Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu telling Shagun that Raman made her project. Shagun says its lovely. Teacher asks Pihu to come and keep the science model. Raman goes along. Mani calls Shagun and asks how is she, Pihu, home. He says sorry, I m travelling. She says I m fine, don’t take stress, I understand your business, where are you. Mani says I m in Australia, its beautiful place, you should also come here, you will love it. She says I m bored here, but you will be busy there. He says make a plan and I will take leave. She says no, keep travelling and sending me gifts. He laughs and asks about Pihu. She tells Raman has made the science model for Pihu, Raman is helping a lot, else it would be tough, I will talk later. Mani says Pihu has to win, as her father left entire family for her.


and Ruhi address everyone about the event to felicitate fathers. Ruhi says we are glad to nominate our Papa in this and thinks of Raman. She says my Papa is my superhero and my best friend. Adi says I can’t imagine my life without my Papa, who made many sacrifices for us, who is a true inspiration for us. Mihika and Ishita come there. Adi smiles seeing Ishita and says I want to introduce you all to my Papa, our Ishi Maa. Ishita and everyone get surprised. Everyone clap. Adi says on father’s day, we came to congratulate her, she gave us mum and dad’s love too, we love you. Ruhi says yes, I love you Ishi maa. Everyone clap. They go and hug Ishita.

Pihu and Raman are in the function. Pihu wins the first prize for best model. Teacher asks Pihu to thank her teachers. Pihu thanks her teachers and Raman. She says Raman is world’s best Papa, I want to share this with Papa, its father’s day today, its a small gift from my side, love you Papa, please come and share this trophy. Raman smiles and says love you too. He goes on stage and hugs Pihu. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………….

YHM spoiler

Later, Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi that she packed parathas for Ananya. Neela says someone got the flowers, its for Ishita. Mihika says its lovely. Simmi says who can send this, maybe Adi. Adi asks what. Simmi says we know you have sent this for Ishita. Adi says I did not, maybe Ruhi did this. Ruhi comes. They tell Ruhi that bouquet is cute. Ruhi says I did not send this. Ishita comes and says its beautiful bouquet, did I miss anyone’s birthday, why are you all looking at me. Simmi says this is for you. Ishita asks for me? She sees the card and smiles. Ruhi and Adi look on. Mrs. Bhalla asks who is this loving person.

Ishita says I don’t know, maybe its a prank. Simmi asks Ishita to say it, very few know you like white lilies. Ishita says no one. Mr. Bhalla comes and says I know she likes white lilies, so I have sent this, she has managed this house as a son, I don’t miss Raman or anyone. Ishita thanks him and goes. Appa says I m lucky that Ishu got such loving inlaws. Mrs. Bhalla says we are lucky to get such son-bahu for us. Mr. Bhalla says I want to make her happy and end her loneliness, I will be glad the day when Raman comes back. Everyone get sad,

Raman attends call and is leaving for meeting. He goes to have some food. He does not get anything in kitchen. He thinks to order food. He orders food. He says Delhi was good, home made food…. He recalls Mrs. Bhalla and gets sad. He gets a call and says what shall I do for 10 mins. He sees Ishita’s videos and smiles thinking of her. He says I miss everyone, what to do, I can’t come there even if I want. He gets the food delivered.

Ishita thanks Mr. Bhalla for saving her. He says its fine, I understand, but who has sent the flowers, its okay if you don’t want to say. She says I have to go clinic. He asks her to go. She leaves. He worries and says my doubt was right, I think there is someone in Ishita’s life, I can’t tell this to Toshi ji, Raman has left Ishita, she has her own life.

Shagun tells the man that she is bored of kick boxing, change my workout regime. A lady greets her. Shagun says sorry, I did not recognize you. The lady reminds her and compliments her looks. Shagun says my husband’s business shifted to Bangkok and we shifted here last year. The lady asks her why did she not come in reunion, we should meet. Shagun says we will go for a drink, else my home. She takes her number.

Shagun is happy to know some gossip, it will be exciting. She says I had to pick up Pihu today, one person can help me. Raman talks to his staff. He gets Shagun’s call. She asks will you pick Pihu. He says its your turn, I pick Pihu on Fridays. She asks what, confusion, I made plans, please pick her. Raman says she has no confusion and making excuse. He says fine, I will pick her up, don’t worry for my meeting, your plans are more imp. She ends call and thanks him. Raman cancels meetings and says nothing is imp than my daughter.

Shagun talks to her friend. The lady asks are you happy with your marriage. Shagun says I have designer sarees, diamonds, everything. The lady says you are bored now. Shagun asks how did you know. The lady says you were liked by many guys in college, you used to date guys and leave them, you never thought to settle with anyone. Shagun says Mani is good, but there is no excitement in marriage, this happened with Raman too, then Ashok came in my life, I thought to marry him, he was commitment phobic, then Manoj came in my life, suddenly I got attracted to Raman again, then in this process I got married to Mani.

The lady says you had many relationships. She reminds Vidyut, college’s head boy, India’s ex cricketer. Shagun says I don’t remember. The lady says everyone knew you like her, meet him once. Shagun asks are you crazy. The lady asks her to meet him and whats harm in flirt, you have to go back to husband. Shagun agrees and says there will be some excitement in life, Vidyut….. interesting.

Ruhi asks Ishita… Ishita says everyone has passwords in phone, even you have, I m mother, why are you asking me. Ruhi says ya I have password but… Ishita says but your case is different, we are equally human, its okay, whose messages will I get anyway, normal bank etc.

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  1. magic

    Hello vp, appy, shivani, rithu, sindhu, mino, parichari, shreya, bhagya, tuffy, meghana, riya, fanclub, kavya, manju, marin, abc, madhu, athira ramesh, raghu, saba and all and welcome to all new commenter’s at this site and welcome to myself also haha where is shivani and vp pls there is nothing without your’s comment so plz do comment i am willing to read your comments vp and shivani hope you both ok

  2. Reshmi

    Shagun is a shameless woman. How could she say she had involved around men? That really makes me laugh!! Logic less!

  3. Marin

    Ruhi and Adi both of them loves Raman so much..But Raman is only pihu pihu pihu..Didn’t he remember that ruhi and adi are also his child..

  4. hi

    Marriage relations become a game in this serial.. Raman married 4 times..
    now Ishita counting her BF’s.. Shagun OMG Infinity 🙂 What message you are passing..Here..

    see Ex’s Videos/Photos and move on in life with another person.. if marriage happen also.. keep flirting.. and have time pass.. not to fix the relations..

  5. Marin

    What is ishita doing..who has sent her flowers.It means spoilers are saying right.Ishita may be likes Vidyut..But how can she forget Raman

  6. anay bangalore

    i think later cvs will show all these are planned by raman & ishita to get pihu & expose shagun. otherwise raman should get angry seeing ishita’s video but he is happy

    • Amalina


      |Registered Member

      yeah maybe, i think it’s raman sending ishita all thee romantic things, but afterall it’s ekta’s show, so she will drag till the middle of 2017 to unfold the mystery!

    • cham

      Yeah!!Even I feel the same guys. was shown that Raman is missing ishitha too. (That video scene)if so it will be very interesting to watch…and the most beutiful thing is that shagun is acting as she has won everything..
      And because of that she is acting as she is bored and careless .that is soo much fun😆😆😆😉

    • rids

      Yeah its a new beginning kind of advertising. Means new thought new beginning. . Women empowerment. New star plus.. tat s the whole idea.

  7. Sandy

    Hi guys I am new in da commenting box. I watched them ever since it started. But I can’t understand where da writers r taking dis upto. anyway I love dis serial so much

  8. Sona

    I don’t think it raman ishita mani n vidyut plan to expose shagun because 1 yr is enough to expose enemies n win someone trust relative especially when they live with them.

  9. Ro

    Hi guys…not watched the serial for a loooong time I know 😛 but i have one comment to say…

    though mani knows that raman is with shagun abroad,,, then why is ruhi wondering where her father is??????? has mani lost connection with the bhallas or wat????????????

  10. Abhishek

    There is nothing new in before they showed lafter 7 years leap raman was ready to marry shagun and ishitha was in raman thoughts for 7 years after 1 year leap ishitha is ready to marry someone else and raman in ishitha thoughts they are just repeating same scenes and i think mr bhalla has no problem with ishitha affair after 7 year leap they showed raman character to the worst and after 1 year leap they are going to show ishitha character cvs cant tolerate that we fans just love ishitha character so thats why they are ruining ishitha character lets see how much can cvs ruin ishitha character only in ekta serial relationship , love and marriage have no values

  11. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.a bit confusing but it’s Ishra plan to expose shaggy. Vidyhut might like ishu but ishu only loves raman. Shaggy daggy doo….ur days are numbered!!!!!

    • susan

      No. Shagun has only returned to her old ways. This is how she was before the surrogacy and ghost drama. Always just money money money. Her dialogues are even revealing all this.

  12. Manju

    I always think how lucky Shagun is. She always gets all she wants. Even after committing Criminal Act she can walk scott free and pure white as a Lilly. Ishita on other hand strive hard for everything love acceptance by the Husband family children ect. Even Raman comes back to her life can Ishitha forget the ugly words stated by Raman as he can turn disrespective of Ishitha any time. I am happy Ishita going on her own way.

  13. Uaha

    Well now that selfish Raman gone chasing his daughter and that shameless shagun I hope he gets a real kick up his backsides and that he regrets his every nasty words to Ishita.He does not deserve Ishita and about time someone enters Ishita life and truely loves her.Sorry but why should Ishita put up with all rubbish and an arogant foul mouth Raman who has forgotten his other 2children..disgusting.Mani I thought you were intelligent man but you let shameless shagun have all the luxuries…why…throw her out or are you so blind.Adi and Ruhi must allow Ishita to live her own life too.Writers why Shagun having another man in her life??? Come on its Ishita who needs the new lease of life.

  14. Priya

    Shagun is not a mother she’s just using her kids for motive. And Rama sas he loves ishita but he says such bad things to her and yells at her. Leaves her everytime. He’s a bad husband and son

  15. Unknown

    What is this going on? If like as few people says that its Raman and Ishitha plan to unfold Shagun thats cool but if its other way, the show track is not so interesting. Raman and Ishitha are great couple. Being apart for 1 year without any communication is possible? No one can be like that. So, it should be their plan. If its not, please change it. We donot want Raman and Ishitha aparts again. Already they have aparted 7 yrs and married again why not now. Please unfold this mistery soon as we want to them being one again.

    Shagun’s character is such a careless one. She wants pihu but donot want to take care of her. She need only money not anything else. Please reveal everything about her done to take custody of pihu to all Mani, Raman and Bhalla family. She is enjoying a lot done such a things but Ishitha and Raman are not. Its not healthy. Enough of showing Shagun enjoyment please do something so that pihu understand Ishitha and accepts her. Pihu is growing up and need to understand what is good and what is not.

    And, please donot bring anyone into Ishitha life. Raman and Ishitha are good pair. And also values matters. With how many they will be in relations.
    Raman with Shagun, Ishitha, Nidhi(eventhough its drama), again Shagun, Ishitha.
    Ishitha with a guy(donot remember name, its before she did marry Raman, married Raman, Mani, Again raman and
    now showing that there is another guy and that is not good. It should be Raman.
    Shagun with Raman, Ashok, Manoj, again Raman, Mani, and again now Vidyuth.

    Raman has to understand Ishitha but he will not. Everytime he gets frustrated and wil get on her. and later realizes. WHy to fight he can sit and talk and should trust her words on priority first. He will not be ready to listen her first everytime and as a result anyone of both walks away for years.

    Please do as its Raman and Ishitha plan and they become one again and pihu should get to know about Shagun and should understand Ishitha and comes to them. Let Shagun go on her way filrting guys and enjoying luxuries.

  16. nishuu

    This has become more frustrating now. I have never for once seen Ishita truly happy. She always had something or the other issue bugging her happiness.
    I loved Ishra nok jhok. But the way Raman treats Ishita is very demeaning. He treats her like trash.
    is se to accha Ishita Mani se shaadi karti. Mani is mature and understanding and loved Ishu also. Raman deserves to stay alone. Why blame Shagun only for their broken marriage, if Raman behaved so with Shagun also in their 1st marriage then their divorce is fully justified.
    which woman would like to stay in such a marriage where she is not respected. Raman’s family on the other hand is so loving and caring. And look at Romi. His trust on Mihika is so strong. If Raman was in his place i know he would have just bombarded Ishita with foul words.
    and what Infail to understand is, raman craved for Ruhi for the 7 yrs she was gone and now that she is back he just left her and Adi to run after Pihu. So just one of his daughter matters so much to him that he left everything and everyone for Pihu. He left his own parents, his other kids.
    Ridiculous plot!!!

    • indiraze

      you are wrong actually may be you don’t the story Shagun was really bad woman
      she had an affair with Ashok and left Raman because Ashok was rich

  17. rithushree

    YHM: Raman-Vidhyut connection revealed, Ruhi-Ishita showdown

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns post the one year leap of the show.

    It seems that Vidhyut turns out to be an old friend of Raman (Karan Patel), Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get in contact with him to search Raman.

    On the other hand Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) finds some greetings and gifts in Ishita’s cupboards and tells Adi (Abhishek Verma) about someone in Ishita’s life. Ishita gets confronted by Adi and Ruhi.

    While Ruhi gets annoyed with Ishita, Ishita walks away without giving an explanation hence making matter worse.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  18. rithushree

    Where are you guys shivani vp mino and all ? Missing specially shivani ‘s comments.and vp you did not come only .

  19. rithushree

    Star Plus Yeh hai mohabbatein is gaining a lot of attention from viewers. In today’s episode Raman and ishitha’s life is going to take a new turn and they will be parting their ways. As we have seen shagun along with mani,pihu and aliya leave India and shift to Bangkok.

    This will break raman’s heart and he will leave the house.

    A leap of 1 year will bring different twists and turns in the show. A new entry will be shown on the show and actor Sid Makkar will be seen playing the new man Vidyut in Ishita’s life

    As already reported, Shagun shifts to Australia with pihu and raman goes in search of her. On the other hand, a new man enter’s ishitha’s life as Vidhyut and she decides to move on.

    Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will get suspicious about a new man in Ishita’s life and she along with Adi will confront Ishita about the same. Ishitha and ruhi go to Australia for some purpose. Shagun will also try to woo Vidyut and she will lie to him that Pihu is not her daughter. On the other hand, Raman will get angry with Shagun for not taking proper care of Pihu.

    It will be interesting to see what turn Ishita and Raman’s life will take from here on and will they be able to unite with Pihu.

  20. rithushree

    Ishita will be seen meeting Raman’s old friend Vidyut. Shagun acts careless about Pihu. Raman and Ishita leave for Australia for work, where they miss to see each other at the airport. Ruhi finds some greetings and gifts in Ishita’s cupboards and tells Adi about someone in Ishita’s life. Ishita gets confronted by Adi and Ruhi. While Ruhi gets annoyed with Ishita, Raman is angry on Shagun because of Pihu. Shagun happens to meet Vidyut and gets attracted to him.

  21. raj

    HI all, me too think that it is both raman and ishitha’s plan……agar pihu ko shagun ke saath bhej diya tho woh completely spoil hojathi…. so to take care of her only aur pihu ki trust jeethne keliye aur shagun ki asliyath pihu ke samne expose karneke liye hi ishitha aur raman yeh plan kar rahe hain….warna raman videos dekhkar miss you all nai kehtaha…. ishitha mobile me password nai set karthi… sahi hai na

  22. piya

    Did Dis show is becoming irritating date by date n most irritating character is Shogun I think she has completely lost her mind after the leap bcz she only has one thing to say dat m bored no excitement n is overacting
    Feel like giving her 2 tight slaps irritating women seeing her is a pain dumb women

  23. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita got separated while Raman stays with Shagun and Pihu.

    Raman loves his daughter Pihu a lot that is why he left his entire family along with Adi and Ruhi too whom he loved a lot.

    Shagun as usual busy in her rich lift style party and feels bore taking care of Pihu and indirectly puts all work on Raman.

    Apart from this, Shagun finds about a new guy Vidyut and decides to flirt with her as nothing is here for excitement.

    Ishita also reach to Bankok for some work where Shagun witness Ishita and keeps some packet in her bag.
    Ishita gets surprised seeing Shagun falls in love for Vidyut

    Airport security check Ishita’s bag and arrest her while Ishita tries to explain her as it is not her but they do not hear her.

    Vidyut makes entry in the scene and saves Ishita from accusation while Shagun gets impressed by Vidyut’s personality.

    Will Vidyut help Ishita trapping Shagun?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  24. rithushree

    Yeh shagun toh ishitha ko kahi bhi nahi chodegi lekin ab ishitha ko shagun se jeetne se koi nahi rok saktha hai.aur woh Mani ,ussko toh shagun ke Saath hi rehna chahiye.

  25. rithushree

    In the coming epsiodes, Ishitha leaves for australia to meet vidhyut. Raman and ishitha will witness a hit and miss. They both go to the same place australia but for different reasons.

    Ishita meets vidhyut and everything seems like she is moving on in life with the new person. But it is not like that.

    This will be a plan of raman and ishitha to get pihu back from shagun. Ishitha lays a trap for shagun with the helps of vidhyut.

    Shagun who is searching for excitement in her life, meets vidhyut old college handsome and flirts with him. Shagun lies to him that pihu is not her daughter and she is single.

  26. Parichary

    Muaah!! Ishita and Raman’s romantic moment in sea in YHM

    Star Plus’s YHM has taken the most awaited leap and the viewers are upset seeing Ishita and Raman away from each other. However, as we told many times earlier, the show will witness the most awaited romance between Ishita and Raman!

    In the coming episodes, Vidyut will enter the show and he will help Ishita in finding Raman. As it was all Ishita and Raman’s pa=lan to get separated. Hence, in the ipcoming episodes, Raman will bring Ishita in the sea on a boat. The couple would be seen romancing.

    They will enjoy their romantic moments as they missed each other a lot. Let’s see if their happiness last longer or not,

  27. Parichary

    Divyanka-Karan received award for the Best Jodi for YHM show!

    Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel had awarded with best Jodi of the year! The duo, divyanka, and Karan is currently seen in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as Ishita Bhalla and Raman Bhalla. The awarded held in Mumbai.

    Television Academy Awards (ITA) 2016 was held in Mumbai, where India TV won the best news channel award, Mouni Roy got best actress award. At the same award show, Divyanka-Karan received the award for Best Jodi for Star Plus’s YHM show produced by Ekta Kapoor.

    Are you guys happy as your favourite Jodi won the award!

  28. Parichary

    Very Unexpected Move By Raman Towards Ishita After Post Leap In YHM

    In Star Plus Show Emotion & drama between Raman and Ishita’s confrontation post leap in YHM.

    The forthcoming chapter of YHM will show that both Raman and Ishita get apart and Raman shifted to Australia along with Pihu and Shagun.

    Raman and Ishita’s separation bring one year leap in the story where Ishita goes to Australia for some work.

    On Other Side, a new man Vidyut enters in Ishita’s life with a motive but it is yet to unfold as if he is with Shagun or helping Ishita.

    Ishita still wants to get both Raman and Pihu back in the family but it is not easy for her because Pihu has blind trust on Shagun.

    Raman and Ishita confront in a dramatic way and gets emotional recalling their past.

    Raman and Ishita love to each other deeply & their separation made their love stong.

    Raman and Ishita romance in sea.

    Raman Bhall secretly bring Ishita in sea spending some romantic time.

    Both Raman and Ishita enjoy the lovely moment but happiness is not part of their life for longer so twist soon enters in their life.

    It will be interesting to watch as the twist will unite Raman and Ishita or bring new trouble in their life.

  29. Parichary

    Vidyut saves Ishita from Shagun’s arrest plan on airport.

    Ishita, Shagun and Vidyut’s dramatic confrontation on airport. The upcoming episode of YHM will show that Raman and Ishita got separated while Raman stays with Shagun and Pihu.

    Raman loves his daughter Pihu a lot that is why he left his entire family along with Adi and Ruhi too whom he loved a lot.

    Shagun as usual busy in her rich life style party and feels boring taking care of Pihu and indirectly puts all work on Raman.

    Apart from this, Shagun finds about a new guy Vidyut and decided to flirt with her as nothing is here for excitement.

    Ishita also reach Bangkok for some work where Shagun witness Ishita and keeps some packet in her (Ishita) bag.

    Ishita get surprised seeing Shagun falls in love for Vidyut. Airport security check Ishita’s bag and arrest her while Ishita tries to explain her as it is not her but they do not hear her.

    Vidyut makes entry in the scene and saves Ishita from accusation while Shagun gets impressed by Vidyut’s personality.

  30. Parichary

    Raman irked as Shagun ignores Pihu for Vidyut.

    Raman furious see Shagun’s irresponsible behaviour towards Pihu. The upcoming episode of YHM will show after the leap track, Raman and Ishita’s story has taken one year leap.

    Raman and Shagun are in foreign, Raman is near Pihu and takes care of her like a father.

    Shagun is busy in her usual social life, friends, kitty party and other fun activities.

    Shagun is least intersted in Pihu and her ipbringing as she only loves herself, while Raman takes care of Pihu.

    Raman has sacrificed his family and Ishita just for his daughter Pihu as he knows that Shagun will spoil Pihu.

    Raman sacrifice Ishita for Pihu. Raman gets more furious when Shagun ignores Pihu and flirts with Vidyut and enjoys. Let’s see how will Raman and Ishita’s destiny again unites them as a family.

  31. Parichary

    YHM- Upcoming Full story Revealed

    The serial YHM is gearing up for more drama in the upcoming episodes as we have already seen major twist in recent episodes where Raman Ishita gets separated again and the show took 1 year leap in story line as we already seen that Ishita is hiding something from Bhalla family and it is looking like she is having an affair with someone. How ever it is not like that actually Ishita is still in contact with Raman and she is hiding this secret from Bhalla family.

    Actually Raman and Ishita are planing a trap for Shagun and plotting to expose her in front of Pihu and Mani. Raman and Ishita joined hand with Vidyut to expose Shagun.

    Raman and Ishita’s plan to trap Shagun is already started and Vidyut is key to expose her.

    Actually vidyut will try to enter Shagun’s life with the help of Shagun’s collage friend. Shagun will start dating Vidyut and will tell Pihu that she is busy in work.

    When Vidyut will ask her about relationship status she will tell him that she is single even she will also hid about Pihu from Vidyut also in the upcoming episodes we will see that Ishita will go to Bangkok for meeting someone and Ruhi will join her (maybe possible that Ruhi will follow her) in Bangkok Ishita will meet Vidyut and he will take her to Raman it will be biggest shock for everyone Ruhi will also get shocked seeing Ishita with Raman. Raman Ishita will reveal the whole plan that why they got separate.

    Raman Ishita will reveal whole plan that why they got separate (actually Raman wanted to be with Pihu but Shagun not allowed him to do so that’s why Raman left the house) Raman will win Pihu’s heart and will expose Shagun in front of Pihu. The whole drama is taking place soon and it will be interesting to watch the reaction of Ruhi after knowing the truth.

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