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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita deciding the saree, and says Mihika did not say the theme and said a surprise is waiting there. She takes a saree and goes to change. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that his mum went to call Amma to play cards. He comes to the room and sees Ishita looking pretty. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………..plays………… She sees him in the mirror and turns to see hm. She signs what. He smiles and says nothing. Yeh hai mohabbatein………plays………. She says this dress is odd, its much skin show, its all girls party, so I thought it will be good, I m going in Shagun’s hen party. Raman asks her party. She says yes, Mihika and Shagun insisted and she said if I don’t come, she will feel I did not forgive Adi. He says fine, go.

He says I told Mihir that he will

attend all functions. She thanks him. He says please save sorry and thanks, you say it again and again. They smile. He asks what happens in hen party and jokes. She says I don’t know, I m going as Shagun called me, even Mihika did not tell me anything, she said its secret. He says you will go, gossip, dance… She says she won’t dance there as her Budda is here. He says he would have not let her go there if men were there, as she is looking gorgeous, Ashok can get in coma seeing you. She asks him to praise her if he wants, she won’t feel bad.

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He says you really want to know…. She says say it. He asks really and walks to her. Music plays…………He asks shall I really say it. She smiles. They see each other in mirror. He says the thing is….. they hear Mrs. Bhalla and Amma fighting. He says they started again. She says I will see. He says no, you get ready, I woill see them. He leaves. She smiles and says what was he going to say, Amma and mum fight on wrong time always. Mr. Bhalla and Appa try to calm their wives. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue on whose dance was good. Raman comes to them and stops their fight.

He says this is not old society to shout, we are in new building. He asks Mr. Bhalla and Appa to say the truth. They say the opposite one right. Amma says I think they are saying opposite by intention, and they start scolding their husbands. They leave. Mr. Bhalla says they spoiled the card game. Raman says they played my game too. Mr. Bhalla asks him to come and play. Raman says I have work, play with Simmi. He says she is not at home, sit. Raman says I will just come, and shows wine bottle to make up to mum. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I will go. They tell Mrs. Bhalla that Mr. Bhalla got it as her gift for good dancing.

He says dad said Amma danced well just to keep her heart. Mrs. Bhalla gets into their words. Raman asks them not to fight and leaves. He comes to the room and sees Ishita gone. He says I gave my personal choice bottle to end their fight and she went. He comes to Iyer house and sees Ishita ending Amma and Appa fight. Raman says how to make up to them, can’t give them wine, think…. He tells Amma to read about their festival, Mani has sent me this message, a wife keeps fast for her husband, and it brings happiness.

Ishita says but why did he send you. Raman signs her, and Ishita says yes, Mani knows about cultural things. Amma thanks Raman and says I will know make Appa’s fav dish. Appa smiles. Amma asks Raman to go. Raman pulls Ishita and says I told her to leave them alone and give them privacy. They leave. Appa thanks Amma for making fav dish. Amma says no, I won’t make, I said it, as Raman wanted to spend time with Ishu and they were here because of our fight.

Raman tells Ishita that he had to tell something to her, so he lied. She asks what. He says he has to start again. Ek nadi ke dono……….plays…………. He says shall I say it and gets closer. She smiles nodding yes. He asks sure? She says yes. He says the thing is I………. Mihir comes and says oops wrong time, sorry. Ishita says its ok and leaves. Raman gets angry. Mihir asks Raman to come in Ashok’s party as he can’t go alone. Raman says I won’t go there, there will be problem. Mihir says there will be Ashok, Suraj and Parmeet. Raman says Mani and Bala will be there.

Raman says you feel you guys are weak, take Romi. Mihir says we need you. Raman asks Romi to go with them. Mihir says whats your problem to come with us. He says no one is telling about hen party. Bala says yes, even Vandu did not tell me. Raman asks Romi to be spy in hen party, and asks is his leg fine. Romi says yes. Raman says all set up and talk about last time. Bala and Mihir act brave. Raman understands and asks them to go now.

Raman says please no one should disturb me now. Ishita tells Mihika that she is leaving now. Raman comes and thinks what to tell her. She asks how am I looking, don’t say anything bad. He says why are women getting ready in girls’ party, when you came to me, you wear Kanjivaram sarees and see your Jalwa now. She says I understood the code work. He says get dressed well. She says she is getting late. He says sit with me, we will talk, have drink, get set and then go. She asks will you make me drink and set me, you know I don’t drink.

They laugh. He says lets sit and talk. She says party ditch. He says no, postpone. She gets Mihika’s call and says I m coming. He says does she not have Mihir’s number. Ishita says I have to go. He says I will drop you. She says you. He asks will I leave my s*xy wife alone? She smiles and asks what. He says I m just lying, anyone can get heart attack seeing you. They leave.

Shagun dances in the party and likes the party Mihika organized. Mihika and Vandu ask the staff to see food arrangements and keep bathroom clean. Shagun takes Mihika to dance floor. They dance on the song Bindaas…………..Vandu sees Simmi upset and thinks shall I talk to her. Simmi says my fate is so bad, what happened to Parmeet, was he always like this, was I blind. He thinks of his lies and true face. She drinks and cries. Vandu comes to her and asks is she fine. Simmi says I don’t know when people are fine, as I m like this only. She says my world has ruined. She says I can’t trust anyone. Vandu makes her sit. Simmi says I did a mistake.

She says now I feel my life will get ruined. Vandu says don’t say this, everything will be fine. Simmi says tell me one thing, if anyone hurts us, what can we do. Vandu says relax. Mihir and Bala sit in a corner in Ashok’s party and get the drinks. Parmeet and Suraj look at them. Suraj says I have sent wrong timing to Abhimanyu, he will come late. Parmeet says good, he is close friend of Ishita. They smile thinking about their plan. Suraj says Mihir said Raman is not coming in party, and its good if he stays away.

Ishita asks the men to be away, as she is not the one they are thinking. They tease her. She asks Ashok to help and asks them not to touch her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maine toh even novel Bhi pad li hai jisse Ekta kapoor ne story li hai , usme end tak ishita aur Raman saath mein rehte Hain aur adi Bhi nuke saath rehta hai

  2. Kya us novel me bhi Ishita sirf Ruhi ke liye shadi karti hai?
    & Bad me use Raman se pyar hota hai?

  3. Maine sirf end hi pada hai . Sari nahi padi , I cannot read novels it’s too boring .I bought as I was eager to know whether they will separate or not . I don’t know why but ishita ke saath kuch Bhi galat hota hai toh I feel very bad as I have a huge crush on her . Mera Mann toh karr raha tha ki TV mein Jakar unko Sabak sikhaon . Real life mein Bhi kabhi mil Gaye na toh ek do toh laga hi dene hai Maine uss param , Ashok aur iss Suraj ke .

  4. just for checking purpose i m riting dis vord “s*xy”

  5. Show is gng good but plz dnt draaag too much……..

  6. @amena
    It’s used to describe an appearance
    It simply means attractive

  7. Chillax Guys! Raman will not give Divorce to Ishita, its confirmed!!

  8. I know Anandraaz ye promo such to hoga par jaisa ham soch rahe hai wese IshRa alag nahi honge . Par kya karu dimag samajta hai par ye Dil samajta hi nahi…..

  9. Yeah maine bhi vo novel padhi hai aur novel ka naam hai CUSTODY …. N its story is good …

  10. U r rite NG i also know that !

  11. Abhi ABP news par 2:30 baje SBS dekho us me dikhaege ki Raman Ishita ke liye badla lega ya nahi…

  12. Ishu is so charcterless.why she wore saree of shows how muvh she is shameless. ..if it is a serial and script is this then why she accepted this offer?

  13. Raman aur Mihir dono Shagun ke paas jaate Hain aur usko bohot dang rahe Hain yeh hi dikhaya hai (As The Address was sent from Shagun’s phone ). Like I said before he will break his relation with Adi as he would come to know that Adi sent the message.

  14. 123 if u r saying so big things then accept challenge of william..all are looser

  15. Who is this Arpit writing such a comment from my name ? At 3:48 . And btw ishu is not characterless . Voh toh girl’s party mein jaa rahi thi jahan pe surf lad kiya hi Hain . So don’t spoil my name .

  16. I love u prayosha..marry me..we will have 3 kids…accept my proposal. ..I m dashing handsome and honest. .I m in love with u by reading ur comments darling..s*xy

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    Prayosha♥♥♥♥♥♥ nisha…I also want someone who will care for me love me touch me

  18. Aastha tum pakka ladki toh nahi ho varna koi Bhi LAdki aisa nahi likhegi .

  19. Arpit is right..why ishu wore so small saree…f
    If I were there I would gave slap to her..keep it up suraj and param…ishu deserves this

  20. U know actually I have proposed Divyanka but I am 10 years younger than her so not possible but she blushed . I mean anyone would blush after the proposal from an IITian . But after that she married Sharad . Every boy wants a girl like Ishita (perfect wife ) .

  21. Aashtha ye tum ne kya likha hai mere bare me muje samj me nahi aya?

  22. Aashtha ye tum ne kya likha hai mere bare me muje samj me nahi aya

  23. Hey shut up I am only 16 years old you stupid And dont take my name ever again.

  24. Fake NG STAY AWAY

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  33. realy disappointing prayosha

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