Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir talking to his colleagues asking them to do their act right and tease Mihika. Raman asks Mihir where are you going. Mihir says I have a meeting. Raman asks about those two. Mihir says they are also in a meeting. Raman gets angry and asks him to call them. Mihika comes to meet Mihir. They see Mihika and thinks Mihir might be nearby. Raman calls them and scolds them. Mihir says they are doing some work, you can’t fire them. I will do the work. They go to tease Mihika. Mihika scolds them. They say you look good in anger. Mihika says don’t act smart. They flirt with her and teases her. Mihika says will you have a slap or sandal. She beats them well and they say sorry Mam.

She handles them herself. Mihir comes and stops Mihika. He says

I m sorry guys. Mihika says why are you saying sorry to them, are you mad. Mihir says you guys will get the leave, go now. Mihir says I will explain. He says these are my office colleagues, I have sent them to tease you, so that I come and save you. Mihika laughs and says you are so cute, thats why I love you. She hugs him. He says I love you Mihika. I always loved you and will always love you, can’t we forget everything and make a new start. Mihika says we have to start from the beginning. He says give me one chance, I will try to impress you for my lifetime. She says fine. He says I m Mihir and shakes hands.

He gets a call from office and leaves. Ishita calls Mihika and tells her everything. Ishita is happy knowing the good news. Rumi dances with Mrs. Bhalla and tells about his results. Raman comes home and hears him. Rumi says now i will be getting a new bike. Ishita thinks what happened to Raman, he looks tall. She looks at his shoes and says what did he do, there is something. Raman asks Rumi what happened. Rumi reminds him of his promise that he will buy a bike if he passes. Raman checks his results and says seriously you passed. Rumi says 75%. Mrs. Bhalla is very happy. Raman says he made our name shine.

Raman and Ishita smile. Ishita says the result is so good. Raman says we are punjabis and have good brain not like you Madrasis. Mrs. Bhalla says our family is smart. Rumi asks Raman for money as he has too give party to his friends. Rumi hugs him happily taking the money. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to send his food in the room. Raman looks at the mirror and says I m looking tall in one day, I will see how Ishita calls me short today. Ishita comes in the room and she wants to reach a clock. Raman looks at her and says wait move, some things suit tall people. He takes out the clock and gives it to her saying I m not short.

Ishita says how did this happen, we are of same height. She says listen, can you keep this back on the wall now. He says I don’t have work right? She says fine. Raman talks to Varun’s wife as she is one of the board directors. She says I m happy with your performance. Raman says the credit goes to Mihir. She says i knew it. Ishita comes and also talks to her. She says Trisha is coming to India, make her meet Mihir. Raman says yes, they will look good together. Ishita is quiet.

Raman says Ishita is also happy, Trisha is best for Mihir. Ishita says how can you take the decision of Mihir’s life, you know he loves Mihika. Raman says he has moved on. Ishita argues with him for Mihir and Mihika. Raman says every marriage is a deal. Ishita says no, we have Ruhi’s love. He says we got married for Ruhi, I got love in my first marriage but it faded in few years. He says come out of the dreams. Ishita thinks about Mihika’s words.

Its morning, Mihir says I can’t marry Tandon’s sister. He says Trisha is the best for you, meet her once. Mihir says no. Raman says I told you, thats it. Ishita calls Raman and she hears Raman and Mihir talking. Raman says I always took your life’s decision, I made your life secure, I want to make your heart secure. Mihir says but Raman. Raman says thats my decision, meet her then I will decide, not you. Ishita says this is the limit, Raman made me hear this conversation to show his control on Mihir, I will see you Raman, you can’t play with Mihika’s feelings.

Ishita tells Mihika about Raman commanding Mihir. She says Raman decided that Trisha will meet Mihir. She says why did Mihir not tell anything. Mihika says yes, he can’t go against Raman, I want to see what he does. Ishita gets a call from her friend Madhu and says I will come, don’t worry. Ishita tells Mihika to be strong and take the decision after thinking. She says I felt its important to tell you. Mihika cries. Ishita leaves. Ishita comes to give her phone for repair. The man asks her to write the details on the register. He will send her the settings and she can do it manually. Ishita says fine and sees Simmi’s name in the register. She says the number is also same, how can Simmi be here today. Simmi is in the city. Ishita says if she is in Dubai, she can’t be here, if she is here, what is she doing.

Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla about Simmi’s name in the register. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her for being after Simmi and Raman always. Mihika asks Mihir whom will you choose between me and Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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