Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Simmi. She finds her hand hurt and makes excuse to go after Simmi. She goes to Simmi and sees her hand plaster. She asks what happened. Simmi says Annaya fell on my hand and I got hurt, I will be fine. Ishita cries and asks her to share anything, she can tell her. Simmi says there is nothing, doctor wanted to earn, I was okay, there was no need for plaster, I will come for puja. Ishita cries and leaves. Simmi says no one should know about my hand. She gets a call and says she can’t do anything, entire family and Ishita are here, don’t call me again.

Ishita says its not possible. She was not answering me well, was she lying. I can’t believe this. Raman signs Ishita to sit. Ishita smiles and sits in puja. Simmi cries and cuts the plaster.

Everyone do the puja. The pandit tells the rituals to Raman. Prateek sees everyone fine and says just Simmi has the hand sprain. He says Simmi lied about Ananya falling on her. Ishita says we have to find the truth for Raman. Shravan, Adi and Ruhi come. Shravan asks Bala to come, they will burn crackers. Ishita says its boring moment, shall we have arm wrestling competition, we girls will also play, we will keep girls versus boys. Ruhi and Shravan argue.

Romi and Sarika sit to compete first. Sarila tries hard, but Romi wins. Bala asks Vandu not to compete with him, if he wins, he will have problem at home. Prateek says Simmi will come. Ishita says no, Simmi’s hand is hurt. Simmi denies it and says I will compete with Bala. Simmi gets more hurt and still tries showing she is fine. Simmi makes Bala lose. Ishita and Prateek get surprised and look at each other. Ishita thinks it will be tough to make Simmi speak out truth, but I will find it for Raman’s sake.

Bala and Vandu talk about Bala losing in the game. She likes a necklace and shows him the pic. She says she wants it for Diwali. He says he can’t afford it. She says this happens with me always. He asks her to make same design imitation one. She likes the idea. They hug. Abhishek talks to the watchman who was on duty at night. The guard tells about going on terrace to check water tank, his phone fell, when he was picking it, he heard sound and people shouting, he did not see anyone there. Abhishek checks the man’s phone and sees the lady’s hand pic, and sees ring. He says I m transferring this pic, I should get info at any pic, take my card, don’t tell anyone.

The guard calls someone and says Abhishek was questioning me, give me my money, else I will tell everything. He thinks if he gets trapped, he should tell everything to ACP. He calls Abhishek, and says he has to meet him. Abhishek says fine, I will come. The man says no, Bhalla house is keeping an eye on me, its someone from Bhalla family, come my home, I will send you my address.

Abhishek shows picture to Prateek, and says I forwarded this to Ishita and Shagun too. Ishita calls Abhishek and says this is Simmi’s ring, why. Prateek says then we have to keep an eye on her, if she is with Ashok, she can do anything. Abhishek asks her to inform them if Simmi goes out, if she goes to meet Ashok, we will expose her. Ishita says fine. She wonders why is Simmi doing this, she loves Raman, why will she do this, I can’t believe this, she can’t do this. Simmi takes hot water bag for her sprain relieve.

Raman talks to Ishita and they smile seeing each other. They hold hands and stand near the window. It starts raining.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i am sure it is not simmi

    1. yeah…its sarika..

  2. Priya Choudhary

    what’s this hell yaar.
    how can simmi do this..
    she is in any problem.
    ishita have to understand it.
    plz plz simmi tell truth to ishita

  3. Thn q amena for a speed update in just five minutes after the show y this yhm track is going like a yell . Plz ekta mam try to make best for our fans plz stop thiz idiotic track we want our old yhm track in tht we had seen lot of rmnce and cute fights btwn the characters now it s all waste of time to watch u r stry like thiz.

    1. So crrct
      That atma wala drama is just a crap

  4. sravanthi biswas

    I can’t understand why simmi tries to hurt raman. But the episode was quite nice and very interesting.

  5. episode was good .simmi zaroor koi problem mein hai .lagtha hai param ya patha koi aur bhi .simmi ko kisi ne zaroor chot pahunchaaya hai .usse chot laga nahi hoga balki lagaaya hoga .

  6. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    bring happiness back in
    Raman and Ishita’s life.
    Shagun’s spirit drama
    get end and Ishita
    behaves normally with
    family members.
    Ishita is also happy to get
    Raman and Raman will
    make this time
    memorable for Ishita.
    Raman and Ishita get
    romantic in rain and
    dance with kids on song
    Gode jaisi chaal.
    Apart from this, Raman
    and Ishita also celebrate
    belated diwali where
    Raman gets mesmerized
    seeing Ishita in blue
    Ishita showers her love
    on Raman and thinks that
    now she will not let
    anyone harm Raman.

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  8. Eager to knw the truth about simi…please expose it fast… Curiosity at its peak…

  9. In the recent episodes of ” Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein ,” it ’s
    unbelievable that Shagun ( Anita
    Hassanandani) could have turned
    over a new leaf. The whole
    drama of committing suicide and
    then possessing Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) was staged so as to
    catch the killer .
    Everyone in the Bhalla family
    truly believed that Ishita has
    been possessed by Shagun ’ s
    ghost . No one knew that
    Raman’ s (Karan Patel ‘ s) wives
    were plotting to unveil the face of
    Rinki’ s killer . Inspector Abhijeet,
    Ishita and Shagun believe that
    the killer is someone from the
    family and is apparently working
    with Ashok (Sangram Singh) to
    ruin the family.
    Amidst all this, Ashok is also
    planning to kill Raman to ease
    his competition in business and
    in life . Ever since Ishita and
    Shagun learned of this
    development, they’ ve become
    more desperate to discover the
    killer as soon as possible.
    Sources claim that Simmi is
    believed to be hiding some big
    secret and is probably the real
    killer. A while back, everyone
    believed that Sarika is the one
    behind the murder , but with
    Simmi’s name in the mix, no one
    is sure. This mystery we believe
    will soon come to a conclusion
    as Ishita and Shagun work hand
    in hand with the help of
    Abhishek .
    Will the revelation break the
    Bhalla family ? What is Simmi
    hiding from everyone ? Is Sarika
    the real killer , or is it Simmi ?
    Stay tuned to this space to find
    out more.

  10. Plz dnt let it be sarika….i srsly lyk RomIka

  11. well… i thnk vibhab is a better actor thn aly . kthtmd is a nice show . Sritoma is also doing a decent job. Dnt know y it cnt generate good trp ?? But the story line is really week.makers shld work on it . i dnt thnk asha nd aly will mke a good pair . Rithvik nd asha looks best together. I assure trp will fall. Changing the lead is never an option.

  12. Wt the hell is going on in yhm… get bored of it.. i really miss the old yhm

  13. Darshika Natashi

    very nice episode…….. Interesting.
    And guys,……… Tomorrow there’ll be a rain dance from ishra………. It’s soooooooo romantic. I just can’t wait……..!!!!!
    And if simmi does this.., she may have biggggggggg reason……. Coz we didn’t see that simmi is doing this happily, Actually may be someone forces her……… But it’s interesting to watch. Coz she doesn’t want to take revenge from raman, it has shown clearly…….. There may have another reason. Let’s see………
    I’m very happy to see romantic ishra again……..
    Eagerly waiting……..!!!!!
    From SL.

  14. I think simmi is in trouble I am also eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode missing mihika n mihir ishrudi scene hope truth will reveal soon

  15. ACP can easily get the mobile bills of the family members and traceout who is getting calls from Ashok

  16. they are going to show ishra romance tomorrow it means they are going seperate ishra after the truth come out who is the culprit in bhalla family

    1. I too feel the same Parvathy

  17. Guyzz….. dont u think that if Simmi is behind this then Param is also going to have a hand behind this…..I mean it can be something related to Ananya… may be im not at all on it……..But if it is going to be Sarika then what will happen to Romi and Rohit….Is Rohit really Romis son……anyways these all mysteries will be out soon i believe……

    1. Yes SS I too feel the same . Something related to Ananya ..,..

  18. no simmi can’t do this.not fair

  19. i m sure that its nt simmi who want to kill raman…may be she is sarika nd even sbs nd others spoilers also show it….

  20. Thankyou so much Amena

  21. nice episode hope it is not simmi

  22. grt episode …. saw ruh after so many days .. i dnt thk she is simmi it must be somthng else … the acp will get to know evrythng ..whn he will go to meet the watch mn nd talk to him….ufff just waiting for tommorrows episode. gonna she ishra dancind nd romancing after so many days … i m feeling wowwwww !!!! nd parvathi its not necesssary ki they r goin to seperate ishra thats y they r show all thse happy momnts …….there is no spoiler also about it .nd ..ekta knows very well how much fans hate seperation nd she only says she makes shows accrding to our choice. I m sure she is not gonna seperate ishra.. thoda drama ok.but not much will happen . So stay positive my dear friend ..and njoy the upcoming epis widout the fear of seperation 🙂

  23. Uf I could not understand how how simmi won that arm wrestling from bala with the broken hand its impossible

  24. its not simmi

  25. Nice epi… Tmr ishra rain dance nd Romance.. Oh can’t wait !!!!!!

    BT guys I don’t think simmi is a real culprit… I think she is in another pro.. Nd if she us doing smone is forcing her ….may be she is doing this for Ananya…!!!

    Nd yeah parvathi I too feel d same yar I m so worried for that day when truth will come out…. Don’t what will happen.. BT now I m so exited for today’s epi nd awaiting for that…..

    Hope no separation….finger crossed…!!!!!!

    Guys I think if ishu will tell family d truth simmi will prove ishu wrong nd may be it will lead d story to separation of ishra …. I really wish nd pray that nothing will happen to anyone… Nd everything will be fine soon….!!!!

  26. I dnt thnk ishu is going to tell anythng to the family without knowing evrythng nd xposing the whole truth.nd its nothng personal to her.. police is also involved in this case nd raman is going to get her child no seperation is gonna happen 🙂

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