ruhanika Dhawan) and Adi.
    However, the happiness will be short-
    lived as Raman will try to shoot Is-
    hita. As per buzz, he will do his fake
    murder to save her from the clutches
    of the law. A leap will happen after
    this. Is-hita, who will be pregnant, will
    be married to ACP Abhishek (Vivek
    Dahiya) on the show.
    There are many fans who want to see
    Divek (Divyanka and Vivek) magic on
    the screen as well. However, a certain
    section of fans are loyal to IshRa and
    don’t want them to separate. In the
    midst of all this, the entire cast went to
    Sri Lanka where the show is dubbed in
    Sri Lankan and shown to the audience.
    The entire team had a blast there
    while Divek enjoyed some romantic

  12. Pls anyone tell me tere liye song from which movie as iam non Hindi speaker

    1. I guess it’s from the movie named ‘prince ‘ ?

    2. The song is from the movie”VEER ZARA”

  13. A sincere request to the writers & makers, kindly change the name to Yeh Hain Museebatein…..there is no mohabbatein left in the serial.if ashok & Suraj aren’t enough now this annoying sarika..please ya give us a break guys so much negativity….& always such people succeed & good people like Ishita suffer.

    1. True totally agree with you Annie

    2. totally agree. .YEI HEI MUSEEBATEIN. . . .;(

    3. Nice name Annie

  14. i hope leap wont happen in yhm .plz makers ekta and cvs plz bring our old yhm back and plz dont bring leap and seperation in yhm .plzzzzz…..

  15. matlab ki ishitha ko bail nahi milegi .woh sirf ruhi ko dekhne emergency mein jail se bahaar aathi hai aur raman ishitha ko save karne ke liye fake goli wala plans banaatha hai . pkz makers i dont want all this yhm .plz dont do all these tracks in yhm .plz.

  16. sarika se aur ghatia aurath koi nahi ho sakthi . usne pehle raman ko maarna chaaha aur phir ab shagun ko . jail mein gayi aur do din mein aa bhi gayi aur sabko pareshaan karne lagi .woh yhm ki sabse irritating character hai .

  17. where is simmi gone ? bhalla house mein itnii problems hai aur tofaan macha hai aur woh gayab .

    1. Yeh rithu i 2 wnt 2 ask the same question frm the writters and ekta where is simmi?

  18. yeh dr.manoj toh kuch zyaada hi misunderstand aur overeact kartha hai . sarika jaise ghatia insaan ke baathon par aa gaya .

  19. yeh vandu ka part accha hi nahi hai . matlab woh sharab pene lagi aur sirf uska problem hai jo khatam hone ka naam nahi letha aur vandu bala ka problem hamesha paison ya unke job se related hothe hai .patha nahi kyu .

    1. Hey rithu. I mostly view your comments oly for updates. Hope to see ishra romance again.

  20. shocking news
    the promo for ishitas murder track change tittle of ye hai mohabbatein to yeh THI mohabbatein i cant get this point what is going to happen

  21. Sarika is too much
    I even came to know that Raman will kill Ishitha. I am not sure about this….

  22. It was that Raman will have a pistol and he will shoot Ishitha and she will fall out of the window…..

  23. Hope ruhi will be ok n i hope they catch sarika n kick her ass out of the house or set muttu on her

  24. Oh Raman is so romantic writers plz don’t separate Ravan Kumar n Jhansi Ki rani. I can’t believe Sarika can poison milk which is for Shagun. But poor Ruhi became victim of it thanks to muttu who break the glass. Ruhi really loves her Ishimaa so she is hospital so that her Ishimaa can come out of jail . Nidhi plan is working naturally. How can Dr Manoj believe Saarika he what type of lady she is actually a witch .plz no misunderstandings between Shagun n Manoj.

    1. Sarika is actually a Nagin not a witch!!!

    2. hey summi .how are you?

  25. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Any happy households in India? Occasionly ups n down accepted.but always plotting schemeing hatred revenge black magic abuse of women… aaaggggg man I just read updates….

  26. Plzzzzzzz enough of syphosy, it make the serial lose value

  27. Hi rithu I love your comments plz tell me where read all the stories from if you know plzz tell me it’s a request ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. in google just type yhm future story .there you get a lot of websites like serialgossip .com ,, telly reveiwes .com , telly chakkar .com , yhm .etc .where you get information about yhm ‘ s upcoming story .

      1. you will get from telly and many other websites also .anyways hi and how are you?

  28. I totaly agree with ur cmmnt summi.

  29. #RIPYHM

  30. Maybe Sarika might have gone in Raman’s get up and killed Ishita

  31. hey guys good afternoon.

  32. Star Plus Tv Show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is gearing up for a lot of
    Drama in the coming episodes.
    In the coming episodes,Ruhi will be
    seen in an unconscious state and
    Bhalla family will immediately rush
    her to hospital. Soon,Doctor reveals
    that Ruhi is out of danger and reveals
    that Ruhi is given rat poison which
    comes as shock to the bhalla family.
    Raman requests Nidhi to arrange bail
    for ishita as ruhi’s condition is bad
    and she will be asking for Ishima.
    Nidhi taunts Raman that he kept his
    Daughter’s life at risk to bring ishita
    out of the jail.
    Ishita get bail for 24 hours and Ishita
    will also meet Pallavi who says that
    she did everything to get Rohit,who
    is away from her.When ishita tries to
    convince Pallavi,Suyyash enters the
    scene and takes Pallavi with him.
    Ishita will be happy to see simmi at
    home. Viewers will witness some
    emotional moments between Raman
    and Ishita.Soon after that Raman will
    help ishita in getting ready.
    Not only this,Nidhi challenges
    Suyyash that Pallavi will be
    sentenced as she erased all the
    proofs and burnt chadda’s body.
    On the other hand,Manoj comes to
    Bhalla house with a flower bouquet
    for Shagun but she will be upset on
    The happiness will not last for
    Long.Sarika will again play her
    game.She will inform police that
    Raman intentionally Put ruhi in
    danger to bring Ishita out of the jail.
    Police will again arrest ishita and
    take her to jail.Raman will try to
    contact Nidhi.

  33. where are you guys parvathi jhanvi darshika riya ramchin nimrit nivedha and all ?

  34. The current track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein shows Raman (Karan
    Patel ) is trying to do all the
    possible things to get Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) out of the jail
    but all in vain.
    In the upcoming episode Ruhi
    drinks poisoned milk as Sarika
    mixes poison in the milk for
    Shagun but Ruhi drinks the milk.
    Ruhi gets admitted in the hospital
    and her condition gets very
    Nidhi manage to bail Ishita out of
    jail for 24 hours on medical
    Ishita and Raman will spend some
    quality time together spending
    Valentines Day.
    They will grove on the beautiful
    song of Sanam Re, but
    to everyone’s shock Raman will
    shoot Ishita and she will fall off
    the tall building breaking the glass
    Consequently, after Ishita’s death
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to become
    Yeh Thi Mohabbatein

  35. Star Plus daily popular show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein will witness
    some high voltage drama in the
    upcoming episodes.
    It is already known that Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) is out of jail on
    bail thanks to the hard work of
    lawyer Nidhi (Pavitra Punia).
    It seems that Ishita wants to meet
    Rohit, therefore Nidhi arranges for
    it in her own cabin.
    She calls Pallavi and Mr.
    Chadda’s brother Advocate Suyash
    in her cabin.
    However things turn out sour
    between them, where Suyash
    challenges Ishita that he will not
    leave her and she has to pay for
    her act.
    However Nidhi accepts the
    challenge thrown by Suyash.
    On the other hand Suyash and
    Sarika blackmail Pallavi that if she
    does not give statement against
    Ishita, they will not let her meet

  36. The Bhalla family of “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein” has hit a rough patch
    and things have got worse for one of
    their members, Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi), spending nights behind the
    bars for no fault of her own. While it
    has been widely reported that it was
    Romi (Aly Goni) who killed Chaddha,
    the latest on-location video suggests
    Sarika (Sareeka Dhillon) could be
    working with him.
    Shared online by one of the show’s
    fans, the clip shows Sarika barging
    into Ishita and Raman’s (Karan Patel)
    little party along with a bunch of cops.
    The officials reprimand Raman for
    lying to them about Ruhi’s (Ruhaanika
    Dhawan) ill-health and taking Ishita
    home on a one-day bail. The
    misunderstanding leads to Raman and
    Sarika getting into a war of words after
    which Ishita is taken into custody.
    The worries will escalate for Ishita
    and Raman when the former’s lawyer,
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia), will conspire to
    kill her own client. And, to save her
    from getting into this grave danger,
    Raman will fake her murder. The
    promo for this track has been shot and
    will be aired soon, reports the Times
    of India .
    Meanwhile, in Monday’s episode,
    Sarika was shown poisoning Shagun’s
    (Anita Hassanandani) milk, which was
    accidentally consumed by Ruhi. On
    the other hand, Raman was busy
    striking a deal with the jail’s security
    guards and could finally send across
    a message for Ishita. The upcoming
    episodes will be crucial for the
    married couple, and we hope they get
    around to being what they were before
    the tragedy hit them.
    #sm Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – 16th
    February 2016

  37. patha nahi aage aur kya kya hoga yhm mein . hope ki leap aur seperation naa ho.

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