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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi teasing Adi. Romi feeds sweets to Adi. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to check the list of things. Romi says don’t worry for anything, my assistant is smart. Ruhi, Neelu and Mihika say they did everything. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla to just relax and sit back. Everyone smile. Mrs. Bhalla says we all ladies will go parlor, Neelu and Roshni has to go also. Mr. Bhalla says we will also go this time. Ruhi asks why will you go. Mr. Bhalla jokes. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita will joke who will stay at home and who will go parlor. Roshni says I will go and call Ishita.

Ishita comes and tries calling Raman. She says his phone is off, he did not call back. Adi says maybe he is in flight. Romi checks at the door and asks them to see who has come. They all get surprised seeing Aaliya’s

Dadi. Dadi says Raman has come with me, I was surprised seeing him in Chennai, I was not well and was in hospital, I did not tell anything to Mani, but thanks to Raman, he came there and stayed with me in hospital, he got me here and said this is surprise for Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla says so Raman went there for this surprise. Ishita asks where is Raman. Raman comes. Romi asks him to remove shades, its night. Adi asks Raman to come. Ishita asks Adi to stop, Raman has conjunctivitis. Raman asks Romi to take bags. Ishita says no Romi, Raman will take his bag himself, we will sanitize his clothes. Raman says I m wearing glasses, nothing happened. Ishita says sorry, we have to clean everything, marriage is round the corner, we can’t afford this, everyone stay away from Raman. They all smile. Roshni says let me take. Raman says no need. Adi asks him to let Roshni help. Raman takes his bags and goes to room.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita, my son got worried by your joke. Ishita says I deserve to pull his leg. She thanks Aaliya’s Dadi. Dadi thanks her for calling her here, Mani forgot me, he did not tell me about Aaliya’s marriage, Shagun would not wish me to come here. Ishita says no, Mani will not do this, maybe he has something in his heart.

Amma comes and hugs Dadi. Mrs. Bhalla says they both will talk in Madrasi now. Dadi says of course, I m thinking to keep marriage rituals in Tamil way, I thought to do balle balle knowing its happening punjabi way. They all smile. Amma says we came to take them. Dadi says I can’t stay here as this is Aaliya’s inlaws. Ishita asks her to stay here. Dadi says I have to talk to Amma. They go. Ishita says I will convince Raman now.

Raman murmurs my wife is not helping me when I m ill. He puts eye drops. He hears her coming and lies on bed. He asks why did she come, he is fine. She relieves him with gel pad. He asks her to go, else she will get infection. She says I was just teasing you, don’t get angry. He says you should just stay away. She says I can’t stay away if you are in pain. He says I missed you a lot and holds her hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays… He promises he won’t get away from her. She asks him to see videos. He gifts her a saree. She asks did you get Kanjivaram saree for me, its so good. He says someone helped me. She reminds his disastrous gifts and says this one is a big surprise. She asks him to rest. He says I want to have coffee. She says I will get it and goes.

She sees Roshni in kitchen and says I was thinking about you, did dad slap you. Ishita asks why will he slap me. Roshni says he is your husband. Ishita says husband has no right to slap. Roshni says in our village, its said wife is like animal, and stays right by beating. Raman says one who raises hand on wife is like animal, don’t now why people think so, husband did not buy a wife, wife can send husband to jail. Ishita says I joked with him, its my right, I m his wife, I m not his property, we have love and respect. Raman says if I slapped her, I would have been thrown out. Ishita says husband should love and respect wife, we will find a groom for you who treats you as wife, not anything. Raman says we argue and have love between us, we have equal rights, this is called marriage. Roshni smiles. Ishita gives him coffee and says if he teases me anytime, he calls me Jhansi ki rani. Raman says Roshni makes better coffee, next time, if anyone raises hand, just beat the men.

Mani gets surprised seeing Dadi and says my cousin is finding you in Chennai, you had to be here in Aaliya’s marriage, you are eldest, how can this marriage happen without your blessing. Dadi asks shall I come inside. He says oh, sorry, come. Ishita says Raman got her to give surprise to Aaliya. Aaliya gets glad seeing her. Shagun sees Dadi and turns upset. She greets Dadi. She says I was asking Mani to call you, its imp day for Aaliya. Mani says yes.

Raman says Ishita will forget about me, I will remind her. He calls Ishita. Dadi asks Mani about arrangements. Mani says Shagun did everything. Dadi says you people waste money in show off, its better to gift money to groom and bride to plan life. Ishita says no, its economic marriage. Dadi calls her sensible. She gets Raman’s call and says I m putting phone on speaker, talk to everyone. Raman asks Aaliya how did she like surprise. Aaliya says I love it. Mani says Raman is impressing Aaliya. Raman says Mani is jealous as I will become your fav Appa, this was Ishita’s idea. Shagun says yes, it can be Ishita’s idea. Raman says I missed all functions, can you all come here. Shagun says no, Aaliya needs beauty sleep, we will do this later, its not good for groom and bride to meet after haldi. Mani says I don’t know. Dadi says I would have attended functions, but we will keep dinner. Raman asks Shagun to come for dinner, what will go wrong if we meet. Aaliya requests Shagun. Shagun says fine. Raman says you all come, I will do arrangements. Shagun thinks I m going to be so tortured, how will I handle this.

Adi says Papa, Aaliya wants me to make a dish for her, I can’t take anyone’s help, I want to make Aaliya happy and impress her. Ishita tells Raman that they are going on a date and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It was nice to see the old Raman and Ishita bonding
    The parivarr awards results is out and fans have stayed loyal with the show because of Karen and Diviyanka.
    Now Ekta mam please think seriously and sensibly of how you and your writers are going to solve this Adi – Roshini – Aliya issue.
    Shagun always think too much of herself – well she is never happy but it is good she is staying the same instead of that goody too shoes she was becoming.

  2. I am slowly but surely getting over my YHM addiction. The one thing I cannot stand it the use on body doubles especially with the main characters. I think Ishita has shot all her scenes earlier and now they are just doing copy and paste. Tonight they used body double for Ishita even while IshRa were talking in bedroom. Now Raman has conjunctivitis. What a joke. Anyway. I must be the only angry fan because trp is rising. Hi VP, Sindhu, Magic

    1. Hi Susan Iam also angry ! Yesterdays there was no bonding at all ! Just watching for the sake of watching . Cvs killed this great actors skill by showing rubbish . So its defficult for the actors also to come back to their old nok jhok level . It surely shows Dt and Kps interest in yhm is totally lost .Cvs are responsible for that ! This year they are not nominated for best jodi .. intl also they did not get … very sad … Nakul and Anila is nowhere near to them .. And now trying to teach us something about love and respect thru Roshini . Shaghun is just being goodie for her survival .. waiting for a chance to insult Ishitha . Infact she thot Alias face will be allergied with haldi and when she saw , its not she was disappointed like …. as if she preferred the allergy reaction … what nonsense !

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Alot of people are saying that they have stopped watching yhm but they still come on this platform to comment almost everyday. Do you know why? It’s because you are still in love with the show. I like the fact that shagun is becoming shagun again at least I need someone that will torture ishita when she starts to annoy me. I always say that shagun is not good for mani, she belongs with ashok. The pairing of mani and shagun is not good and I have to say that they have to change it.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    It looks like the truth about adi’s marriage secret will not be exposed until after the wedding.

  5. Santana Russo

    I think the truth is Aditya is a coward and selfish. He doesn’t love anyone but himself and is so brainless. If he truly loves Alia like said he is than he would have told the truth about his force marriage with Rosh, who was by the was also forced to his love ones like a real man and take consquences of his action instead of hiding behind his completely stupid uncle who is even worst than him. I wonder how can anyone love such man. Poor alia who thinks he is the best man for her and the love of her life and Rosh who had no saying in marrying a such immature man, I feel for both girls. B4 he can love or married to anyone first he needs to learn to be a man. Well to be honest Alia is also immature so since Rosh is mature and very gorgeous girl without a doubt she is so right for him and she could help him to be a man and stop being so dumass. Nonetheless. Ishra’d scene was beautiful and since Akshra and Natik left YRKKH they are my favorite jodi on SP. If Adi ends up with Rosh we will c him be mature man and that why I have always liked Rosh with him from the start i never liked him or him with Alia. Luv this track it is so interesting and i hope Ishra dont leave because without them this show is nothing just like when Nakshra left YRKKH. Well i 4got to add Shagun she is also big part of this show and although many dont like her but i luv her. Ishra&Roditya such an amazing couple but Ishra always will be main lead.

  6. Hey Santana I agree with u indisputably. Loved Ishra, Shagun&Mani well at first I thought she looked good with Manoj but since he lft she and Mani make a good Jodi and well Roditya as u call it look hot 2gather 2. That is actually a better name 4 them then Adishni as other fan which includes me call it.

  7. Where is pihu so stupid story line to miss her

  8. In the first place Adi is getting married so young. I never loved Adi and aaliyah pair before I prefer when they were just friends but I began to love them as couples afterwards so now for me it has become hard to change them as couples unless if they are going to find someone better.

  9. I also never like Adilia together, they both r so immature but him with Rosh r ? ❤. Luv Roditya

  10. Guys some said that nakul and surbhi are no match for best jodi award and only ishra suit the award but its false ishra are no match to get that award watch ishqbazz and yeh hai mohabbatein both you will only agree that shuvika are best jodi than in ishra because because in ishqbazz the couple trust each other and face the problem together not like ishra where if something bad happens the copules fight like street dogs and ishra never trust each other they get seperated for small things seriously i was wondering they got best jodi for past years sorry for my comment but its the truth i am die hard fan of divyankathats why i have hooked to show till now but i wonder why was divyanka not nominated for best patni category because she deserve the award for that

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