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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Niddhi coming to her office. He asks her to take diamonds from her locker. Bala sees Vandu crying and asks the matter. She says I m not suitable for you, I m such a bad wife and mother, leave me and marry someone else, who can love you and take care of your children. She says I should go on rehab. He says its nothing like that. He calms her down. He says I love you, I married you, we will solve problems, we can’t live without each other, don’t say you will leave us. She hugs him.

Raman and Niddhi come back home. Raman says thank God, you are convinced she is Shanaya, not Ishita. Niddhi says I think I should believe that now, I was thinking we should marry. He says no, I don’t want people to think I m marrying you for money, we will marry once I

get financially stable. She asks does men think about money and self esteem, our money is same, I m fed up, we will have a drink. He says fine, you change, I will make a drink, come soon. She goes to change. He adds sleeping pills in the drink.

Raman acts to talk to Raichand and thanks him for contract. He says Niddhi and I are celebrating already. Niddhi drinks and falls asleep. Raman looks on and moves her. He sees she slept and says finally, she slept, I can talk to Ishita and tell her about locker. He calls Ishita and tells her that Niddhi is so smart, she opened the locker and I m sure the chip is there. She says we have to do something. He says don’t know what to do. She says I have an idea, do one thing, Niddhi would be running a case, message the judge and write Niddhi wants to meet him, judge will come there and then write one more thing… Raman smiles hearing the idea. He says it means messaging judge to meet at coffee house and you will come there too, wow, you got a new mind with new look. She says yes, I m your wife. I just want to be with you, I miss you a lot. He says miss you too, come back, your south Indian look suits you more. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

Its morning, Niddhi wakes up. Raman greets her and gives her lemon water. She thanks him. He asks her plan. She says nothing. He asks her to invite Shanaya for breakfast, I have to talk to Raichand about business, it will be easy to convince him if Shanaya is there, this is imp for our marriage. She agrees. He asks her to invite her at coffee shop. Niddhi calls Shanaya and invites her. Ishita says I have work lined up. Niddhi insists. Ishita says fine, you don’t get late. Raman says now it will not be tough to convince Raichand, see you.

Niddhi and Ishita meet at coffee shop. The judge comes there. Niddhi asks how are you here. The judge asks why are you surprised, you called me here, we could have spoke in court. Niddhi says why will I call you Sir. He says its shocking, I did not know you are so shameless. She gets shocked, and says I don’t understand. Her purse falls and they see the money bundles. Ishita thinks Raman has put it in her purse, superb. Niddhi says its not mine. Judge calls Abhishek to arrest her. Niddhi says its not mine, I did not do this. Judge says you tried to bribe me, ACP take the money and check amount. Judge shows the message and says its evident that you called me here to bribe me. Niddhi says my phone was misused, there is some confusion. Ishita says I have seen corruption so soon, is law like this here, can you buy judges, I don’t support all this, I m sorry, I was going to make such girl my friend. Niddhi is arrested. Ishita smiles.

Raman and Ishita hug. She says police arrested Niddhi. Raman says I can’t believe this. Ishita says it feels good to make her get arrested, she manipulates laws always. She says you kept the money in her purse. Raman recalls keeping money in Niddhi’s purse. He then messages the judge. He says we should not forget Niddhi has the chip, its very imp. Ishita says she is arrested for corruption case, now that locker will open, let me enjoy this moment, I get relieve, Niddhi made me get rotten in jail, she did not think about me, people do bad about others and don’t think what others go through, now Niddhi will realize it, I know she has bear a lot, it does not mean she hurts others, I did not do bad with her, I did not wish to take revenge, but she needs one day suffering.

Niddhi says you can’t arrest me like this, you have no charges, what did I do. Abhishek says you tried to give bribe to senior judge, its serious crime. She says I have permission to call family according to law. Abhishek says fine, make the call. He gives his phone. She calls Raman. Raman sees call and says Abhishek’s call, I m sure its Niddhi, let her be there. He does not attend call. Abhishek says don’t teach me law, one call is over. She is taken to cell. Abhishek says don’t know what Raman sees in her. Raman says I will spend a day with you today, I have to rush for a meeting now, I have to show Niddhi that I m trying hard to free her, I will meet you in some time. He leaves. Ishita wishes they get the chip soon and then this drama will end.

Ishita asks Raman to have the parathas after going home. She asks him to feed it to Ruhi. Niddhi says I did not do anything. Abhishek asks her does she know meaning of bribing a high court judge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. who said leap is confirmed? no body cnfirmed it ..evn aditi saud nothng is confirmed . but its now confirmd that ruhi will nt leave . so bttr take othr newz as rumours till sm official confirmation comes .but as far as i know .ruhaanika will nt ply the surrogate child

  2. Wow good episode after a long time. Good to see Ish Ra plan worked but we can’t see desired result,plz enough dragging this track is too boring.

  3. Awesome epiiiii…. but where is the chip then? tnx for the updates rithuuu

    1. hey darshi .how are you?

  4. Not very convincing!

  5. no leap in yhm

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Love the episode. I wish that nidhi stay inside the every day.

  8. I think the chip is in laughing budha

  9. Ishita is even not much interested in ruhi as she push her away seems she forgot about her children

  10. Too much dragging and boring … Nidhi has to be punished for what she did … but I feel it happened so fast …. she is a fool … ishitha looks very fat and the dress code makes her more fate . but face is very sweet and so acting . Here in this track Ishra is together hence we live it but Bhoot wala was totally defferent . Though so many tracks are not believable we are happy that Nidhi is punished . also next shaarika and Ashok …shaghun however good she tries to be , i think cant get that positive vibe which Ishitha has . ishras love shown is great . hope no leap …cvs can make it without the leap and so beautifully . i hope they read yhm fan fictions …. superb writers .. Hi Rithu and all I love reading your comments . the effort you are taking is commentable

    1. hi vp .thankyou .I wanted to know are you a girl or a boy?

      1. i am 63 yrs old lady , indian but last 36 yrs in Dubai . was a teacher for 20 yrs in Dubai now own business in Shipping . i am like grand mom to all of you . I really enjoy reading your comments …. never watched any serial in any language in my whole life . accidently i saw yhe promos in early 15 and now addicted to this . Only for Divyanka i started … I am very fond of her but infact every body acts well . i am basically from Cochin , husband passed away in 2002 so forced to take over tge business . I love reading all your comments . wonderful …

    2. you dont feel bad if we call you vp . even we like to read your comments.

      1. Not at all Rithu …..

  11. good episode. at last something positive happened in the show. by the way, y has tellyupdates not changed the title image for written updates. the ghost track is long over. at least now some colourful picture can be put up there

  12. hey guys good afternoon.

  13. hey guys good afternoon .

  14. Hai Rithu how are you

  15. good aftrnoon friends………1

  16. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show up major argument drama
    amid Ishita aka Shanaya (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and ACP Abhishek (Vivek
    Dahiya ) over Nidhi.
    As seen till now, Nidhi (Pavitra
    Punia) doubts Shanaya to be Ishita.
    On the other hand Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita plan to trap Nidhi
    in bribe case.
    Ishita meets Nidhi as Shanaya in
    restaurant and gets unknowingly
    roped fake bribe case.
    ACP Abhishek gets Nidhi arrested
    for the bribe case and puts her
    behind bars.
    However, Abhishek will be seen
    completely confused with the
    latest happenings and will question
    ACP Abhishek will be furious to
    know it was all Raman and Ishita’s
    drama to trap Nidhi.
    Abhishek and Ishita will get in
    major fight where Ishita will try to
    defend herself.
    It will be interesting to see
    Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek
    Dahiya fighting on screen.

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