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The Episode starts with Pathak talking to Shagun and Raman, to prove she was not at accident spot and was with someone else. She says but then Adi will be in problem. Pathak says no one will doubt on him, as he is 11 years old. Pathak asks where was she that night. She says I don’t remember and Raman scolds her. Pathak asks them not to fight. Shagun says I was shopping that day. Raman says then we will have it on card statement. She says no, window shopping, I did not buy anything. Raman asks Pathak to think something else. Amma says Mihika sent food for everyone and they eat. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have it. Ishita says no, thanks.

Amma says I can’t see her. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to have food, as she has to have medicines too. She asks Appa to come too. Appa says I will bring water.

Ishita says I will bring, you sit. She comes at the canteen and Raman too comes to take water bottle. They look at each other. Simmi says lunch break is over, come Bhai. They go back to the court room. Kaur questions Shagun saying Ravipal went against you, now think where were you that day. She asks her not to lie. Pathak says let her answer. Shagun says I went to mall. Kaur says great, which mall. Shagun names it and says I went to gave my clothes for dry cleaning, but shop was closed, so I roamed and came back.

Kaur says how can it be that you did not shop anything, maybe you were not well. Shagun says I was doing window shopping. Shagun cries and says I was in mall, I don’t have any bill or proof. Kaur asks maybe you have any coffee or went in food court. Shagun says yes. Kaur says there is no food court in that mall. Raman gets tensed thinking about Adi’s words and his promise to him. Kaur says you should have some proof, you were not in mall, you did the accident.Shagun says no. Kaur says you are lying. He gets up and says enough, I know she is lying, as that day she was with me.

The judge asks him to come in witness box and say. He comes in witness box and Kaur says you can go to jail for lying. He says yes, Shagun is lying, as she was not in mall, but with me. Kaur says fine, agreed, but where. Raman says we were together. Ishita cries. Kaur asks what were you doing with your ex wife. He says it does not matter in this case. She says it does, you love her a lot, so you are trying to protect her. He says no, I m saying the truth. She says then you have to say the place where were you.

Ishita says I have to talk to my lawyer. She asks Kaur not to ask anything to Raman now about this matter. Kaur says we are almost……… Ishita says no. The judge says proceedings will be continued tomorrow. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………….Kaur asks Ishita what happened, she knew he was lying. Ishita says I know he was lying, he was not with her, as he was running to hospital taking Amma that time, but he is saying this big lie to save Shagun. Raman hears this.

Ishita says you can’t spoil his image and respect infront of everyone, maybe he does no value relations, but I do. She cries and says its not me and Raman, but our families too, Ruhi….. We all will be hurt, we know he is lying and not like that, we can see on his face, we don’t have husband and wife relation but we have a different bonding, about friendship, understanding, respect, we will be embarrassed too, as we are connected to him, he is not alone. I just want you to fight the case, I want justice and please don’t ask such questions, about Shagun.

She says it hurts and cries. Kaur nods yes. Raman thinks what to do Ishita, I fell in my eyes to save Adi. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla come home. Ishita says I m tired and will freshen up, you too freshen up. Mrs. Bhalla says I m fine, I have to take account from my children. Simmi comes and Mrs. Bhalla stops her to scold her. Simmi says I have to feed Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her and says you are my weakness but I won’t bear your mistake. Simmi says he is my brother. Mrs. Bhalla says you are supporting Shagun. They argue. Mrs. Bhalla says think by humanity.

Simmi says I m supporting my brother, he is so alone. I know when everyone leave you, how does it feel, Ishita made you against him, hut I won’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla goes ahead to slap her but Mr. Bhalla stops her. Mr. Bhalla shouts Simmi, stop it now. Simmi goes to her room. He says be happy that she cares for her brother. Raman tells Shagun that Ashok could not do anything well, he could not stop Ravipal, if anything happens to you, Adi will confess his crime, tell him nothing bad should happen in this case, tell him I m doing this for Adi, this is not time to take revenge.

She says I know, I will talk to him, you try hard about this case, I will handle Ashok promise. He says fine. She leaves. Amma, Appa and Mihika come to meet Pathak. Amma cries and tells Pathak that this case is being a problem for Raman and Ishita, it would be good if I died in this accident, I beg for my accident. Pathak says don’t say this, I m helpless and can’t do anything, I told Raman but can’t. I can try but can’t promise, I have an idea, but…… Amma says I will do anything for my daughter.

Its night, Ishita cuts the veg for cooking. The maid Neelu says I will do this. Mrs. Bhalla says let her do it. Raman comes and Ruhi says lets go to restaurant, you me and Ishi Maa. Raman says not today, I have work in office. Ruhi shouts I have to go today and Raman shouts enough Ruhi, not today. Ruhi too argues with him and says you get angry on me, I listen like good girl, but not always, we will go tonight for dinner, that’s it. She says no arguments, I can also get angry, I will be annoyed with everyone if you don’t take me.

Raman says so much anger Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take Ruhi inside. Ishita says lets go Ruhi. Ruhi says I m on strike, till you take me to restaurant. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go and change first, Papa will take you out, right Raman. Ruhi says lets go Ishi Maa, else we won’t get table.

Raman and Ishita dance on the song kaise baarish…………. Mai mausam ki saher……………..Jaise Banjare ko ghar……………

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