Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman thinking of Ishita and crying. Yeh hai mohabbatein…….plays……… He comes out and sees Shagun in kitchen. He asks her not to bend as doctor told her to take care. She asks him why is he awake and he can share his worries, and problems, whats going on in his mind. He tells the company’s problems. Sarika records them. Shagun helps him relieve of stress. Raman says Ishita is owner of the company, I don’t know how to convince investors. She says everything will be fine and hugs him. He holds her face and thanks her as he was looking for a friend. Sarika takes all pics and says I will bring storm in Shagun’s life, she was threatening me. She sends pics to Manoj and calls him, asking did he see the pics. He asks what pics, what nonsense. She asks him to

check his phone. He sees Raman and Shagun’s pics.

She asks did you see now, sorry Manoj, its your mistake, Raman loves Shagun a lot and now they got time to spend together, I m afraid Shagun would be thinking to come back in Raman’s life. He says just shut up and ends call. She says arrow has hit the right point.

Its morning, Ishita says she does not know doing this work. The warden asks her to learn. Woman teaches Ishita. Another woman comments that Ishita and Sunanda became friends and forgot us. Niddhi asks Raman am I your financial advisor, I can’t discount or delay the payment, why are you saying your financial problems, I can’t help, sorry. He asks why did she reach conclusions, I told all this to say Ishita’s case should not have more problems, and gives her cheque. She says we should say Ishita has done this in defense, or if any kid gets ill, Ishita can come out on emergency basis. He gets angry and says you mean I should make my kid unwell. She says everyone use this idea, I don’t care for your wife. He says I gave your payment, see how to do it to free Ishita. She asks her assistant to deposit cheque and see it does not bounce. Raman hears her taunt and leaves.

Vandu picks Shravan and Shravan sees his friend waiting for his mother. Vandu says I will drop you home, if your mummy comes, teacher will inform her, wait here, I will tell your teacher. Manoj comes to meet Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says you can leave Shagun with here. Manoj says mom asks me about Shagun. Shagun says ask mom to call on my number, I will talk. He says I mean I also miss you. Shagun smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says great, you guys talk. Shagun says you miss me, so sweet, but Manoj there is tension here, Raman is in stress, he does not share things with others, he is going through a lot, and even kids, they also miss Ishita, let me be here. Sarika looks on. Manoj says fine, stay here as long as you want, come when you want. Shagun asks Manoj why is he reacting this way. He gets annoyed and leaves. Sarika smiles. ]

The women keep the screwdrivers there. The warden says one is less and asks the women to return the screw driver. Wardens check all the women. Ishita finds the screw driver tied in her saree end. She gets tensed and worries. Sunanda goes to drink water and takes screw driver from Ishita to save her. Sunanda puts it in flower pot. She drinks water and comes back. Ishita gets relieved. She thanks Sunanda for saving her and says I don’t know how that screw driver came to me. Sunanda says don’t say thanks, I learnt this from you, it feels good to do good.

Nakul’s mother thanks Vandu for bringing Nakul home and asks will you have tea, coffee or drink. Vandu says at this time, don’t your husband say anything. The lady says no, he used to drink a lot, I also started drinking now, I drink to forget myself and my sorrows. Vandu calls Shravan and says we have to go home. She leaves with Shravan.

Vandu is at home. She talks to her inner self and evaluates whether she gets peace by drinking wine. She cries and says but wine is an addiction, but she feels good by drinking wine. She takes the bottle and says no, I m not weak, I don’t need this.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to touch these things for donation. He asks is this for Ishita’s bail. She reminds its two years of his marriage. Raman recalls his marriage with Ishita and cries. She says even Amma cried that its your 2nd anniversary, we can’t celebrate it, but we can donate these things, you forgot your anniversary being in tension, I know you want to bring her home, don’t worry, she will come home, our blessings are with her. He touches the things and comes out. He says I forgot this date, Ishita is in jail, even then I have to do something for her.

RJ tells about Ravan Kumar’s message for Jhansi Ki Rani. Raman gives his message to Ishita by radio. Ishita smiles. Raman says I love you a lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OK..soo..I guess today I’m the first one to comment☺
    Well…the episode was alright..I just want Manoj to trust shagun..afterall she is his wife and loves him a lot..

    1. Manoj and Shagun are not married yet

      1. Oh! Is it?? I didn’t know..dry?

      2. Haha?i meant dry?

      3. Haha your hilarious arent you (Sarcasm) @Sheena

  2. today”s shgun raman epi was superb and im waitiong fr tomo… precap is just osm…hate sarika”s track..hope manoj will understand shagun soon

  3. Precap is so good,romantic,emotional?

  4. Not just u r first one but u r oly one to comment if i did not type this

  5. Thanx ameena for fast update…… Nd episode was ok but precap was so aweasome….,

  6. Precap is nice but Sarika is bakwaas…..

    1. It isn’t Sarika’s fault, it is the producers who decide what she has to do so you can’t blame Sarika

  7. can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…i guess it will b very romantic and full of emotional drama…

  8. Did anybody watched the new promo???
    I was shocked when raman shoots ishita n she falls off a building??????…when i saw dis the remote from my hand fallen down??????but didnt broke?????….whats going to be wrong with raman??????

    1. Will she fall off a building..I have just seen the promo shoot…There I have seen Raman points gun at ishita and shot her..But what it was heard that the bullet is fake .Raman planned a fake murder under the plan of Niddhi.It was heard that it’s a plan to save ishita..This is the only thing I know…If anybody knows any further details plzz update yaar

    2. Yehh I am also shocked … I noticed one thing that it’s “Yeh TIE Mohabatin” not ” Yeh hai mohabatin”….. I can’t understand….If you understand please kindly Inform me by comments..

    3. Rianaa and Sara,have you seen the New promo on t.v. or promo shoot on internet

      1. Yeh I see the promo on tv.

    4. i did not see the promo .what are you saying!!! ishitha will fall of the building .agar fake goli lagi hai toh insaan building se kaise gir saktha hai . mujhe toh samaj nahi aa raha hai ki raman ishitha ko bachaana chahtha hai ki maarna .ya phir yeh sab niddhi jaan boojkar raman se badla lene ke liye aur raman ko phasaane ke liye raman se yeh sab ishitha ko bachaane ke naam se karwaa rahi ho .kyunki woh toh iss case mein duss baar bol rahi thi ki woh yeh case apne reputation ke liye jeethegi naa ki ishitha ko bachaane ke liye toh woh kyu itnii acchi banegi ki woh ishitha ko bachaane ke liye plan kare.

      1. its a promo…nd wt thry show in promo dsnt always hppn in episodes

  9. yhm I liked it’s precap no ishra sepration hope it’s popularity increases it’s my last year in high school next year may be I will say bye or not watch yhm

  10. Sarika is so evil

  11. i missed the episode . episode was bad .sarika ke dimaag ka screw poora ka poora dheela hai .pagal kahiki .patha nahi kitni din tak bhalla house mein padi rahegi.

  12. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina and all yhm friends.

  13. Oh no Ishita is still in jail I thought she will be out on Valentines day. Precap is good hope tomorrows episode will be romantic for Ish Ra . Writers plz don’t bring any kind of misunderstandings between Shagun n Manoj.

  14. Can anyone tell me what’s going to happen in tomorrows episode
    Rithu I like your comments, I regularly read your comments n your predictions for next episode will almost be almost correct.

    1. thank you summi . and hi .

  15. ‪#‎Divyanka‬ : Happy Days are here again

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fans DO NOT MISS THIS !
    look here there’s a video

  16. So whatever happened to finding out who killed rinki? And where is summi now days?

  17. Why is Sarika in that house” Her baby is no longer with her. Was that the reason she was allowed live in Bhalla house? Or the writer do not have story which is able move the track forward.

  18. Hi! Vry gud mrning to
    rithu fathi riya siddhi ramchin nivedha jhanvi naina darshika dia diya and all the YHM fans.

    1. hi ude .how are you ? a very good morning to you.

  19. Plse ekta I kindly ask u nt 2 spret IshRaRuAdi. And we dnt want 2 c ishitha marring acp and raman marring someone else and also dnt wnt 2 c raman also in the jail for mudering ishitha with a fake bullet. I dnt knw wether these new promos are true or wrng but if they ar true please dnt let them happen. We need our old YHM back specialy me.
    I luv old YHM very much.
    Truely miss it.

    1. i totally agree with you .even i dont want all these to happwn in yhm.

  20. what the hell yaar !!!!! hw irritating is dis sarika i just hate her……..i mean she is the limit mannn!!!!
    i want ishraruadi soon

  21. Does anyone know dat she is true dat Raman is going to shoot ishitha as shown in promo

  22. hey guys good morning to all.

  23. i saw the promo today morning . ishitha builsing se gir jaayegi . lekin raman ne jo goli maari ishitha ko woh asli lag rahi thi.

  24. all that we want is our old yhm and ishraruhadi back and no seperation . because now the show is just showing craps .plz makers ekta and cvs dont spoil the serial for no reason because these craps wont fetch us entertainment nor fetch you guys trp .

  25. Why on earth yeh hai mohabbatein,tuning into yeh hai suspense? Are they copying diya aur baati?I tt the show is about,love family,and relation ships.pls yeh saap band kijiye pls.ishiko taklif dhena chodijiye.

  26. promo mein yeh kyu dikhaaya ki yeh hai mohabbatein ab kyu yeh thi mohobbatein hui.

  27. hey guys good afternoon.

  28. Hi all …. Unable to comment anything … I agree with you all … One fake murder of Shaghun happened ….. Rinkys death we don’t know …. Cheddas death too … Now Ishitha the lead heroine is getting shot …. That too can b fake . Why such scenes are creating when you can still twist into a wonderful unique loving old yhm which showed more importance to the fair relationship and unity of the families . Please stop all this rubbish . We are all watching only because of Raman Ishitha Adi and Ruhi …. When it comes to Raman and Ishitha there is limitations and the law is defferent but for Khannas and Sarika anything is possible . Can’t accept at all ….. Bull shit

  29. Feeling worried about shagun and manog relationship hope it will not break

  30. Two producers that are going to be murdered by me
    Ekta maata. N. Rashmi maata
    Height of showing stupidity falls on them…….wtf the promo is showing about yhm…..ytm

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