Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

It begins with aliya asking ishita if she will leave her and go.
She says no…because raman will not accept her as he doesn’t like me.

Bhallas praise adi for the arrangements and Romi and Mihika’s wedding.
Then the Bhallas and Iyers fight again.

Adi says she will marry in normal rituals…
(The saviour…love him for all his deeds…my fav person after leap…and he proves it time and again)

He praises Mihika and says she looks beautiful and applies a Tika on her.

Mihika tells you are just like ishita as she was the only could manage both the families.

Romi is nervous and Pihu starts her serial dialogues and he feels like running away.
Adi talks to him and convinces him.

Ishita comes and everybody talks of her bring alive.

Romi sees ishita ans is shocked but is happy and goes to her and thanks her for coming.

Vandu and ishita meet.
They have a emotional reunion and they hug.

Ru wants to go for the wedding.

Ashok sees nidhi.

Nidhi tells Ru to rest after Nupur tells she will meet them later as Ru tells she is not well.

Ashok called her to cancel Ru’s contract with Raman’s company.
Nidhi tells I got saved and ruhi died.
I am just Ru’s agent not mother.

Ru comes and is shocked to see Pihu and says this is me

Precap…ishita and Ru talk.
Ru cries
Ishita says you are also like me…we both cry…
Ru says we both are not same

Update Credit to: traveller_girl

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  1. Not a good writer

  2. Alina,she may not be good writer….But at least she said main things know….She did it voluntarily…We have to appreciate her and not criticize….

  3. Its not dat discriptive yaar….a lil more detailed would hav been good

  4. Where is Amena????

  5. Where is amena…this is not full epi..want more detail bz we cant understand hindi properly

  6. Why can’t the writers just make ishu and mani get married like Amma and appa emotionally blackmail her to accept mani’s proposal so that Raman bhalla can be shown his place now the writers are leading towards sharam wedding so ishu should just marry mani and get it over with am she already has a nice family mani, Aliya and the other boy who no one has seen and by the way what a waste of time episode just vandu and ishu seen was what the watch I just love the bond and ruhi and her dad are becoming the show villains as the days goes by am show when trp falls then the writers will do something

  7. The writing was not good..n was not lyk dat of previous…wheres Amena…she is jst a perfect writer…n describes each n everythng in details

  8. Santanya Singh

    The writer is not good!!!
    Can you make Ruhaan/Ruhi spend lots of time with Ishita please?????

  9. Join the family again worst writing and story line

  10. Update was not at all good. Epi was ok. But they are dragging the epi. No improvements. No ishra scenes. Plzzz stop this track and unite ishra soon.

  11. The Serial continues with the scene in
    which Ishita is getting ready for Mihika’s
    wedding. But she will be looking so nervous.
    Alia asks to Ishita that why are you looking
    so nervous? Ishita says nothing. Alia says to
    Ishita that I want to ask one question, can I?
    Ishita replies to her that definitely, please ask
    dear? Alia asks to Ishita that, do you really
    want to go back in Bhalla family? Ishita is
    getting silent. Alia looks towards the Ishita.
    After this, Alia says to Ishita that I will never
    leave you at any cost because you are my
    daughter and I loves you a lot. Ishita says to
    Alia that you have to get ready fast and
    comes with me because we are going to
    attend Mihika’s wedding. Alia is getting so
    happy because she is going with Ishita in a
    marriage. Here Toshi Bhalla, Simmi and Pihu
    are coming in Rom’s marriage. Toshi says to
    Simmi that looks at the arrangements, it’s
    really fabulous. Simmi also appreciates
    wedding arrangements. Suddenly, Aditya is
    coming there and welcomes his dadi and
    bua. They also give a number of complement
    to Aditya for his dashing look.
    Click here–> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th May
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th
    May 2016 Written Episode
    Pihu says to Aditya that she want to meet
    with Romi chachu. Aditya takes Pihu to make
    her meet with Romi. After some time, Mrs.
    Iyer is coming there and says to Aditya that
    you have to change these flowers with other
    flowers which are important in south Indian
    wedding. Toshi Bhalla hears all this and
    decides to beat Mrs. Iyer’s decision. Toshi
    Bhalla says to pandit ji that my son is north
    indian and this wedding will get happen in
    north indian style. Mrs. Iyer is coming there
    and then stops Toshi bhalla by saying
    anything. Aditya is coming in between and
    handles everything at the place. After this,
    Aditya says to Pandit ji that why you are
    getting tensed, you will do as I said you
    before some time. After some time, Aditya is
    going to meet with Mihika. Aditya is getting
    shocked to see beautiful Mihika. Aditya gives
    a lots of complements to Mihika. Mihika is
    getting so happy. Here Pihu is coming to
    meet with Romi. Pihu says to Romi that don’t
    get confused chachu everything will be
    getting alright. Suddenly, Romi is getting so
    nervous. Aditya is coming there and makes
    him relax. Aditya says to Romi that why are
    you getting late? Get ready soon and comes
    out for doing marriage with Mihika chitti.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14 May 2016
    Here Nidhi says to Nupur to check out
    everything regarding Ruhaan’s shoot. Ruhaan
    hears everything and thinks that if Nidhi will
    come to know about her thinking then she
    will kill him. After some time, Nidhi is coming
    there and says to Ruhaan that you have to
    come with me for a meeting. Ruhaan replies
    to her that I am not feeling well and wants to
    take rest in his room. Nidhi says to him that
    ok you have to take rest and I will be back
    here soon. Nidhi goes from there. Ruhaan is
    getting so happy and then thinks that he will
    easily go to Romi’s marriage. Here Nidhi is
    coming to meet with a company owner. But
    suddenly she confronts Ashok. Ashok identify
    her and getting shocked to see her alive.
    Nidhi makes a story in front of Ashok and
    changes the topic. Ruhaan is going to Romi’s
    marriage and thinks that how she will enter in
    the wedding. Suddenly, Ruhaan sees Pihu
    there. He is getting shocked.

    1. Thanks A..your post is very useful

  12. where is amena?the writer is very waste candidate

    1. don’t say like that… she did her best encourage her so that she can improve…. thanks traveller girl for the update..

  13. please change the writer for today’s epi

  14. I hope story is not written clearly but its ok for this day and I wish ishu and ruhi to reunite

  15. To the traveller_girl…
    u gave best update in short story I like it all the best to u r future as writer …we all are travelling the yhm journey with amena updates as she was fast and writes complete story with expressions…. so they are disturbed with this short updates sure they will understand one thing that u worked hard for us…thanks a lot…

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