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The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman talking about Pihu. She says we should talk to Pihu and first convince her, before saying her truth, she is not believing anyone now. She thanks him. Ishita thanks Raman and says I felt you won’t agree. He asks why. She asks him to go and make Pihu ready as her mummy. He asks why did you feel I won’t agree, if I can manage Pihu’s mummy, then why not Pihu. She says because you say you are a man. He says Raavan Kumar can become even Sita Maiyya for you.

She says this can’t happen. He holds her and says tell me I can do this. She says fine, you can become good mum. Neelu comes and Raman leaves Ishita, asking her not to tell him to hold her. Neelu tells them that Mihir has come. Ishita says I will handle that. She talks to Mihir and says

Raman will be at home, he has to see Pihu. Mihir asks her to get Raman’s sign on these papers. She says I will get that done and goes. Romi looks on. Mihir greets him. Mihir says Romi, you have lots of stress and still you chill well, I called Vicky to get exclusive champagne bottle, I got to know you got it. Romi asks whats your problem. Mihir says I meant you and Mihika had a plan. Romi scolds him and asks him not to spy on him, he is not Raman to bear nonsense. Mihir says sorry, relax. Romi goes. Mihir thinks what happened to Romi, such anger on just a small thing.

Raman goes to Pihu and wakes her up. Pihu smiles and hugs him. dil se dil ka rishta jo hai……..plays……… Ishita smiles seeing them. Raman makes Pihu ready for school. Ishita and Ruhi help Raman. Ishita ties Ruhi’s hair plaits and teaches Raman. Raman could not make Pihu’s hair, and they both laugh. Ruhi goes and makes the hair plaits. Raman signs Ishita and they smile. Pihu hugs Raman and Ruhi. Ishita smiles standing at the door and looking at them.

Mani greets Shagun and gives her morning tea. He says sorry, Aaliya is still sleeping, so…. Shagun takes tea and thanks him. he says we don’t know each other, we got married, we will need time to accept each other, we have long life, just relax. She says I m so lucky to get a person like you, thanks. She holds his hand. Aaliya looks on and smiles. She goes to room and is happy that Mani and Shagun’s romance started. She calls Mihir to inform him. She says Mihir is not answering, I will go office and meet him.

Shagun tells Mani that she plans to meet Pihu at her school. Mani says I m sure her mood will be good meeteing you. She smiles. Romi talks on phone and recalls about Mihir’s words. The girl asks Romi what happened, can I help. Romi says nothing can happen, I lost the chance to get the big contract, Raman got it. He tells about Raman and his relation getting fine, he does not want things to spoil because of this contract. She says he is your brother, talk to him, tell him this contract was imp for you. Sometimes, you can get things in asking. He agrees and thinks of Mihir’s words. He says I need to talk to someone else.

Shagun comes home to meet Pihu. Ishita asks how did you come here. Shagun says I thought I should convince Pihu for going to school. Ishita says no, she is gone to school, Raman will help her. Shagun says I will meet her at school. Ishita says don’t worry, Raman will manage everything, he got much time for Pihu, Pihu loves her dad a lot. She says Pihu’s problem is less interaction, she has to get comfortable with us. Shagun asks what about Raman’s business. Ishita says we will handle it, don’t meet Pihu at school, teacher said you can’t meet her in between school hours, Raman is just a call away. Shagun says so everything is in control. Ishita says yes.

Romi goes to meet Mihir and tells him that he wants this contract, his company is new and he needs this contract. Mihir says this is business, not charity, our company also needs contract, Raman won’t be partial or cheat, this contract is ours, you take the contract on your own. Romi scolds him. Mihir says I m CEO of this company, you don’t know to talk well and do business fairly, please learn this.

Aaliya comes to office to meet Mihir and says I will give good news to Mihir. Mihir asks Romi to leave. Romi asks will you make me leave from my brother’s office. Aaliya comes and sees them holding each other’s collar. She pushes Romi, asking him to behave himself. Romi leaves. She asks Mihir whats happening. Mihir thinks why is Romi leaving his patience, I have to find out. He calls Ishita and asks for Raman. She says he had to go to school. He tells about contract, the meeting is in one hour, I m stuck, its raining heavily and its road block, Raman has to attend meeting. She asks what will we do now. He says I have an idea and tells her.

Ashok makes plan to trouble Ishita. The men have a talk. Mani says Raman did not come till now. Ashok taunts on Raman. Ishita comes and says Raman is a busy businessman, he is MD and he has trusted people who manage his company, I m his representative. The man says well said Mrs. Bhalla, shall we start meeting now. Ashok thinks it will be fun, I will make her do many mistakes, Raman will see now.

Ishita scolds Ashok for being small minded person. She takes his good class. Ishita cries, saying I spoiled everything, its so embarrassing, Raman will lose this contract because of me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why dragging the serial by showing mihir n aaliya..scriptwriters like to show triangle love stories n proceed to heart breaks..when aadi n aaliya are good pair why not? as per shaguns marriage to mani, mihir is aaliyas mamaa now (not real thou), then how can they show their pair..shehh..pls dont drag pihus anger with ishita..doesnt suit..romi agn negative shade by ditching mihika n business problem..such a lovely serial has been spoilt..i just read updates now..

  2. Hi all yhm fans .. Episode was good … the ten mimutes with Raman Ishitha Pihu and Ruhi was awesome . How Raman takes instruction from his madrasan .. without any complaints … so happy with his two daughters … Ishitha compliments him .. this is love … missed Adi too … slowly Shaghun will team up with Ashok and we are going to watch how Ishitha will win Pihu . Some times I think Shaghun really loves Pihu next moment when she poisons her …. surprised .. no mothers will be there like Shaghun …Love to your kids is unconditional .. How is Mani going to take Ishitha as business woman …… So many things will come out now … Ruhi I mean Aditi acting very well . Ruhanika no doubt .. superb both positive and negative . Ramans shirt andd belt to be changed … Ishitha acted too well . Hari, yesterdays episode she is not over acted … in between after leap yes . I dont know how you can compare Ishitha to Shaghun Hari ?

  3. @VP…
    Bcos Shagun is more talented than Ishitha..she can do any character well….wherein Ishitha she just overacts…she drags the dialogues… Expect Ishitha everything is good in YHM..

  4. Hari … negative role before leap def Shaghun acted very well … Transformation to the positive was very bad … you cant compare Ishitha in defferent roles in yhm …well acted .. Dt is the best actress in small tv … and she has a class … very decent in and out where as Shaghun just a fashion show … I am sorry if I hurt you .. I love Dt and for her only watching yhm … and millions love her … Never can b compared to Anitha …

  5. hi adu,jaz,rithu,vp,sindhu,shreya,nsb,mino,diya,ishu and all other yhm fans
    hey adu how are u?
    and jaz wer r u?

    coming to the serial,
    this show is becoming negative day by day, and ishu wat happened to u , i liked our old ishimaa who can do anything for her children,ishu has lost the charm, the way she fighted for her kids,now she is becoming weak. do you agree with me guys?

  6. hi i am new may i join u

  7. hi i am new may i join u divankaya tripathi is living in in mumbai or not can u plz tell me i am fan of divankya aka ishita i want to meet her so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Hi.mihir has becom aaliya mamou n aadi has become her brother

  9. Ishitha… Divyanka is a waste artist…She just shows off….This serial was a hit jus bcos of story in the start…not bcos of Divyanka tripati….Jus go n watch other serials u vl know who is a good actress….Jus bcos of ppl like you she is believed good actress…But stands somewhere down wen compared to other small screen actress…Jus observe her acting….some scenes she doesn’t do well…She might have pampered the producers or directors of the show,to give her a good role..tat is y nothing will b shown in the serial except her Overacting…
    Divyanka is a crap….

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