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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi going to meet Ishita. Ruhi gets shocked seeing the lady with the knife. Ruhi screams and runs. Shagun hears her and says its Ruhi’s voice. She runs to locker room. The lady dressed in Ishita’s saree and wearing black coat and hood looks for Ruhi. Raman comes to school and says I told Ishita not to come, then why did she come. Ruhi cries being scared. Shagun comes there and looks for Ruhi. She sees that lady with a knife and gets shocked. The lady worriedly runs from there. Shagun follows her. The knife falls and the lady runs out. Shagun picks the knife and lifts her veil. Ruhi sees Shagun with the knife. Ruhi is shocked and says Shagun mumma…

Shagun sees Ruhi crying. She gets worried as Ruhi has seen her. She puts the veil and runs after Ruhi. Raman

comes there. Ruhi hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. Ruhi says save me, Shagun mumma is in black burqa, she has knife and wants to kill me. He asks where. Ruhi says see there. Shagun gets tensed. He sees the burqa clad lady holding a knife. Raman runs after her. Shagun leaves in the taxi. Raman fails to catch her. He goes back to Ruhi. Ruhi asks why does Shagun wants to kill me, I have seen her. Raman brings Ruhi home.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi why did she come home so early, is she fine. Ruhi cries and hugs her. Raman asks where is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is in her room. Ishita asks Neelu to get some items from her car. Raman comes to Ishita and asks where did she go. She says clinic, I will freshen up and come. He calls her clinic and asks did Ishita come to clinic today. The man says no, she took leave today. Raman thinks why is Ishita lying.

Ruhi tells Mrs. Bhalla and Amma about Shagun, she had knife in hand and wanted to kill her. Raman asks Mr. Bhalla to take Ruhi to room. Amma asks what happened. Raman says I have also seen that burqa clad lady, I think it was Ishita, who else will meet her as her mum. Amma says yes, Ruhi has seen Shagun, it means Shagun’s face is seen on Ishita’s face. Raman says I have work.

Neelu gets the items, and it falls. Raman gets the burqa and asks Neelu. Neelu says I got it from Ishita’s car. Raman goes to Ishita. She sees him in the mirror. He asks her about the burqa. She says I don’t know, I did not see this. He gets a call and goes. She thinks this can become an issue. Raman says I m coming, and thinks whats happening. Shagun informs Ishita about Ashok’s informer, and asks how is Ruhi, she has seen me at her school. Ishita worries and says Raman has seen the burqa, Ashok has attacked on my biggest weakness Ruhi, I want to tell truth to Raman, but he has to be safe, I will not leave Ashok. She cries.

Raman goes to office and thinks whats happening, my mind is not working. He gets to know about some Baba waiting for her. Raman goes to meet him in conference room. Baba asks him about his kids and says this is the only way now. Raman says either Amma or my mum would have told you all this. Baba says calm down, sit, see it does not matter who told me what, but its true everyone worries for you, I have helped many such people, I don’t do this for money, I m just trying to help your wife, accept this that your wife is ill, the spirit can get powerful and pose danger for anyone. I can help you and get your wife free from the spirit, you have to bring her to ashram soon.

Raman says tantric also came before, I can’t see my wife in pain, my kids are attacked now, Ishita could give her life for the kids, my daughter said she has seen her dead mother, what shall I think, you tell me. Baba says maybe your daughter has seen her mother’s face, and Shagun’s spirit is getting more powerful, so I told you to get her to temple, whats the problem, we are there to get heart peace, and this is not any treatment by doctor, get your wife there, maybe your devotion reaches Lord and everything gets fine.
Raman asks will my wife get any pain. Baba says yes, it will be painful. Raman says I have seen Ishita in much pain, give me time to think. Baba says fine and asks her to decide soon, as he will be in Rajasthan temple for 2 days. He leaves. Raman gets sad. Ishita cries and hugs Ruhi’s pic. Raman recalls Ishita and cries. Ishita recalls Ruhi and feels sorry.

Raman tells Ishita that this is necessary to make her get rid of Shagun’s spirit and apologizes to her. He hugs her and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thank god . the show is going according to my prediction.. if raman wld thnk that shagun is alive thn prblms zada ho jati ..but now at least the blame is comng on the spirit but not ishita herslf . abhi jaldi jaldi end kardo track . nd give the ashok nd sarika sm lesson.

    1. Just hope.. Jo bhi ho last me ishita and raman ek sath ho aur puri family ishita ka sath de har bar ki tarah..

    2. But when Raman finds out his response will be too harsh to handle

  2. I am first. Hehehe
    Nice episode.? but plz end the track soon and plz relieve the informer fast

  3. So stupid raman u r doubting ishita….wht d hell u want yr r u mental u r doubting ishita…yr ashok tried 2 kill u dat u didn’t saw nd u r doubting ishita for dis

  4. Hi all…

    Totally bakwas epi….Yeh track kab khatam hoga…Ekta really need treatment..Someone send her to my mom…

    But m very happy today …My gifts reached to Divyanka…And she liked my gifts…

    1. ……so nice……

      What was it ??

      1. Chocolates,cards,some earrings,bangles,books and some other things….
        Even she wore my gifted earrings in yhm…

  5. This ekta have a serious problem with marriages thats ehy only she cant show in any of her show that married couple should be together
    1. YHM
    She trying hard to seperate ishita and raman daily a new drama is seen in the serial . And finally she will seperate ishra for the reason not telling the truth to her husband . And the show will take a leap .
    She can let the leap happen on a happy node that they are peacefully and after some year how their life has changed . But no how can she show a married couple happy
    Inthe serial they are not happy becoz of raman ex(shgun) and shagun ex(ashok).

    2. Kumkum bhagya
    The lady protogonist(pragya) is still not able to reveal the culprits and the lead r not together due to abhi ex(tanu)

    3. Meri aashiqui tum se hi

    In this safa also tje lead couple are not together becoz of the so called drama of milan now ritika . This serial akso have have same issue of that leads are not together becoz of their ex

    Summarizing this i think ekta gave some great connection with the word ex

    1. hello kajal 🙂
      i agree ..ekta is nt doing justice to yhm’s track but dnt worry yaar seperation is gonna happen . mark my words …the news is confirmed read the current spoiler . the hatred wala spoiler is not correct .

    2. Totally agree

  6. Kahi shagun bhi to mili hui nahi hena??
    Coz ek time tha jab sagun ishita ko raste se hatake khud us ghar me ghusna chahti thi..

    Aur age jake sagun ko bachate bachate ishita crocodile ka shikar banane vali h..

  7. Ohhh This is sad .. How can Raman Doubts Ishitha Hurting Ruhi. I Feel Simmi is the culprit as she went to borrow money for Her hubby & Ashok Would have blackmailed her & Got him On to his side.. This Informer looks very tall.. & Sarika is not that tall.. remember Simmi can drive but Sarika can’t.. How is it all what Ishu, Shagun & the rest are planning is known by Ashok. i remember when Subbu tried to kill Simmi she took Ishu’s car.. So She can drive Sarika can’t. She could have easily killed Raman when she drove the car.. but she went very slowly to delay it so that ACP will come.

    But now Ishu Has to go through some more torment just to prove a point to Raman…. U are so Dumb .how can u be a CEO? Ashok with his shrewd mind is going very far but ACP being a detective no where close to him..I hope this part will end soon.. now it is going over our the limit.. can’t take it any more. what do u all think Of YHM?
    Good Luck

    1. Raman thinks that Shagun is hurting Ruhi, but not Ishitha.

  8. i also think the same in both two serials kumkum bhagya & YHM they are draging it too much

  9. no no simmi is not the culprit .its sarika …maybe she is wearing heels to look like ishita . sbs mein dikhaya sarika ka burwa clad dekho fb mein #mino.

  10. this show is becoming dumb day by day..there is nothing special like before in the show… worst show i ve ever seen is YHM.. even sns n yrkkh r much better.. N first of all the name yeh hai mohabbatein doesnt make any sense its not mohabbatein its just nafratein.. i dono wen this serial ll end.. leap would ve been much better than this blo*dy track n bullshit shagun becoming a mother to ishitha n raman’s baby…

  11. I agree that track should end but not the serial it should show something more my entire family watches only balajitelifilms

  12. episode was bad . woh crocodile attack ka promo aa chuka hai aur bahuth daraawna hai.

  13. hey guys diya zaraa darshika siddhi natasha misty vp sabrin faya fathi ramchin nimrit jhanvi and all yhm friends.

  14. Divyanka Tripathi , who is well known
    for her role in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as
    Ishita Bhalla. Recently she shot some
    adventurous scenes for her show
    where she was seen jumping off a cliff
    for a scene.
    In the coming episodes, Divyanka will
    be seen trying to save Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani Reddy) who hides in
    water to save herself from
    Goons.When she is drowning,ishita
    comes to save her.
    When asked about how she manages
    to do all the stunts in a six yard
    saree,She says “I have done some
    action sequences in saris that now I
    know how to manage both and carry
    on. Jumping off the cliff or diving
    under water both have been a
    phenomenal experience for me.
    Thanks to this role and style of Ishita,
    I’m comfortable wearing saris and
    won’t mind wearing them every day,”
    said in a statement.
    The entire under-water sequence was
    shot with the help of professional
    scuba divers and the jumping part was
    shot in Vasai, Mumbai.
    Bollywood’s cinematographer Mahesh
    Limaye,has directed the sequence, is
    in awe with the standard of Indian
    small screen and lauds the spirit of
    both the female protagonists of the
    “Shooting experience was fantastic. I
    never thought television too will take
    high-end drama and action sequences
    seriously and will be willing to spend
    that kind of money and quality on this.
    And shooting with Divyanka and Anita,
    I was amazed at their sportsmanship
    as both of them are non-swimmers,”
    Limaye said.
    Divyanka is also glad for bringing a
    change in the perception of the
    traditional daughter-in-law of the
    small screen. She says that it was the
    whole motive behind “Yeh Hai
    “The whole motive and message of
    the show is that a woman can do
    everything and anything to save her
    family. And talking about these action
    sequences, I swear I’m loving each
    one of the them,” she said.

  15. Ye kia kar rahe ho aap ishita ke saath aisa nahi kar sakte wo boht achi hai I love her soooooo mucccchhhh I will die if anything happens to ishita todays promo was very painful to me I can’t hold my tears

  16. Ekta Ma Pls Enough Of This Suspence Dont Create Problem Between Rahman And Ishita We Love To See Them Together Why Must Evil People Like Ashok Win Always Where Is ACP Cant He Keep Watch On Ashok The Show Is Not Limited To India Alone The Kids Are Watching Dont Want Emotional Problem For Them. Love To See SRK For His Promo On YHM Set Love To See Him And Karan Together From Nigeria In Africa

  17. What is this show now .? Ishitha only to suffer . Ekta , you are really seriously sick . We don’t want Ruhi to act like this . These type of shows and acting can be scary for the child later on …falling on line with Ashoks plans … informer .., that too in the same house …. Acp is not seen , Delhi police stopped I believe . Def the whole family and Raman and even the kids will hate Ishitha … How extend she has gone to torture each and every one ? This is not saving husband , torturing him . And Shaghuns role is simply created . She did all these stupid things , what she had been in the past and suddenly what happened to change like this . She had been telling lies to her husband and forcing Ishitha to lie to Raman . The story wud have been much if Ishitha was characterized as the simple caring loving wife , telling the truth to her husband . It’s very very sad if Ishra is separated … Can’t imagine .ruhis bond with her Ishima is something beyond , simply making her doubt her Ishima …. Very cruel … Now we have to see torturing scene by Baba and crocodile . One week to go on dragging . Love Divyanka ….. Very spotty she is

  18. well episode was good . last part was lovly. .. those flashback scenes ❤❤
    poor shagun
    … nd ruhi. it is very insensitive to involve kids in all these .

    feeling bad for both raman and ishita.
    they love each other a lot .
    nd true lovers r nverrr seperated .nyway guys ishra will not get seperated ..cnt say about the future .but in this track or for this track they r not gonna get seperated.

    precape ..was emotional ..

    soon the truth will come out!
    waitng fr tmrws epi….

  19. I know that they r dragging too much but sorry to say sns is the worst serial seems as only koki m her gopi vaoo r right n that stupid mera n yrkkh only akshara aksharaa n akshraaa

  20. ishita will win over the crocodile … dnt worry .. she is the supaaar womn

  21. Hi rithu diya diya dharshika nimrit misty fathi fathi faya nimrit jhanvi zaraa vp ramchin n all yhm friends I too saw that
    Promo it was scary nothing to say I am just waiting for this track to end without ishra seperation n I. Left thinking about culprit

  22. I think the informer is Neelu. hmmmm… but the beauty of the serial is completly ruined.

  23. Hi all…how r u all doing???
    Ye kya ho raha hai…too much of drama…shows are meant to be dramas actually…..but ye to kuch over hi ho raha hai….people are loosing interst now a days…n Ekta madam ji…please spare kids….ruhi (ruhanika dhawan) is too young n innocent…so please dont play with her innocence…show something positive…..evil winning over good…its really ridiculous…..raman doubting shagun makes sense but this drama is going somewhere else and totally out of the track…ishita is bearing pain alone….if she tells everything to raman then the situation will b different…..and about the culprit…can’t say who’s the teal culprit is coz hum guess karke paagal ho jaayenge n ekta end moment me apna script change karke kisi aur ko culprit dikhaayegi…please dont drag the show and end this stupid track soon !!!

  24. 16 DEC there r many more important things than this drama

  25. i have said before that raman and ashok are both dogs,today i can say that raman has become a poodle,could not run against shagun despite shagun wearing heels.shame on the production team,worst show to date.

  26. I think now Raman will get to no the truth because ruhi saw her

  27. I want abhishek and Mihika and ashok frame not this lame Isita and Raman their lame

  28. I can’t understand this…. Y ppl r blaming Raman…. I mean seriously…..!!!!!! Ppl r still blaming Raman after today’s epi…
    Can’t u see his pain.?? Can’t u see his concern for her…..he said Na he didn’t want to give pain her.. He’s not doing this intentionally Nd nt doubting ishita…, he’s doing this with Shagun… He’s doing this coz he wants ishita .., her ishita back….
    Ishita herself said that Raman is nt guilty ….
    Raman is giving pain to ishita but actually he is giving pain himself by troubling his beloved wife……..!!!!!! Ishita will be trchd but Raman will be more trchd to see ishita in that state…

    1. I don’t want to hurt anyone….. Kindly ignore my comment if u didn agree…

    2. ya, you are absolutely correct what he asked the pandit he dont want to be put pain to her wife he think a lot he asked him to give some time after that only he decided this so dont blame on raman
      according the writters they are dragging the serial always ishra hiding their issues to each other it is not good for husband and wife like ishra but they are showing the episode nice to watch only not that much of boring.

  29. Gd mrng everyone….

    Hi rithu, diya, sidhhi, Darshika, misty, faya, fathi, sabrin, Zara Nd all YHM friends……

    1. Hi jhanvi
      Good morning to u too….

  30. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi good morning all……. Totally agree with jhanvi and parvathi……
    And at least we know now that informer is “female”.
    Feeling very sad for ishita and raman, then ruhi and adi also.
    Anyway, I want to watch that crocodile scene.
    And wow shagun,”cover off your face in the school or public places” perfect timing…..! First subbu’s mom and now ruhi. Anyway, epi was ok. (I love yhm theme song sooooooo much.)
    From SL

  31. Gd mrng rithu jhanvi,siddhi,dharshika,misty,fathi zara, and all yhmians…hw r u guys???

  32. How silly is Shagun to go out in public showing her face!!! She should be under police protection but ACP and his team is nowhere to be seen.
    Raman loves Ishita and vice versa. Let’s hope ishra and ishru are united soon.

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