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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun askign Adi to come. Ishita stops her and says they are kids, not her deal to exchange, Adi is their son and he won’t go, she gave his custody to them, we all know how you kept him, he will not go. Shagun says you just shut up Ishita, come Adi. Adi moves away. Raman holds him and Shagun is stunned seeing Adi leaving her. Adi says I want to stay here with Papa, Ishita aunty, Ruhi and everyone, please let me stay here. Shagun says Ishita, you have snatched my children, and made Adi against me, you have to pay for this, I m never going to forgive you for this. She leaves. Raman and Ishita hug the kids. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……………The family gets glad.

Ishita thanks Sujata. Sujata says now we have to see how Ruhi will come to you legally.

Raman asks will there be any problem. Sujata says she filed the papers, Ishita’s consent was not taken, lets pray that judgement is proved void. He asks how can she be so sure. She says truth is truth. He says but we should have backup. Ishita asks him not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sujata to have sweets and thanks her. Sujata leaves.

Its night, Ishita talks to Adi and Ruhi, and says heart is much strong, when if I get fracture, if heart is strong, we become winner, story over. Ruhi asks for another story. Ishita asks them to sleep. Ruhi says she will sleep here. Raman looks on. Adi says I will go to room. Ruhi asks him to sleep here and play with Ishita’s hair. They laugh and have pillow fights and tickling. Ye khatti meethi………….. Raman takes their pic and smiles. He says now everyone took my place. Ruhi says I m at my place. He says our family is complete today. Ruhi says Muttu might be missing me. Raman says I will ask Romi to get him and your belongings. She asks him to get her new pet too, which Rinki gifted her. He says fine. The kids leave.

Ishita and Raman hope Adi will be fine and he hugs her. Adi sees his phone. Mihir and Rinki have a talk. Rinki says Romi came and took Muttu, I m feeling strange to be with them. Mihir says he used to get rid of stress playing with Ruhi and Muttu. He says Shagun’s phone is here, and talks to Adi. Rinki says Shagun does not want to talk. Mihir says she slept, I will make her talk in morning. Adi says I know, she is angry on me. Mihir says no, she was missing you. Adi says please take care of her. Mihir asks him not to worry.

Ruhi comes to Adi and says I told Ishita about my new pet, she will not tell dad, she is on our side. He says now it will be fun. Muttu comes home and Ruhi and Adi run to him. The new pet also comes. Raman comes and joins them. Raman asks is this puppy, rabbit, whats in this. Ruhi says its mini cat. Raman goes far and says cats and dogs can’t be friends, and sneezes, saying he has allergy with cats.

He asks Ishita to keep it in Amma’s house. They ask him to see and he runs away. They catch him and show empty basket. They laugh that he was sneezing with just cat’s name. Adi asks how did he sneeze with just name. They say he was acting and he smiles.

Raman sleeps on the couch and Muttu wakes up. Ishita asks him to take Muttu out, she has fracture. Raman comes to Romi and asks him to take Muttu for walk. Romi says baby we will go for movie tomorrow. Raman puts water on him. Romi asks what happened and wakes up. Raman asks him to take Muttu and goes. Romi says what time is this. They go out and sit getting tired. Muttu goes. Romi says where did Muttu go and sees him with a female dog. He asks Muttu to come and talks to a man. He says I m punjabi, my Bhabhi is Tamilian, she kept his name Muttu Swami. The man says they shifted few days before, and his Sir is dentist, his name is Dr Subramanium. Romi casually talks and leaves.

Ashok and Suraj have a talk about business and think it will sort slowly. Suraj says we have to talk some major step soon. Ashok says Raman is CEO of our company, so he is responsible. Mrs. Bhalla asks kids to have food. Simmi asks her not to do over. The kids laugh. Romi talks to Raman. Raman asks what is he saying, why did he not say before. Romi says see they are so happy, I heard Ruhi’s voice and Bala ended call, I don’t know whats happening. Raman says Bala is sorted, there is something fishy. Romi says I also feel so. Ishita asks them to have breakfast, what serious discussion is going on.

Raman and Ishita talk to Bala. Raman and Ishita ask him to tell anything if there is something. Sujata comes and says its not so easy. They are stunned seeing her there. Sujata says its small thing, but wait for all details. Ishita says we don’t mind, it was for our good. She says someone else is also involved apart from Bala and me, I don’t want to say. Raman asks why not, if its our well wisher, we should know. He insists. Sujata says they can meet him, he is meeting right now. They thank him and leave. Bala asks Sujata why did she tell them. Sujata says it will be out some day. Bala says he fears for Ishita’s reaction.

Raman and Ishita go to hotel and ask for business centre, they don’t know his name, his meeting is going on. The receptionist says its no meeting going on. Ishita asks them to check. The other lady says its over, the gentleman was here, its him. Raman and Ishita see him leaving and go after him. The man leaves in the car. Raman says who is this man. Ishita says I don’t know, I will ask Sujata. She calls Sujata and says he went. Sujata says I will come in evening and make you meet. Ishita says Raman she said she will make us meet in evening. Raman says I will take Adi and Ruhi along. She says fine. He thinks.

Raman cares for Ishita. Ishita has tooth pain and they ask for some doctor. She says Dr. Batra is not free. Romi says we will go to dentist nearby, I met his caretaker, lets go there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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