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The Episode starts with Ishita jumping from the bus on the mattresses kept. She falls over the stone and gets hit at her stomach, when the bus blasts. The family runs to her and she cries with pain. They rush her to hospital and ask Manoj to save Ishita. Abhishek beats up Chand and his wife comes to defend him, saying Chand is not bad. Abhishek asks Chand why was he killing Bhalla Family, who asked him to do so. Chand says Ashok Khanna has done all this, my son was ill, I went to ask for money and he asked me to do Ishita’s accident, she got saved and he refused to give me money, my son has died, I could not do anything.

He says Ashok has snatched my son, I wanted to snatch his son. Abhishek says you were crazily taking everyone’s life. Chand says Ashok loves Adi a lot, I wanted

Ashok to know the pain to lose a son. Abhishek says foolish man, Adi is Raman’s son, he is nothing for Ashok. Ashok comes to meet Abhishek. Ashok tells Abhishek that he got threatening messages from Chand Mishra.

Abhishek gets Chand there. Chand says I will kill Ashok. Ashok says see, he has gone mad. Chand says my son died because of you, I won’t leave you. Abhishek says that’s really strange, I came to you to ask about risk from Chand, and you did not say anything. Suraj says we are rich and forgive poor people, we have let him go, but after seeing news on tv of what he has done with Bhalla family, we feel he can harm Ashok.

Abhishek asks Ashok to file complaint. The inspector says but we know that Ashok made plan to kill Ishita. Abhishek says they are rich, we need proof to arrest Ashok and Suraj, we need time, now we have just hope that Ishita stays fine. Appa pacifies Raman. Manoj comes to them and says Ishita is out of danger. They all thank Lord. Raman thanks Manoj and looks at his tensed face. Manoj says Raman I could not save your child. They all get shocked and disheartened. Raman cries and Mr. Bhalla consoles him. Raman says my baby, what will I tell Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says you have to take care of Ishita, Adi, Ruhi and everyone. Ishita did not care for her life and saved everyone, thank Lord she is fine, Lord will give her a child again, come with me.

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Raman goes in the ward and sees Ishita. He holds her hand and gets sad. He hears the baby calling him and loots at Ishita’s stomach. The voiceover says Papa I love you a lot, it was not time of my coming, I m sorry. He says no dear, I m sorry, your Papa could not save you. He cries and says you will come in this world, and make Ishita a mum, to complete our family, I will bring you in this world, whatever happens, I promise, forgive me. The baby says I will come to you Papa.

The nurse comes and asks Raman to wait outside till patient gets conscious. Shagun covers herself with a shawl and comes to see Ishita once. She sees Raman upset. Raman says how will I tell Ishita that our last hope has…. Shagun says Raman….. Raman says I could not give happiness to Ishita. She pacifies him and asks him not to blame himself. He asks what shall I do, last hope also ended, everything is over. Shagun thinks how will I return Ishita’s favor, she lost her baby to save my children, I wish I could do anything. Adi and Ruhi ask Manoj about Ishita and the baby. Manoj says Ishi Maa is fine, but she needs time to get well. Ruhi asks what about baby. Raman signs Manoj that he will talk to kids. He asks kids to come along. Ruhi says no, we want to hear baby’s heartbeat. Raman says baby will not come, Ishi Maa was hurt, baby was also hurt. The kids refuse to accept this. Raman asks them to come with them. Manoj gets teary eyed and upset.

Shagun comes to Manoj. He asks her not to ask him anything. She says I understand. He says I m helpless, I could save Ishita’s child, all that miracle and treatment got wasted. Shagun asks him not to blame himself, he did what he could do being a doctor, she is also feeling helpless, but you are lucky to share their pain and console them, I can’t go to them, as they all hate me. He asks why, you are so good, don’t they see your goodness. She says you don’t know what all bad things I did in my life, if I say you, you will hate me too, I deserve hatred, its not their mistake.

Ruhi asks Raman why is baby not coming. Raman says Lord has called baby, Adi and you are with Ishi Maa. Ruhi says Ishi Maa will be hurt and sad when we tell this to her and they cry. Raman hugs the kids and worries.

Ishita asks the nurse is baby fine and holds her stomach. The nurse says I m sorry, we could not save the baby. Ishita cries and asks why……..She screams no……and runs out of the ward.

Update Credit to: Amena

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