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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iyer and Bhalle elders planning to arrange surprise for Raman and Ishita. Its morning, the Bhallas plan to act like they don’t remember their anniversary. Raman and Ishita come and act like fighting infront of them, so that they spend time together. They see each other and smile. Ishita thinks she will give him big surprise today. Mr. Bhalla says he will drop Ruhi to school and asks Mrs. Bhalla to explain Ishita not to fight with Raman.

Ishita says she is going to clinic. Mrs. Bhalla says drop me on the way and signs Simmi. They talk on the way. She asks Ishita to come home early and about today’s special thing. Ishita says she is very busy, and she can’t forget this day, as Raman fought a lot. She drops her at Pammi’s home. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not

wish to come here. Ishita leaves and says its not good to lie, and cancels all her appointments. She thinks to plan a surprise for Raman, as he totally deserves it.

She comes to meet Dr Batra who talks on phone about some belly dancer. He says about bachelor’s party for his brother and asks how can he help her. She asks about some interior designer, as its her marriage anniversary, and wants to get some decorations done. He thanks her and gives the belly dancer card, saying she is Sonia, she is very nice. She leaves.

Raman meets his friend Chinky and she gives him his anniversary gift. He smiles and asks are you serious about this. She says yes. He smiles thinking about Ishita. Dil kahin rukta nai……………plays…………… he says I can’t give a better anniversary gift than this and thanks Chinky. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to see all arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihir will send Raman, and Ruhi will call Ishita. Mihir says don’t worry Simmi, work will be done. Raman gets Ishita’s message to come at orchid hotel. Mihir hears this and thinks maybe uncle informed him, my work is done. He leaves.

Ishita tells Amma that she can’t come. She talks on other phone about orchid hotel booking. Amma thinks someone told her, my work is done and ends the call. Ishita calls Sonia and says I m Ishita Bhalla, did you get my message, I have to give my husband a surprise, come at orchid hotel, you will get Raman Bhalla, he was also thinking about it, and I thought to gift him, its our marriage anniversary. Sonia asks will it be just Raman or anyone else. Ishita says just him. She asks Sonia for whom did she work before and ask her to get her sample work. Sonia says she has some videos. Ishita says yes, get it, it will be useful for Raman, and his attention diverts so take care. Sonia says don’t worry, and ends call saying what happened to India, wife is arranging belly performance for husband.

The family decides to go somewhere and they decide to go orchid hotel. Ruhi asks Romi to come, and Romi says he will come later. Raman comes to hotel and asks his booking. He asks is she sure its suite. She says yes. He takes the keys and goes to suite. He says I was thinking its just dinner. Iyers and Bhallas get ready. Amma says Adi went to play football. Mrs. Bhalla’s mood spoils. She cries seeing Romi alone and recalls Mr. Bhalla’s words. She leaves. Adi comes and ask where are they going.

Ruhi says they are going to have Chinese. Adi says he will also come. Shagun asks him not to go, as they did not call him before. She says she will take him for dinner. He says non veg and smiles. He goes to tell them. Ruhi says Adi is coming with us, and he will wish to Ishi Maa and Papa. Adi comes and says you all go, I m going with mumma. Mrs. Bhalla says he was coming with me, but this Shagun did this. They argue over Romi. Simmi teases Rinki and they all leave.

Raman says Madrasan is bored and may have wine too. He gets a call that some young lady is waiting for her. He says ok send her, and thinks what did this Madrasan become, I have to see her. Ishita says once this meeting ends, I hope I spend some quality time with you. Raman opens the door saying welcome my young lady and sees the belly dancer.

She says I m Sonia. He asks what are you doing here, who has sent you here. She removes her coat and says congrats for your anniversary, your wife Ishita has sent me as surprise. He asks what are you doing. She asks shall I start. He asks what start. Ishita gets ready and stops as an emergency case comes, and Dr Batra is not available. She messages Raman that she will be late.

Raman says I don’t know you. Sonia says just relax and enjoy. He says he has some Santoshi Maa vrath, my wife will be coming now. She says let her some and see the performance. He says its my marriage anniversary, will you make me get divorce. She pushes him and he is stunned.

Ishita comes to hotel and gets the suite details thinking what did he plan. Raman stays away from Sonia and she calls him cute. Ishita proceeds towards the suite while Raman says he is feeling cold and he won’t remove his coat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same Mizun mai bhi yeh hi soch rahi thi..U ME & TV ke reporters badha chadha kar bolte hai…….haa scene me dikh raha tha ki Ishita Aadi close aayege…par iss kamatlab yeh thodi ke IshRuh dur ho jayenge………& pehle bhi inn logo ne hi kaha tha ki airport par I♡U bolenge…..Ruhi custody case me kaha tha IshRaRuh alag ho jayenge………kya hua kuch bhi nahi…….

  2. ishruh kabhi alag nahi honge .iss show ka main lead ruhi hi hai aur isme ishruh ka bonding aise dikhathe hai aur hai bhi ki koi kitnee bhi baar koshish karle toh bhi nahi tootega.ha adi zaroor kareeb aa saktha hai lekin ishruh kabhi judaa nahi ho sakte.its a rumour i think.jaise 2nd season aur leap aur raman ki yaadash chale jane jaise news ki tarah yeh bhi rumour hai iss month ka lagtha hai.

  3. Dekho yeh log bhi sure nahi hai ki aisa kuch hoga…….piche question mark kiya hai….ki Ruhi Ishita se dur hogi??……..
    Bakwaas……….agar mainn 2 leads jinke pyar ke liye Yeh show bana hai wo hi juda hogaye to kya rahega show me……..IshRa mile Ruhi ke kaaran agar Ruhi unke bich na rahe to phir kaisi YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN…………..
    IshRuh ka bond itna weak nahi ki wo apahaguni Shagun tod sake…….

  4. Ishita confronts Raman at the hotel
    room after finding Sonia the belly
    dancer with him. She gets angry and
    now Raman has to clear the
    misunderstanding to bring smile on
    her face. There is another
    development with Aditya coming close
    to Ishita after he finds that Shagun has
    forgotten his project. He then joins
    Ishita and Ruhi’s project and gets
    happy with Ishita. Ishita haven’t
    expected Aditya coming closer to her.
    Shagun has plans on her sleeve to
    take away Ruhi from Ishita. Whether
    Shagun succeeds in her plan to create
    some distance between Ishita and
    Ruhi ? How Ishita going to counter
    such a scary thought of Ruhi going
    away from her which could be
    reality ?

  5. they are not sure iss liye ?mark dala hai aur likha hai ki shagun ka plan hai toh ishitha ab jab sab kuch patha hai shagun ke iradoon ke baare mein toh shagun ka plan flop hoga hi.aur toh shagun ke saare plans flop hi ho rahe hai . waise bhi march month mein exams hone ke kaaran bollywood life .com mein likha tha ki ruhi aur adi 2-3 weeks nahi aayenge aur unlogon ke paas 10-12 episodes already ready hai .

  6. Haar jaga? ????????
    Jab sure nahin hai toh. …news kyun dikha rahe ho. ………be matlab tention dere. …..

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