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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting Pathak’s call. He tells Ishita that Pathak took Chadda’s appointment. Amma asks are you all going, lohri celebrations are there. Raman says this time, meeting lawyer is more important. Ishita says we will come. Raman, Ishita and Abhishek leave. Vandu comes home and says sorry, I got late Bala,t here was big problem in college. He asks what. She says college’s safety locker got damaged, there was much cash, see, I got this home being principal, I will keep this in our locker. Bala gets thinking. She keeps money and says I will give this back, come got lohri, I will make Shravan ready. Bala asks her to go.

Raman, Ishita and Pathak come to Chadda’s house and see lohri celebrations. Pathak introduces Chadda to Raman and Ishita. Chadda says

Pathak told me about Raman, you are famous in Delhi business circle, first we will do lohri puja, then we will discuss your case. Ruhi calls Ishita.

Ruhi talks to Ishita and says I have bought gifts for everyone. Ishita says I don’t want anything, I want you, come back soon. Ruhi says I will come soon. Dil se dil ka………..plays………. Raman goes to Ishita. Ishita says Ruhi, we will talk later, take care. Ruhi says I love you. Ishita says I love you too and ends call. Ishita tells Raman that she is missing Ruhi. He asks her to come.

Ishita recalls her first lohri with Raman. She reminds it to Raman, and says we acted infront of Tandon. He says how can we forget. He says we will be out of this problem soon. Vandu asks Bala to come. Bala says I was waiting for you, see I have become a big man, that I m stealing money from my own house to return money to Khosla, that too my wife’s money. We are ruined, I m very bad man, I hate myself. He cries. She asks what are you saying, you said you returned money to Khosla, Raman gave you money. He says yes, its my mistake, I told you half truth, I have to give big amount as per contract, you stopped me, I did not listen to you. She worries. He says we have nothing to lose now, I ruined everything. He cries…

Mihir asks Mihika to come, we will do bhangra She refuses and says my dress shalwar is tight, if I dance, it will get torn, I will be embarrassed. He laughs and says it means you got fat. She says shut up, I m not fat. They laugh. she says I was thinking to give one more chance to Romi, I know he did not perform well in job before, give him a job in our company. He says there is no chance for him, he will cause more problems. She says but you know what Romi is going through, please help him. He says fine, ask Romi to come for interview, I feel its waste on time. She says I m sure Romi will surprise you. Amma asks them to come.

Raman and Ishita talk to lawyer Chadda. Chadda says Pathak told me about the case, we will go inside and talk. His wife Pallavi comes and he introduces Pallavi to Raman and Ishita. Pallavi gets tensed. Ishita asks are you fine. Pallavi says I m sorry, I m fine, I will give Prasad to guests.

She calls orphanage manager and says Ishita Bhalla reached my home, what did you tell her. He says I swear, I did not tell her anything. She says my husband is Delhi’s best lawyer, no one should know I m Rohit’s mum. He says I will not tell anything to anyone. She worries. She says why did Ishita and Raman come here, what could be the reason. She hears her husband talking about Rohit’s mum. He says we should find her, maybe she wants to hide her identity, it would be because its illegitimate baby, I will try to solve this. Pallavi gets tensed and drops something. She says sorry. Pathak says yes, Chadda is right. Raman says Sarika is troubling everyone, we have to find some way out. Chadda says its better to solve family matters out of court, adopt the baby, you will need Rohit’s mother’s consent.

Ishita tells about the call where someone asked her not to find Rohit’s mother. He says I will try my best to make adoption possible without Rohit’s mother’s consent. Raman and Ishita thank him and leave.

Raman and Ishita come home and talk about Chadda. Raman asks what are you thinking. She says I don’t feel that woman will come out. Raman says Chadda will find a way out. They hear Sarika screaming. He says why is Sarika screaming and sees Ishita smiling. He asks what did you do. Ishita says she changed door lock, so I thought to change something. He asks what, come.

Sarika asks whats happening in this house, why is water not coming, my eyes have soap. Ishita asks her to come and wash off face in kitchen sink. Sarika does not get water and says water is not here, and shouts. Raman and everyone look on. Ishita gives her tissues. Sarika cleans her eyes and face. Ishita asks what happened Sarika, is water and electricity not there in your room, we all have it. Sarika says I m sure you did this.

Ishita says I was outside all day, I think our watchman planned this against you. Sarika asks her not to act smart. Ishita says you know this now, and you are smart too, go to police and complain about the bad watchman. Raman asks shall I give you my phone. Sarika leaves. They all laugh. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t believe Ishita can do this. Ishita says Raman is training me. Mrs. Bhalla says you did right, what will Sarika do in morning when she goes washroom. Raman jokes. They all laugh.

Chadda suggests that they will keep Rohit’s pic in newspaper, and I m sure his mother will not come to claim him, then with no one coming forward, you can adopt him. Pallavi asks Amma can I take baby for some time. Rohit calms down in Pallavi’s arms. Amma says it looks he has old relation with you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi rithushree, jhanvi, both diyas, fathi, parvathi, vp, zaara, natasha, siddhi, sabrin, etc…. how r u all my friends

  2. Simmi is missing. Why they r not showing her don’t know. Ritu, moderation is taking more time so i didnt comment for few days. U r from bangalore na, i am from chennai

    1. i am from banglore .but chennai is my native place .

  3. Hey pls stop these fan fictions irritates.. And jus page filling

  4. Where r u rithushree

  5. nice episode,sarika kamini hai,ishita ne uske saath acha bartav kiya,hamesha uska sath diya,par woh kaise apna asli rang dikha rahi hai. Aur yeh palavi sayad romi ki koyi exgirl friend hogi

  6. Wow I loved today’s episode after so many days they showed some ishima ruhi moments we are also missing ru very much and today’s ishra’s reminiscence about their first lohri and their sweet hug after ishu talked with ruhi was awesome I just loved them…. see ishra moments for few seconds also makes me fly in sky why don’t these cv’s understand this and I was enjoying the final part were sarika was irritated…!!!! Rofl and ishita and raman’s reaction was mind blowing!!! . Feeling something fishy about mrs. chadda I think she is the mother of rohit and the precap also confirms it…. waiting curiously to know about the secret

  7. Happy lohri and makarsankranti and happy pongal to all tamilians !!!!

  8. What a return answer to sarika
    Ishita did this
    Enjoyed that
    Now reveal rohit parents

  9. today i felt very sad for bala dont know how they are going to solve and sarika ishita did a great job and KP acting was nice ishra recalling the moment of earlier lohri also so cute

  10. Aj lohri this na nice episode rab bhala karay yhm air unkay fans aur makers ka yeh serial hit Jaya aur air off na ho I mean nice serial

  11. episode was good . after soo many days ishruh scene was there and they played the song tere dil ka mere dil se rishtha puraana hai ….. which was the best part of today s episode .

  12. hey guys naaz jhanvi diya ( both the diyas) vp misty faya fathi darshika meera zaara parvathi ude nivedha natasha ramchin nimrit bhagi riya priya and all yhm friends.

  13. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ashok is upset
    seeing his each plan is
    getting spoiled by Raman
    and Ishita.
    Asok is not ready to
    accept defeat until he
    destroys Raman and
    Vandita expels Suraj from
    college and Ashok decide
    to use issue against
    Ashok provokes students
    against Vandita and they
    started blaming Vandita.
    Vandita gets stuck in big
    problem where
    management system
    asks her to leave job.
    Ashok threatens Ishita
    about now no one can
    save Vandita.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  14. aaj ishitha ne uss sarika ki band baja dali. pagal kahiki .usske saath accha hi hua .

  15. plz stop this moderation .its a request. it is soo slow.

  16. Happy Makar Shankrathi ,Pongal, Lohri, Bihu all yhm fans.

  17. bechara bala bura phussa suraj ke jaal mein aur bhugath raha hai.

  18. patha nahi rohit ki maa ne usse kyu chodha jab uske pasa sab kuch hai.lagtha hai romi ka koi past hoga . patha nahi kab khulega yeh raaz.

  19. star utsav par yhm 25
    th jan se 7 pm ko aayega .i am soo
    excited .

  20. yeh mihika kal tak toh romi ke saath ghoom rahi thi .uss se pehle acp se aur ab mihir se. woh sirf gol gol sabke saath ghoom rahi hai sab ke dost bankar .patha nahi uski story aage kya hogi.

  21. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Epi was very nice….. I love it Soooooo much…… It was really treat to watch….. I’m loving MiMi again……!!! OMG…. I saw OLD ishra from today epi…… And ishru scene was really heart touching…… Wow….. Feeling very happy,,……
    And I thought that bala’ll steal money. But that’s not happen,so that scene was ok. Hope bala will recover soon.
    I’m sure, pallawi had had rohit before marriage. That’s why she hides. Then who is his father…..? Let’s see…….
    Hi rithu and all……. Good night guys……
    From SL

  22. Wat a copy cat man…coping from own serial tere dil ka song from pavitra bandhan wich is of Ekta …Shame on u….

  23. Who is pallavi

  24. Who is pallavi

  25. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Pallawi-chadda’s wife

  26. hey guys good morning.

  27. Hi rithu, riya, fathi, ramchin, naina, diya, dia, jhanvi and all yhm friends!

  28. Plse stp ths moderation.

  29. Good morning yhm fans and thank you Rithu . As such no comments . I too like Mihir Mihika . I feel now till the serial is over Ishra will be together …. That’s something very nice . They will sort out all issues and the story will go on . I wonder how Ashok and Suraj can ruin every ones happiness . Somewhere we want to see thru are also ruined … Hope Shaghun will give the baby back ….. I am very doubtful about it . Divyanka. Simply superb you are …..Karan also wish them always the best for entertaining us . One of the best serial yhm

  30. Any one know t rp

  31. Where is prateek sharma ?

  32. Where is prateek sharma ?in yhm

  33. The most uncontrollable thing in
    Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life is
    Problems, though she manages to get
    out of it. But the CHAAYA of problems
    will never leave Bhalla’s family. The
    Story reveals a another twist as they
    are on move to find Rohits Parents.
    As we have already came to learn that
    new girl will enter Ishitha’s life. She
    will be the lawyer Mr. Amarnath
    Chadda’s (Lalit Bisht) wife Pallavi.
    And pretty beauty Garima Kapoor who
    was last seen in Life OK’s Ajeeb
    Daastaan Hai Ye will be portraying this
    A source shared, “Finally Rohit’s
    mom will get revealed and she will be
    the new entrant Garima. However,
    Mr.Chadda will be clueless about
    these things. Without being aware of
    this Mr. Chadda rolls normal. And
    with Pallavi coming into the lovely
    pair IshRa’s life, trouble will start
    cropping up.”
    On the other hand, Suraj manages to
    steal the college money from Vandu’s
    house.Later he instigates College
    Students against Vandita. This will
    create a big problem for Vandu and
    We will have a full of Thrilling events
    in Ishitha’s life is Promised. Will
    Ishita learn about Pallavi being
    Rohit’s mom?
    How she will find the thing? If does
    how will she react at this? So much
    drama we say!

  34. Hey guyzz
    Hope u guyzz remember me
    I had been so involved in studies that i couldn t read or see yhm
    After a long time
    I last saw that when ishita was in that bus and her child..
    And after that i did not see
    Hope u reply me wat happened after that
    Hi rithu naaz and evry one
    Hope u guyzz remember me

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