Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita jumping from the bus on the mattresses kept. She falls over the stone and gets hit at her stomach, when the bus blasts. The family runs to her and she cries with pain. They rush her to hospital and ask Manoj to save Ishita. Abhishek beats up Chand and his wife comes to defend him, saying Chand is not bad. Abhishek asks Chand why was he killing Bhalla Family, who asked him to do so. Chand says Ashok Khanna has done all this, my son was ill, I went to ask for money and he asked me to do Ishita’s accident, she got saved and he refused to give me money, my son has died, I could not do anything.

He says Ashok has snatched my son, I wanted to snatch his son. Abhishek says you were crazily taking everyone’s life. Chand says Ashok loves Adi a lot, I wanted

Ashok to know the pain to lose a son. Abhishek says foolish man, Adi is Raman’s son, he is nothing for Ashok. Ashok comes to meet Abhishek. Ashok tells Abhishek that he got threatening messages from Chand Mishra.

Abhishek gets Chand there. Chand says I will kill Ashok. Ashok says see, he has gone mad. Chand says my son died because of you, I won’t leave you. Abhishek says that’s really strange, I came to you to ask about risk from Chand, and you did not say anything. Suraj says we are rich and forgive poor people, we have let him go, but after seeing news on tv of what he has done with Bhalla family, we feel he can harm Ashok.

Abhishek asks Ashok to file complaint. The inspector says but we know that Ashok made plan to kill Ishita. Abhishek says they are rich, we need proof to arrest Ashok and Suraj, we need time, now we have just hope that Ishita stays fine. Appa pacifies Raman. Manoj comes to them and says Ishita is out of danger. They all thank Lord. Raman thanks Manoj and looks at his tensed face. Manoj says Raman I could not save your child. They all get shocked and disheartened. Raman cries and Mr. Bhalla consoles him. Raman says my baby, what will I tell Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says you have to take care of Ishita, Adi, Ruhi and everyone. Ishita did not care for her life and saved everyone, thank Lord she is fine, Lord will give her a child again, come with me.

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Raman goes in the ward and sees Ishita. He holds her hand and gets sad. He hears the baby calling him and loots at Ishita’s stomach. The voiceover says Papa I love you a lot, it was not time of my coming, I m sorry. He says no dear, I m sorry, your Papa could not save you. He cries and says you will come in this world, and make Ishita a mum, to complete our family, I will bring you in this world, whatever happens, I promise, forgive me. The baby says I will come to you Papa.

The nurse comes and asks Raman to wait outside till patient gets conscious. Shagun covers herself with a shawl and comes to see Ishita once. She sees Raman upset. Raman says how will I tell Ishita that our last hope has…. Shagun says Raman….. Raman says I could not give happiness to Ishita. She pacifies him and asks him not to blame himself. He asks what shall I do, last hope also ended, everything is over. Shagun thinks how will I return Ishita’s favor, she lost her baby to save my children, I wish I could do anything. Adi and Ruhi ask Manoj about Ishita and the baby. Manoj says Ishi Maa is fine, but she needs time to get well. Ruhi asks what about baby. Raman signs Manoj that he will talk to kids. He asks kids to come along. Ruhi says no, we want to hear baby’s heartbeat. Raman says baby will not come, Ishi Maa was hurt, baby was also hurt. The kids refuse to accept this. Raman asks them to come with them. Manoj gets teary eyed and upset.

Shagun comes to Manoj. He asks her not to ask him anything. She says I understand. He says I m helpless, I could save Ishita’s child, all that miracle and treatment got wasted. Shagun asks him not to blame himself, he did what he could do being a doctor, she is also feeling helpless, but you are lucky to share their pain and console them, I can’t go to them, as they all hate me. He asks why, you are so good, don’t they see your goodness. She says you don’t know what all bad things I did in my life, if I say you, you will hate me too, I deserve hatred, its not their mistake.

Ruhi asks Raman why is baby not coming. Raman says Lord has called baby, Adi and you are with Ishi Maa. Ruhi says Ishi Maa will be hurt and sad when we tell this to her and they cry. Raman hugs the kids and worries.

Ishita asks the nurse is baby fine and holds her stomach. The nurse says I m sorry, we could not save the baby. Ishita cries and asks why……..She screams no……and runs out of the ward.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Raman and Ishita loss
    their unborn baby during
    bom blast.
    Raman blames himself
    for losing the baby and
    consoles Ishita by saying
    that if they don’t have a
    new baby, Adi and Ruhi
    will love her even more
    for her big sacrifice.
    Later, Ishita gets
    discharged from the
    hospital and cries for
    losing the baby.
    Raman pacifies her by
    giving her a magical hug
    but both are unable to
    hide their pain of losing
    After that, Shagun is
    much depressed knowing
    about Ishita’s
    miscarriage and insists
    Manoj to do something.
    Manoj tells Shagun about
    teh one way of surrogacy
    which can give the
    hapopiness to Raman and
    Ishita of becoming
    parents again.
    Shagun will be becoming
    the surrogate mum of
    Raman and Ishita’s child
    and then the show will be
    heading for a leap.

  2. jhanvi

    Epi was so sad nd emotional…
    I can’t see Raman today he was criying a lot and was so hurt and sad even all d mmembers were so sad…. Specially Adi ruhi…today ruhi’s performance was heart touching……

  3. Ishita has survived the bomb blast. Raman and Ishita have lost their baby. Raman blames himself for losing the
    baby. He sits by her side in the ward and talks to her. He says even if they don’t have a new baby, Adi and Ruhi will
    love her even more for her big sacrifice. Raman gets sad and holds himself responsible for not being able to save
    the baby. Later, Ishita gets discharged from the hospital and comes home. She cries for losing the baby. Raman
    pacifies her by giving her a magical hug. They both are going through a weak moment, as they have lost courage
    after losing the baby. Shagun will be becoming the surrogate mum of ‘Raman and Ishita’s child’ in next track and
    then the show will be heading for a leap.

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  5. Shital Patel

    Guys read the spoiler …next is surrogacy track n then leap.. Viewers ko ghooma rahe he ye writers ke surrogacy n leap nahi aayega ye bol ke

  6. jhanvi

    Ya right akhir to in logo ne wahi kiya …..
    Aur is bar to surrogacy aur leap dono ek sathe oh god…..

    I m really shocked yar itna sab kuchh hone k bad bhi in kanimo ko koi kuchh nahi kar sakta…. Itna gussa a raha hai na makers pe jo krna chahiye WO nahi karte jinhe sach me saza milni chahiye wo khule am ghum rahe hai aur sabko bevkuf bna rahe hai….aur Raman ishita ko itni badi saza mili…jo wo dsrv nahi krte …..har bar sab thik hota hai that’s why I love.d show most is bar ye sab kyu makers ???????

  7. jhanvi

    Ya right in logo ne Akhir wahi kiya jo wo chahte the …..aur is bar to surrogacy aur leap dono ek sath …..noooo plsssss

  8. atlast a bigg round of plause to our writers nd specially ektha mam……at last aapne apni dosth ke saath achi tarah se dosthi ni bhayi apki viewers ki emotions ke sath khel karke……..??????????????????? how could u people be so stupid we all want ishu consume her own baby not shagun……….aap esa kaise kar sakthe hai even bhagvaan bhi acha logom ke saath ache se treat karthe hai i am hating yhm till the core now

  9. tahira

    So emotional episode so much pain raman conversation with baby is so heart touching lekin aaj ka epi dekh kar lag raha tha ki surrogacy track ayega kuch karo roko ekta ko aisa karne se pls koi rok lo aisa hone se

  10. Siddhi

    Very sad writers completely dissapoint fans even I don’t want to comment mujhe samaj nahi a raha sirf shagun hi bache thi surrogracy k liye I am very sad today but ruhi performance amazing thi I don’t know how can writers ignore us

  11. Siddhi

    And Raman want ishita to fell pregnancy not a 3child very dissapointing if surrogacy happen it means that ishra want their own child by either mean n ruhi and adi does not matter

  12. Karan(Raman) acting is fabulous may be tomorrow epi Divyanka acting also will be good
    one both ishita and raman both are rocking
    miscarriage was happen so sad any way may be ishita will get her second change to
    enjoy her own pregenancy will hope so. makers try to avoid surrogacy
    just join shagun and manoj together

  13. tarun

    wht the hell!! makers ne wahi kra jo krna tha..leap nd surrogacy. go to hell..yr phele se pta tha bomb blast wale track me yhi hoga…agar aesa hi sab krna tha to phele hi ishita ko baby conceive krte hue kyu dikhaya……i really wish yhm trp will very low nd show out of top 10…….

  14. sheetal

    Pls dnt put surrogacy Track ahead….kya fayda third Bäche Ka agar Shagun hi De rhi h toh…pls stop All dese…already dis Show is loosing its trp…sudhar jao writers..pls Show ishita Ka own bacha

  15. Cham

    seems like no use of complaining that much asking to stop surrogacy track.This is not successful bcoz Ishitha needs to experience the motherhood not Shagun.Makers won’t understand that.THEN A LEAP! what’s going on?I’m fed up!!!!!
    Anyway today’s episode was sooooooo emotional.I couldn’t stop my tears. heart touching dialogues and all ,superb acting Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripati! love you all!!!

  16. jhanvi

    Raman baby talk was also so heart touching….. Makers fans ki feelings k sath khilvad kar rahe hai… can they do it…..???

    Itni muskilo se pregnancy dikhayi ab mscrg…. Aur surrogacy ne then leap….

  17. jhanvi

    Ya tarun I agree tabhi makers ki akal thikane ayegi…

    Jab dikhaya ki ishita pregnant nahi ho sakti to. Trp 8 aya fir jab pregnancy dikhaya to 4th aur wapas mscrg aur surrogacy news aya to 8th ……aur fir bhi makers ki samaj me nahi aya ki viewers kya chahte hai…… Ya to jan buzkar sanjana nahi chahte…..

  18. jhanvi

    Ha bhagi sach me shagun ko highlight krne k liye aur kya kya krenge ye log….

    Shagun shagun shagun….I don’t want to see her in ishra’s life…. There is no need of 3rd child….. Adi and ruhi are enough for ishita…and if u want to bring surrogacy pls u can use someone else why shagun ??????

  19. I promise i ill never see ektas new serial…smthng tere mere darmiyaan….starting it ill b intresting then again dragging making couples seprate…..and in every ektas serial has 3rd person like ritika in math,tanu in kkb and shagun in yhm……nd i wandering hw the story of TMD will b… that also 3 person…..i dnt understand wat ekta mam is spreading mssge 2 us..i hope no one ill see new serial and the serial shud get lowest trp… .nd i am ashamed that i watch ekta mams yh….i ill never watch her show…..

  20. Rosely Dada

    What a brilliant performances.lovely actors.The acting was so natural .very heart touching episode.keep it up Rahman Ruhi and Adi love you all. From Nigeria.

    • tarun track ne kitna disappoint kr diya viewers ko ki aj sabne comment nhi kiya…..all this bcoz of hamare so called makers…..they dont even understand wht the viewers want….surrogacy track hi dikhana hi to iska bhi kya fayda is nt of ishita..shagun nd raman..isse acha to adi nd ruhi hi bhut hi ishra ki life me…….atleast kuch to acha dekhne ko milega..

  21. parthy

    Emotional episode. Ruhi part was very good, heart touching and emotional. Ruhi has acted very nice. I could not see raman face. Raman talking to bady was very emotional and makers have done their good job. Totally very nice episode. Today also is going to be very emotional episode.

  22. Darshika

    I really don’t have anyyyyy mood for comment…… I’m fed up with yhm. Obviously now they will start surrogate track….. It seems like, makers has ignored lots of yhm fans’ requests. And they have chosen minimum peoples’ favor.
    I’m totally disappointed and it’s time to say good bye to yhm. Because this is not yhm now. This is ” yeh hai shagun’s mohabbatein ” .
    But there was a another outstanding performance of KP. Like it.
    Cvs give us lots of hops about ishita’s pregnancy……. But makers don’t care about us. I can’t watch this anymore. Why do they always highlight shagun? It’s clear….. Ekta madam wants shagun to be a heroine in yhm.
    I don’t against with surrogacy……. But why always shagun….? Let her be with manoj, that’s enough…… I’m really tiard about saying same thing.
    If you are really going to start surrogate track, please end this show. At least we can cherish beautiful memories about yhm……..!
    From SL

  23. Mihir

    I didn’t watch this for more than 3 weeks now and I hardly read the written episode..
    Makers have ruined such a lovely story..

    Shagun is a beloved friend of Makers (Ekta mam) as well as the Hero (Karen P) of YHM… So they will make Shagun shine in anyway…

    It is better if they have killed Ishita’s character and reunite Shagun and Raman instead of making the Surrogacy track

  24. Siddhi

    Jab shagun surrogate mom bane GI to I think Raman use boht pamper kare ga as he say k ab WO koi galti nahi kare ga

  25. jhanvi

    Ya completely agree with darshika nd mihir….

    Plsssssss end d show it would be better than surrogacy…. And plsssss start a new show for shagun…. Then no one will be there to be sad for ishita …..and u can do anything to highlight shagun…..

  26. i frankly say everytime that i will never encorage surrogacy and leap type stories in yhm .kyunki mujhe lagtha hai leap ke baad yhm ,yhm badal jaayega jaise koi naye serial ho ya phir pehle jaise uthnaa rocking aur charming nahi hoga . waise bhi harr serial mein leap ke baad main leads alag style mein hothe hai aur inn sab ke beech surrogacy yeh sab yhm mein kabhi bhi trp ya veiwers ke dil mein accha track nahi ho saktha hai.

  27. keerthna

    today’s episode was really so emotional… raman’s (karan’s) acting was awesome…. and please writers we don’t want the surrogacy track… the thing is that ishita has to enjoy the motherhood….instead they don’t need a 3rd child through surrogacy…. writers please consider the request of YHM fans and please stop the surrogacy track…….

  28. all of you are apcelutely correct guys .makers fans ke feeling ke saath kilvad kar rahe hai aur ek acche serial ko satyaanash karne par thule hue hai.waise bhi shagun aka anitha hassanandani toh ekta ki family member jaisi hai toh ekta maam ko kya hai apna serial hai toh professional aur personal life mix karegi toh unko toh kushi hi hogi lekin farak toh serial mein bahuth padega .ishitha ke badle shagun lead ho jaayegi aur yhm apna fans aur trp kho dega toh yhm band ho jaayega jisme sirf fans aur veiwers ko disappoint karde.aur waise bhi serial hum veiwers aur fans ko dekhna hai unko nahi toh plz makers apne aap mein dekhne ke liye serial jaise chahe waise banaakar dekhiye lekin kamse kam dekhne waalon ki aur specially fans ke baare mein sochiye .

  29. this serial should be named as yeh hai shagun ki mohobbatein ya yeh hai ekta ki dosti ki kahaani ya yeh hai shagun ki acchai burai aur baki sab kou nahi ya yeh hai the great shagun.

  30. It is a very sad episode.

    I think focusing on Shagun should be left out for a while. She is so annoying and conceited.
    About time they thought of Ishitha having her own baby now through IVF

    After that like Diya Aur Bati Hum lets have a leap and show the baby about 3 – 4 yrs old. That would be joyous

  31. amaya

    Makers pagal ho gaye hai kya ????? Trp itna girne k bad bhi WO nahi samaj rahe hai pregnancy news aya to trp 4 aya tha jaise hi surrogacy news aya trp sidha 8 aya ..fir bhi ye samaj nahi rahe hai ki viewers ishita ko pregnant dekhna chahte hai surrogacy nahi…..

    Makers it’s a humble request plsssss stop surrogacy nnd leap….. It’s not only mine BT all d fan’s request plsssss consider dis nd avoid dis surrogacy nd leap track plsssss

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