Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita going to Ruhi and Suhail. Ruhi gets shocked. She says such a pleasant surprise, did you come for dinner. Ruhi says yes, our work ended soon. He says yes, Ruhi was much hungry so we came. Ishita says what a coincidence, we were also hungry and came for dinner, will you like to join us. They say sure. Suhail goes to attend a call and comes. He says I have to meet my show’s production designers, its good you have come, Ruhi can join you. He goes. Raman comes and says Ruhi you here. Ishita says she came here to surprise us. Raman says its good. Ishita says she is so sweet. Raman asks them to come. Ishita takes Ruhi.

Mrs. Bhalla says I have prepared everything. Adi asks her to stay back. Aaliya is coming with friend. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma booked tickets.

Simmi says Mihika went with Romi, you should have said before, my play tickets got waste, Adi manage well. They leave. Adi thinks how to manage alone. Aaliya comes and he greets her. She asks is there no one at home. He says they all went out. She thinks we can spend time alone, not bad. He says I love you. They smile.

Door bell rings. He says maybe your friend came. Aaliya’s friends come. They all sit and talk. Aaliya asks Surbhi when are you getting married. Surbhi says no, I will not spoil things by marriage, we are engaged and happy. Romi comes. Adi says there is no one at home, they are Aaliya’s friends. Romi asks them to sit, I have some work with Adi. He asks Adi about Surbhi, she is much older than Aaliya. Adi says she is Aaliya’s friend form Australia, why are you showing interest. Romi says nothing. Adi asks what. Romi says how to tell you, I met this girl many years before my marriage with Mihika, not a serious affair, maybe she did not identify me and acting infront of her boyfriend, I came to take shawl for Mihika, we are going for dinner, I will call her when I return, I don’t want Mihika to face her. Adi says cool, I will tell you. He jokes. Romi leaves.

Surbhi likes the food. Aaliya smiles seeing Surbhi and her fiance holding hands. She holds Adi’s hand. Adi goes to get sweets. Surbhi says Aaliya you are lucky to get a guy like Adi. Aaliya says I know how lucky I m. Surbhi and her fiance leave. Aaliya says I will clean kitchen. Adi says listen to me. Aaliya says leave me, you were showing attitude when I held your hand. He says you want me to show love in front of others, I can’t do fake things. She says what do you mean, they are so romantic after 5 years of engagement. He says I know about their relation, Surbhi is cheating her fiance, she was involved with someone else, atleast our relation has truth, our feelings are pure. She says don’t know you are saying right or wrong, I think I should leave. She goes. He says how to tell her friend had an affair with Romi.

Romi and Mihika spend time and have fun. Mihika asks Romi is there anything special that you are giving me much time. He says nothing special, women have problem always. She says how sweet, you got much time for me, its late, we will go home. He thinks Adi did not call till now, if Mihika sees that girl…. She asks what happened. He says we can go on long drive, I want to spend time with you. She asks are you fine and laughs. He asks her to come. She says you usually don’t do this, so its looking weird. I like long drives, come. He gets Adi’s message that Aaliya’s friends left. He says you are right Mihika, we will go home. She thinks what happened to Romi. Raman, Ishita and Ruhi come home. Ruhi avoids the talk and goes to room. Ruhi says thank God, Papa and Ishi Maa did not ask me about Suhail. I should have not lied to them. Ishita comes and asks her to say truth.

Ruhi asks what happened. Ishita says going on dinner with Suhail is not wrong, but you lied, Raman hates lies, what are you hiding or doing wrong. Ruhi says there is nothing. Ishita says I trust you, you know I m your mum and friend, I won’t judge you and always stand by you. Ruhi says we made sudden plan for dinner, there was no intention to lie, I will share things, I know you are my friend. Ishita says good, rest now. She goes. Ruhi says what to tell them, I wanted to spend time with Suhail, I had to lie to them.

Ishita goes to room and finds Raman worried. Raman says I m getting bad feeling about Ruhi. She asks what. He says I saw Ruhi with some guy there, I did not tell you, you knew it. She says no. He asks why is Ruhi hanging out with guys, you know her friends? She says no. He says are you sure she came to surprise us, if she is lying, I will not bear it, I will not leave that guy, my Ruhi is very young. She says if you react like this, none will tell you anything, she is growing up, she will have attracted to some guy, you can’t force her to tell you. He asks who is that guy. She says no, she will love someone, this is natural. He says she is my daughter. She says anyone can be with her, you have to explain her and trust her, its her growing age, if we trust her, she will trust her. I m sure our upbringing is right. Our bond is strong, have some patience, Ruhi got us close, I m sure our children will not go away from us. He says sorry and hugs her.

Its morning, Amma asks Ishita and Mihika why did they sit here to have breakfast, I was taking breakfast to Bhalla house. Ishita says relax, mummy ji asked us to come here and dine. Mihika says yes, we did not have food since long time. Appa says I m glad and recall old days seeing you two. Ishita asks for chutney. She likes the food. Appa says this is not that tamarind chutney, its olive chutney, how did Ishita become so punjabi that you don’t find difference in chutney. He goes. Ishita says what did he say, its tamarind chutney. Amma tells them that someone told your Appa that tamarind is not good for bones, he asked me not to make tamarind chutney, I told him that this is olive chutney, I had done white lies to keep everyone happy, mother has to lie to fill gap between children and father. Mihika likes the logic. Ishita smiles. Amma asks what are you thinking. Ishita says you are struck right balance, we are happy, but you lied to Appa. Amma says I say black lie, but I made you happy too, see my work is to maintain peace at home, its difficult to convince him, I have been diplomatic for a good cause. Ishita thinks to do the same to balance between Raman and children.

Ishita packs the bag. Raman asks her not to get angry for password. She says I don’t want to talk to you, I did not expect this from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Nice episode

  3. Adejoke

    Really love today’s episode

  4. Ruhi must trust her ishima and tell the truth. What’s there to be worried…As a daughter it’s her duty to say truth to her parents…. and where is shagun….. it’s good that ishitha is here to solve the matters… And thank god that Aliya and Adi got closer …. they are soo cute when together ……why aren’t cvs showing the mysterious person who used to come after simmi.? They are fading away that scene…

  5. It was too boring episode.
    when will come spicy episode?where is Shagun?if there is no spicy in shows,there is not enjoying shows.

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  10. Today’s episode was ok. Precap is nice. Nothing to comment on today’s episode. They just needed to drag the episode so they added Romi and Mihika’s part which is actually not necessary and Amma and Appa’s extended part.

    I agree with you Priya. Why aren’t they showing about the stalker? He disappeared so fast or the cvs have forgotten him? Why not many scenes of Pihu? When Pihu was with Shagun, there were so many scenes of Pihu. Now when she is back with her own mum Ishimaa, I don’t see many scenes of Pihu and Ishimaa. Before the leap it was the bond between Ruhi and Ishimaa but after the leap it is suppose to be the bond between Ishimaa and her own daughter Pihu. What has happened to that? In fact Raman had more scenes with Pihu then Ishimaa.

    However, Ishita explained to Raman regarding Ruhi’s adolescence and she starts experiencing attraction, infatuation and supposedly love. Obviously when teenagers are in love, they will forego everything even their parents to be with the person they are interested in.

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  14. The episode was not bad.Precape is interesting.Watting to see ishita and Raman’s madness again..

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  18. n the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Ruhi in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Raman and Ruhi were not talking since ages due to a small rift amid the father and daughter.

    Now, Raman brings Ruhi’s favourite flavour ice cream but does not know how to call out Ruhi to eat it.

    Ishita as usual has a plan to fix the rift that is going on since long amid Raman and Ruhi.
    Ishita makes spicy sambhar

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the ongoing serial.

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    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Ishita’s idea work wonders amid Raman and Ruhi’s relation?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

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