Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman recalls Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying I understood, just don’t let Raman take those medicines, do anything, lie, cheat, whatever, just stop him. Aaliya says fine, but what’s the matter. Ishita says there is something. Aaliya asks how shall I stop Simmi. Ishita tells her plan. Aaliya asks did Simmi do anything wrong. Ishita doesn’t answer. Aaliya says we are going out in evening, you come on time. Ishita says sure, you don’t let Raman take medicines. Aaliya goes.

Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she tell Parmeet about his divorce, who is he to talk in between. She says Mihika asked for 5 lakhs, so I told Parmeet to arrange money, you didn’t get her home. Romi says I admit its my mistake, did you go to convince her and unite us, who is he to say. He gets counsellor’s letter.

Mrs. Bhalla asks him to meeet. Romi says no, I will talk to Mihika. Mr. Bhalla says you have to go, don’t be mad, we will come along. Romi goes. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go with him.

Simmi asks Raman to take medicines, she will get water. Aaliya collides with Raman and makes medicines fall. She says sorry. Simmi comes. Raman says I m finding medicines. Aaliya says Raman forgot, he took medicines with juice. Raman says I m forgetting a lot, maybe I took medicines. Aaliya thinks Raman doesn’t remember anything, this is really serious. Adi and Shagun come. Aaliya asks Adi to take Raman. She asks Simmi to have juice. Simmi likes it. Aaliya says I knew it you will like it, we will buy more. She thinks it happened as Ishita planned, now it will be fun. Simmi starts itching. Shagun asks do you have any allergy. Simmi asks Aaliya what’s this juice. Aaliya says its grapes juice. Simmi says I have allergy with grapes. Raman comes. Simmi tells him about the grapes allergy. He says I will be with you. Aaliya asks him to go. Shagun stays with Simmi. They leave.

Aaliya says I want to ride on segway. Adi says its not easy. She asks him to go. Ishita comes and greets them. She says I invited our new partner Ruhi too, she is also coming. Raman goes. Ishita greets Ruhi. Ruhi says stop trying, you just help me in business, no need to unite me and my dad. Ishita says who told you, I m sorry, I m helping myself, I m just an investor, please be careful, how are you talking to me, do you talk to investors like this. Adi looks on. Ishita says if I feel my work will spoil because of your ego, I will back out, I hope you have no issues, come, join us on the tour. Ruhi says I m not interested. Ishita says its good to mingle, you go, I have to talk to Raman. Ruhi looks at her. Teri bechaini ka…..plays…… Ishita smiles.

Bhallas come to meet counsellor. They meet Iyers. Counsellor says court appointed me as the marriage counsellor, this application doesn’t look mutual, I would ask you to think well and decide. Romi says my wife has sent the notice, I apologized to her, I m ashamed of my mistake. Mr. Bhalla scolds him. Mrs. Bhalla says it doesn’t mean they take divorce. Amma says you are still taking son’s side, he cheated Mihika. Appa says Mihika took decision alone. Amma says one who tolerates this can know. Mrs. Bhalla says he didn’t cheat Mihika. Counsellor says Mihika should be here, we will do second session after she comes. She asks Mr. Bhalla and Appa to stay back for a walk. She says you both are not happy with divorce, I need your help in stopping this divorce. They agree to help.

Ruhi comes to Raman. He greets her and goes. Ishita thanks Ruhi and goes to Raman. They get seated, while the children enjoy. Ishita says it looks good to see our children happy. He says sorry? She says I mean those children, family is so imp in life, you said you feel some relation with me, shall we name this friendship. He says I have to call Simmi, its time for medicines, I m having headache. She asks him not to depend on medicines, look at this city, see his history, Buda and Pest were two cities, they got united and became Budapest, try to focus here, shall we also do Segway. They go to try. Ishita slips. Raman holds her. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. He says you can’t do this Madrasan, let it be. She looks at him. He asks what happened.

She asks what did you call me just now. He says Ishita ji, sorry if I said anything else, I think we should ride it together, come. They try the segway. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. Ishita thinks to find out what all he remembers and what he has forgotten. She asks him what does his wife do, is she Punjabi. He gets few flashes and says she is Madrasan, actually she is punjaban, sorry don’t know. She says its normal to have confusion, she would be strict. He says jhansi ki rani, always ready to fight, she used to call me Raavan kumar. She smiles. He says strange thing, I remember few things but not faces. She says it happens, you can buy any stuff for children. He says I can buy something for my daughter. She thinks if he remembers Pihu. She asks for Ruhi. He says you are very innocent, Ruhi is my business rival, not daughter. He goes. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Ishita says Raman is forgetting everything by these medicines. Simmi says I m doing this intentionally. Ishita says your game is over. Raman asks Ishita to apologize to Simmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Silent reader

    What the heck it’s like an action replay of her apologizing to Adi and shagun.

  2. Hello VP, Rithu, Shivani and many many more who have stopped coming to this telly site when YHM storyline went bizarre. The mohabbatein was lost. VP how are you? I have not come for such a long time but I wanted to say hello to you at least. That is the only reason I came on.

    After the 2 year leap, it is at least nice to watch Raman and Ishita rekindling their love but still some kind of chemistry lacks in them. When they are together and getting close you don’t feel the adrenaline running through whereas the old YHM you will feel that.

    Still the cvs are trying to create the moments so we should be happy.

    VP take care and miss you very much. I wonder what happened to the old time commentors like Rithu.

    1. Thank you Sindhu ! I am fine . I watch yhm only for Divyanka . Nothing else . The good Ishitha died from Australian track … when Ishra plotted against Shaghun . From the no ethics and logics . Fooling us ! Cvs have no brain . Today Ishithas values have no values . Cvs butchered Raman and Ishitha . Thats all .

      1. Hey VP mam I hurt my back over the weekend but I am much better now. Thank you so much for asking. I am so tired of pain killers and hot water bottle.
        Yes both of you are right the producers and CVs have destroyed the characters of the main players of this show Raman Ishita and Ruhi with their off the wall and illogical story line
        In the past we were very proud and envious of ishita’s motherhood but not now.
        If they want to salvage the show – then Ananya should not die; Param should be exposed; Ishita to apologise to both families and tell the truth; Simmi’s pain should be recognised and justified.
        Anyways the whole show is in a mess.
        Hey Sindhu, Rithu and all YHM fans

  3. First of all what kind of a mother apologizes to people like ruhi, who is unpardonably arrogant, became a “businesswoman” in 2 years(without brains, experience or education) but doesn’t want to stay with and help her family in their difficult times. And look at ishita- she looks so peaceful and carefree not regretting even once about what happened to a poor little girl anaya, who died innocently! And Pihu is saved, without learning any life lessons, becos ishita decided to cover up her crime!
    Everyone hates simmi, but i have started hating ishita too, as much as i dislike simi, param, toshi bhalla and ruhi.
    And aliya, she’s so silly and childish. She can’t use her own brain to figure out why ishita is asking all questions abt the doctor and pill. “Aap jaisa bologi mein vaisa hi karungi”. Seriously? Yeah, of course becos ishita is the only one with “brains”. Keep messing around with ur family and come back after a leap to “fix” things!!!!
    And shagun is a whole lot different story, she has no purpose in the show, just as romi, mihika, adi, mani, mr bhalla, etc etc
    I can’t enjoy the romance between ishra either becos it looks fake. So people can’t tell me to enjoy the romance or drama, just for the sake of it. whenever they r together, they fight the hel$ out of each other, but when ishita abandons her family, she gets back pretending like she is a 20 year old college student. I am tired of her giving lectures to everyone (street vendors, policemen, teachers, family members, journalists, thugs, everyone) but when it comes to herself following rules and regulations, she has no ethics.
    The show writers have turned a nice, innocent ishita from 3 years back into an irresponsible, helpless and selfish woman who does nothing logical. And don’t even get me started on ruhi (her arrogance, atrocity, impudence, ego, etc etc.)
    Bye bye, I am not going to watch this stupid sh&$ thing anymore.

  4. And before I leave,
    Thank you Amena for your patience with all the comments here;)
    We all appreciate the detailed episode synopsis you provide everyday. Thanks!:)

    1. I agree with you we don’t thank Ameena enough
      Ameena, You are a gem bringing us the updates fast enough
      God bless you. THANK YOU for the updates
      We appreciate you

  5. After long time i read updates.really i love these episodes and our llvely ishima and raman.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    How did ishita got out of prison, what did she and Ashok did to free her? Did ishita confessed the truth to get out of prison? These are the things I really want to know. I also want to know about pihu.

  7. i love Divyanka.

  8. DeviG I’m not sure about last night’s episode… I liked Raman and Ishita together but felt that he played his role so well that you felt the distance between them. I’m getting impatient I want Simmi to be exposed. …I fool u once I’m the fool I fooled you twice you are the fool… how long is Param going to use her… I would really like Ananya to be the one to expose Param, she is not dead but he has kept her hidden…if only

  9. Ishita went to prison for Pihu. Since the leap of 2 years – I don’t recall her asking about Pihu?

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