Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi thanking Raman. Raman says its okay, but you did wrong, you have to apologize, accepting mistake is not bad, talk to Aaliya with love, everything will be fine. They go to their car. Mani comes there. Mani asks where are you going, you are going out with your dad, do you care for Aaliya. Raman says Mani we will go home and talk. Mani says let people see. He scolds Adi and says how can you slap Aaliya, do you think just you can raise hand. He slaps Adi. Aaliya asks what, why did you tell Mani, he will not forgive Adi. Shagun says he should know, Ishita is proud of her upbringing, you stop it, Adi did wrong, its imp for Mani to know.

Mani asks Raman to stay away. He asks Adi how can he beat his wife. Adi says please enough, did you see your daughter’s mistake,

did you ask her what happened, I went with her on honeymoon, she got happiness spending time with Nikhil, would I not slap her, tell me. Shagun asks Aaliya not to take tension, they did wrong, Raman insulted you and then Adi, I can’t let you go there, where your husband does not respect you, we will make the papers. Aaliya asks what, is this imp.

Shagun says its necessary to teach them a lesson, they always do wrong with us, don’t worry, we are with you. Aaliya says I wish Adi understood my and Nikhil’s relation. Mani says they are just friends. Adi says Aaliya forgot me, its like I died for her, go and ask her, why did she marry me. Mani asks him not to blame her. Adi says I see how she changed seeing Nikhil, if she loves him, she would have gone on honeymoon with him. Mani slaps him. Raman stops Mani. They both push each other and argue. Raman shouts leave else I will kill you. People look on. Raman says I will kill you if you come here. Mani leaves.

Aaliya says I feel strange. Shagun says calm down. Adi says everything got bad. Raman says I will kill Mani, if you raise hand on woman next time Adi, I will not leave you. Lady says Raman was so angry and threatened to kill Mani. Ruhi gets Pihu to school. Pihu sees Riya and hugs Ruhi. She says don’t ask me to become Riya’s friend. Riya and Pihu go. Ruhi asks Nanny what happened to Riya. Nanny says I got scolded to allow you to meet Riya. Ruhi says I want her to make friends. Nanny asks her not to interfere, its madam’s decision. Ruhi says how would they treat Riya, her life will be ruined.

Bala sees Kiran in his institute. He asks what are you doing here. She says you are not replying my calls and messages. He asks isn’t that evident that I don’t want to talk to you. She says I came here for you. He says there can’t be any possibilities, sorry, Ishu says right, I can’t move on in my life just like that, I have two children. She says so she said and you agreed. He says she did not stop me, she accepted Raman with his children, my children are imp to me. She asks do you think I can’t be a good mum to them. He says you are a good business woman, I m proud of you, but try to understand, I m not saying a working woman can’t be a good mum, Vandu was a college principal, she was a good mum, but things changed, my children lost her, if I moved on, the woman in my life should come as my children’s mum, not my wife, sorry to say this, its tough to take Vandu’s place.

She says fine, I want to see how tough is it, I want to become mum of your children. He says I don’t understand. She asks what are you going to do for children in evening. She says I have to pick Shitija. She says I will pick her today. She gets a call and says what, packaging unit, where is Raman, fine I will call back. Bala says you focus on your business, I will manage children. She says no, I will pick Shitija and also go on work, message me school address. She goes.

Mani recalls Adi’s words. Shagun calls him. Mani says Raman insulted Aaliya, Ishu did that with you, Adi slapped Aaliya and crossed limit. Taneja hears him. Mani says I will not be quiet now. Taneja smiles and says I think Samdhis got a war, its good. He says sorry, I heard your conversation, Raman has no manners to talk to anyone.

Raman says what does Mani think, Mani and his daughter won’t come, its Adi and Aaliya’s mistake too, Adi went to apologize, what did Mani do. Mihika comes and says explain Ruhi, she leaves geyser on every day, electronics is not a joke. Ishita asks why are you blaming Ruhi, she has tension on her. Raman asks what’s wrong with you, she is worried for Pihu. Mihika says its okay, Ishita knows dealing with children well. Mihika goes. Ishita says this is my natural reaction like Mani did, we are protective about children, tell me what would Mani go through knowing Adi slapped Aaliya, what would you do being in his place. Raman says I would have killed that man.

Taneja says Raman and Adi troubled me, I m with you, if you need help, call me. Mani says I want to show Raman his place, I want to ruin him. Ishita says this is time to manage relations, we will explain Mani, Adi should apologize to Aaliya, we have so many fights, do we break relation, we have to solve problems. Raman says I think you are right, I will try to talk to Mani.

Ishita asks what, Kiran is going to pick Shitija and Pihu. Bala says yes, she insisted that she should get a chance to prove she can become good mum, she has taken this as challenge. She asks him not to feel guilty. He says she left her packaging unit work and went to pick children, I did not wish to choose between two things, I m feeling guilty. She asks him to help her. He asks are you sure, how. She says you go to her factory and help her connect with her work. He says its brilliant idea, fine I will go. She says I m happy, Kiran is taking an initiative. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi says my music class ended, so I came to coffee shop, I will pick Pihu. Ishita says no, Kiran will pick her, she is helping Bala, I will explain later, Raman will be calling now. She ends call and says why did Raman not call, hope everything got sorted.

Raman says Mani is not answering. He calls on landline and asks Shagun for Mani. Shagun says I don’t want to talk. He says let me talk to Mani once, I want to take Aaliya home. She says you insulted her, she won’t come, don’t call here again. He calls Mani. Mani says why is Raman calling me again and again. He answers and asks why are you calling, I don’t want to talk. Raman says sorry, its my mistake, Ishita explained me, I realized my fault, children should not get punished, they are newly weds, talk to me once. Mani says fine, come home. Raman says no, Shagun will be there. Can we meet outside. Mani says fine, we will meet at coffee shop. Raman says I will wait for you. He says once I talk to Mani, I will tell Ishita.

Raman falls down and gets shocked seeing Manni stabbed. He removes the knife from Mani’s body.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good work ekta.congarts for making all character worthless.they don’t know what to do in ishta’s she went for a they have introduced Kiran and nikil and lots of twist. made adi everyone is going to blame Raman for Mani many times they will show police and court drama.what a pathetic story line.I think Kiran s going to forget children .so that everyone can blame her.

  2. What is this nonsense Now Raman will arrested for stabbing Mani. They already ruin the charm of yhm & now this rubbish..
    I think it’s done by taneja..
    They should change the name as ” yeh hai fight or revenge”

    1. Well said.. Yeah yeah hei bezati… Yeh hei badla..

  3. Riana

    Mani is STABBBBEEEDDDD !!!!…?????????????….What rubbbish alll this !…???

  4. What the ……precap……omg……

    Thats why…..thats why the promos……nd raman threatened mani in public…….bc…….

    Hell man…….no……bkwas……cvs r being jerk now……….

    I mean this is shit now…… shit…….romi will die…..mani will die……recently vandu………limits…..


    Except for the part when mani said he wants to ruin raman, his anger was justified……..adi and raman overacting…….shagun was also justified…….ishita was awesome today……though i didn’t understand that geyser part cz i did not see the epi nd it was not clear in this update……..kiran bala part was good and ishita was good here also……..

    Precap killed my insides…..

  5. HI Rithu, VP, Magic, Mino, Shivani, Missy, Bhagya, Ravi, Parichary, Khushi and many YHM fans. Yesterday VP and someone else said that watching YHM causes stress when it suppose to be a relaxing drama serial. True enough it is happening….. Now Mani is stabbed and Raman in prison and Ishita trying to bail him out… What nonsense!!! How many times Raman will go to prison??? How many times are they showing characters dying in YHM? Rinki, Vandu and soon Romi…. Will Mani survive or die? What story line is this? They have completely killed the show. Just when I thought the plot is taking shape they have to come up with such a disaster…..I rather just watch Ishqbaaz. At least that is cute story line. YHM is actually causing stress for me. I know it is just a serial but some how I got connected with the serial and I don’t expect them to show only positivity. They also need to show some negativity but i t can be done with good taste.

    1. I totally agree with you. even though it’s just a serial it creates lots of tension

    2. Hi Sindhu. Not watching YHM anymore. Just reading comments. Almost stopped watching Ishqbaaz as well after Shivika separation. But yes they are back on track. So enjoying Ishqbaaz again. Don’t know how CVs are going to save YHM now. But trp’s are still good so maybe we are the only few people not satisfied with story line.

      1. Hi Susan How r you ? Trp is not good .I am still watching … may b nothing to do ….

    3. Hi VP. All good on my side. YHM lost al magic for me. Sadly I have eventually come to the conclusion that IshRa is no more. They are still in the show but unfortunately time has moved on and it seems like everybody is just going through the motions of keeping the show on air for as long as possible. I can however not live without the Ishra moments which maybe due to CVs or “actors’ choice” will never happen. Never thought I would say this but yes my addiction is finally over. Except for Ishqbaaz I am not watching any other Indian serials. These writers just have no regard for the viewers emotions.

      1. Yes Susan … I am also not interested to watch … but now looking forward to see the crap and rubbish and to what extend the cvs can go upto .Isqbaaz … I was not at interested at all … I like Nakul … I am waiting fof the day when yhm is finally off air … after that I may not switch on my tv

    4. Hi Sindhu
      True true true what you said

  6. Hi friends… Relationship s changing episode… Precap was interesting… Mani is stabbed… Sure Raman will be blamed.. but don’t worry his Jagga Jasoos is there… Today earlier promo gave shock.. now this… If Mani is dead and Shagun in icu, if both happens tomorrow, then Ashok is behind this.. he kill Mani and Shagun witness it.. so he also try to kill Shagun… And memory loss … Unless she returns back to senses she will say my Raman, my family…or another thing is possible… This may be planned by Mani Shagun and Taneja with Ashok to ruin Raman and bhallas… Shagun memory loss drama to destroy ishra..along with this Aliya becomes negative… tomorrow s episode gives some picture because Mani asked Raman to meet at coffee shop.. but that murder scene was in some house…so may be Mani’s planning… Let’s wait and watch…. As dt returned today from holiday… Now it runs in fast track…

  7. Ye romi ki death ki kya story h? Use kya hua…???

    And seriously ye cvs misunderstanding badhati hi ja rahi ab to aliya ko bhi yahi lagega ki raman ne mara h..

    And yeh ashok khana kitne time se bakvas games khel raha h lekin kisiko kuch pata hi nai chal raha

  8. Always bhalla will be stuck in police cases.. raman has gone to jail, ishita has gone to jail, ruhi has gone to jail, adi has gone to jail… It’s happiness for one or two episode then any one character will be stuck in police case.. everything revolves around handling police cases.. solving tat lawyer murder, handling nidhi,aliya acid attack, adi second marriage, rama on drug case., N now this.. it shud be renamed as. Yeh hai raste jail aur court ka…

    1. Hi Maya … I think Bhallas have rented one room in jail …

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Hello VP madam I want to comment on your comment yesterday which you said ishita left for seven years because she believes that no ruhi no Raman and you also said that her love is incomparable and extreme. But I ask , why then did she fight with shagun over pihu. If her love is extreme that means she only love ruhi. If ishita can look at a two days old baby and not feel for her and not even think what will become of this child if I leave. She did not even think she will have no mom. So tell me how great is ishita’s love. In actual sense ishita does not love pihu nor adi except ruhi. How great is ishita’s love that she cannot live for the living ones but to follow the dead one and die for her. You said ruhi is her breath that means ruhi is her life, it then also means that pihu is her nightmare and adi is her dream. Why then did ishita came back to fight with shagun over pihu’s custody and causing so much problem for everyone. She even sent Raman to follow them to Bangkok just to take away pihu from her meanwhile this is the same child that she did not even mind that she will no longer have a mother if she commits suicide. How good is ishita’s love madam.

    1. Hi Azuka nice question . Today being friday … I am totally free and go on replying to each nd every one ..
      1.Ishitha married Raman only for Ruhi … Before marriage she had fights with Raman and wanted Ruhi to go to her mom . But gradually she realised Raman is better than Shaghun to have the custody of Ruhi . Her love to Ruhi was unconditional . Nobody except Mr Bhalla accepted her … but she cud win every body by her good actions .
      Adis first 12 yrs was with his mother … there he started insecurity … Ishitha guided him . She even suffered Shaghun staying in the Bhallas house for Adi … becoz she knew Adi was Ramans weakness . She took care of him but her attachment to him is def lesser than Ruhi .
      Pihu .. Surrogancy was not Ishithas idea .When she lost her baby dhe had told Raman she is v happy with Ruhi and Adi … but Raman opted surtogancy and that too Shaghun … it was Shaghuns idea only ..From this track onwards yhm lost the storyline .
      And when Ruhi came back … Shaghuns insecurity started Ishitha understood it well though she loves Raman … she told Shaghun that Pihu can never be her child …But Shaghuns upbringing of Pihu after she got custody of Pihu was very bad … then naturally .. ishitha wanted her to be in a healthy atmosphere . Episodes 950 to 970 … if you watch you can see Shaghuns bad influence on Pihu .
      Then Australia was Ramans idea … not acceptable for viewers … Ruhi wanted her Pihu to know the truth ….
      Human body has feelings … Mother is Mother only …Situations created that feelings to Ishitha …
      Her love to each and every one is same .. Shaghun in Australia wanted to roam around with Vidhyut … For Shaghun her pleasure is important .
      Raman was totally shattered when she came back after 7 years … her idea was to give back Ruhi in his hands and go back . She was ready with her bags .. but Adi saw and stopped her .
      So many incidents are there Azuka . Raman did not want to see the sight of her after losing Ruhi .. she was scared to see him . I wont say what she did was right …. her parents had the right to know ..All cvs brainless plots and twists Azuka .
      I love reading your comments …I have nothing against AH but Shaghun cant be tolerated . She created such a pain in Bhallas house they are not abke to forget . And once Ishitha came … they started comparing …I dont knoww in which episode … I think 968 … Romi and Raman talks for sometime … Romi is supporting his bhabi … If you get time pls see … after that Kunal Seithis blackmailing to Mihika

      1. Good one VP mam
        Love your reply
        But your first line was a punch had me in stitches (laughing hard)
        Agree with all you said including your reply to the young girl about love

      2. azuka nkwonta

        The truth is that every mother has a way of bringing up their children. Ishita believes that her way is the best and so do you. I don’t see anything wrong with shagun’s up bringing. Another thing is that ishita does not love adi and pihu but she wants to keep them. Ishita knew that adi is raman’s weakness that is why she wants to bring in adi so that Raman will be happy and she will close that space forever. Her peace of mind started when she was able to make adi love her.shagun was not the one that made adi insecure, adi’s blood is from his father because Raman was insecure too shagun only recognises it and use it against the bhallas.

  10. Candiva007

    Oh Lord…now look what we have to watch…Raman is always in jail for stuff he doesn’t do.

  11. I really dont know what to comment . Mani Raman and Adi … over reacted in public . Such issues comes parents of both will sit calm and discuss how to go ahead without breaking the relationship .
    Mani waa the only person who was cool and cultured …. but really blasted on Adi
    .If you really go thru … their relationshi from beginning was not going smooth . Adi is a insecured boy … early to marry … is not ready to take the responsibility . Slapping Alia was the mistake from Adi … First time I felt so sad for Raman !Pre cap was so upsetting .. Raman will be blamed All Taneja and Ashoks plan … who knows Shaghun and Kirans hands are also there .
    Shaghun talking about relationship to Alia … She herself never valued her marriage with Raman , used Ashok … then Manoj then got married to Mani … Vidhyut too … Having moved on with all these men she wanted to secure her life atleast with Mani … that also gone now … she will not have a memory loss … she will act like that to get into Ramans life . Sympathy attack !
    Balas and Ishus talk was nice … bala sounded guilty … how Ishitha eased it is the beauty . Alia confronted to Shaghun … before marriage … why Alia is not comfortable with Ishitha ? Adi was under shaggun for 12+7 years … but for him Ishima is his strength . Thats becoz he cud defferentiate the good and bad ! Anyways tomorrow prison … cvs you have really ruined yhm … we fans hope things will change . So many things happened so fast ..playing with our emotions . This is just to give space to AH . ..

  12. Hi Ramya (Valpa ) I am Shalini Nair from Ernakulam … but in Dubai 37 years .

  13. Hi fans of YHM
    That’s it i have had it with Ekta mam
    They have mashed the show
    How many murder cases are the Bhallas going to fight?
    Every time Ishra and their kids in jail all the time
    Mani one of the most level headed guys on the show alongside Bala is killed.
    So Shagun is going to get loads of screen time
    After everything – shagun got a husband that listens to her, pampers her and loves her and shows her respects, now she has lost him. Shagun is going to be bitter, angry and out for revenge.
    Aliya is going to turn negative because of this. And rightly so
    I am only going to read telly updates but I am not watching this anymore.

  14. Hey all I have just got an idea
    What if this is a plan to destroy Ishra
    What if Mani is in on the plan and he did not die but all fake – made to look like Raman killed him – so once he is convicted and killed then Mani, Shagun and Aliya will leave India and go to Australia to live a new life. This is just a thought
    What was the need for Raman to threatened Mani and it was so unlike Raman.
    This is such a mess.

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Two parents mani and Raman behaving foolishly, they are not better than their children. For a slap alone they are behaving like this , what would have happened if there was a murder, they will kill each other. Ishita is talking sweetly today about Kiran but this was not her first reaction about Kiran and bala’s relationship. She refused this relationship and said an out right no to Raman when he spoke about their relationship and caused a little bit of problem with it but now she is going to look like the one that solved the problem now that Kiran has shown her that she could also be a mother.
    To be honest killing mani is not the best way to raise the dwindling profile of yhm if the producers will understand that.

    1. Azuka …. Thank you for the reply . Your approach to life is totally defferent . I am not able to analize you …Shaghun is selfish and Ishitha is selfless Thats all !

  16. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is always the one suffering in yhm her life have not been made easy at all while some people like ishita are having fun with their life. I don’t see why shagun will always be put in a miserable condition. After ishita and Raman forced her to marry mani it took her time to settle with the thought of being mani’s wife and after she did this now they killed mani. She will be once again without a husband and without a companion and even her children are not giving to her. While they keep giving ishita blessings, they keep giving shagun curses. Why can’t they kill Raman so that ishita will know how it feels to lose a husband or give back shagun her children so that ishita will know how it feels to lose something that belongs to you. Ishita could not even bear the lost of ruhi how can she bear the loss of husband and children so I wonder how someone will not understand how difficult shagun’s life really is. She goes through different phases of trouble in life while some people are having it good and are enjoying their lives. Even if Raman goes to jail they will still bring him out but shagun has lost her husband.

    1. Azuka … Shaghun is the one who is royally treated here in this serial .

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Shagun is not royally treated, she is the most insulted and well not placed person in this serial. She has not reviewed anything good that last for long. She became good and ishita came back after seven years and cunningly remove her from her place in the bhallas house. I don’t want shagun in that house again even though I don’t know what she will do but it’s better she is outside that house than inside it. I have not seen anything ishita suffered except the ones she caused by herself. Now if they make her lose her memory it is another curse added in her life.

  17. azuka nkwonta

    The issue of adi and aaliyah’s relationship is closed for now. Raman will become a suspect. Ishita and aaliyah’s relationship will suffer not that I care about what happens between ishita and her beloved daughter aaliyah. I think aaliyah deserve to leave ishita that is what I think should happen and call her bad.

  18. azuka nkwonta

    Mani died because of ishita’s up bringing in aditya bhalla and aaliyah. Such a bad history for a sterile woman who loves kids and raise them with a value that nobody can manage. Now everybody suffers for it except for her and she will always want everyone to believe that she did the right thing.

    1. Shreya shetty

      I don’t agree with Ur points Azuka
      How can ishimaa be responsible for Manis death?
      Perhaps it’s all the planning made by ashok Khanna who killed mani
      It’s not be coz of ishu but someone else or could possibly be Taneja
      I bet he s joined with ashok the creep in destroying bhallas

      1. Totally agree with you Shreya !

  19. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  20. What a horrible story .Stop this crap CVS .This week again yhm lost its place from top trp and this worst story will fetch nothing for CVS and makers as many viewers are not going to watch all these crap . And in many serials I have seen,they won’t kill characters as they are killing in yhm .First rinki,then vandu,later romi and now Mani.people can’t watch this drama as it is not worth watching. The present storyline is too worst.

  21. In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness socking twist as Raman blamed for Mani’s unfortunate death, Ishita-Shagun shocked.
    As per the track it’s seen that Raman makes Adi understand and goes to meet Mani and Aaliya.
    Mani bursts out at Adi and slaps him before entire society members.
    Raman bursts out seeing Mani thrashing up Adi and Raman vows to kill Mani if he will dare to touch Adi.
    Mani enlightens that its Adi’s mistake and he cannot slap his wife and Mani’s daughter Aaliya while Shagun too supports Aaliya.
    Mani dead, Raman guilty
    On the other side, Ishita makes Raman and Adi understand that it’s Adi’s mistake and Adi needs to apologize to Aaliya.
    Thus Raman makes up his mind to meet Mani alone and sort out the things.
    Mani was on his way to meet Raman while someone stabs Mani leading to unfortunate death.
    Hence Raman will be blamed for Mani’s death as society has witnessed Raman enlightening to get Mani killed for beating up Adi.

    Furthermore, Raman will touch the knife and will get his finger prints on the same.
    Let’s see what twist Mani’s death will bring forth in Raman-Ishita-Shagun and Adi-Aaliya’s life.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  22. As per the reports, Shagun will meet an accident and she will lose her memory. The lady will only remember the moments she had to spend with Raman. Hence, the whole family will have to recreate the old days of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Shagun will once again enter Raman’s life and Ishita will be nothing. Indeed, this would be an interesting. While it remains to be seen whether it is Shagun’s plan or she has really lost her memory. Are you excited for Raman-Shagun-Ishita focused track in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

    1. Rithu dear what a question ? Excited ? Iif I cud go to Bombay and shoot all the producers I will be the happiest person in the world . Very very bad twist … only to give space to AH

  23. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that the show will witness one of the biggest twists in the near future.
    In the forthcoming episode, Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will have a major accident and the accident will turn everyone’s world around.
    We have heard that a major twist will be followed with Shagun’s accident on the show as she might end up losing her memory.
    Shagun is one of the most powerful characters of the show and if she loses her memory the show will witness a major turn of events.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Keep watching this site for more details.

  24. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein there would be a strange but true twist coming up with Shagun’s re-entry in Raman’s life.

    Mysteriously Shagun and Raman would again become one and leave Ishita all stranded.

    Raman and Shagun would be seen performing the Karvachaut pooja as Ishita would be waiting for Raman to come to break the fast.

    Ishita would be unaware about Raman accepting Shagun in Raman’s life again as Raman would be seen hiding this fact from Ishita.

    Ishita’s reaction as Raman-Shagun’s affair truth get revealed

    Raman would no longer make Shagun stay at Mnai’s house post Mani get bankrupt and decide to get Shagun home.

    This is when Ishita start to doubt about Raman and Shagun’s reunion which make Ishita get shattered.

    What would be Ishita’s reaction knowing about Shagun and Raman’s ongoing affair?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  25. TV actress Anita Hassanandani, who plays an antagonist Shagun on the highly popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein, is going to be seen bandaged from head to toe in the upcoming sequence of the show.
    Pictures of Anita in her new get up have been leaked and with this we are expecting a huge twist to come our way which might lead the story elsewhere.

  26. Mani gets angry over Bhallas. Raman tells Ishita how Mani insulted Adi and him. Raman wants to end relations with Mani. Ishita asks him not to overreact, Mani’s doings is justified. She asks Raman to keep himself in Mani’s place and think. Mani plans to ruin Raman in business. Shagun limits Raman from meeting Aaliya. Raman tries to contact Mani and apologizes to him. Mani’s anger gets cooled down. Raman hopes Mani can make things fine. Shockingly, Mani gets murdered by someone. Raman goes to meet Mani and gets a huge shock seeing Mani lying dead. Raman will be framed in Mani’s murder case.

  27. Shreya shetty

    Ohh god
    Why does this serial keep showing only murder cases and numerous deaths
    This is getting too much and turned even worse than we ever thought before
    I never expected Manis death at all because as we have all seen the recap that Raman only just pulled out the knife from Manis body chest
    Which means that somebody else is all behind Manis murder not Raman
    I am sure that Raman can never commit such crime at all because he just only vowed to kill him but actually he did not
    Perhaps it might be that so called stupid Mr ashok Khanna once again who has come to smash the bhallas once more
    I bet that dirty jerk is the one who killed mani
    Not to mention but looks like Aaliya will surely turn negative because of Manis death and that shaggy do aka shagun madam will turn against Ishra
    How long are we all supposed to keep watching this boring nonsensical scenes of death and revenge
    And that Riya girl, her life will also be ruined if doesn’t patch up with pihu to become friends
    Kiran is actually riyas mother and she says that she doesn’t have any children??
    How can a mother ever say this to someone that she doesn’t own her child
    Bala doesn’t deserve such fickle minded woman like that Kiran in fact she would join hands with shaggy to destroy Raman ishita forever
    Adi and aaliya are both shown to be very immature thus time.besides adi should ve left that disgusting aaliya alone and fled away but no who gave him the right to raise hand on that girl? How dare he
    Adi deserves that slap from mani for slapping his own wife, and aaliya was just having fun with nikhil who was her ex boyfriend what’s so big rumble about it
    C mon u two just think practically and act
    Hope ishu doesn’t land up in any problem again in Manis murder case especially

    1. Well commented Shreya !

  28. it is worst show….its enough, please end this crap now ……please its a request…

    1. azuka nkwonta

      It is a request I also want to see the end, it is no longer a good serial but a monster.

  29. nazuka nkwonta

    Some people are always commenting about shagun and vidyut and I have always felt that they are talking for talking sake and wondering whether they were actually watching the yhm. Shagun only had two marriages and two husbands every other relationship she had was not marriage but people talk like she is one kind of a slot or a pr*stitute. Shagun never wanted to marry mani she agreed to that marriage only to win pihu’s custody and she wanted to get out of that marriage whenever it’s possible but things did not get stabilized for her because of ishita’s war on her to take back pihu. Somebody introduced her to vidyut, she met vidyut and she liked him. She thought this is an opportunity to get out of her boring marriage with mani without knowing that it was ishita and raman’s setup. Thank god that she found out early otherwise they would have destroyed her marriage and she will be out on the street. So how many husbands did she have only two marriages. Shagun does n

    1. well clarification Azuka .Appreciate your immense love to the character Shaghun .
      Good reading your comments .

    2. This is right actually…..i also had an argument with someone some days back for this……and i said the same things…..

  30. Dia… My reply to ur comment y day… I’m commenting bcoz I like wasting time… Got ur answer loud and clear.. Now get lost

    1. Shreya shetty

      Porsha please learn to speak politely otherwise u too would end up facing many disliking here
      We are all a family of yhm fan group so if u don’t mind I would rather better not interfere between u and Dia
      It’s better u join some anger management course if u wish

    2. We also like to waste our time……and u must not have a problem with that

      1. Dia i saw your reply to my comment on 13 th july now only . Thank you for the condolences .. I am fully ok dear … As I see the life positively no issues .

  31. nazuka nkwonta

    Shagun does not live the life of a slot. She lived with Raman for seven years, there was no man in her life. Shagun only starts new relationship when she is free even with vidyut, she told vidyut she will start their new relationship only when she gets divorced and she went to do that. Some people leave their husbands for so many reasons and some others are in their fifth divorce and we still coexist with them and not keep malice or hate them. Some other people have changed their girlfriend or boyfriend more than eight times should we not live with them, are we suppose to hate them. The problem is that over righteousness of people make them to hate shagun but I see her type everytime.

    1. What r you telling Azuka … when shaghun was in marriage , she was having extra martial relationship with Ashok . I am really degrading myself replying to all these … at the same time I appreciate your argumentative approach ? Azuka are you studying or working … All chances to be successful lawyer who can fight for the criminals … That too is an accet . Every body cannot be like you .. I

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