Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Raman’s room. She sees the room same like before and thinks of her moments with Raman. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays………… Ishita cries. Shagun comes there and looks on. She says I came to vacate the cupboard, you need space to put your things. Ishita says no need, I did not come to make my place here, its matter of few days. Raman comes and asks Ishita to keep things in cupboard, no need to keep in bag. Shagun goes. Raman says Shagun and I stay together just for Pihu. Ishita says no need to explain. Raman says you can set room like before, you can sleep on the bed. She nods.

Niddhi comes there and shouts Raman Bhalla. Everyone come there. Raman asks Niddhi to get out. Niddhi sees Ishita and says you came here again, what was the need

to come here, I got to know judge gave you 30 days time to win Ruhi’s heart. Raman asks her to get lost. Niddhi says control your anger, I have a deal, if you want me give this deal, I want 15 crores from you. They get shocked.

Niddhi asks them to take case back, then she will give Ruhi back. Ishita says no need of this nonsense, we will earn our daughter back. Niddhi says stop your drama, one day is lost, your days will end, if you think Ruhi will come here, you are mistaken, Ruhi knows your truth, give me money, so that I can leave from Ruhi’s life, then she won’t have anyone except Bhalla family, decide and tell me. She goes.

Raman gets thinking. Ishita asks Raman are you thinking about her deal, she is a fraud, don’t think this. Raman blames Ishita again and says I will decide for Ruhi. Shagun says Raman is right, we have to give money and get Ruhi, we will take decision, we are Ruhi’s real parents, I m sorry, I did not mean this, I know what Ruhi means for Ishita, its 7 years, Ruhi’s life got complicated, Niddhi lost Ruhaan and money, we have to be careful and do what…. Raman says what Niddhi wants, we will give money and get my daughter back in this house, I will not ask anyone. Elders look on. Niddhi hears all this and goes. Ishita thinks Niddhi is clever, Raman is getting trapped.

Raman makes papers with the lawyer. Mihir says its impossible to arrange money. Raman says I just want my daughter. He sells his bonds. Ishita comes there. Mihir says try to understand, we have to sell our company. Raman says I thought my daughter is dead for 7 years, now I can arrange money anyhow, mortgage the property. Ishita looks on.

Ishita gives them tea. Raman says I m arranging money, I don’t want to hear anything. She says if we could ask Mani for financial help. He says whats wrong with you, you know about Mani, I was buying his company, don’t take tension, Ruhi is my daughter, I will manage. Mihir signs Ishita. Ishita goes.

Its night, Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla read Krishna’s stories for Pihu. Pihu says I know everything, and tells about Yashoda not being Krishna’s real mum and even then loved Krishna a lot. They ask Pihu not to go to Raman, he is working hard to get Ruhi here, sleep with us. Mrs. Bhalla ask her to brush her teeth and sends her.

Ishita tells Neelu that she will take milk for Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu says you are tired too, I will manage. Ishita sends Neelu and cleans kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla comes there to take water and says Ishita is mad. Ishita says I was getting milk for you, I will get water too, go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I can see on your face whats going on in your heart, we are still the same, if there is something going in heart, tell me, I will talk to Raman. Ishita says no, I will manage. Mrs. Bhalla says you married for Ruhi’s sake, why can’t you go to Raman’s room for Ruhi’s sake, you both have to look normal, I know its not easy, but my tigress will do this. Ishita goes to room, and thinks to change soon and sleep, before Raman comes. She changes clothes and rests to sleep on the couch. Raman comes to the room, and sees her sleeping. He has back ache and sits. She looks at him. He switches off the lights and rests. He watches cricket. She gets disturbed by the sound, and asks him to lower the volume, did your habit to watch tv at night did not go. He says it won’t go, as someone left me 7 years ago.

Raman says when I was alone and cried for hours in this room, this tv and cricket were with me, when I had no company and did not had anyone to share things, I was like this with my habit. She says I m sorry. He says don’t waste your sorry, I don’t care, I just want my daughter, we are doing this for Ruhi, don’t have any hope, when it breaks, it will just hurt, good night. They both get teary eyed. She sleeps.

Shagun goes to wake up Pihu. She looks for Pihu and sees Ishita teaching Pihu to make dosa. Shagun recalls Ishita’s words. She asks Pihu to come and get ready for school. Pihu says I m learning to make dosa. Ishita says let her be here, I m here, she won’t get harmed. Mihika comes and gives drumsticks to make sambar. Pihu bonds with Ishita. Shagun feels insecure.

Ruhi argues with Adi and asks him to go home and ask his family. Adi tells Ruhi that Niddhi went to Bhalla house to get money. Raman gives money to Niddhi, and says its 60%, and you will get remaining money when Ruhi comes here. She asks for total amount. Romi gives the remaining amount, and asks her to give Ruhi and get lost. Ruhi looks on and claps saying wow……

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) angry seeing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) talking to Romi (Aly Goni) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Ishita wants to bring Ruhi back to Bhalla house at any cost so she wants to make the family together as Ruhi wants.

    Ishita efforts unite Iyyer and Bhalla families for Ruhi but Ishita is failed to sort out Raman’s egoistic problems.

    Romi comes to Bhall house meeting to Ishita which makes Raman angry.

    Raman does not like Ishita talking to Romi as he also does not want t o see any family members has any connection with Romi.

    Ishita warns Raman to accept Romi getting Ruhi back

    Romi also avoids talking to Raman and Raman does not talk to him which makes Ishita upset.

    Ishita tells Raman that if he will not change his behavior for Romi then they will never get Ruhi back.

  2. Siddhi

    I want to kill shagun she said to ishu that she n Raman r ruhis real parents all the moms in the world will be Luke shagun na this world will be unimaginable she is saying herself ruhis real mom n when she came to know that ruhi is alive she was not happy ishu can also say to shagun that she is pihus real mom n sorry to say both Raman n shagun r made for each other stupus Raman that giving ruhi in exchange of pihu is your decision I think this man has lost his memory he was the one who decided this I just hate this shagun

    • Mino

      I Agree with u Siddhi .. he is making the same mistake all over again by not listening to anyone. Ishu knows this is a mistake cos Niddhi will tell Ruhi that they were buying her not out of love for her. Ishu can see who Niddhi is through & through But Raman with his pride & Ego is a fool. Arrogant. he has put the whole blame on Ishu & Acts innocent what about his plan on giving Ruhi to Niddhi. when Ishu was against it. all blame on Poor Ishu. added to that Shagun trying to take Raman’s side & shows that she cares. when first she was told Ruhi is alive she was not even bothered. As u say Raman deserves everything he gets for his Arrogance.

  3. Kimberly

    Ishita , that selfish woman doesnt want to give money to get Ruhi back…this pretty much shows that she is interested in Raman’s money and values money over Ruhi…that Ishita wants to comeback in Raman’s life just mor money .

  4. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    I wonder what’s Raman’s intention??? Is he indirectly confessing he still loves ISHITA or taunting for what she has done…

  5. Kimberly

    I pity on Ruhi . What that jerk Raman and witch Ishita think of Ruhi BTW . they sell her , they buy her , they exchange her . What is she ? A dress for sale in a mall , huh.

    • Siddhi

      Omg first u wrote ishu don’t want ruhi she don’t want to give money to get ruhi then u write they want to by ruhi first think what u r writing I trued a lot to ignore u but sorry I couldn’t control my self

    • NaveenS


      |Registered Member

      Have you been watching this show since it began to present?

      I doubt it. There’s no way you’ve been looking at the same show I’ve been looking at.

    • shish

      I agree with you..she is soo annoying and all her actions are too ugly..such a bad character they created for that girl….Raman / ishita also same…where is romantic loving concept in this drama..such a hateful ugly angry faces coming to scene all the time…

  6. shivani

    Look at raman’s attitude…i think he didn’t realised that it was his mistake….he is still rude to ishita…and shagun also…actually ishita deserve it….wat was the need to stay in that house…wats the need to tolerate their nonsense and insults…ishita you just go back to mani..

  7. jaz

    Abey chup be raman again blaming to ishita..pls ishu go from here..such poche tu jab raman shagun bolrahe the ki o ruhi ke asli parents hain. Meri aahkh bhar ayi..then next part pihu ishita in kitchen.. muje o purane din yaad agaye ..ruhi aur Ishita ke..bas ab sab thik hojaye phele jaisa..shagun pls understand ..

  8. jaz

    Gd……and my lovely friend bit..emotional.also..but.precap.patha..nahi leraha.hain shagun. Derahi hain..kyun hain raman aysa?

  9. Anju

    Now ruhi will hate them more
    Why cant raman understand?
    Its just a trap of niddhi
    When will ishra get united?

  10. Johnny

    Where is Kimberly today??!!!! ? I am actually enjoying Kimberly’s comments in this site. Basically i watch yhm on tv. I come to this site to know people’s reaction on daily episode. I am not a die hard fan of “ishra” as they literally don’t look like a couple rather than a compromise/contract marriage husband & wife…

  11. sam

    Today’s episode was not that nice… how dare raman be selfish… doesn’t he want to be with his family members including ishita? So selfish these two families… they r doing what they did in the beginning. So over…. all they do for ruhi only? Shouldnt they love themselves? Precap was OK….. can anybody tell me what’s the upcoming episode of yhm? And where’s sarika? Please reply to my comment….

  12. shivani

    Hi VP Rithu Sindhu Mino and all YHM fans…..
    after watching last two three episodes i thought raman has realized his mistakes…but no….that chameleon wont change…he insisted ishita to stay with him…he asked her to forget everything… their ego, hatred , everything…because ruhi is important..but this stupid raman still keeps his ego, hatred,anger everything…when he says just for ruhi i want to give him one tight slap.. he is using two women for his kids sake….ishita for ruhi , shagun for pihu…i didn’t like ramans attitude in today’s episode…because of his this behavior they will once again lose their ruhi….but m sure ishita will be more careful this time…shagun also support raman because she wants ishita to go back as soon as possible…

  13. Maham Sheraz

    Yeh bhi mjhy needhi ki chal lg rai hai but eik kaam acha ho ga k ruhi bhala house toh aye gii orr pihu orr ishita ka relation bhi acha ho raha hai but raman k mood ki kuch smjh nhe atii

  14. Kimberly

    That witch Ishita also asked Raman to get the amount from Mani , which also shows that she doesnt wants Raman to lose his wealth so that she can fulfill her desires after getting married to Raman . What a sl*t Ishita ? First had affair with Mani for 7 years and now she is behind Raman to get his wealth . So cheap !

    • Siddhi

      Oh u r unbelievable she is a dentist she don’t want anyone to support her now I am sure u only want to seek attention

    • jaz’’

    • Mimi

      Hahahaha!!! Your comments are so funny!! So much hate for them? Like really?
      Why are you here then!! Just dont watch!! and yah too much prejudice is not good, understand the characters and analyse the reasons why they act like that.

  15. Megha

    Episode was okay…..but precap
    is worst…..I think niddhi is doing this intentionally….she wants ruhi to see nd know about all this deal…..niddhi’s character is shown vry bad nd I think they will be showing shagun’s character also in negative role…..plz writer end the this track soon…..unite ur ishra family nd change the track..

    • jeni

      Yes…i’m done wth this track….but i dont think its gonna end soon……they will drag it 4 another 30 days…by then divyanka will leave 4 her weddng …….so there will be more draggng & when DT is back….. lets hope there will be the ISHRU re-union….

  16. Sindhu

    All I have to say is NIddhi has become a money sucker. I don’t believe. Time and again Raman solves the problems with an easy way out. Do you think she is going to release Ruhi if he gives that money? She will not and bring in another condition. Why can’t Raman understand that to win Ruhi is to win her by love and not by money. Ishita knows this is a trap. Raman is so silly. Shagun is even worse. She thinks by supporting Raman, she will win his favours??? She is in a dreamland. She does not even why she is agreeing with Raman. She is just simply saying everything to Raman. Not sensible enough at all.

  17. Sindhu

    Shagun has become a yes person. The judge has given 30 days. The writers are going to drag this drama for another 30 days literally. DT will also go off for her marriage. During that period I wonder how the story will flow. After DT gets married and returns, then they will show that Ruhi accepts the Bhallas family.

  18. rajat

    Can anyone tell me about the upcoming episode..
    I think today’s episode was good… Raman will now feel that ishita was right this tym… N his words that pass on his feeling was quite natural… Karan Patel’s acting is vry vry natural…. Hats off to him….

  19. Sharadiya Banerjee

    Hello….. I hope you remember me….. I am new….and am 12 years old…. I want to say 5 words on my opinion:


    I love this new twist. But I wish Ruhi understands and comes with her family. And I want this to become a full-joint-happy-family.

  20. Vins

    I pity shagun’s situation… she lost her entire life… I feel like Mrs bhalla is more selfish than any other in the show… she and raman both uses shagun and ishita in the name of kids… shagun has raised pihu. Definitely she has full rights on pihu.. ishita has rights on ruhi. I think at the end they will show raman with two wives. One is for pihu and other is for ruhi… or else they will turn shagun negative again to make ishita the mahaaan… seriously this show lost its essence completely. What an unrealistic tracks… I’m happy for not following this shitty track regularly… They r just repeating the old yhm. Old yhm was good. But it doesn’t mean that we can see the same story again and again… raman is completely annoying…

    • Khushi

      Hi vins,
      Me too hav the same opinion as urs. The show us going worse since long tym. That bus track then crocodilr drama nd all. They wer making ishitha a super women. Now they will tirn shagun neg. i feel vry much sad for shagun. Cant blame her for her actions. Nd mrs bhalla alwayz does the unthinkable. Bhallas really dnt have any gratitude towards anyone. Jus too selfish. Both son nd mother. Till now she was compelling raman to marry shagun nd once ishitha came ahe simply sidelined shagun forgettng the long 7 yrs if her lyf she dedicatd for the upbringing of ruhi. She too have the right to get a happy lyf nd a family

  21. Sindhu

    Both Romi and Raman are buying Ruhi and how will Ruhi feel. Ruhi will get angry as she will think they stoop so low in buying her back from Niddhi. What an insult! This is the easy way out for Raman. So Ruhi is bought and none of them realises that only with love you can conquer and not monetarily. I like the part where Ishita and Pihu bonded, It was such a pleasant scene. Teaching her daughter to cook. Shagun only would have brought Pihu for shopping. I can see both Raman and Ishita love each other so much. I think both have a lot of ego especially Raman. Raman is hoping Ishita will tell him that she will not leave and only stay with him. I am sure Raman will be happy to hear that. On the other hand, Ishita is hoping Raman will take the first step and tell her that he can’t live without her and not leave him. This is what is going to drag on for 30 days but we know both love each other very much but because of ego they both are not able to declare it.

    Hi RIthu, VP, Shivani, Mino and many more YHM fans

    • Mino

      Hi Sindhu, VP, Rithu , Shivani & YHM Fans. You are correct / every word u wrote was a fact. But I am sure Ishu will not for sure will be the first to tell Raman what u said cos the Bad dirty things that Raman said to her is still ringing in her ears. the utmost insult when he chased her then when she came back by proposing to her & burning her stuff. i would never be the first to tell if i was in her position. Always Ishu says sorry but Raman thinks no end of himself & get everyone to bow down to him so he has to sweat for her love if he wants her back.. remember the hospital drama. why should she go so low to him. Though i want very mush for them to get together he has to give up his temper not imagine & Assume the wrong things etc.
      Pihu will somehow will get close to Ishu without even she trying as both have the same personality, see how she handled Niddhi. Mani Can’t claim Ishu as he knows for the past seven years He has no chance. & Raman is her only love. even it is the same for Raman but his pride is not admitting it. sorry i did not hurt ur opinion. dear. Love to all Have fun.

  22. Manju

    Hi freinds Reading you like watching this episode with all of you. I felt sad for Ishita as she is ultimately loosing everything she loves. I felt very angry with Raman for inviting Inshita for the purpose of obtaining custody of Ruhi and insulting her. I also agree that Mrs. Balla and Shagun both selfish to keep them comfortable. I pity ishita for falling love with Raman. I felt Mani would be a loving partner to her than Raman who has tangles everywhere.

  23. vp

    Nothing to comment … Ishitha knew very well she should be strong enaf to re stay in Bhallas house . she will manage it well …its very hurting to see Raman telling the same thing … he only said to Ishitha no ego no hatred for ruhi ke liye to cone and stay there . Shaghun some how wants attention from Raman … what happened to the strong Ishitha … she is very submissive now … and money deal with Nidhi is very dangerous … Cvs back again instead of showing ego hatred you can bring both if them surrendering to each other for Ruhi … if to insult Ishitha what is the need to bring her to Bhallas ?

  24. jeni

    Todys episode was ok….loved the ishra scene anyway…..but dont u guys think writers r draggng it…….whatever happens ruhi isnt understandng……& now tht she has seen raman buyng her with money…
    Divyanka is gettng married next month….when karan got married ,they sent raman 4 bussiness trip……now i guess where will they sent ishita….

  25. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    I think 30days time will be dragged…. the story will revolve around nidhi… Raman will be doing what he can, romi might take Mrs.bhalla help to comeback to bhallas house, as she may ask him for RUHI u have to come..

    Nidhi’s cheap tricks to leave from India (along with ruhi) will be played… ISHITA knowing this wants to take away RUHI as the same WHEN RAMAN SIGNED AGREEMENT FOR EXCHANGING RUHI FOR ADI… so, ISHITA will take RUHI and both will hide… so, ishitha’s presence won’t be there in the show for few days…
    meanwhile DT’s wedding will be done.. so, she will return back with RUHI to bhallas house.. what happened when she took RUHI along with her will be shown later…

  26. Niraja

    Friends I heard that KP and DT are fighting nowadays and they are not even talking to each other. Vivek told DT that not to act with KP( don’t know whether its true) And its also said that DT has lost interest in yhm and now she is interested in kawach. I am really worried if this continues DT might leave the show. And if not they may don’t show any ishra romance onscreen. Guys pls reply I’m eagerly waiting for your reply.

  27. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    7 years is a long time for Raman to just forgive and forget but that’s just because he loves her.Its going to be the same as before sharing a room and one thing less to another.The Ruhi thing with the money exchange could be tricky as Ruhi only saw the money being exchanged……lets hope Adi told her everything and she just sees through Nidhi’s plans.Why don’t these ppl record this type of conversations?I would have done that and caught her out and submit it as proof to the court but maybe its different in India than South Africa.

  28. nana

    Who is this kimberly ? If you dont like yhm dont watch this dont reply on this site dont make us angry. We all reply here for share our love for yhm ishra. So plzzz if you watch yhm we dont want your comments be silent

  29. Khushi

    In todays episode i like pihu- ishitha bonding. Disappointed as shagun is turning grey shaded. Mrs bhalla always does such insensitive things. She was compelling ran to marry shagun all these yrs nw when ishitha is back she suddenly forgot her. Such n insensitive nd dumb lady. Ni wonders y her son also lyk this. I lyk mr bhalla. He is a vry nice person. Heard that ruhi will come back to bhalla hse with nidhi. They r planning to make the serial worse. Raman’s three wives under one roof. Fabulous. No change for raman still he is using tha same manipulatng words “for ruhi”. Kp actd well. The cvs r making his character worse. Thus way all tge fans will end up hating raman.

  30. rithushree

    episode was worst .precap was also bad . raman is acting too much .he is at fault and blames still others and he is giving money to niddhi for getting ruhi and still thinks he is a good father and a perfect man and playing a fool and becoming foolish and making a big joke of himself .

  31. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino and all yhm friends.

  32. Khushi

    Aftr watchng raman in todays episode suddenly a thought struck in my mind. Cant blame him fully bcose its evident that she still luvs ishitha. Before 7 yrs he said all that harsh words nd ishitha left him. All these yrs he was living in pain that ishitha died bcose of him nd then suddenly she came infrnt of him much alive. Nibidy can tolerate this as he luvs ishitha madly. He will react lyk this only. Bt they can talk nd settle the mattr. Truth is that if it happens then cvs cant drag the show. I guess it will nt happen that easily. Lot of drama in wait for us.
    I dnt want the serial to end anyway as bcose of this we r here in this grp sharing our thoughts

  33. rithushree

    Ishita wants to bring Ruhi
    back to Bhalla house at
    any cost so she wants to
    make the family together
    as Ruhi wants.
    Ishita efforts unite Iyyer
    and Bhalla families for
    Ruhi but Ishita is failed to
    sort out Raman’s egoistic
    Romi comes to Bhalla
    house meeting to Ishita
    which makes Raman
    Raman does not like
    Ishita talking to Romi as
    he also does not want t o
    see any family members
    has any connection with
    Romi also avoids talking
    to Raman and Raman
    does not talk to him
    which makes Ishita
    Ishita tells Raman that if
    he will not change his
    behavior for Romi then
    they will never get Ruhi
    Will Raman unites with
    Romi for Ruhi?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  34. pradeepa

    Kimberly you are a lunatic person.if u don’t like the characters of yhm why are u watching it daily.if u can’t stand it stop watching it.u idiot kimberly fool.i don’t like u at all.i think other yhm fans will agree with me.

  35. Ishita

    I don’t understand moral of this serial. Its showing that one can have several wives/ husbands. Disgusting when they close this rubbish serial

  36. rithushree

    ishitha came to bhalla house only for ruhi and raman requested ishitha to come to bhalla house and as soon as she came he insulted her and acts as if ruhi is only his daughter .where was his daughter seven years back when he promised to ishitha to save ruhi and what was his attempt to save ruhi rather than seeing the climax standing and then shouting at all for all happened because of him , his enemy , his idea and plan that is really worst plan to get ruhi and pihu safely .

  37. rithushree

    Star Plus Popular Serial Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein Raman (Karan Patel) and
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) have finally
    got their long lost daughter Ruhi, it
    seems happiness is not in their
    fortune as soon their daughter will
    fight against them.
    Eventually, the viewers will get to
    witness a heart-wrenching scene
    where Ishita breaks down in the court
    after hearing such harsh words from
    In the coming episodes of YHM , Romi
    will bring a bag full of money and will
    give it to Nidhi. He will ask her to
    leave Ruhi. Nidhi will get happy
    seeing the money. She asks Raman to
    learn from his brother.
    Raman gets angry on Romi and asks
    him not to involve in this as Ruhi is
    his daughter. Romi fights back saying
    he has some rights on Ruhi as he is
    her Chachu.
    On the other hand, Adi convinces Ruhi
    to come to Bhalla house once if she
    wants to see Nidhi’s true face. But
    Adi’s plan gets failed as Ruhi
    witnesses fight between Raman and
    She angrily leaves the place saying
    they did not know the meaning of
    family as they are fighting always.
    But at the end of this fight Romi hugs
    Raman as he find Raman in an
    emotional state when Ruhi leaves the
    Will Romi and Raman reunite to get
    Ruhi back? Will Ishita and Raman able
    to solve all the questions in Ruhi’s
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  38. rithushree

    Raman is really a worst man who does not deserve ishitha and shagun she became positive only for few days .like before now also she thinks only about herself and her future not even pihu .pihu is just a medium for her to stay in bhalla house like before as adi . she is not even tensed lije others to bring her own daughter back and just thinking of herself .

    • Siddhi

      I agree with u rithu when ishra were in hotel Raman said to ishu that they will find ruhi n this time her mom dad will not let her go n now after this 15 crore offer Raman is saying to ishita that ruhi is mine daughter

    • Arushi

      Agree with you dear.. Shagun is not even concerned about Ruhi. she just is concerning about her position in Bhalla house… and Raman. God!! I don’t even want to talk about him.. When will he change ??

  39. v.s.

    in this show the character of ruhi was ultimate upto leap which is played by ruhanika but after leap writterr ruined it completly nd aditi is so irritating……… after leap i liked only two characters in yhm, addi and pihu….?

  40. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.After today’s episode I think ishita will get ruhi back by love.coz money don’t buy love.then she will walk away after bringing ruhi back in bhalla house as promised. That will make raman break down because of the way he treated ishita all these years en ruhi, pihu en adi will force their dad to bring their ishima back.shugun will turn negative again she will go to ashok again for comfort en try en snactch pihu away, their might be another custody battle of pihu and maybe only after that ishrarupiadi will reunite.

  41. Siddhi

    Writers have completely ruined Raman’s character now he us becoming irritating like shagun

  42. raven

    hey guys i comment on yhm but did not see my comment why is that i took the time off from my busy schedule to comment infact it was just to get a Peek as i am studying for my other two exams friday exam was very difficult i dont know why i chose to become a doctor i just hoPe i got through with the other two wish me luck guys and am very pleased with some of your comments but some of them are so harsh but its your right guys whether its positive or negative its your views keep on commenting for i read all of them

    • Mino

      All the best for ur Exam. Don’t worry u will do well in ur exams & be a good doctor & come out with flying colours.. May God Bless u with knowledge & to remember everything at the exam..


    Hi guys this message is for Kimberly directly….. Hey madam listen didn’t you say that you live in Singapore or something well guess what I live in the United States of America. Girl you need to learn how to watch your language. I have read every single post you have made But i don’t reply because the other fans already told you to shut up. Do you not know how to shut up. OMG learn to keep your snap shut. I don’t want to hear anything bad about YHM again because well if you were in Divyanka and Karan place and i was calling you all these crappy names and blew off on you and how you acted how would you damn feel tell how would you feel. Let me remind you again keep ur snap shut. You have a right to speak up what ur opinion is but just so you know if ur gonna call the characters witch and bastard and shit you don’t need to watch alright you don’t need to. If you stop watching it will bring sunshine back to Earth. just because you stop watching it no one will be affected. Learn to control ur blo*dy mouth. Who are you too be calling Ishita a sl*t huh who are you would you like if it i called you a sl*t. Now now before i get carried away next time you say some shit about YHM i will start saying shit about you

    • bhgi

      bang on post dear dz vl show how their parents thought her evry one here vl support u she or he i dont know no shame at all just to gain attention ppl lyk her vl cum here and talk shit they r nly shit ppl so all told her in a very nyc way no shame at all total shit leave her she i lyk dat nly

      • Kimberly

        Hey bhgi, u better not say anything about my family . U know nothing about my family so better shut ur mouth . And if u think that I’m an attention seeker then I cant do anything for that . Better dont reply me . And I’m a girl , better you know that .

    • Kimberly

      FANGIRL , I am not saying bad about Divyanka and Karan but dere fictional characters Ishita and Raman that they play onscreen , just like u people criticise Niddhi and Shagun . And I will decide what I watch and comment, not u . And yes Ishita is a sl*t according to me because she is using both Mani and Raman and who knows how many boyfriends she had in Australia…

      • jaz

        Oh really ishita has so many boy friend in Australia.are you mad ishita loves raman ONLY samjiiii.mani has soft coner to inshita but ishita loves raman ONLY.Yeah shagun has so many boy friend.not ishita.apne aapku kya samaj thi tu kuch bhi bakwas comments kareghi.kya hum chup chap padleghe.story thikse nahi dekhi badi ayi likne.

    • bhgi

      who d blo*dy hell r u to say shut my mouth i am nt talking any shit lyk u so u talking in the same way v r talking sobefore telling to anyone u jz shut ur blo*dy mouth

      • Kimberly

        Bhgi, who the bl**dy hell r u to say bad about my family , I said bad about Raman and Ishita , not u . U people started to spew bad about me . I’m just replying u all .

    • vp

      Well said Fan girl … one has to appreciate the people who are acting … and the way Ishra makes happiness to the viewers is superb … whatever we say its now not the story line its Raman and Ishitha that we are all addicted to …


    I’m sorry other YHM fans i felt like some needed to shut her up. Please excuse my language it wasn’t mean for you it was just meant for Kimberly

  45. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    I am very upset about Today episode
    Just waiting to watch Ramishu scenes not more than any family drama of Shagun

  46. Ramchin


    |Registered Member

    I really don’t understand why shagun came in Raman life
    She should marry manoj
    I think manoj didn’t leave the I saw him in parivar awards
    Sooo may be he will come in shagun life again
    I love to pihu and ishu bond
    But can’t see shagun taking decisions for pihu
    After sooo much pain ishu have a daughter

    But that happiness Shagun is taking from her

    Waiting to watch more scenes of pihu and ishu

  47. Ramchin

    Want to see Ramishu together
    Yesterday’s episode was good
    Today is upset to watch
    Except ishu and pihu scenes

  48. Uaha

    Yeh i agree that Raman has started his verbal diarrhoea again…blaming Ishita again…dummy the plan was made by you and you forced Ishita to carry it out. Well Ishota help get Ruhi back and than walk out ..there is such thing as self respect and dignity…let verbal diarrhoea vomit come crawling for your love with his rude dtr Ruhi.Her feelings and upset are justified but why blame only Ishita..her dad is at fault..please someone tell her soon.

  49. raven

    you do your thing FANGIRL it was very brave of you i mean you did not beat around the bush you say it as you see it you go girl and dont stop commenting i said i wont come on and yet i did i will ge in trouble if my mom only finds out i gotta study and i am doing my own thing but what to do i am a big fan of YHM cant help it had to come on take care FANGIRL

  50. satakshi

    dear fan girl i agree with u and i don’t have any problem regarding ur comments it is very good that u did this for a good cause so lots of love and support to u from me


    A Very GOOD MORNING to ALL The YHM Fans
    Hi JAZ Ramchin Roz Super GIRL.
    Yesterday’s EPISODE Was Not NICE
    It Even Showed The CHARACTERS of DISGUSTING People.
    ISHITHA Kitna Dekh Baal KARO thi Ruhi KA
    7 Saal k Pehle.
    ISHITHA KI ZINDAGI SPOIL Hogaya is Gaandu k Vajah SE.
    Ab YE Bolta MUJHE SIRF Meri Beti CHAHYIYE.
    Aur Shagun WOH ISHITHA AUR PIHU KO Kareeb NAHI Ahnedeti

    KAAS KARKE BACHEN K Father Or Mother
    Kabhi NAHI KARNA
    Ramchin You Are Very NICE.
    I Have Seen Your Photo Many Times But Didn’t Observe.
    Very Attractive FACE

    • jaz

      Hi Adu Gud morning why are you so late today to comments yaar meine kal raat 12:baje thak wait kya tumara.exams hain kya

  52. Sahasra

    Shagun is disgusting.Really she is a terrible mother .She is selfish .She is in between raman nd ishita they are still husband and wife

  53. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    I think 30days time will be dragged…. the story will revolve around nidhi… Raman will be doing what he can, romi might take Mrs.bhalla help to comeback to bhallas house, as she may ask him for RUHI u have to come..

    Meanwhile nidhi’s cheap tricks to leave from India (along with ruhi) will be played… ISHITA knowing this wants to take away RUHI as the same WHEN RAMAN SIGNED AGREEMENT FOR EXCHANGING RUHI FOR ADI… so, ISHITA will take RUHI and both will hide… so, ishitha’s presence won’t be there in the show for few days…
    meanwhile DT’s wedding will be done.. so, she will return back with RUHI to bhallas house.. what happened when she took RUHI along with her will be shown later…

    • jeni

      Hi Reshma… tht will be the same track again….but i was also thinkng how will the track go on when DT leaves 4 her weddng…….

  54. rithushree

    Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein will witness
    some major twist and turns in the
    episodes to come.
    It seems that the motive behind
    Ruhi’s strange behaviour will be
    revealed soon in the show.
    It is heard that Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia)
    all this time was actually faking to
    be angry with Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Raman ( Karan Patel ).
    Ruhi had realised that post her exit
    from the family her family had
    broken into small pieces, therefore
    she planned to be angry with her
    family so that they could come
    together to bring her back in Bhalla
    It would be interesting to see what
    will happen next in the show.
    Will Ruhi be able to reunite Ishita
    and Raman once again or not?
    Stay tuned for more exciting

    • jeni

      Hi rithu…… ur comment….r u sure……wow….. then i’m so happy!!!! I was just wonderng why ishima’s ruhi…. showng so much attitude…..i was startng 2 hate her….but if this is the real reason then its ok….i like it……waitng 4 ISHRU…..CUTE HUG…..JUST AS B4…..mayb even better…..with ‘MERE DIL KA ‘ backgrnd song……♥♥

  55. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high intensity drama.
    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) is on a secret mission to
    unite the broken relationships.
    She will succeed in reuniting the
    Bhallas and the Iyyers.
    Apparently she will call Romi (Aly
    Goni) to Bhalla house to solve the
    differences between the two
    However Ishita’s efforts to get the
    estranged brothers together will go
    in vain as the two will end up
    fighting with each other.
    Ishita will try to make Raman
    (Karan Patel ) understand that if he
    wants Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) back in
    the Bhalla house he has to let go
    his ego and get Romi back into his
    Keep watching this site for more

  56. rithushree

    raman did all that he wants to do seven years before .forced ishitha to take ruhi to niddhi and did nothing to save ruhi and acts as if only he is concerned for ruhi and he really looked horrible and fake in yesterday’ s episode and he is trying to take ruhi from money .again his horrible unfruitful plans started and asks everyone to keep mum .atleast others have better brains and plans.

  57. Kimberly

    To all those who think I’m an attention seeker , you people better dont reply me . Will be good for everyone .

    • Neethu

      Kimberly I agree with u that the characters of the lead roles are spoilt by the Cvs but whatsoever. .it’s just a serial and u don’t have take it soo seriously. .you have the rights to comment but it could be a polite comment. .Everything in this world can be achieved by love and not by using bad language. .Please do control your emotions. .

  58. Anayta

    Well I think shagun is right at her place. She has given 7 years of her life . She raised pihu. And suddenly ishita comes . Ishita is now trying to get close to pihu. She is living in Raman’s room . Shagun will definitely get insecure…she loves pihu a lot . She can’t let ishita take pihu away from her. And Raman’s mother is so selfish…she can’t see the pain in eyes of shagun. She just wants ishita back without even thinking once about the sacrifice of shagun

    • Aiman

      Hi Aiman and by the way you are right but then also why can’t she manage for some days this all arrangements and every thing is just temporary for this so what’s bad in that yeah

  59. SSA

    I am sad to see Ruhi/Ruhaan, she is very arrogant. Its hard to accept because she was such a sweet little angel before. How can she change like this. I totally agree she will have angry with her parents, but not this extend. She is too much and her words and action are irritating. Specially the way she behave in the court was unacceptable. How can a child change like this so soon? She proves that is a typical daughetr Shagun n Raman so hatret, anger and ego is in her blood itself and she added that evil Nidhi’s stupid qualities to that.. Poor Ishitha, all her effort of bringing Ruhi up with love and kindness was all in vain

  60. Isha

    with this leap they have destroyed Ishita’s character. If you look at it, she has nothing to call as her own. her husband whom she loves is some kind of a pain whom no self respecting female can bear. he has an ex-wife whom he loved some time back. Adi and Ruhi even though they love/loved Ishita are Raman’s and Shagun’s kids. the same way, even if Pihu is Ishita’s kid biologically, it is Shagun again who gave birth to Pihu and believe me guys, to have a baby grow in your womb for 9 months gives u kind of bonding. that is why they value mother more than a father.
    so Ishita has nothing. If Ishita is not in the picture, Raman,Shagun and the three kids are a happy family.

    By having Shagun give birth to Pihu and making Ishita run away for 7 years, the writers spoiled everything for Ishita. Now it is like Ishita is not needed here and in the real world if you see, Ishita became a kabab me haddi

    • vp

      Yes Isha cvs have destroyed Ishitha as well as Raman too … only to give Anitha importance … but the only thing is that Ishra are in deep love … that bond is not with Shaghun plus children too … Ishitha is amazing as mother where as Shaghun not …

  61. vp

    Rithu appreciate your efforts … Really nice …I had a feeling and commented before Ruhi wants to unite the family and she is acting … just like ghost track … Raman and Nidhi … cvs really cant come up with something new …


    Hi JAZ!
    Sorry for Commenting Late.
    Today Morning I Commented.
    FIRST Translate This in ENGLISH


    Good Afternoon YHM Fans.
    PLEASE Don’t Take Anything Serious or Respond to PEOPLE WHO SPOIL THE Environment.
    Let The People Say Whatever They Want to Say.
    Always Be As COOL AS MS. DHONI.
    Be COOL.
    NOW The SERIAL is Also Coming On RIGHT TRACK.

    • jaz

      Adu the girl Kimberly.kuch bhi bolthi hain yaar she telling ishita has so many boy friend in Australia. How CHEAP this girl Kimberly.


    JAZ Please Aisa Math WAIT KARO MERE LIYE.
    Padai BAHOT Hojaari.
    TIME BHI BAHOT Chalejaana.

    • bhgi

      hi adi nyc to meet ya 🙂 wat u said is so true let her say wat she want sry rm nw i vl nt respond to her man liya lets b f rnds vl u??
      n in india forums also there is a member nnamed casket every vl s cold her no shame at all ppl vl b lyk dz nly i v vl b calm then they vl shut their mouth

  65. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    Ruhi is emotional after seeing the gifts – trophy & collage by Raman and Bhallas.
    Reporter said Ruhi is in Bhalla House. She is remembering her childhood days.
    OffScreen- Aditi found her dress uncomfortable.
    According to u me TV Aditi wardrobe malfunction se bal bal bachi
    and they had to stop shoot for 3-4 hours.


    Yeppadi Irka JAZ?
    If ISHITHA IS That Sort of A GIRL
    Then SHE Would Have Had Many BOY Friends in Her LIFE
    Till Now in These 7 YEARS SHE Would have Slept With MANI.

    • jaz

      I’m fine Adu.hey Adu your hero rajiv kanderval ki new film is coming soon.(fever) I saw in sbs segment today.jab meine rajiv dekha bus tumari yaad aagayi.

  67. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) reminds Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) as her childhood on her birthday in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita is trying hard to unite family members so they get Ruhi back as soon as possible.

    Ruhi insults Raman and Ishita for not staying together and says that they are not good parents.

    Raman, Ishita and both Bhalla and Iyyer families are trying to be together like before in front of Ruhi.

    Furthermore, Raman is very excited for Ruhi’s birthday so he collects all old memories of Ruhi so that he would tells Ruhi that she is very important for them.

    Ruhi’s anger truth get revealed to Raman and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)

    Apart from this, Ruhi’s truth of hating Raman and Ishita get revealed as she finds about family get separated after her exit.

    Ruhi pretends of hating them so they get back together.

  68. Siddhi

    Guys I have read in spoilers that ruhis truth with. Come out of hating ishita n Raman she came to know about families separation after her exit so she is trying to unite them presenting that she hates them

  69. Jess

    I think this time Raman will do a mistake regarding that deal. I dont think Nidhi will miss this perfect chance to hurt Ballahs. Raman should think before giving money. And also they shouldnt buy Ruhi and the only thing they have to do is win her heart.May be Nidhi really wants money and will be going to give Ruhi really, in that sense also, will Ruhi be fine with them. That will hurt her much.She will suffer alot thinking that she has no one and no value. Whatever to Raman, Shagun really loves Pihu.So it will be hard to break that bond. Pihu also will feel awkward with these relationships. I think the family had to tell the truth to Pihu before and let Shagun be her step mum. any way why Shagun came there? there were Simmi and her grand ma to take care of her. Shagun would have to live happily with Manoj. Raman and his stupid anger spoiled everything. This hurts Munny and Aliya too. jst as before Shagun will be negative and join Ashok. two parties will fight for Pihu s custody. what a drama here… I still watch this as I really loves Ishra scenes as they are so cute… lets see wht happen. Nidhi.. kill ur self damn..devil

  70. nishi

    I feel bad for shagun…
    shagun is rit at her place bcoz shagun is the mother of pihu usne pihu ko bda kiya 7 saal tk use hr khushi di nd suddenly ishita akr ye sb now I hate ishita..
    ishita ne ruhi ki absence m hr sukh liya wid mani n family apna clinic b strt kiya sb bdiya

    .but idhr shagun n apni shadi chod di or ramn k sath pihu k liye ek jhuthy rishty ko 7 saal nibhaya nd now vo fir akeli I m with shagun

  71. IWatchTV

    Ishita came in ruhi’s life when she was 7 and in one year there was leap. How strong can the bond be.. of 15 years, ruhi had no one for 14 years.. her own mother was also not with her.. she is most unlucky girl in this story. Writer appears to have no justice and no sympathy for this girl ruhi.. very sad.

  72. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Finally Ishita accomplish in uniting
    Bhalla family and Iyyer family by
    clearing out all the ambiguities
    amid both the family.
    On the other side, Ishita is
    planning to unite Raman and Romi
    too so that their brotherhood
    Also Ruhi’s condition about
    dysfunctional family helped Ishita
    a lot in uniting everyone.
    Apart from all this, Raman is
    preparing for Ruhi’s upcoming
    Raman decides to gift Ruhi a huge
    photo frame with all her pictures
    since her childhood days.
    Raman also wanted to portray how
    much he missed his Ruhi all these
    Surprisingly, Ruhi gets teary-eyed
    seeing her beautiful childhood

  73. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is trying
    hard to unite family
    members so they get Ruhi
    back as soon as
    Ruhi insults Raman and
    Ishita for not staying
    together and says that
    they are not good parents.
    Raman, Ishita and both
    Bhalla and Iyyer families
    are trying to be together
    like before in front of
    Furthermore, Raman is
    very excited for Ruhi’s
    birthday so he collects all
    old memories of Ruhi so
    that he would tells Ruhi
    that she is very important
    for them.
    Apart from this, Ruhi’s
    truth of hating Raman and
    Ishita get revealed as she
    finds about family get
    separated after her exit.
    Ruhi pretends of hating
    them so they get back
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  74. rithushree

    Ruhi is annoyed with Raman and
    Ishita, and does not want to stay at
    their home. Raman gets home a
    special photo collage. He prepares it
    for Ruhi’s birthday. Raman gets a
    beautiful surprise birthday gift. The
    collage has all memories of Ruhi’s
    childhood. Ishita, Shagun and Bhallas
    are happy seeing Raman’s surprise,
    and hope that this will touch Ruhi’s
    heart. Ishita and Niddhi want to keep
    Ruhi with them. Pihu becomes a good
    relieve for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita try
    to convince Ruhi and send a gift for
    Ruhi. Ruhi sees the photo collage and
    her childhood memories. She cries
    and misses her parents. Pihu meets
    Ruhi, and tries convincing her in her
    own way. Pihu innocently conveys her
    love to Ruhi. She tells Ruhi to come
    home and stay with her, as she loves
    Ruhi a lot. Ruhi’s heart does not melt
    for Ishita, but Pihu makes a soft corner
    in Ruhi’s heart.

  75. Lindel

    You guys are so lucky to have watched from day 1- I only started watching when Ishita and Raman got married, and now in SA, the channel that broadcasts the show is ending, so I had to change my whole dstv bouquet and now I am watch the leap, and not from when they first started falling in love around when Ashok and Shagun were supposed to get married.

    • Susan

      Hi Lindel. I am also from South Africa. Yes we will be missing some of the most beautiful episodes of Ishra love. Very sad about that. And to top it all Hotstar is not available in South Africa. So not able to watch older episodes. Tunepk videos has also been discontinued. Cry cry cry.

  76. raven

    hi Sharadiya Banerjee when i came on first i knew no one i still dont few of them wish me luck for my exams thats about it as time goes on you will get to know everyone i often read comments by rithushree ADITYA KIRAN etc good luck to you

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