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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with family explaining the workers at home. Ishita talks to them and says she wanted to meet Raman’s workers, Raman said he will throw big party and invite their families too. She says its awkward to meet at this time, I m Dr. Ishita Bhalla, Raman’s wife, I m not a businessman, I don’t have experience, I just know this contract is not an ordinary one, its like for the country, its about manufacturing and supplying the juice for kids on 15th august, its just 4 days now and order should be completed. The men get angry and ask her why did she call them for hearing lecture, and she will not support them if they go against union. She says you worked with Raman, you think he will not support you, I don’t know the demands, Raman will understand, he is in hospital, if he

can support you in problems, can’t you all stand for him?

She says I don’t know about union strike, ministry will take company license if this order is not completed, if there is no company, then what about demands, your job, earnings… does union guarantee to get another job for you? The man says you give good lecture, we won’t wish to work for your company. She says my work is my worship, I know the problem running in our company, its big challenge, you have knowledge about the work, if you support me or not, its alright, just take decision by your own wish, I request you to help for your company.

She cries and says you may be feeling like I m owner and begging to you, but this is not begging, you are our loved ones, this company is yours, just support this family. The man says we don’t think we can work with you and leaves. They all start leaving. Bhalla family worries. Ishita says I failed. Mr. Bhalla says no, my heart says everything will ne fine. Mrs. Bhalla starts laughing and says you can’t lose, see there. They see the workers coming back. The lady says you increased our respect by asking our help, I m with you. The men says we are also with you, we will complete this order. Ishita thanks them for trusting them. Mr. Bhalla asks Mishra to start the work in factory. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita and thanks Lord. She says she will send food for workers from home.

Romi says there is a problem. We have to send juice sample to ministry for approval. Ishita says she has an idea, and asks Mrs. Bhalla about calling colony ladies. Raman waits for everyone. Mihika comes and asks him to rest. He asks where is everyone. She says everyone is preparing for Shitija’s naming ceremony, relax and no stress. He says all sisters are mad. She asks what did he say. He says I know who is the most wisest sister in you all. He asks her to get a phone, he wants to talk to workers. She says I can’t help, Ishita kept your phone and laptop. He says Ishita is overreacting, I m fine, its imp project. A doctor comes to check him and Raman scolds him, sending him out.

Ishita serves juice to all the ladies and says she has called them for some work, Raman’s company got the order and tells them. She says she has to make sample, it should taste best, its for kids, like its unity in diversity, we want everyone should like it. They all give their suggestions. Romi notes it and goes. They give more suggestions on packaging. The ladies ask Mrs. Banerjee to make the logo, as she is graphic designer. The lady agrees. Pammi asks Ishita not to worry. She says she will support her and they are best examples of unity in diversity. Ishita says Raman will be happy.

The nurse talks to Manoj. The doctor tells about Raman. The nurse says he is a devil, don’t know when will he go. Manoj asks can I meet him? The nurse says fine, if you want to take risk. Manoj comes to Raman. Raman reacts angrily. Manoj says everyone wants to help you. Raman complains about doctors. Manoj says its first time a patient made a doctor cry, I m not your doctor, I came to handle any special case in this hospital. They introduce each other. Raman says I m not devil and bad mannered, I m troubling them to send me from here, I have imp project, I have to go, they caged me, think my problem.

Manoj says even I m in same situation and tells about his flat problem, he is sharing his flat with someone against his wish, the broker gave the same flat on rent to them, and run away with money, we both did deal to find a flat and shift, I don’t have time, so I m stuck. Raman says help me from going, and I will solve your problem. Manoj says you have to be here till you get fine. Raman says fine, I can help you. Manoj says you can help me by calling my roommate and talk as a broker to make her shift. Manoj says he will message the roommate’s number and help Raman too. Raman thanks him.

Mrs. Banerjee makes the logo of the product. They all clap. Chale Chalo………….plays……… The family, colony ladies and workers work together and get the juice packed and arranged. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to worry, its 2 days, they will finish the work in time. Romi arranges food for them and they all dine together. Ishita smiles seeing everyone. The ministry officials come and see the factory work going on. They are impressed seeing it.

Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Ishita working and asks her to have tea. She says Simmi is managing at home. Ishita says great, that’s why we are managing work here. Mr. Bhalla comes and talks to them. He says it will be memorable day tomorrow. Ishita thanks him. He says we all did this work. They wish everything goes fine.

Rinki asks Neelu about everyone. Neelu says everyone went with Ishita to complete the order. Rinki calls Suraj and asks him to stop Ishita from completing the order. Suraj tells Parmeet that they have to stop this order completion and plans to contaminate the juice. Parmeet says poor Raman and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode

  2. amena thanks for the fast updates…..

  3. Good episode. …

  4. Yaar raman ke dimag par kuch zyada ho chot lag gayi hai. …tabhi toh Dr. ko dara kar bhej diya. …rula diya doctor ko. ……par Sach mein ye.raman bahut achcha lagraha hai yaar. ….

  5. Oh god ds rinki has gone mad now she needs a big??

  6. Jab mil baithe. .kismat k sataye. ….raman aur manoj. …yaar jab manoj aya raman usse bhi doctor samjha aur injection lagane kliye kaha ..bahut funny tha ab manoj ki help karne k chakkar mein shagun se mile ga. ….

  7. Ishita ne kya idea nikala. .bahut achcha sab se suggestions liya. .yaar puri family ko ek sath kaam karte dekh achcha laga. ……

  8. Are yaar ye rinki ka kya kare. Kaisi bahen hai apne hi bhai k against jarahi hai. …..sab kuch suraj ko bata diya. ……par spoiler k mutabhiq rinki help kare gi ishita ki.

  9. nice episode yar raman i just love u man how funny how cute dctr ko bhaga diya……..aur rinki tujhe tho thappad padna chahiye hate u yar……….nd guys ye log kyom shagun ko ithna imp de rahi hai…….i just hate it

  10. Yaar raman ko batana chahiye tha ki ishita sab handle karrahi hai. …….raman ko dekh kar aaisa lagraha hai ki woh pagal khane mein hai aur raman wahan se bhag ne ki koshish karraha hai. …….bechara raman….jab pata Chale ga toh kya kare ga. ..

  11. Nice epi…ishu ne sabko convince kar liya…. Nd wow..!!!! Sare nneibhous ne bhi help ki…great…..!!!!!

    Nd Raman wo sab kuchh janbuz kar kar raha hai…..taki jaldi discharge Mil jaye….BT don’t worry Raman …ishu sab sambhal legi…

  12. I think this track is boring

    1. Ya. And not practical too. How will ministry give such s big project just 4 days in advance. And Only now they r thinking what juice to make. And that too with neighbors help. Hadn’t raman discussed about the project and it’s steps to anybody in office. After owner there r only mazdoor. No manager or somebody who had some notings of ramans plan. Something would have been done before tender application na. What rubbish ways of running business?? Not believable.

      1. am so sorry vidhya but i dnt agree with u nd i think u read only written updates bec yaha aap jithne bhi savaal kar rage hai serial me un sab ki javaab diya tha
        1.ministry pehla vo juice manufacturing ka contract koi aur companybko diya da nd that company had at that last point ministry has no option than to give the contract to other co….. nd jab baath esa badi companies ki ho tho they can complete any work with in time that is the challenge for the company they r not thinking what juice to make actually raman had prepared a sample ishu just trying to make that sample perfect for children vo iss liye neighbours ki help is liye liya tha ki har ek bache ko juice pasandh ho aur vo ek bussiness women nahi hai aur vo jaanthi hai ki bachom ki kis tarah ka juice pasandh hai iske baare me ek maa se behattar aur koun jaantha hai
        3.raman had discussed the project with his employees bt at the time of tender they only discuss abt overall view after getting the contract they discuss the deep points this happens with every company nd ishu ne ministry se kaha tha ki raman ne sara planning kar diya tha now they have to execute that planning nd complete that contract
        4.they have higher otherities like manager etc….bt jaha tak baath productn ki ho tho vaha mazdoor jyada jaroorath hai manager se bhi jyada…… i think these r all the answers for ur questions……

  13. Mrs Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla can handle Raman’s business as she is a dentist by profession. I wish there no problem come in between the order and I wish the minister should glad and happy of their job.I wish there is no one too contaminate the juice. And it can be great for Raman Kumar Bhalla and his families.

  14. Nice…… Women power…..! ! ! Raman, you are sooooo sweet….. And I hope that ishita will compleat the contract…..

    And I want to tell this. Shagun should have better life.I agree with it and shagun should not involve into ishra. But Makers, why do you always try to join shagun into ishra’s lives…..? Ridiculous…..! And now, raman is going to call Shagun….. WHAT THE HELL……? I don’t like to see this shagun’s and raman’s any conversation. It’s really awful….. Why always this shagun…..? Why? why? why? Makers….. I really don’t like it……
    From Sri Lanka.

    1. Yes Darshiksa you said it . Even I don’t want Shaghun to interfere in Raman and Ishithas life . Track is boring ….. Viewers love Raman and Ishithas scenes only

  15. Ya bhagi sach me…me bhi chahti hu ki shagun ki life better ho……bt shagun ko itni importance mil rahi hai I don’t like Nd use kyu ishra se firse connect kiya Ja raha hai….yr

  16. good episode .bad precap.

  17. yah jahnavi i toooo hate that shagun’s track…..

  18. I also hate shagun track

  19. Raman ka mar pit wala track cartoon bana diya n wats raman… Ishita k saath rehkar u started overacting…. And wats this ur owner of the company n wats this kind of business as if koi hai nahi aur kam karne ko… Graphic designer tak nhi hai company mein… Bas ullu banao… N us rinki ka koi accident wala track dikhao n use satkao is serial se… Unnecessarily headache….

    1. yar sudhir is me cartoon kya hai i mean sab ko pehle se hi patha tha ki raman ko injection se kithna dar lagtha hai…… aur phir jaha baath graphic designer ki ho tho esa production based companies me permenant graphic designers nahi hothe hai jab company ko koi contract mila ho tho vo kuch graphic designers ko presentation ke liye bulaathe hai aur unme se better ko choose kar ke us designer ko contract dethe hai nd yaha ishu ke paas ithna time nahi hai aur jab hamare paas ek acha talented person hai tho kisi aur ko dundthe time waste karna tho bewakoofi ho thi hai na…….this is my openion am sry agar tujhe bura laga ho tho

  20. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to be scrapped from 7:30
    STAR Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starring
    Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel seems to be
    going through a bad phase. The ratings of the
    show has been low for the past 1 month and the
    ratings have also failed to pick up despite the
    consummation track. So the channel has decided
    give a brand new show at the same slot. For all
    those loyal fans of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fans
    who are wondering what will the fate of their
    favourite show be, the channel shall continue
    telecasting it at it’s original slot of 11 pm from
    October 2015. This change has not been
    appreciated by the leads Karan and Divyanka.
    Sources all add that the show might end with
    Ishita giving birth to a child and thus completing
    her family. Will you miss Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

  21. plzzzzzzzzzzzz DON’T DO THIS MAKRS……PLZZZZZZZZZZZ……..YHM ko 7:30pm pe hi rehne do……& also plzzzzz show ko band bhi mat karo na…..plzzzzzz…….hame to 11:30 pe yhm dekhna possible nahi hota hai……and nxt day bhi clg ke karan nahi dekhne ko nahi milta…so plzzzz take yhm on 7.30 pm as usual…..

  22. oh god such a boring track……

  23. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Ishita
    completes juice order on
    time and Bhalla family
    happily deliver the juice.
    However, Ruhi and
    Mutthu Swami inform
    Ishita about poison two
    container of juice.
    Raman and Ishita stop the
    delivery on time.
    Some political rival
    contaminated juice to
    spoil Ishita and Raman’s
    image in the market so
    that they will never stand
    up in business market.
    After cancellation of the
    juice order, Raman and
    Ishita will face lots of
    problem by political
    Suraj and Param will try
    to add more fuel in the
    situation to defame
    Let’s see how Raman and
    Ishita come out from this

  24. arey yar aab e kya bakwaas hai pehli tho badi achi news aayi thi ki rinki will help bhalla family nd they completes the contract aab e kta bakwaas hai aur kuch o.l.v bhi aayi thi ki bhalla family was happy nd celebratung their success arey yar makers aab tho aapki ankh kholni chahiye na aapki vajhe se show apni slot bhi kho rahi hai aur phir show bandh karne ka bhi soch rahe hai its just no done guys atleast wake up know……….

  25. arey yar jab show theek thaak chal rahi hai tho chalne do na aap makers ki prblm kya hai……..makers my humble request plz aap apna dhimaak jyada math istamaal kijiye ga kyom ki jab bhi aap use use karthe hai tho hamari show trp chart me down par jaatha hai………….nd ha plz kuch bhi karke raman ko contract poora karne dijiye na plzzzzz…….annth me hamesha jeeth achai ki honi chahiye na tho plz ishu aur poora bhalla family ki mehanath ko esa math jaane dijiye plzzzzz

  26. agar aap ko story likhna nahi aathi hai tho koi baath bahuth sari yhm fans hai jo aap se 10 times better story likh rahe hai tho plzz unki help lijiye bas yhm ko barbaad math kijiye plzzzzzzz

  27. yeh makers lagtha hai pagal ho gaye hai.hamesha story ko change karthe rehthe hai.unko kya lagtha hai ki unki yeh longlasting dragging enemity and fighting veiwers ko entertain karega toh they are wrong. woh log kyu iss show ke saath hamesha aisa karthe hai .horrible people unki wajah se veiwers ke saath saath fans bhi bore hothe hai aur yhm trp mein first nahi aatha aur phir ek aur baar fans sad honge. ek track bhi theek nahi aa raha hai. saari misunderstandings clear nahi ho rahe hai aur yeh shagun ka kya maajra hai pathaa hi nahi. uupar se suraj param rinki ka saazish. blo*dy money digger. shagun acchi ban gayi aur rinki shagun part 2 ban gayi.pagal besharm.

  28. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is currently
    revolving around Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi), who is trying to support
    Raman (Karan Patel) by managing
    his business.
    She is leaving no stone unturned in
    making the project a success with
    the help of the entire Bhalla family.
    Meanwhile, it has been reported
    that in the upcoming episodes,
    Vivek Dahiya aka ACP Abhishek,
    who was missing from the show,
    will soon appear on-screen.
    Vivek was reportedly holidaying in
    Singapore and has resumed
    shooting for “Yeh Hai
    Vivek told Telly Chakkar : “Yes, I
    was on a holiday and had a great
    break. It is always welcoming to be
    back on YHM sets as we have a
    lovely team. Also with a lot many
    interesting twists and turns,
    viewers can expect too much fun.”
    With the actor’s re-entry, viewers
    will finally get to see some
    development in Abhishek and
    Mihika’s love story along with some
    interesting twists and turns.
    “With Abhishek’s entry, his love
    story with Mihika (Mihika Varma)
    will finally see some development.
    And unlike the earlier track, for a
    change, Abhishek will be seen
    supporting Romi (Aly Goni) and
    Sarika (Sarika Dhillon),” a source
    told the web portal.

  29. yah rithu mai bhi upset hu iss baath ko le kar aab jab sab kuch theek hogaya hai tho phir se drama karne ki kya jaroorath hai i just hope nothing happend to raman’s company………

  30. crazy men, it’s s should be downfall for Suraj and pram, they should not succeed I this poisoning matter.. I guess only then the story will be interesting,. Not the leading couple suffering.

  31. I appreciate bhagi… But this s a serial… So don’t be actually so pertinent n serious…. I actually love this serial kyuki ek hi yahi serial hai jise dekhkar I get emotional in tht raman n dad row scene n his actin… But kabhi kabhi track ko thoda melodramatic bana dete hein… N thts also ok as its fun to watch… Nevertheless… Yhm rocks man… But still u also agree kabhi kabhi kuch over acting zyada hi karte hein

    1. yah kabhi kabhi karthe jaise ye bakwaas track……,

  32. Are yar ye kya bkwas news a gai fir se dimag khrab krne k liye…… Plssssssss is show ko isi slot me rehne do…plsssss yar….makers plsssss is contract ko pura hona hi chahiye…. Suraj aur param jitne nahi chahiye jit ishra ki hi honi chahiye makers…..plsssss

  33. Shagun don’t interfere in ramishu life

  34. Bring shagun nd doctor ka love story
    Finally rinky is changing

  35. Acp is back
    Happy 4 this news

  36. I don’t knw
    What the track is going on this serial
    Fed up vit dis tracks
    Plzzz bring some new twists

  37. guys good news yeh hai ki sbas mein ruhi kehthi hai ki juice mein kuch gadbad hai aur phir mutthuswaamy aatha hai aur raman ko fertilizer milaaye hue juice ka patha lagtha hai aur sab theek hotha hai.ishitha ministry ko juice peekar unka shak bhagaathi hai aur rinki ka bhi akal theek hotha hai aur sab juice ki lauch happily karthe hai.

  38. The Bhalla family comes together for
    the independence function. Rinki sides
    with the family and cheers for Ishita’s
    work and Raman’s success. She
    becomes part of the celebrations
    which makes everyone happy. Ishita
    has united the relations. Ashok’s
    plans have failed and Raman’s name
    got saved from losing reputation.
    Raman catches the man who
    contaminated the juice bottles. He
    gets the man arrested. He thanks the
    workers for their support and gives an
    emotional speech.
    Ishita and Raman celebrate the
    independence day. Raman is proud of
    her as she has completed the contract
    well. Her efforts have paid off well
    and she has launched the cool drink
    for the kids. They keep a special party
    for the launch. Raman goes all
    praising for Ishita. Ishita gets super
    glad. Ruhi calls her a superwoman
    who can do anything. The minister
    comes there to launch the drink.
    Raman’s company had the big order
    and their consignment was getting
    ruined. The minister checks the drinks
    getting the info about pesticides.
    Ishita drinks the juice herself and
    proves that it’s the best. She makes
    the minister sure that they did their
    work well. Ruhi gets Muttu Swamy
    and they find the defective boxes. The
    family gets thankful to Ruhi for her
    smart move. Ishita and Raman get to
    know about Suraj and Parmeet
    contaminating the drinks. They get
    saved by Ruhi’s efforts and Raman
    gives his success credit to Ishita and
    Ruhi. What will Ashok and Suraj do
    next? Keep reading.

  39. In Pics: On Location Of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein

  40. ACP Abhishek’s character had been
    missing from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    for quite a while and now the
    makers are planning to re-introduce
    the character to add more twist to
    the show.
    Actor Vivek Dahiya, who essays
    that role of ACP Abhishek, was on a
    break and was holidaying in
    Singapore but he will very soon
    enter the show and his character
    will have a romantic track with
    Unlike the earlier track, Abhishek
    will also be seen supporting Romi
    and Sarika.
    \Actor Vivek has confirmed his re-
    entry on the show saying that he is
    happy to be back working with the
    YHM team and his entry on the
    show will surely be a fun track for
    the viewers to watch.
    Vivek has already resumed shooting
    for the show and his character will
    make an entry in the upcoming

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