Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi doing Adi’s aarti. He touches her feet. She blesses him and asks him to follow her rules, no entry in Aaliya’s room. Adi says sure, I will obey all rules. Raman gives blank cheque to Mani asking him to take money for Adi’s expenses, I don’t want to keep anything as loan or favour. Dadi says very good principles. Raman leaves. Ishita asks Adi to remember whatever she taught him and wishes him all the best. Adi hugs her. Shagun thinks I will see how Adi survives here, I m sure Dadi will reject her. Adi keeps his clothes in cupboard. Mani comes there and says I came to clear one thing, I m allowing this because of Dadi, it does not mean you break your limits, my eyes will be on you. Adi says don’t worry, I won’t give you chance to complain. Mani goes.

Adi hopes Dadi gets impressed soon.

Dadi serves food to Adi and says if you don’t eat well, your Dadi will complain to me, I have to go temple tomorrow, you will take me, I have to do puja for my mum, be ready at 7am, this is your first test, have bath and prepare aarti plate. Adi says yes. He sees Aaliya and goes. Aaliya hopes Adi gets up early morning. Shagun thinks to see how Adi passes the test.

Simmi asks Amma how can Shagun do this, she took my name and gave phone to Ananya, that’s why Ananya told that I gave phone as gift, I will not leave Shagun. Amma says we can’t do anything of Shagun, but try to trust Ananya, if you make her away, she will go much away, don’t do this, you become her friend, allow her to use your phone. Amma explains her to understand Ananya. Simmi says yes, I will try this, I won’t become strict mom. Amma asks her to start it then.

Simmi calls Ananya and says I came on walk with Amma, I have to give medicine to mum, you give medicine to Nani. Ananya says fine and gets glad. Amma says see its so easy. Ananya goes. Ishita waits for Adi’s call and thinks how is Adi, I hope he did not get any difficult task. She is stitching button to Raman’s shirt and tells Raman. She waits for Adi’s message and is irritated by junk messages. She gets a call and scolds the man. She asks do people take loan at this time and ends call. Raman asks her not to worry. Her focus is on phone. Raman sees her and holds his head. She stitches the wrong button.

Raman offers help. She says no, its over. She gives his shirt. He sees the wrong button and says I will not wear this, you have stitched green button. She says no, I had peach button, sorry. He says calm down, why are you hyper, whats the problem. She says Adi, Dadi can give tough task. Raman says Adi did not go for war. She says its not easy to impress her, if he makes one mistake, Dadi will reject him. He says I wish he does many mistakes. She asks what did you say. Adi calls Ishita and says Dadi asked me to wake up at 4am to take her to temple. Ishita says Tamilians, I will keep alarm and wake you up at 3am. Shagun hears Adi. Adi asks will I wake up. Ishita says I used to wake up at 3am before, I will ring you. Shagun gives milk to Adi. Adi sets alarm. Shagun thinks I have added sleeping medicine in milk, Adi deserves better girl than Aaliya, Adi won’t wake up now, Ishita do anything now, I m doing this for Adi’s betterment.

Simmi apologizes to Ananya and asks her to keep phone, but in limits. Ananya hugs her. Adi does not wake up by alarm. Ishita wakes up and asks who kept 3am alarm. Raman asks her to sleep. She gets up and says Adi…. She rushes to call Adi. Adi does not answer. She recalls she left her car and says I will go by cab to wake up Adi. Dadi does puja, and Shagun gets disturbed in her sleep. She gets irritated. She sees time and says its 3.15, Adi can wake up by this sound, my plan will flop. She goes to check. She sees Ishita’s missed calls on Adi’s phone and says whatever you do Ishita, Adi will not wake up, as he is in deep sleep, Adi can’t impress Dadi now. She leaves. Ishita is not able to take cab and thinks how to wake up Adi. She thinks and says there is no other option.

Ishita goes to Raman and says he is sleeping. She wakes him up. He says I thought its Katrina Kaif. She says we have to wake up Adi, else he will fail. He asks are you mad, go and sleep. She says we have to go, Adi has to take Dadi to temple, I don’t have my car and license. He asks will I drop you, go and sleep. She says fine, I will try someone’s automatic car for the first time. He says wait, I m coming. He goes to freshen up.

Raman and Ishita reach Mani’s house. Raman says next time, I won’t drop you, you have irritated me. She asks him to come. He asks how will you go to Adi, will you ring bell. She says no, I can’t ring bell. She shouts Kukkad koo. Pihu asks Shagun whats that. Raman and Ishita argue. He asks her to come down. She asks him to shout. He says fine and tries. Shagun sees them and says they both won’t change Adi won’t get up.

Dadi calls out Adi and gets angry. Ishita says why is Adi not getting up and tells Raman that Dadi is getting angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s really amazing how one real mom is voting for him to fail and his step mom is doing everything in her power for her son to succeed shaggy is really a witch she has no affection for her own real kids then what love does she has for Pihu??? I can’t understand as for ishu she shows how moms worry for their kids. It was an kk epi can’t wait to see shaggy fall to her face tomorrow

    1. U r absolutely right. Shaggy is a worst witch. She is happy to spoil her kids.

    2. i agree to u swara my name is anita i’m new to message but i’m great fan of yhm and also read ur comments daily

    3. True Swara

  2. This Shagun is so annoying!!! She is trying to make her son rejected by Aaliyah dadi??? What kind of a mother is she? I hope in the precap adi doesn’t fail. Shagun is a scheming woman!! She is against her own son’s will. Adi deserves Aliya and Aliya deserves adi. Both of them deserve each other. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Ishita is worrying about adi each and every second. She is the real mother. Ishita can’t be compared with Shagun because Shaggy can’t do well like Ishu. Shaggy please don’t compete with Ishu because you are only going to lose. Pihu is a spoilt child!! Shaun is now spoiling Ananya. Simmi should give tonnes of tight slaps to that Shagun for spoiling the children and for conspiring against Bhalla and iyers. Come on Mani don’t believe your Shaggy. She is cheating you and still with that Ashok. Poor Ishita she doesn’t even get a moment of happiness in her life because of Shaggy. I must say that in tomorrow episode adi is gonna rock!! Today’s episode was ok coz of ishra cute fight.
    Get well soon Divyanka didi!!

    1. shreya shetty

      yup meghnaa dear I agree with u.what such a nasty evil mother shaggy is!!!wheras I want the writers to send shaggy doo to some zoo where she could be treated even more violently like a wild animal.i am totally sick of her evil mastermind plans that bores me a lot.ishu deserves to be a very special mother to all the kids and is 100 percent better than that old shagun.shagun gave birth to the three of them but has only become expert in spoiling them by buying them expensive stuff such as if she was a good mother then why she bought a top mobile phone to pihu and chat through whatsapp at such a young age????come on ishu u r the best and also I loved it when u and rammy had a cute fight of screaming kukadkoo!!!hahahahahahahaha nice episode

    2. Ur true. Shagun shldnt be compared to Ishita. Ishu is a sacrificer. Proud of Ishu!!

  3. shreya shetty

    saalekh forever one thing I am warning u now,whatever words and behavior shown earlier in form of another name was fake really fake actually that was my alter ego and u haven’t even understood my prank isn’t it???well please now stop u r spying business and act u r age,i beg pardon from u and beg hands to quit ur nonsensical blaming faults upon me all the would be happy and pure if u don’t come here and quit this site group.we don’t want any sort of enemocity here amongst each other and if u really are against me because of my horrible past deeds then move it or lose it.please just kick urself out of here,GET OUT SAALEKH FOREVER!!!!WHAT DO U THINK THAT U CAN PROOVE ME WRONG AND KEEP SAYING THAT I AM A HYPOCRITE ALL TIME????WELL U R TOTALLY WRONG LOSER AND SO BEAT IT

    1. Relax Shreya didi! U r not purposely doing this. U r not a hypocrite. Pls don’t hesitate to tell ur problems to us. I am requesting you.

    2. Saalekh Forever

      Once you say and next time you abuse. Stick to one thing. And you dont even know my age so dont even try to talk about it. And it doesn’t matter to me what you tell, I will keep coming here to read updates and comment. Please learn to speak properly and be calm

  4. shreya shetty

    when I get angry u know what words I can attack u with saalekh its better for u to stay very far away from me before I attack u with my anger through comments even more.please don’t even reply if u don’t like my comments,just quit it or else I have no choice but to complain u to the webpage leader of this group fan site instead I ll become even more worse if u keep accusing me so much for everything.remember and take this as a warning especially when I get angry although as a young girl yhm fan I tend to spit out harsh things at people when I go virally out of control

    1. Saalekh Forever

      Does that mean you can talk whatever you want and others cant. Keep your warning to yourself, im not scared of you.

  5. Nice episode, I am glad that Adi is at Mani’s place. He will be able to keep an eye on Pihu as well. What I don’t understand is Adi should have been more careful. He knows that Shagun will do anything to separate Adi and Aliya. Why did he even trust her and drink the milk? He should have been more cautious. He threw caution to the wind. Shagun capitalized this. Of course Shagun is not happy that her plans are all foiled. At least Raman and Ishita are very cute as a couple. I enjoy seeing them more than Adi and Aliya. Now the cvs and Ekta are doing it right and I hope it goes this track onwards.

    1. The efforts as parents Ishitha and Raman took to wake up Adi was enjoyable …. Raman shows angry but nicely supported Ishitha

  6. shreya shetty

    please people tell me if I have any problem then I am ready to accept it but I cant tolerate that old bad man saalekh forever.i mean that person should go and kick out by not replying even if he doesn’t like my comments.whats his problem anyway about me.i just want saalekh forever to quit from here because he is making me angry a lot even after I tried saying sorry to all of u on playing that fake identity prank

  7. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Kiran, Monique, Khushi, magic, siddhi bhagya and many other YHM fans.

    I miss VP’s, Khushi, Monique and Mino’s comments very much. You guys give very well thought comments. I suppose some of you are not coming on to this site to give comments anymore. Some others have been using bad language and even speaking ill too much of the characters. I feel so sad because I use to enjoy reading all this matured comments but now it is very different. This site use to have clean comments and very friendly tone. Now the comments have become so harsh and even backbiting others until the moderators need to delete some comments. I do miss you guys ya…. I don’t know what happen to Kiran too. I come on less as well because my good friends are not commenting much or anymore.

    1. Hi Sindhu …. I too enjoy this ste very much …. but i cant tolerate bad words … I tried my best to stop commenting … but addicted to this site … really Kiran , Jaz , Az and all missing . Khushi Siddhi … Bhagya .. where r you all …Shaghun doesnt love Pihu at all …. Adi acts very well … esp son and moms relationship superb ….sons are mothers weakness …. I too have an adorable loving son …. …

  8. Hi all yhm fans.episode was OK. Let’s hope and pray Adi doesnt fail.shaggy needs a hot smack.divyanka get well soon.mwah

  9. Finally one nice episode

  10. A really funny episode after a long time. Ishita with motherly care looking after adi is heart touching

  11. Shagun’s role is going to be very bad epi to epi because a real mother can’t do something like that but this all is writer decision so let see what happend next (i mean shagun will loose certainly)


      1. Hahahaha am ok but where had you vanished for a month? Why didn’t you comment? Are you ok?

      2. I hope you are ok and i missed badly to you (comment) so, plz keep commenting have a nice day my friend

  12. KukKad koo was so funny. Both Raman and Ishita arguing in a joking manner is so nice to watch. Wow I have missed all these so much. I see the chemistry in them slowly. What a great expressions both of them. He telling her is she going to walk through the front door and ring the doorbell and she is thinking about it and wondering how to wake Adi up. What a great time sense…..

  13. QueenB

    I love ishita
    and i love raman when he is not an illogical, angry man lol

  14. really nyc episodes but shagun i like u but in show not because u always doing negative role in real i like ISHIMA U are the best in show and anywhere love all the cast of YHM foreve??????☺

  15. Really nc episode lovely ishra and cute adi aliya and most worst mother is shagun. Im glad bcz yhm id back to track thts really good

  16. Hello vp, appy, bhagya, rithu, mino, sindhu, shivani, supergirl, shreya, ananthi, shahabana, raghu, swara and all yhm fans a very good night to all of you

    1. Hi are you ? Good night to you too.

      1. Am ok and good morning rithu

  17. I know that shagun is playing negative role but u have no right to comment like this she is worst mother in serial but in her real life we don’t know! !!!!!!! I like all the casts of yhm so much especially RUHANIKA. u did a great job
    I think in coming episode adi have a dream that being scolded by radio and he will wake up . He pass his first test I hope so!!!!!

    1. sakshi to yaha sab bura bhala b shagun ko hi bol rhe hia anita hasnandani ko nhi :/ bolne se pehle thoda to dimag lagao :/

  18. I know that shagun is playing negative role but u have no right to comment like this she is worst mother in serial but in her real life we don’t know! !!!!!!! I like all the casts of yhm so much especially RUHANIKA. u did a great job
    I thnk in coming episode adi have a dream that being scolded by dadi radw and he will wake up . He pass his first test I hope so!!!!!

  19. Shagun may be a worst mother and very evil….but why is no one seeing how artificial Ishita is? She behaves and acts as if she is so goody goody and loves Adi more than Shagun and all the Bhallas put together. She met Adi as a teenager and after that she left for Australia soon after that. How can she even claim she loves him the most? She was hardly involved in his upbrining and most of the teenage years that they were together, Adi hated her….but now suddenly she means the world….more than his biological family…….She does the same with Pihu, with Ruhi and all Bhallas………Ishita is irritating annoying and always lecturing as if she is the only person on the earth who can do no wrong…….Ishita is overbearing and horrible.

    1. Aksa …. Ishitha never claimed she loves Adi … more than Shaghun …. here Adi loves Ishima so too Ruhi … whats Ishithas mistake here ? Ishitha left when he was growing up …. but Shaghun was with Adi ….how come Adi is not liking his Shaghun Mama … children love who gives love to them ……Bhallas like her becoz they know the true colour of Shaghun … its a serial … Ishitha … Shaghun … Adi … all characters are tuned by cvs … their job … they all delivering it well ..,

  20. Amazing episode…kurukoo was fantastic…

  21. Which mother will put sleeping pills in her son/daughter water or any drink??? This show is a great example. Shagun is a worst witch mother. How dare she mix those pills to spoil adis reputation?? Chi!!! Feel like slapping Shagun left and right. Ishu and Raman scene was awesome!! Kukkadkooo!!! Haha! It was so funny and cute when Ishu said that. Ishu is so caring towards her children!! I guarantee she is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% better than shaggy doo. Shagun deserves to be in hell.

  22. Episode was good and funny .precap was ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli and all yhm friends.

  23. Wat wrong with adi

  24. shreya shetty

    i feel like throwing a pile of fire stones on that shaggy doo shes intentionally trying to let her own son down so that he cant be accepted by aaliyas dadi for aaliyas marriage,isnt it????wait and watch shaggy doo loser its high time that even so shall ur second daughter pihu whos become spoilt and irritating goes back to her ishimaa because not only u just gave birth to her but also pihu was created through ishitas egg through surrogacy.and one thing shagun that u r completely regarded as the most violent retarded evil witch mother of all moms,how can u ever do this kind of dirty trick to adi???writers should atleast think of getting shagun arrested for life sentence due to her unforgivable crimes committed through her evilistic nature.shagun is 5 times eviler than ashok I guess so that’s why she has become a 2nd ashok in this show

  25. We all agree that ishitha left adi and pihu when they were small and shagun took care of adi and pihu for seven years when ishitha left them but here the important thing is not to take care of children for 7 years its important of children upbring and their values when adi was with shagun he was a spoilt brat but after ishitha took care of him she realisef him what is good and bad and had given good values so that’s why adi is now very good in nature if shagun had did adi upbringing then adi would be rowdy now see pihu she doesnt konow how to respect elders and she making other children use phone this shagun upbringing shagun doesnt know how to upbring her childerns and ishitha knows how to upbring children on right path

    1. Right abhishek…

    2. Very true Abhishek

  26. Hi i m new here can i get frns. I m a great fan.of yhm

  27. I use to watch YHM, but due to my work i only comment on SNS, i have lots of very nice and humble friends on that page,i just wanted to see some comments and my oh my some of these comments sucks,persons calling each other names,very immature grow up people every one have opinion and they will give it cause its free you dont have to pay for one’s opinion you can only please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time come on now guys its not six and eight years commenting here its adult,come on now dont worry be happy and i am sure you guys are too blessed to be stressed sorry if i am poking my nose in your business but i hate it when people fail to realize each other’s worth if you guys wants comment on SNS we have our BOSS there he is too good nd other understanding friends who can do anything for each other we love ech other on that page there are no room for sarcasm there come on go join our Sunshine Friends on SNS sorry if i said much my humble apology to you guys and i made two mistakes instead of and i have nd and each i have ech sorry sindhu are you by any chance our boss

  28. interesting simmi

  29. Hi yhm fans,Alya is rock in this episode she help Adi to weakup.I love this part.

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