Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shagun accuses Parmeet

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting angry on Ruhi for a live in. Ishita stops her for being angry on Ruhi and making her rebel. Shagun says I blackmailed Pooja to make Nikhil leave. Ishita asks what, how did she agree. Shagun tells her everything. She says I have a doubt some Bhalla member has an affair with Pooja, so I blackmailed her. Ishita says who can it be. Parmeet comes home and thinks to know what family is going through because of Ruhi. He finds everyone normal. Ruhi comes and talks to Parmeet. She says I just told Raman and Ishita about my decision, they didn’t say anything, they understood they can’t force decisions on me. He says its good, I will meet Ananya. She asks him to take pasta for Nikhil. He says sure, pack it. He thinks to see what Raman and Ishita are planning.

Shagun says I have seen that navratri bracelet also, Pooja has hidden it. Ishita says I believe this, Ruhi has also seen someone from our family with Pooja. Shagun says it means I m thinking right, she was nervous, who can it be. Ishita says don’t know who is it. Parmeet hears this and thinks to use this to create distance between Ishita and Simmi. He greets Mr. Bhalla and Simmi. Ishita and Shagun come. Parmeet says I did a mistake, I lost the bracelet which mummy ji made for me, maybe it fell somewhere. He thinks my new drama will create a fight.

Simmi asks where can it be. Mr. Bhalla says Mrs. Bhalla will feel bad. Parmeet says I regret, I don’t remember. Ishita asks him to check on terrace. Parmeet goes to see. Shagun takes Ishita to room and says I have seen same bracelet at Pooja’s house, Parmeet was with Pooja, he maybe acting. Ishita recalls jeweler’s words.

Shagun says Parmeet can fall to any level. Ishita says yes, I also feel he is lying, I m confused, he loves Simmi and Ananya. Shagun says they are divorced, he doesn’t love Simmi, we should tell everyone. Ishita says no, we don’t have proof. Shagun says I have seen it, imagine Parmeet is cheating on her, he is having an affair with an another woman. Ishita says no, I will talk to Raman first.

Raman keeps an eye on Nikhil and Pooja. They discuss about taking flat. Raman thinks Nikhil wants to make her away from me, I was right about him. He gets Ishita’s call. He doesn’t answer. Raman says I have to tell Ishita. Parmeet says I tried finding the bracelet. Shagun says you won’t get it, I know where is it. Simmi asks her to say.

Shagun says sorry, you will be shocked, its in Pooja’s house, she tried to hide it, he is having an affair with Pooja. Simmi asks what nonsense. Shagun says believe me, he is fooling you. Parmeet asks what are you saying, think something. Shagun says shut up, Ishita also told me Ruhi has seen someone with that bracelet with Pooja, come with me to Pooja’s house, you will get it. Simmi says no need to go anywhere, because I have that bracelet. Mr. Bhalla asks Shagun to let them be in peace, she should stay away from family matter. Simmi says I know Ishita told this to Shagun, no one tells us anything, they tried to defame Parmeet.

Mr. Bhalla says Ishita should have stopped Shagun. Ishita asks Simmi why is she dragging the matter. Parmeet says its fine, I regard this house as mine, but maybe I failed to keep trust in me. Simmi says you did a lot for them. Mr. Bhalla asks Shagun to leave. Parmeet thinks to find out who is having an affair with Pooja. Pooja talks to her boyfriend and says I kept the bracelet, Shagun didn’t see, just take care, of course I love you, after Nikhil, I felt love won’t come in my life, but you came and my life changed, Nikhil will go from my life forever soon.

Ishita asks why did you call me here. Raman says Nikhil and Ruhi came here to get a flat, I was following them, they didn’t know this. They hide from Ruhi. She asks what now. Raman says we will tell the dealer not to give them flat. Mihika talks to Aaliya on call and says I will ask Adi to call you, have fun. Romi comes home. Mihika asks did Adi not come back with you. Romi says no, he was not at office. Mihika asks where is he busy, he is not answering call. Ishita and Raman meet the property dealer. She asks the man not to give flat to Nikhil and Ruhi.

The man says you mean Nikhil and his wife Ruhi, they came to take flat on rent, I felt they are from good family, I thought they are married. She says Ruhi is my daughter, we want to surprise them, you don’t give them flat on rent. He says fine, you don’t take tension. Raman says we should leave now. They come home. Raman asks why did you lie. Ishita says Ruhi’s respect would have spoiled, she will not listen. He asks how to stop her. She says we are trying. He says why did she get stubborn, I feel someone’s bad sight caught our house. She goes and wards off the bad sight by spreading smoke. She says everything will get fine. She tells about the problems. She says Shagun has seen our family car, the man ran away seeing her, Shagun has seen the bracelet as well, Pooja has an affair with our family member.

Ruhi talks to Nikhil and asks what happened, they are not giving us flat. Ishita hears her. Mihika says I m feeling Adi’s behavior weird, Aaliya said Adi has no time for her. Raman gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. anay bangalore

    Is Adi having an affair with pooja? or may be acting to love pooja to solve ruhi and nikhil issues. Cant say anything

    1. Strongly believe that Anay ! As it is Ishra is
      stressed of Ruhi ! Now Adi too ! Cvs are playing with the viewers emotions . Making us fools . Enough of everything!
      Like bhooth track . How easily Param comes with his ideas . I dont know I love his acting !

  2. Charu prakash

    I have matured over time,Shreya.You too will become a happy composed mature woman in future.This is your developing age.It is perfectly normal to behave the way you explained.The silver lining is that you have enough time and energy to sulk or rebel or feeling depressed.We parents are always there to support you to come out of all these emotional turmoils.But we are always in the middle of umpteen problems,don’t even have time to sulk or lock ourselves in a room feeling depressed.So these are the golden times of you life.You can’t even imagine the problems you are gonna face as a mother.So Shreya try to be content and enjoy your life!!As far as I can see,you are true to your self!Once again I’m telling,Young minds like you need to be more accommodating and forgiving.Forget the past.Live your life to the fullest!!Focus and Chase your dream.Coming to the show,Shagun did the same thing you suggested.Ruhi was grounded and was ready to accept the punishment!What happened next was not right.Think of it yourself!!Now it’s too late to bring discipline in Ruhi!!

    1. Hi Charu beautifully conveyed to Shreya !
      Its very true … Shreya is very much true to herself .Forgiving , accomodating is the true word !

    2. These are positive words. However, I will like to advise she gets professional help as in her last comments she mentioned she had been keeping things for years. She needs a good support system which she seems not to be getting from her mother, according to her comments. There appears to be conflict issues, underlying resentment, self esteem issues coupled with sibling rivalry. I have tried as much as possible to put this in simple language without using medical terms.

      1. Shreya Shetty

        Thank you for the good advice and suggestion of a way of overcoming my weakness Naija gal.i didn’t know that u were a physician and was silently able to understand my agony and deepness through my comments
        yes it is,my mother always compares me to not only to my little sister but also even with my other friends for getting good grades and also to behave properly
        at most cases I often tend to attack my mother physically when I become completely insane and lose my temper recalling for what she caused to me in my past
        everyday we always fight for one thing on another and I end up being rebellious plus recciving some thrashings from her if I fail to listen to my mother.
        the problem is actually about that our family is not fixed completely at father is working as a manager in Bahrain and now is once again facing financial loss problems due to which makes me and my mother worried and anxious about our fate
        with those problems my mother often tends to release her stress and worries in anger at me thinking that I am her anger bank.we are all undergoing some kind of personal problems each day because of me for my education sake
        sometimes we keep fighting till the end of the day,and I feel very insecure living with both of them
        that is why I recall my past memories and cry everytime I wake up in the middle of my sleep.maybe I need some kind of counselling help perhaps to clear all this turmoils in me and make myself in peace

      2. Akiatta

        Shreya, i have had very, very similar experiences with my mom. My dad never worked and my mom did all the work. But, I loved my dad and since were fighting all the time, I used to think that my mom is my biggest enemy for taking my father away from me. There were times I have been violent to her and have regreted it so much after few years.

        But, after that day when my dad beat my to pulp, at that moment when I was struggling with pain, my mom and my brother were the only two people I had with me apart from my best friends.

        You know how I recovered from all this damage…? Well, I took a piece of paper and began writing down what stuff I won’t ever do to anyone else. With that in mind, my life became much clearer

        See, all I am trying to say is that, there might be a time where you might be feeling that your mom is your enemy. But, believe me, instead of worrying about all the issues in life, focus on what you want your life to be after all this. Suppose if you like music, focus on music. If you like writing, focus on writing. The more you focus on other things, your life will get much clearer.

        Try your best to think of how you can be independent from your parents. For example, when I was waiting fro my college admission to clear, I had about 6 months of free time. And I didn’t want to ask my mom money to spend in that break. So, I worked part time. But, unexpectedly, I got a good salary/ I really wanted to do something with that money. So, I bought a saree and gifted it to my mom. That day, she began treating me like an adult. And that was the day I realised that, if we consider our self as an adult, then only people can treat us like adults.

        I really hope you are okay with me giving these responses. Honestly, I see a lot of me in you. When I was going through this phase that you are going through, I had no one to talk to. There was no one to guide me.
        If possible, I would like to talk more with you. If you have a registered account, please send me a message. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. But, if you really feel like you want to talk to someone, please to send a message. As a brother, I am always here to help you though this.

    3. Shreya Shetty

      Charu aunty,i don’t know what to express,but u have truly opened my good heart and motivating me to bring the change in me.of course I will try my best not to let the past to take over the present and ruin the future
      I am grateful for the nice conveyance to me for being more accommodating and forgiving and to also grow stronger and happier in hereafter as I become a woman later.i am doing all I can do to cover the past and live myself in present in a graceful manner
      yes,i don’t know what to say about my self but I had to express my real self by mentioning all my happenings and the true heart that is hidden within me since long
      I ve been acting too enrageous and abusive due to my hatred filled heart even till now I can never forget that remarks made on me by my family memebers,wheras u charu aunty have made me realize to forget them and move on and live contentfully
      I just hope and assure that my mother would atleast understand me properly before assessing me and she should stop faulting me on comparing me with others
      I will always follow u r seeking help in need whenever I share,if I mind although there are only some positive commentators who could assess me well and appreciate my good side of thinking like u,vp,naija gal,akkiatta and many others
      once again thank you for healing my pained sorrow for u r advice and wishes

      1. Sending you e-hugs.

  3. I like Shagun’s character.She is grey like every person is in real life.She is insecure,little selfish which is norm of life of every individual accept it or not.She is little immature.Whatever she did with ishita and Bhallas was to get her place back in raman’s life.Initially she didn’t gave that attention to her children due to her work and her luxurious life and Raman too was partly responsible for that.But she always loved her children.She became negative due to the circumstances that happened in her life.But then she worked as NGO,she raised Pihu for 7 yrs as her daughter, she became Mani’s loving and caring wife.Also she is highly intelligent and skillfull.She has fashion sense.It’s how normal is in real life.No one is Mahhan like Ishita or Akshara or Gopi or Tulsi that they show on TV.And I like Anita’s effortless acting and also she is beautiful.

  4. We can’t just conclude that it’s Adi later he might even be shown that he was really busy like how romi surprised mihika by completing mba

  5. Where is roshni mihir and all

  6. Alyena Sigdel

    May b adi has an affair with pooja but always there will b twists on serial so can’t say anything……….

  7. azuka nkwonta

    This days I use safety measures to follow CVs. When prakash was murdered adi and ruhi were shown to us like they were the culprits meanwhile they were not. They were mere deflections from the truth. As everybody is suspecting that one of the bhallas is having an affair with pooja, adi and Romi could also be deflections from the truth while the real person who is in a relationship with pooja is parmeet although he looks innocent and speaks innocently but we cannot also rule out that he can also be the one. I am also not saying that adi and Romi are innocent but I don’t think its adi. Lets not forget that Romi use to be a playboy back in those days, maybe his playboy life is back again. The first way to start destroying parmeet is to get ruhi and simmi back in their senses.

  8. Maan, hate this param! I dnt lyk it bt smtymes I feel dt ashok is far better than param! Nw Mr.Bhalla is also supporting param! Rubbish!!
    This ruhi is completely a jerk! Nuts! I agree with Shreya! I mean Raman must be angry with ruhi, no father wants to see his daughter with a divorcee lyk nikhil! Bt when we deal
    with teenagers anger and frustration is nt wise at all!! Um also really glad dt my dad is a super cool person who cn understand me completely!
    I really dnt knw wht Romi or Adi upto! Maybe its a trick bcz afterall this is an ekta kapoor’s show! Bt I really lyk those two characters so I really dnt want to see them getting framed n blamed or smthng!
    Really tired of this show nw! They shuld hv end dis show a long way back! Bt noooo! Ekta wants yhm to becm the most successfully (UGHHH!!) longest running indian soap in star plus! So shes creating more n more dramas, more n more fights again n again! All da tym da characters change their personalities! According to this show none cn be trusted! None shuld be given a second chance! We shouldnt believe anyone who keeps on saying dt dey hv changed n wont do wrong thngs n wont tke wrong decisions anymore! PATHETIC!!!! ??

  9. Akiatta

    Shreya, I have been watching your comments for a while. I can understand what kind of emotions you must be going through and it is very fair to have them. I am 19 years old and few years ago, I went through a similar phase too.
    I accept that slapping kids is not the right thing, but… in the end, us youngsters need to forget about the mistakes the older generation do. If my parent is slapping me, then the correct lesson to learn from that is that, I should never slap my kid. That would be a better thinking. Cause, if every one in our age begin to learn that way, then by the time we become adults, the world and parenting would change.
    Honestly, unlike usual, I am not going to defend Raman. No matter what happens, a father slapping a kid is really wrong. But, in the end, this is not reality. And even in the reality, people tend to slap.
    My father, he is much worse compared to what people think of Raman. He, at one point, had beaten me enough that I was bleeding. But, I kept calm and didn’t react impulsively. I simply sent him out of the house and eventually, my parents got divorced. After that, I never spoke to him. It’s been three years since and that had taught me a lot.
    Now, compared to my father, Raman is an Angel. He is only doing things out of the frustration of seeing his daughter ruin her life right before him.

    See, there will never be a person who is completely good. If we see someone whom we don’t find correct, then the best thing is to learn from them. Learn how you shouldn’t be from them. That is a more progressive approach.
    At the end, by us getting angry over Raman, the writers aren’t exactly going to change what kind of a character he is. So, better option is we change how we see them.

    Honestly Shreya, I feel you are a really mature person and hopefully I haven’t offended you with my comment. If I did, I am really sorry. And, if you do feel like you aren’t able to express yourself, don’t worry. I think no one here is judging you in any way and whatever you want to convey, I think everyone is accepting it with dignity. (Well, all the good commenters that is. 🙂 )

    1. Shreya Shetty

      no no akiatta didi its fine.i am not at all offended by ur words althought being 2 years older to me u r like my didi still.i being just a teenager cant deal with the upcoming problems these days and some people here were able to understand my pain and sufferings as I mentioned previously.
      There are some attention seekers who don’t reply to me politely and end up bashing me which angers me and I verbally abuse them when I get mad
      yes coming to the shows part,i strongly feel that by Ramans slapping to ruhi wont change her at all but would bring even more despair and hatred in her heart again
      in fact,he s concerned and worried about her but the way of dealing with such a disrespectful and too ambitious girl like her Is not at all correct.but raman is not worthy of becoming a father to her,for all this drama created by him and his overacting ex wife shagun
      both of them are not fit to be ruhi s parents nd the same way I also assumed ishita to be the same and thought that now she too has also failed to discipline her ruhi and also was unsuccessful of parenting her and showing her the right path
      she too should nt have slapped that girl but scolding was enough.from the studies,it is said that slapping a kid could not only worsen a parent but also hinders the child s mentality growth
      here both raman and ishita have failed to prove themselves as a worthy parents and also didn’t manage to bring the good change and a self form of freedom like normal discipline to ruhi at all
      I don’t think both can deserve to accept ruhi as their daughter,coz for now its because of mainly ishita only ruhi has reached this extent.i was right atleast just Once about shaggy s point that ishita spoiled ruhi and has made her to commit those things which she isn’t supposed to do.
      Raman should just get a life and behave like a matured man not a meddling newborn beating ruhi all the time and being involved with shaggy in her dirty minded tricks nd games for erasing Nikhil out of ruhi s life once and for all

      1. Charu prakash

        Shreya,I can understand your fears and insecurities.Even I also had experienced the same in my teenage years.Please don’t take this as boasting.I used to be blessed in studies.Always managed to get top grades.But was somewhat lazy.At the age of 15 I lost my father.Growing up in a joint family had its share of blessings too.I was not emotionally unsecured of his untimely demise.But my mom started expecting more from me and naturally I rebelled.She expected wonders from me.At one point I started my hunger strike until death.My mom didn’t give a damn about that.After two days I got so desperate to end all this and luckily my grandpa came in rescue and made me eat.Looking back,I don’t even remember the reason for which I started the hunger strike and now those memories make me smile.Most importantly as a mother myself ,now I can understand the emotional turmoil my mom went through those days hiding her emotions.Usually younger ones get away with things.Parents expect more from the elder ones that they want us to set the example.So don’t get disheartened Shreya.It’s perfectly normal for your mom to behave like that considering the present messed up situation.Still you are more blessed than Akiatta.Please don’t take me wrong Akiatta.I Wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts.So Shreya,Try to overcome your fears by bringing the peace of mind.Your teenage years is the culprit here to aggravate the situation.Don’t give up on anything or anyone.Even now I wake up in the middle of night crying and get happy to know that everything is perfectly normal or if otherwise vows to make things better.I think I start sounding preachy.Shreya I Strongly believe that you yourself are capable of conquering your worst fears.Besides that try to understand your mother a little more.You will feel better,for sure?

      2. Akiatta

        That’s really mature of you Shreya, to talk about your emotions with everyone. The more we talk, the more we all are able to understand each other.
        Shreya, I can understand how you are feeling this anger towards Raman and Shagun. It’s very justified. But, to help you understand things better, i will confess something.
        I have a physiological issue. Like my father did. Basically, we both have this issue where we reach this peak of anger where everything blacks out and after sometime, when we feel control, we are told that be have been very violent, but we won’t remember a thing. That’s one of the reasons why I never had many friends in school. While my father used to have those outbursts in the house, I used to have anger bursts in school. One time, I slapped this guy in my class so hard that his teeth began paining. And that was the first time I realised I had this issue. I was 14 at that age. It was the most scariest year in my life. I was diagnosed to be Anti Social. My mom stood with me after that and I took counselling and with that, I got control over my anger. Now, I haven’t had an outburst in 4 years.
        See, I am not defending Raman and Ishita’s behaviour. But, behind some person’s anger, there might be lot of reasons. In our country, we ignore mental health as a serious problem. We never care about if the person is happy. But, as someone who has gone through all the emotions you are going through, I want to suggest that you start to explore only things that you like.

        Let me give an easy example. I write a comment in the YHM updates only occasionally. That’s because I comment only on the episodes where there is positivity. Anything negative, I try to avoid. And if you see my comments, I always try to motivate the fans to the positive side of the story. I am also writing a story on YHM and my main motive with that story is to help all those who come to these updates, get frustrated with the negativity. That’s why in my story, I always keep every character positive. See, for someone from with divorced parents, YHM was a blessing in my life and that’s the reason why I have never stopped watching the show. that’s why I like to focus only on the good things.

        Now, I am not saying that this is the best option. But, if you think about it very carefully, you will realise what stuff you like about something. When you find that out, focus on those things and ignore the rest.

        As for the family side issues. Look, I am the elder of two children. My brother cleared IIT and got into his college this year, in a fully funded scholarship. While my mom had to take heaps of loans for my college as she sent me to study in abroad. In all ways, my brother is an achiever. He is a topper throughout school. I was always the average student and I kinda began accepting what my capability is. I know that I am not good at studies. And I also know that I am great at writing. So, instead of troubling myself, trying to become a topper in college, I just study enough to pass, while focusing my attention towards my real interest, which is writing. At first, my mom didn’t like this, but in a matter of time, she understood and now she actually supports my passion.

        All I want to advice to you, is to find your passion and pursue that. Discard anything that would pull down your energy and distract you from your true interest.

        P.S: Don’t worry. Being a teenager will get easy. And if you do need to talk to someone, you have your Akash Bro here. 🙂 (Yeah.. I am a guy. Name’s Akash. xD )

  10. Akiatta

    Hi VP, I hope you are having a good day, 🙂

    As for todays episode, I think Adi is not the one cheating. That would be a really easy thing to show. And frankly, it would be stupid of the Writers to actually write Adi as the cheater. Cause, if you think about it, there are lots of people who watch YHM for Adi and Aliya and it would be really stupid to break that off. More importantly, I don’t think Adi is someone who can actually have an affair.
    I think that they are going to have him surprise Aliya by him joining the trip in a surprise, thus proving him innocent.

    1. I am fine Akiatta ! Akash nice name .
      we say we learn from mistakes . Learning from your fathers mistakes something praisable . All the best to you !

  11. Charu ! Nothing like your own example to make shreya understand .I You are very sweet !

    1. Charu prakash

      Thanks VP ?

      1. But Charu Shreya Akiatta … I am totally upset reading your commemts sbout yourself .I am 64 now … but never gone thru and seen
        problematic parents . When I see my daughter nd husband son and wife .. i tell I had a better life with their father … there is absolutely no problem with them .. but i feel I was lucky … I feel guilty that I live with out him !! From childhood I was positive .. was the captain of my house … where I am the 8 th child of 9 children .. that too I was my fathers second wives daughter . 6 th child born , wife died , i 3 in secondwife ..we 7 sisters and 2 brothers are so close so too the next two generations . It was my mother who is at the age of 18 became the step mother of 6 children … even then life was beautiful … I too started watching this yhm only becoz of step mom … my wonderful mom . Of all i was the one who lost husband first … that time when the rituals time .. i was just seeing all my sisters with husbands and brothers with wife standing there . Believe or not what went in my mind I am strong ! I can bear this pain .. dont give this pain to my sisters or brothers ! After the rituals on the same day night we three hugged and cried loudly .. children asked why our father amma ! I cud not say anything ! I just hugged them ! Always prayed to do the best to anyone . I really feel like meeting you Shreya and Akiatta ! Our life is our hands ! How to make beautiful is in our hands !Be cool and ignore what you dont like Shreya ! Prove to the world how best you can be ! We may not achieve what we want .. but be the best in what we got ! Take care … teen age is little confusing ! My principle is no regrets later … lalways its like this by the time you regret you will be too late ! One day you will be the best Shreya ! I am sure . The courage you are shown to express your issues is good . This is a way of relaxation ! Yhm is a serial ! Just take it like that ! A big hug to you Shreya !

  12. What I tell you Shreya ! Prayers can do wonders in our life .Prayers give you mental strenth and acceptance ! And surrender to God ! He will take care of everything ! If you can say Vishnu Sahasra sththram … daily … it works miracles ! Just try ! Morning itself try this … the day will be good ! Totally peaceful !
    We are fools to get upset on watching Ekta Kapoors serials ! Same repetitians !

  13. i always wish instead of showing these type of soap operas which harm the thinking of the people,if they try to make stories which can enrich the thoughts of the people,thinking and humanity lacks in today’s showing the stories of determination with revolutionary spirit ,patience may teach people overcome their problems.for example if you watch jewel in the place you can learn very important lesson to life ,instead of dirty kitchen politics are not needed to show in daily’s already happening in daily lives and people know how deal with them. producers of these type of shows harm the thinking of people even viewers has to be mature enough to not to watch these type of serials. concentration of the makers are to earn by any hook or crook.

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