Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni prepares for her baby shower ceremony

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita dropping her purse and picking stuff. Raman helps her and asks who carries so many things in a purse. They argue. He asks her to sit in the car. They come to a restaurant. He says I knew you would accept it by considering my hard work. She says no, I said yes seeing Ruhi, Roshni and Pihu’s face, you never leave a chance to praise yourself. They argue. She asks am I scared. He says you are scared and jealous of me. She says you are a big coward. Light goes. She holds his hand and asks is there no generator. He asks is this your bravery, you held my hand. She says I m brave. She worries and says there is a cockroach, make it away. He steps on cockroach and kills him. She says why did you kill it, you should have thrown it. He asks her to take cockroach in purse.

She looks for more cockroach. Lights get on. Ruhi and everyone come. Ishita talks about arrangements. Raman says Aaliya has come. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya to decide. Aaliya sees Roshni and goes. Ishita goes after her.

Aaliya attends the work call. Ishita thanks her for coming. She says this family is incomplete without you, no occasion can be celebrated without you, I know you are hurt but the entire family wants this, you maybe annoyed with me. Aaliya says no, I m not angry, I don’t have any problem with Roshni and this ceremony, I m happy, Roshni and her baby will get blessings, the family took my consent, I assure you that we will take care of the family well. She goes. Ishita says she is much hurt. Romi says we can’t even adopt a baby, I have no property on my name. Mihika says the family has come. Everyone comes home. Mrs. Bhalla gives sweets and says Ishita has agreed. Appa says we will go and see arrangements. He asks Romi to call the caterer. Romi says sorry, I can’t help you, I have imp work. Mihika says he has urgent work from office, its okay, there is no tension, I will talk to caterer.

Roshni thinks what’s Ishita doing. Ishita says tell me if you want anything. Roshni says you wanted to do my godh bharai. Ishita cries and says I had prepared for it, now Bhallas want to do it, its fine. Roshni says you will do my godh bharai first, right now, you have first right on my child, none can take your place. Ishita makes her wear chunri. She does the rituals. She hugs Roshni and wishes her. Raman sees Mrs. Bhalla’s preparations and says we have to do this gradually, else Ishita will understand we are intentionally doing this, she is sharp. Mrs. Bhalla says talk to her and make Roshni stay here. Aaliya says I have ordered a pillow for Roshni’s comfort, why are you all seeing me this way, I m fine.

Raman thanks her. Pihu and Ruhi hug her. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says go and help with decorations in the community hall. Mihika shows the outfit for Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla asks is this heavy. Mihika says no, its light weight and comfortable, I have arranged gifts as well. Ruhi goes to help Amma. Simmi comes and asks are these preparations to welcome me. Raman says we don’t care for you. Parmeet says this house has lots of drama. Simmi agrees. Raman says its a special day for us, if you try to ruin it, I will do your aarti, you will never need any entertainment then. Mrs. Bhalla says its baby shower of Adi’s child. Simmi asks will you make Roshni bahu, you can’t have two bahus. Raman says just Aaliya is our bahu, get lost. She says I don’t care and goes. She gets angry.

Parmeet says they insulted us so badly, I won’t let them celebrate, let Ishita and Roshni come, it will be fun. Roshni says I m feeling scared, will everything get fine. Ishita says yes, I m with you. They hear dhol sound. Ishita says maybe they have come to take you. She welcomes everyone. She sees Amma and smiles. Amma passes by. Mrs. Bhalla asks Roshni is she fine. Raman sees Ishita. They take Roshni. Raman asks Bala are all preparations done. Bala says yes, just get Roshni and come. They reach the community hall. Pihu hugs Roshni. The lady calls Parmeet and says we are ready, just send her pic soon. She says there is a godh bharai rasam going at Raman’s house, we have to scare and hurt that woman a bit, we have to go there in disguise. She gets Roshni’s pic.

Someone throws marbles on the floor. Roshni steps on the marbles and slips. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yhm = fill with full of injustice

  2. What the timing of YHM .I think it was between 10:30 to 11pm. But i seen written update before 10:30pm today.

    1. Repeat telecast is between 10:30 to 11pm.The original timing is 7:30-8:00pm

      1. no its original telecasting time 10.30 to 11 pm only. shayad hotstar pe dhek kar update kkarthiya hoga

  3. So now everybody is conspiring against Ishita! Including Raman! No hope left for IshRa.

  4. Hi all this is my first comment here
    I have read in the upcoming news that ROSHNI will die during her delivery and ISHITA will be upset and then RAMAN and ISHITA will fight for the baby’s right..

    I would like to have friends from here so that I get a peaceful mind by chatting with you all so anyone to make me as their friend
    do comment please…..

    1. Hi miya how are you????

    2. Welcome telly updates…….

    3. Welcome to telly updates…….

  5. I have finally figured out the theme of Ekta Kapoor shows: Gives viewers everything except what they want. 🙂

  6. Ishita deserve this cunning treatment she thought she can make evry1 run around
    Bt i wish it backfires nd ishita suffers a lot
    Dn she hw evru1 felt wen they lost adi
    Nd she s fighting wid raman as if she s some queen
    Dis ishita s such a worst character
    She knw aliya s hurt still she s roaming shamelessly

  7. I don’t like present track of YHB

  8. Sorry to say that I think otherwise. I think Ishitha by supporting Roshini did a great thing. if not for the support of Ishitha , the best option available to Roshini would be aborting the baby, which Ishitha prevented and made Roshini to keep the baby. now Ballahs’ come and inquire but at the inception they were burning with anger. I do not see Alia’s chactacter being deprived as failure of marriage between her and Adhi she herself also contributed as Roshini willingly having had an affair with a married man. So Alia should have to be settled with due inheritance of Adhi and move on with life rather than being unhappy and thinking of being mom of some other child. I was feeling Raman for loss of the child but now he has become a conspirator in matter of breaking a heart as Ishitha killed his child. But I feel Ballahs are shameless as when they wants they come to Roshini’s pedestal and when they don’t want they throw that person to gutter. They are done it to ishitha now to Roshini.

    1. Agreed 100%

  9. Shreya Shetty

    Parichary,i am not regretful at all dear.
    besides why in the world should I apologise to a mother like u who doesn’t understand my intentions of commenting like this
    I am not purposefully doing this for good,dear pari.there was something wrong in the part of this serial so I angrily but diplomatically vented out on u without understanding ur opinion
    its up to u to whether trust me or hate,i Don’t give a damn of it even if u trust me again after posting the truth behind of why I am unlikingly doing this
    god knows,how r u parenting u r own children as u earlier mentioned u too are a mother of ur own kids and by the way,i am VERY SORRY to interfere in u r personal matter but I have no business nor do I have to ask about it,how did u manage ur family then?
    I AM EXTREMELY SORRY for asking u this,but in order to restore our friendship again I am not attempting in doing so
    actually I am neither on both the sides for support neither ishu nor the family in snatching the baby from roshni
    lets just see what will happen next as we watch the show
    and yes dear motherly like parichary,hope I am not downgrading u,i too have something which is hurting me deeply to the core right now about my ruined future and it has absolutely nothing to do with u r unforgiveness
    I really really don’t care if any person would unforgiven ishita even I too have learnt something from that good character of how to ignore such isolant people like u who have failed to question me first of whats bothering me?i too am a part of this friends family group so please think before u speak dear friend parichary
    I am not supporting anything,just decided to watch what will happen next dear friend in this show so I got slighty miffed with u r blasting comment abt me

    1. For your information I am not married and no kids. As I have nieces and nephews who loves me very much and I don’t treat them badly than you think. I did everything with love like Ishita. Do whatever u want to stay or not. I am not forcing u to stay. I am not annoyed or hurting with ur comment because I don’t care what other might think or say about me as it is their shit mind not mine. Thank you for your reply and do your things.

  10. Shreya Shetty

    this is my last comment here from now onwards,i am really quiting this group because of a friend who has failed to understand my feelings behind my slight miff here
    so goodbye and I will see all of u again on the day when the show ends.GOODBYE AND BEST WISHES TO ALL and u too especially parichary
    nobody may care about me leaving this group gracefully,but its just one small matter that pushed me to take a step of leaving her once and for all.u will never know whats the thing that’s bothering me and made me get angry at u slightly ever my frnd

    1. Why will I be gracefully for u to quit here and leave because I misunderstood u? U decide for yourself. So stop judging me and anyone especially Ishita. I don’t even push u down. It is u that male yourself down like u don’t want to climb up and move forward. It is up to u. U may stay angry and u may never know what kind of life that u are living! I explain last time that Ishita did not killed Adi as she did not pull the triggered of the gun. If u know how to use gun then understand it first. U can’t make bullet fly without pulling the trigger.

  11. ishra scene was nice.

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