Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Romi talking. Romi asks about Surbhi telling anything about their affair. Adi says she did not say anything. Romi gets relieved. He turns and sees Mihika. Romi gets worried. Adi signs to Romi. Mihika gets angry. Romi says I will help you. She asks him not to act good, now I know why you were getting romantic yesterday, you did not want me to know about your ex, this is unbelievable. Adi says sorry, Romi told me. She says Adi I m not annoyed, I know Romi told you to message him and say when that girl leaves, I feel like killing Romi.

Romi says listen to me. She says no need to talk. She asks Adi to have idlis. Adi says I thought Romi told you about affairs, nothing should be hidden between husband and wife. She asks Romi to learn from Adi. Simmi asks

whats happening. Mihika says no use to talk, you said about play, we will go today, I will develop interest in new things. Simmi thanks Romi for this. They go. Romi gets angry on Adi and says see what I do with you, how to convince Mihika now, she has gone mad. He goes. Adi sits eating idlis.

Ishita asks Aaliya about Mani. Aaliya says you know him, he will take time to get normal, I called him and he did not answer, he replied his phone battery is low, he thinks I m kid and will believe his excuses. Ishita says I m feeling guilty. Aaliya says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Ishita asks Aaliya to fine with Adi. Adi asks Aaliya why was she not answering. Ishita goes. Aaliya asks when did you call. Adi shows call list and says I called ten times. Aaliya says my phone is off, I charged it. Neelu gives tea to him. Adi asks her to change the phone. Romi comes to dine and says I m getting mad with them. Aaliya asks Adi to say his phone password. He says give me phone, I will open it and give. She asks wahts in phone which you can’t tell me. Romi asks Adi to give password, what are you hiding, you are not married, if you hide things now, there will be problem, there should be trust. Adi says you don’t say about trust. Aaliya says Romi is right, I m your better half, why are you hiding, I should know it.

Ishita smiles. Raman asks whats the reason of your smile. She tells what Amma said about striking balance between husband and children. He agrees. He says your bonding with our children is great, we did not become free with mummy. She says I want our children to say anything to us, I want friendly relation with them. He says you have bonding with Ruhi, explain her this is not age for love and BF, I read this in survey. She asks him to give space to Ruhi, go office, else you will think all this. He says she is young girl. She says she is 17 years old, its not easy, but it happens, its not love, we are getting possessive. She sends him.

Raman comes in hall and asks whats happening here. Ishita comes and sees Adi, Aaliya and Romi arguing. Romi says Adi is not giving password. Ishita says its small thing, Adi learn this from your Papa, such small things create confusion, if I ask Raman once, he will give me password. Raman asks are you mad, I have imp things, why will I give password. She asks will you not give me password. He says no, why will I give, why are you spying. She says its about transparency. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla come. Ishita tells the matter. Mrs. Bhalla says what do you wan to hide from each other, see Mr. Bhalla will easily give me his password. Mr. Bhalla avoids. She says give me your phone. He says I can’t give you password. Raman, Romi and Adi smile.

Raman says listen to him. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t joke, you have never hidden anything, can’t you give password. Aaliya and Ishita argue. Romi smiles. Mihika comes and asks why are you smiling. Romi says we will go room. Adi asks why, talk here. Romi says no, we will go. Mihika says no, we will talk here, you wanted to end fight, give me your phone password. Adi says yes, give it. Romi says no. Mihika says I can’t believe it. She asks him not to talk and goes. Ishita says this is really unbelievable. All women leave. Simmi comes and asks Romi where is Mihika. Romi says she went. Simmi says I have to go alone for watching play now. Raman says who started this. Romi says this little Romeo.

Mr. Bhalla takes samosas for Mrs. Bhalla. He thinks how to convince her. Mihika packs bag and says I m going to Amma’s house. He says you can ask me anything. She says you did not tell me about affair and password, move now. He asks her to listen. Ishita packs her bag. Raman asks her to stop. She gets angry on him and goes.

Romi and Raman come out of home and talk. Romi says Mihika left, where is Ishita. Raman says same place. Appa asks why are you standing like this. Raman says because of your daughters, we did not say phone password. Appa says then tell them, my phone has no password. Raman says if Amma has it then. Appa says we both don’t check our phones, if she has password, then she will tell me. Romi says I can’t believe this. Appa says you want to see, come, she will tell me. Appa goes to Iyer house and asks Amma to take vegs. Raman and Romi look on. Appa asks Amma to give her phone, he has to make call. She asks him to charge his phone. He takes her phone and asks for password. She takes phone and says I will not give password, keep my phone back. Raman and Romi laugh. Appa comes to them sadly. Raman and Romi joke. Appa says I did not know Madhu will not say password. Raman says it happens, we are in same boat.

Raman says I m not hungry. Romi says same. Ruhi says whats big deal, if they don’t want to give password. Mrs. Bhalla says you are young and will not understand. Ruhi says I m not so young. Raman says your Dadi is right, you are young. Ishita thinks Raman is stubborn. Mihika says they don’t want to give us password, our phone does not have it. Ruhi asks Ishita about trust in relation, if anyone has to lie, they will say any how, for example, if I have to lie to Ishi Maa and Papa I will say and none will know. They agree. Raman asks Ishita to get bags back. Ishita says we are here. Adi says Ruhi, tell this trust idea to Aaliya too. Ruhi says sure. They all smile. Raman thinks Ruhi has grown up, what did she say, if she wants, she can lie to us and none can catch her. He worries.

Raman checks Ruhi’s phone and enters Ishita’s birthday as password. He says bingo, it opened. Ruhi comes and takes her phone back.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. madhu

    Hehehe episode was funny i like v much todays epi password matter oh my god

    and rithushree i am very happy today because everything will be fine now no one say you bad thing i can give you guarntee but you did wrong why forgive magic rithu do you want show us how great you are and your friendship?
    hi shivani rithu vp sindhu priya bhagya marin and all yhm fans how are you all?

    • Leelee

      By this comment you just admitted your guilt. We are not stupid and there are educated people on this site. Shame on you. People need to just ignore you. Enough now. You deserve no respect. Just a petulant child you are. Best to be ignored. I prefer to just read the comments but I couldn’t take your despicable behaviour anymore and had to say something. But I have wasted enough time on you now.

      • Leelee

        One last thing. Perhaps you don’t know that IP addresses can be traced. Doesn’t matter how many false identities you use. So be careful little girl before you end up in big trouble. In these days nothing is untraceable.

  2. madhu

    How can ruhi take her phone back from her father she is liying to her parents not good

    rithu our group leader hope you are doing good

    • Shreya shetty

      Listen to me dear madhu,it seems like u wont be able to understand our piece of advices given to u since I feel that even though u r like my good friend,u still have a bad habit of calling everyone a fool on small issues
      and why did u support the Fake Magic and also accused our sweet innocent REAL FRIEND MAGIC, FOR A WRONG THING??WHY,PLEASE ANSWER ME OTHERWISE U URSELF WILL LOSE THE FRIENDSHIP WITH US DEAR
      anyways now just leave all those and I absolutely agree with u on ruhis part,usually parents do have the right to check their childs phone and plans but here raman and ishita shouldn’t have done that actually by secretly taking his daughter ruhi s phone like that without asking her.
      I mean nowdays teenagers do behave like that especially when they get annoyed or irritated by their family and so do I feel that kind of emotion,what do u think?

  3. Sindhu

    Today’s episode was really cool and was very funny to watch everyone assuming that each spouse will give their password when infact they would not. Nice one.

  4. Priya

    Hi rithu, sindhu, shreya, riya, parichary, vp, mino, marin, Magic, saba, bagya, shivani, Tia, ridika, leelee, and all yhm fans…
    Today’s episode was good. But looks like more problems are awaiting.
    CVs still didn’t show the mysterious person who used to come after simmi. Don’t know whether they’ll show it or not. But they are making that scene more distant.
    Leelee I also felt the same and now I think it is really true.

  5. Marin

    Oh Madhu what are you saying.Are you mad?It was fake Magic..It’s good that Rithushree forgave Magic because she know that it was not real Magic.By the way,,you always call everyone fool..But now it seems you are the biggest fool who did not understand that it was fake magic.

  6. Marin

    The episode was nice.Password scene was very funny.
    What happened to ruhi..She has gone mad for that Sohail.Mad girl.

  7. Sindhu

    Let’s give some space to Magic for awhile. It is not easy for someone to go through what he went through yesterday. Though Rithu and all of us know Magic did not do it, he must still be feeling terrible about it. So please let him cool down for a few days and I am sure Magic will be back again. Meanwhile if any fake person use our name to defame someone else, we need to just ignore them because most of us will know that it is a fake person. As Leelee said, you know from the person’s written structure. Someone is obviously causing some dissension among us and create differences.

  8. madhu

    And pls from now we all should talk to each other with full respect because this is friendly site no one will use slangs here and i really sad

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    very very funny episode after so many days and ruhi pls don’t lie to your ishima and papa

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    magic where r u pls come back dear u r my close friend and u r my guide also u suggested so many times in my studies your suggestions and guidance is very valuable for me iam waiting for u magic pls come back as soon as possible

    • madhu

      Yes bhagya he is a very excellent student highly knowledgeble knows almost every thing about study and he did help me also so many time in past but i think we lost our highly educated friend don’t worry now shivani will help you because shivani is equal student to magic

    • shivani

      Yes magic…. its a request…pls come back…you said that m your best friend here…so ,your best friend requesting you…

  11. YHM

    Hi all yhm fans. PLEASE pay your ATTENTION!!!!!!!

    As we all know there is a stupid bullshit person commenting on others names . This has become a threat to this site . Because of this person many commenters does not comment thinking that they would also be a victim of that person or had already become. So as yhm lovers it is our duty to protect this site from this stupid things. To do that you can do the following things.

    1. Just talk only about the episode.
    2. Just say hi to all yhm fans or just mention their names.
    3. Stop replying to foolish comments. Eg. Fake magic who commented yesterday.
    4. Ignore commenters who calls others fools.
    5. Share things about only yhm.
    6. Be polite to all thinking all are friends.
    7. If you see a dirty comment like the fake magic commented yesterday, just behave as you didn’t see that because those types of works are done by ATTENTION seekers.
    8. Again I am saying DON’T reply to such dirty or stupid comments.

    If you like to see the happiness of this site again you should do those things.


    Thank you

  12. rithushree

    Episode was ok.precap was bad .ruhi is acting soo horribly. she acts like grown up but actually she is not .she even more smaller than Pihu .she doesn’t know what is wrong or right and acts like an elderly person.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin pinky priya Tia ridhika and all yhm friends.

    • Mino

      Hi Rithu Hope Ur Ok Dear. I Know U r a Strong understanding Girl. U Don’t get upset for petty malicious comments. best thing is to Ignore ..Sick people are really Sick whether we say or not. Sorry i was very upset for Magic. I forgot to write to u & ask How ur.. i was in a hurry & wanted to let Magic know that i trust him. Anyway u too are a very decent girl . someone is very angry or may be Jealous of ur friendship in this site. as we all love u , Magic & all the other YHM Family Members. Stay Calm Sweetie.
      As someone mentioned pls don’t comment on any of the Negative, Dirty comments .. Just IGNORE. So That person who ever will realise the fault.
      Hi To VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Siddi, JAz, Monique, Kiran, Super girl. Khushi,Baghya, Shereya & All the YHM Family Members.. Luv U All & God Bless.

    • YHM

      I too think the same ridika. It’s Madhu who has commented from the name magic yesterday. How could she even say that magic will not come again}? From that comment we can clearly see that it is MADHU who is doing these dirty things. I think we all should ignore her.

    • madhu

      No pls that was not me check the logo i know i did the mistake in the past but i can’t disrespect anyone and pls stop talking about yesterday talk about serial only

  13. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu magic Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi Bhagya priya Monique Marin Susan Ruhi and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

    Episode was funny …..Password episode…..romi and adi part was very nice…but i want more ishra scenes…after each leap, their chemistry and dressing sense, both are getting worse….

    i think cvs are confused about the story…no news about simmis mystery man..and where is Ashok…? Through new plot of ishita shagun joining hands on ruhis matter, i think they are planning to make shagun positive…So Ashok need to be here to trouble ishra…after all , this story is about their suffering….

  14. Marin

    Magic & Rithushree please don’t leave this site…we all are requesting you…pleaseee

    Ridika,,I also think so..

  15. Shreya shetty

    NO NO Ridika!!!what are u saying???madhu can never ever do such a bad thing ever like that by replying so
    now u tell me Ridika,since madhu doesn’t know fully about us and calls everyone a fool when she gets angry,please try reading that fake magic s comment again,in fact that FAKE MAGIC who has been typing our friend magics name like that is an attention seeker,in fact hes too a boy,i am talking about FAKE MAGIC s stuff that hes a moderator who doesn’t show any kind of respect to girls at all but behaves like a scum dog who s very dirty and impure
    I am damn sure its not madhu but someone else whos silently going against us one by one

  16. Shreya shetty

    episode was really funny and hilarious as well as superb,i enjoyed watching funny scenes between husbands and wives on a silly matter of giving a password of their phones by denying them!!!lololol and when ishita and mihika packed their bags and adi and aaliya were fidgeting over a small thing between themselves as a couple,hahahahahhahahaha
    how nice it was what do u say guys,am I right?

  17. Nisha

    boring episode.why cv’s are showing some stupid drama?plz show some spicy drama.when will come Ruhi mms drama?

    • Shreya shetty

      I am doing well Marin,just busy with exam preparation for the upcoming tests next week onwards.anyways what about u??

  18. Riya

    guys sum1 just cmntd on my name riya and said “i like ishita”
    Dear magic, dont leave the site and i know that for sure as u respect her a lot.

    Omg, people are cmntng on some usual cmntators names. Like magic and me.

    Listen, fake ids, u cant break our trust on cmntators of this site. and u hav seen an example of magic’s fake name, every1 knew that it wasnt magic and trusted him.

    Why telly updates is letting these cmnts. sum cmnts are very inappropriate as well.

    Rithu hope u r fine as sum1 had played very inappropriate prank on you and same to magic, hope u r fine as well.

    @Shreya happy that u r back
    @Marin u r ryt, ruhi has gone mad.
    @Shivani i think so too that cvs are confused a lot.
    @Ridika i know u may have sum suspicion on madhu, but it might not be her every tym.
    @Rithu yes ruhi has gone mad.
    @Yhm agree with u on the points.
    @Bhagya agree wth u.
    @Sindhu yes we should give magic sum space.
    @Priya happy that u r well now.
    @Fake riya stop cmntng in my name.

  19. Mahi

    I also think so Ridika about Madhu ….You r right…..

    The episode was funny and good but Raman and ishita’s dressing sense is getting worse….

  20. sewwandi

    I like this episode.Then there are many couples in the YHM.But Ishitha and Raman is my favourite couple.I think it never will be vanish.So please create nice episodes withing their family as ealier episodes.

    Also I am sorry to say that I couldn’t wish to our ishima.because of network error affected yesterday. But really I wish happy birthday to Diviyanka Tripathi in my bottom of heart.My most favourite actress. we wish you long life.

  21. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.was gone on holiday only been reading written updates today. Well episode was ok. I think cvs are stuck they don’t really have a storyline anymore. En ishra scenes are few and far between.

  22. azizah

    Hi… Guyz…. Really curious who is “password” 😄
    I wish everything problem can be solve with a peace way ✌ #sorry_my_english_very_bad 😄

  23. rithushree

    Here are the ratings for week 49.

    The Urban market sees no change as Star Plus once again tops the chart followed closely by Colors.

    Sony Entertainment Television stands at the third position.

    In the rural division, Rishtey, Sony Pal and Zee Anmol are the forerunners.

    (Impressions in 000s)


    STAR Plus 438092

    Colors 436325

    Sony Entertainment Television 308322

    SONY SAB 270767

    Zee TV 263715

    Life OK 251905

    &TV 135508

    Sony Pal 107554

    Rishtey 97539

    Zee Anmol 91111


    Rishtey 326817

    Sony Pal 320967

    Zee Anmol 288423

    STAR Utsav 253740

    STAR Plus 215089

    Colors 212457

    Zee TV 187923

    Life OK 143226

    Big Magic 128898

    Sony Entertainment Television 123671

    Naagin continues to spread its magic as it stands high in the first place. Kumkum Bhagya and The Kapil Sharma Show are placed in the next orders in the Urban sect.

    In the Rural division, Naagin, Baalveer and Naagin 2 are the forerunners.

    (Impressions in 000s)


    Naagin 2 (Colors TV) 9370

    Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) 7005

    The Kapil Sharma Show (Sony TV) 6737

    Super Dancer (Sony TV) 6510

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus) 6378

    Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (Colors TV) 6351

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) 6229

    Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Sab TV) 5964

    Udaan (Colors TV) 5880

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) 5397

    Shani (Colors TV) 5234

    Sasural Simar Ka (Colors TV) 5120

    Ishqbaaaz (Star Plus) 4823

    Mahek (Zee TV) 4427

    Kasam (Colors TV) 4431

    Brahmarakshas Jaag Utha Shaitaan (Zee TV) 4712

    Chandra Nandini (Star Plus) 4152

    Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil (Star Plus) 4094

    Naamkarann (Star Plus) 3702

    Suhani Si Ek Ladki (Star Plus) 3633


    Naagin (Rishtey) 9138

    Baalveer (Sony Pal) 5879

    Naagin 2 (Colors) 5686

    Jodha Akbar (Zee Anmol) 5331

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Utsav) 4885

    Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Sony Pal) 4563

    Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) 4274

    Bandini (Zee Anmol) 4171

    Naagin (6 Pm – 7 Pm Rishtey) 4013

    Naagkanya (Zee Anmol) 3842

    Mohe Rang Do Laal (Rishtey) 3731

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (Star Plus) 3585

    Mahek (Zee TV) 3563

    Udaan (Rishtey) 3479

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) 3417

    Super Dancer (Sony TV) 3286

    Afsar Bitiya (Zee Anmol) 3275

    Jeanie Aur Juju (Sony Pal) 3189

    C I D (Sony Pal) 3133

    Nishaji Ke Nuskhe (Star Utsav) 3062

  24. priya

    Upcoming…again acp back to action missing. .this time it’s Raman have to go jail…always crime tracks…what’s they trying to do…give screen space to fld husband they r destroying yhm….vivek he doesn’t have any respect…he also know his character nothing important to yhm….now this is limit…no ishra no yhm…only crime tracks for Mr sandeep’s favourite person…end this serial it’s meaningless now…and dt you should understand your work…you should think about husband’s career…don’t use yhm for that…day by day you r losing your respect…

  25. priya

    And one more thing vivek want to dt to take two weeks leave from yhm…kp get hardly 5 days for his honeymoon…is this man against yhm and ishra….after dt marriage with him…no ishra single moment….if dt also have problems with ishra scene you should left yhm and let yhm end…now it’s not mohabbatein it’s crime show…

  26. rithushree

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the daily soap.

    Raman and Ishita are just not able to come out of problem than the other problem is all set to clutch them.

    This time there is a question raised by Aaliya upon all the men of Bhalla house being too dominant in nature.

    Aaliya comes to Bhalla house along with a bag full of complaints of Adi complaining to dadi about Adi’s bad behavior.
    Aaliya ignites a fight amid Ishita-Raman too

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Adi and Aaliya in the ongoing serial.

    Aaliya’s topic of argumentation creates a lot of pressure and ego problem amid Adi and Raman and all the gents of the house.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman and Ishita control the matter or start fighting along with Adi and Aaliya?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  27. rithushree

    After the seven years leap ishra’s dressing style is horrible .they are looking too fat . Yhm before 2years was too good but not now all are looking old .

  28. tia

    Hi rithu hope you fine and all yhm fans how r u all?.episode was funny and cute.I hope ruhi prblm also get over soon.

  29. tia

    Magic you can take time but dont leave this site ivan understand what you are going through yesterday. Dont mind such comments magic we all are with you

  30. priya

    priya what’s your problem am taking my name to comment…we can use same name…but our Id was different…if you have any problem still sorry for that…i will change my name…

    • Priya

      Oh ok then sorry if you are hurt. You know these days this thing has become a severe threat. That’s why i said that. It’s ok. You can use your name . I have no problem with it.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.