Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun askign Adi to come. Ishita stops her and says they are kids, not her deal to exchange, Adi is their son and he won’t go, she gave his custody to them, we all know how you kept him, he will not go. Shagun says you just shut up Ishita, come Adi. Adi moves away. Raman holds him and Shagun is stunned seeing Adi leaving her. Adi says I want to stay here with Papa, Ishita aunty, Ruhi and everyone, please let me stay here. Shagun says Ishita, you have snatched my children, and made Adi against me, you have to pay for this, I m never going to forgive you for this. She leaves. Raman and Ishita hug the kids. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……………The family gets glad.

Ishita thanks Sujata. Sujata says now we have to see how Ruhi will come to you legally.

Raman asks will there be any problem. Sujata says she filed the papers, Ishita’s consent was not taken, lets pray that judgement is proved void. He asks how can she be so sure. She says truth is truth. He says but we should have backup. Ishita asks him not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sujata to have sweets and thanks her. Sujata leaves.

Its night, Ishita talks to Adi and Ruhi, and says heart is much strong, when if I get fracture, if heart is strong, we become winner, story over. Ruhi asks for another story. Ishita asks them to sleep. Ruhi says she will sleep here. Raman looks on. Adi says I will go to room. Ruhi asks him to sleep here and play with Ishita’s hair. They laugh and have pillow fights and tickling. Ye khatti meethi………….. Raman takes their pic and smiles. He says now everyone took my place. Ruhi says I m at my place. He says our family is complete today. Ruhi says Muttu might be missing me. Raman says I will ask Romi to get him and your belongings. She asks him to get her new pet too, which Rinki gifted her. He says fine. The kids leave.

Ishita and Raman hope Adi will be fine and he hugs her. Adi sees his phone. Mihir and Rinki have a talk. Rinki says Romi came and took Muttu, I m feeling strange to be with them. Mihir says he used to get rid of stress playing with Ruhi and Muttu. He says Shagun’s phone is here, and talks to Adi. Rinki says Shagun does not want to talk. Mihir says she slept, I will make her talk in morning. Adi says I know, she is angry on me. Mihir says no, she was missing you. Adi says please take care of her. Mihir asks him not to worry.

Ruhi comes to Adi and says I told Ishita about my new pet, she will not tell dad, she is on our side. He says now it will be fun. Muttu comes home and Ruhi and Adi run to him. The new pet also comes. Raman comes and joins them. Raman asks is this puppy, rabbit, whats in this. Ruhi says its mini cat. Raman goes far and says cats and dogs can’t be friends, and sneezes, saying he has allergy with cats.

He asks Ishita to keep it in Amma’s house. They ask him to see and he runs away. They catch him and show empty basket. They laugh that he was sneezing with just cat’s name. Adi asks how did he sneeze with just name. They say he was acting and he smiles.

Raman sleeps on the couch and Muttu wakes up. Ishita asks him to take Muttu out, she has fracture. Raman comes to Romi and asks him to take Muttu for walk. Romi says baby we will go for movie tomorrow. Raman puts water on him. Romi asks what happened and wakes up. Raman asks him to take Muttu and goes. Romi says what time is this. They go out and sit getting tired. Muttu goes. Romi says where did Muttu go and sees him with a female dog. He asks Muttu to come and talks to a man. He says I m punjabi, my Bhabhi is Tamilian, she kept his name Muttu Swami. The man says they shifted few days before, and his Sir is dentist, his name is Dr Subramanium. Romi casually talks and leaves.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk about business and think it will sort slowly. Suraj says we have to talk some major step soon. Ashok says Raman is CEO of our company, so he is responsible. Mrs. Bhalla asks kids to have food. Simmi asks her not to do over. The kids laugh. Romi talks to Raman. Raman asks what is he saying, why did he not say before. Romi says see they are so happy, I heard Ruhi’s voice and Bala ended call, I don’t know whats happening. Raman says Bala is sorted, there is something fishy. Romi says I also feel so. Ishita asks them to have breakfast, what serious discussion is going on.

Raman and Ishita talk to Bala. Raman and Ishita ask him to tell anything if there is something. Sujata comes and says its not so easy. They are stunned seeing her there. Sujata says its small thing, but wait for all details. Ishita says we don’t mind, it was for our good. She says someone else is also involved apart from Bala and me, I don’t want to say. Raman asks why not, if its our well wisher, we should know. He insists. Sujata says they can meet him, he is meeting right now. They thank him and leave. Bala asks Sujata why did she tell them. Sujata says it will be out some day. Bala says he fears for Ishita’s reaction.

Raman and Ishita go to hotel and ask for business centre, they don’t know his name, his meeting is going on. The receptionist says its no meeting going on. Ishita asks them to check. The other lady says its over, the gentleman was here, its him. Raman and Ishita see him leaving and go after him. The man leaves in the car. Raman says who is this man. Ishita says I don’t know, I will ask Sujata. She calls Sujata and says he went. Sujata says I will come in evening and make you meet. Ishita says Raman she said she will make us meet in evening. Raman says I will take Adi and Ruhi along. She says fine. He thinks.

Raman cares for Ishita. Ishita has tooth pain and they ask for some doctor. She says Dr. Batra is not free. Romi says we will go to dentist nearby, I met his caretaker, lets go there.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SS

    superb duper episode sach me aaj lag rahi thi ravan kumar ki family puri ho gayi hai ………..bohot maza aaya aaj love u so much this family

  2. all is well and that ends well.finally ishra ka life becomes happy.per hell with the subbu track.phir bhi koi bath nayi it will bring our ishra more close to each other.

  3. Ab k tooth ki wajhe se woh log uss Subbu k pas leke jainge……..
    ….ye Subbu achcha hai ya bura pata nahin. ….yaar
    kal ka episode bhi interesting hoga. …

  4. one thing is clear by ashok and suraj scene they r bring the track of raman leaving for office work.per raman ka karan jaldi ha naa yaar.we will miss u in each and every scene

    • Yes…par raman agar office work k liye bahar jaye ga toh zyada IshRa scenes nahin honge. .par ishrudi scenes zaror honge. .

  5. kåñthî

    Nice and cute epi. Ishra ruhi and adi were so happy.hope shagun or subbu don’t ruin happiness.

  6. waise shagun ko halthi dekh kar dil khush hua tha.pehela kaha tha shagun one day u will lose ur everything including adi.u deserve to be alone shagun.

  7. Sory friends mere papa ko naya shauq chadha hai…..kal Fish Bowl laye the……& aaj Fish House le aaye……usse adjust karne me mera aadha ep miss ho gaya….& late bhi ho gaya……..ok Dinner ke baad baat karte hai Bye……..

  8. waise kids r like mirror.shagun showed wrong path to adi ane he went in wrong way.and when ishu shows right path he become right and good boy.this called values which is shagun can never give to adi cue ki for that shagun should have the values which she never had in her life.

  9. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    Hey sm days b4 I read a spoiler in a syt it ws written dat shagun & subbu vl join hands to trouble ishra den dey make raman hav an accident he vl lose his memory til six yrs bck & vl think shagun as his wife I wish dis does nt hapn fingers crossed

  10. ab sab kuch hua we should con on our ishra.i mean ki the long lost love confess of ishra is pending.which we r all waiting for long time eagarly.kab hoga a.

  11. kya stupid spoiler hai.waise .guys dont get into this stupid all fake hai.dont believe it.waise bein i already got irrated by ipkknd ka astha ka memory loss.and again one no never that too for our raman bilkul nayi hai.cue guys.wt say.

  12. Hey guyzzz don’t be very happy caz many twist r their to cum n ishra have to face if all problem will be over so show will finish fst ;(( ;))

  13. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    yeah dr I read dis spoiler in feb I too thought it is fake bt nw subbu came so I gave dis spoiler hope othr half is fake fingers crossed agn

  14. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    mera lyf bhi theek chal raha hai priya roli & ss hw r u & mizun aap ke xms fnsh hogaye??

  15. haan yaar ss kabhi kabhi.oh kya hain arnav and khushi ka ipkknd ka badi fan hoo.tho for the name of show iam watching it.kya u r also watching it.

  16. divan

    Bulbul future ke bare mai sochne ne se hume tension hi milega…hamara aaj acha hai tho khus raho…..ishra kal bhi ek sath the, aaj bhi ek sath hain aur humesha rahenge…rasmo ko rakke pare hatho mai haath liye sari umar chal dhenge yeh ek dhuje ke sath……
    Wat say guyz???? Am i ri8????????

  17. Kuch lines for IshRa…… all your wishes comes true……….
    Then fulfil our wishes too……..
    Pls confess your love……..No more WAITING………..No more DURIYAN……..

    Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si…
    Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si…
    Dekho Na Dekho Na…
    Dekho Na Dekho Na
    Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole
    Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan
    Dekho Na Dekho Na…
    Dekho Na Dekho Na…

  18. hiiii guys plz yar raman ka memory loss wala spoilers tho bahut bar aa chuki hai hamesha galath nikhla…..iss liye dont believe in it & dnt take stress……waise aaj ka episode tho acha tha par patha nahi aage kya hoga………I wish ishra saath saath milkar subbu ko sabhak sikhaye………really hope ishra saath me milkar fight kare balki ek dusare ke saath nahi…..

  19. Sara….wo bahot purana spoiler tha…..& aisa kuch nahi hoga…….IshRa ko koi alag nahi kar sakta….ab to bachcho ka bahana bhi nahi hai ki bachcho ko Raman & Shagun ke saath rehna hai… aisa to ho hi nahi sakta……..

  20. this one is for ishra.Mmmm.. Bin puchhe mera naam aur pataa
    Rasmon ko rakh ke pare
    Chaar kadam bas chaar kadam
    Chal do naa saath mere (x2) Bin kuch kahe, bin kuch sune
    Haathon mein haath liye
    Chaar kadam bas char kadam
    Chal do na saath mere Hey.. bin kuch kahe, bin kuch sune
    Haathon mein haath liye
    Chaar kadam bas chaar kadam
    Chal do na saath mere Raahon mein tumko jo dhoop sataye
    Chaaon bicha denge hum
    Andhere daraye to jaa kar falak pe
    Chand sajaa denge hum
    Chhaye udaasi latife suna kar
    Tujhko hansa denge hum Hanste hansaate yunhi gungunaate
    Chal denge chaar kadam
    Yea yeah.. na na nana…
    La ra la.. ra. Tumsa mile jo koi rehguzar
    Duniya se kaun darey
    Chaar kadam kya saari umar
    Chal dungi saath tere Bin kuch kahe, bin kuch sune
    Haathon mein haath liye
    Char kadam bas char kadam
    Chal do na saath mere (x2)

    • Not only chaar kadam……..
      But for whole life………

      IshRa jaisa saathi ho to Duniya se kaun dare…….Chaar Kadam kya Saari Umar chal denge…….sang ek duje ke…….

  21. divan

    Oh tho aap log sab mere seniors ho….ab se science mai muje koyi bhi doubt hoga tho mai aap se hi puchungi prayosha…….

  22. and this one is our ishra which my fav song for ishra. Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera
    Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka
    Tu hi aakhion ki thandak, tu hi dil
    ki hai dastak Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hi
    Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
    Yaara mein kya karu
    Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
    Yaara mein kya karu Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
    Yaara mein kya karu
    Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
    Yaara mein kya karu

    • Very true……..but wo ek dusre ko kab kahenge……..

  23. Offo hadh hota hey … Yeh child exchange ke vajah se bahuth boring hey …. Kab katham hoga yeh drama … Unit ishra and adhi and ruhi …. And again one more prob subbu ka bacha …. Idiot

  24. divan


  25. divan

    Cum on devga its all challenes fr ishra,….n unless n until they are together everythin ll be fine…

  26. divan

    Yar vaise do u remember last time jab subbu apne wife ke sath aaya tha tho vo pregnant thi…tho y shud subbu want ishu back????? I think jaise mani ke entry main ishra ne apna love realize kiya vaise hi subbu ke entry main vo apna love confess kar dhenge…

  27. Oh divan I don’t knw detailed abt yhm ….. Just now started few weeks ago to update abt yhm …. And so don’t knw abt subbu wife etc etc. …..
    And by the way thank u …
    I got update from u …. Lol … 😉

  28. IshRa feeling. ..jab Adi ruhi wapas aagaye. …..
    Aye Dil Laaya Hai Bahaar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna
    Milein Hum Chhalak Utha Khushi Ka Khumaar Kya Kehna
    Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna
    Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna

    Aye Dil Laaya Hai Bahaar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna
    Milein Hum Chhalak Utha Khushi Ka Khumaar Kya Kehna

    Hum Tum Yoon Hi Milte Rahein Mehfil Yoon Hi Sajti Rahe
    Bas Pyaar Ki Yehi Ek Dhun Har Subah Shaam Bajti Rahe
    Gale Mein Mehekte Rahein Pyaar Bhari Baahon Ke Haar Kya Kehna

    Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna

    Aye Dil Laaya Hai Bahaar Apnon Ka Pyar Kya Kehna
    Milein Hum Chhalak Utha Khushi Ka Khumaar Kya Kehna
    Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna
    Khile Khile Chehron Se Aaj Ghar Hai Mera Gule Gulzaar Kya Kehna

  29. subbu ka aaana sirf ishra ke beech darrar dalna aur jab ishra ki insecurities bhadegi tab confession hoga.aur karan sirf 2 weeks holiday daal raha hai toh baad mein sab theek hoga aur shayad romi sarika mihika shagun rinki mihir bala raina vandu ki delivery simmi param ashok suraj ke cases ho sakthe hai.

  30. subbu ka aaana sirf ishra ke beech darrar dalna aur jab ishra ki insecurities bhadegi tab confession hoga.aur karan sirf 2 weeks holiday daal raha hai toh baad mein sab theek hoga aur shayad romi sarika mihika shagun rinki mihir bala raina vandu ki delivery simmi param ashok suraj mani ke cases ho sakthe hai.

  31. Kaisi maa hai…… Aadi ne ek baar kuch keh diya to us se baat nahi karni….Ruhi ne bhi kitnakuch bola tha…..Ishita ne to aisa nahi kiya tha…….

  32. Yaar yeh Godbharai 7th month me hoti hai……….& Vandu ki Godbharai ko 2months se jyada ho gaye to uski delivery dikhani chahiye na ab……..

  33. anu

    don’t make raman foolish.he is such a superb and loving father.give him equal role as ishita,bcoz he is also a main part for success of yhm.As being a very big fan of karan,i don’t wish to see his character to be please,makers concentrate on the same time,if karan leaves yhm,absolutely it will be a very big loss to YHM and loose lot of fan’s……..

  34. nimrit

    lekin aap logone dekha kya ki woh subbu to dentist hai na fir woh ek hotel me business section me kya kar raha that???????

  35. karan yhm nahi chod raha hai. buss unki shaadi may 3rd ko hai na toh pre wedding functions aur preparations ke liye 15 days leave daal raha hai .iss liye yhm ke makers ne story ko aage bhadane ke liye aur ishra ki confession poora karne ke liye aur insecurities ko door karne ke liye subbu ka track laa rahe hai .phir baad mein karan patel show carry on karega.aur yhm ke paas episodes honge hum veiwers ko dikhane ke liye.

  36. yeh jo bhi spoiler ke baare mein hai ki raman ka yaadaash ke baare mein aur sab etc.etc. sab backwaaz hai .yeh sirf ek ff story hai jo fb mein aaya tha aur feb mein hi yeh story fake tha .warna agar yeh story such hotha toh ab tak toh saare websites mein aag ki tarah phail gaya hota aur yeh story abhi tak kisi bhi websites mein nahi aayi hai aur ekta maam kabhi bhi ff story nahi lethi hai .hamesha unki ek apni si alag story hoyhi hai .so that spoiler is fake.

  37. Pehli baar aisa hua hai….ki kuch sanaj me nahi aa raha ki aage kya hoga……but defenitely IshRa ka divorce to nahi hi hoga……..chance hi nahi hai………ab to confession hi hoga……..kyonki women me jitna tolerance power hota hai….utna men me nahi hota…..Ishita ne Shagun ko Raman ke paas bardast kar liya…..par Raman Subbu ko Ishita ke paas bardast kar hi nahi payega…….

    Ab to Karan ki shaadi ho jaye bas……uske baad to Confession confirm hai….bas Subbu ko lekar IshRa ko fights nahi honi chahiye…….

  38. samaira

    Someone plz tell me in shrt what happnd after ruhi n ishita sprtion actually i din watched shw frm thr
    last jo deka vo the ruhi modelling karta ha uska bad nahi dekha

  39. gopu

    may be subbu’s marriage life was breaked so he wants ishitha again back in his life…. as he knows ishitha won’t be ruhi so he is making ruhi back….. that is his plan….

  40. wow dhaba ka dinner accha hai .lekin uss pagal subbu ka yeh jo plan hai ishitha ko uski zindagi mein wapas lana flop hi hoga jaise shagun ke saare plans at the last flop hotha hai.subbu ki biwi usse chod kar chali gayi toh issme ishitha kya kar sakthi hai.aur woh bhi uss subbu ne haath milaya toh kiss ke saathek aur pagal aurath shagun ke saath.toh kya ishitha sabke biwi no.2 banke rahegi kya.

  41. hey guys good afternoon.hope ki aaj sbs aur sbb mein koi acch anews aaye yhm ke baare mein. lekin abhi ke liye oichle 2 episodes acche the jisme sab happy the.ishraruhadi poora bhallas aur iyers happy the.lekin upcomming twist bhi accha hoga specially confession.

  42. subbu dentist hi hoga kyunki ishitha aur sbbu ek hi college mein padthe the toh unka dentist banna bhi saath mein hi hoga.lekin yeh bussiness ka kya patha nahi kyunki pehle sab websites mein tha ki woh subbu ruhi ki ad film ka owner hai toh patha nahi ki yeh jo so called subbu ya subramanium aka amit tandon koun hai aur kya kartha hai.

  43. Hey Subbu ke caretaker ne kaha ki him abhi abhi shift hue hai….to yeh Subbu chennai se Hamesha ke liye….Dilli aa gaya……….aur wo bhi IshRa ke ghar ke najdik….

  44. ha adi ab badal gaya hai .pehle raman ko aap kehke boltha tha lekin ab papa boltha hai.lekin kuch hee dino mein woh ishitha ko bhi ruhi ki tarah ishima kehke bulayega .aur ishruh ki tarah ishadi ki bonding bhi strong hogi tki shagun kabi bhi ishra ko custody ki wajah se pareshaan na kare.

  45. prayosha, adi ka paaaapa raman hai toh paaapa hi bula aga.
    rithu rithu rithu reeeeeeeeeeeethu sriam agar patha nahi toh muh bandh rako, rakna chahiye
    zyda bolne ki avakshyakta nahi hai

    • For Your kind information………..jab se Aadi IshRa ke paas rehne aaye hai.. tab se wo Raman se baat to karta tha….par papa kabhi nahi bola….par aaj Papa bola to IshRa fans keliye….bahot kgushi ki baat hai….par yeh aap jaise log nahi samjenge jo YHM sirf Timepaas ke liye dekhte ho……..

  46. samira ….
    ruhi aur ishita seprate kaha ho gaye .unka toh saath janmon ka rishta tha janmon janmon ka saath phere jo liye…
    prayosha rithu buri hai usse baath math karo.i am crying.

  47. Samaira……..Ad shoot ke baad………Mihika ne Ashok par case kiya to uska Buisness bandh ho gaya………Ad compby ne bhi deal cancle kar di to Shagun ki payment ruk gai……
    Uske baad Shagun ne Ishita Ruhi se nahi mil sakti aisa court ke through Notice bheja……..ussme Sujata ji ne kaha ki Co gardian hone ke nate Ishita ki sign bhi important thi …… issliye cour ne kaha next hearing me judgement denge…….& uss ke baad Ruhi ki school me Essay compittion tha….to Ramansuperman bankar gaya….waha se Sujata Ruhi ki chori se le gai…& uss ki cheej raste par chhod di…& kaha tumhari 2 maa& papa me se jo tumhe jyada pyar karta hoga woinn cheejo je clue se tumhe pehle dhundhlega….& Ishita ne dhundh liya….& Ruhi Ishimaa ke paas aa gai…….& phir explain bhi kiya ki Aadiki health keliye Ruhi ko Shagun ke paas bheja tha……..

  48. excuse me…..
    prayosha ji ham- mai time pass nahi kar rahein .go do ur work .time pass badi came ms.prayosha ji.ham ne na kahin time pass kiya hai na kabhi karenge.yhm hamari ragon me basti hai .
    aap hame insult kar rahi hain
    very bad
    aur tum aap rithushree ab thak pehchaana nahi ki main kaun hun .
    rithushree i am rithushree your sister.
    sorry sabi log iss ganda mazak ke liye.

    • Maine koi insult nahi ki….insult aap kar rahe hai humari ….humare baare me bura bolkar…….& bura laga ho to I am realy very SORRY………..
      Aap ne saaf kaha Raman ko Aadi papa gi bolega na ….but yeh aap ke liye ho yaa na ho muje pata nahi ….oar humare liye badi baat hai …& bura laga ho to once again ………I am realy very sorry……..

  49. maf kar dena iss little ruthu ke liye.janti hun confusion hai par main clear kar deti hun…
    actually rithushree naam ki commentator meri elder sister jiska naam boomika hain jisne mere naam raka . aaj bore ho raha tha is liye thoda over excitement mein meine thi prank try kiya..i am sorry…….

  50. Oh….Raman family ko dinnner par le gaya….vut purse lena bhul gaya….bechari Ishita ko kehta hai ki Bartan saaf karo…..such a prank master……..

  51. Subbu Ishita ke pic me….Ishita ki style pura ni lag rahi hai…….jaise Shaadi ke pehle thi… ab kya FLASHBACK dikhayenge……..but Divs ke fracture ke saath FB kaise dikhyenge……

  52. Oh….Raman family ko dinnner par le gaya….vut purse lena bhul gaya….bechari Ishita ko kehta hai ki Bartan saaf karo…..such a prank master
    & Ice cream kha rahe hai…iss liye Iahita ke tooth ache hoga ….yeb Dikhaya SBB me…..

  53. nayi woh ishitha ka naya look hi hai .purane jaisa dikh raha hai.lekin fracture ki wajah se woh suit pehn rahi hai na toh purani jaisi dikh rahi hai fb mein.

  54. But Rithushree…dekho abhi to wo Subbu bhi kitna stylish dikhaya hai suit .me but wopic me usne chex wala shirt pehna hai jaisa pehle dikhaya tha…& Ishita ki hair style pehle jaisi thi…aisi lqg rqhi hai…iss liye maine bola ki shayad ab FB dikhayenge…….

  55. IshRa to happy hai…SBS ke scene me & yeh scene to shhayad Ishita ke tooth ache ke baad ka hi hai………to Subbu ko mil kar koi fark nahi pada achcha hai…….

  56. Hey kal maime SBS me dekha tha…uss Jamane me Jodha Akbar ne bhi I♡U bol diya……but Humare modern jamane ke IshRa ne nahii bola………

  57. Haan prayu maine bhi dekha tha. ..jodha akbar ne ILU bola par hamare ishra. .abhi tak. .I love. ..mein hi aatke hai. ..pata nahin you kab bolenge. ..

  58. Haan prayu
    last week kaha tha k. ..2 months tak TRP nahin dikhaye ga. ……jo ye ye TRP check karte the unpar koi case hogaya hai. .iss liye nahin dikhayenge

  59. W o hi to Mizun…..pehle In ki gaadi I par atak gai thi..phir mahine baad love par aai ….you tak to aai hi nahi 4 mahine ho gaye phir bhi…….

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