Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita preparing food for Ruhi and taking it. Raman asks Ishita where is she going. Ishita says I made Ruhi’s fav sandwich, I m taking it for her. Raman asks Ishita not to go, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to sends kids if they are ready. Ishita gets teary eyed. Ishita goes to her room and cries. She shares her pain with Simmil. She feels helpless by Ashok’s plans and says I m breaking, I have to save Raman, kids, Shagun and unborn baby, if I go away, take care of Ruhi. Simmi asks her to be strong and pacifies her. Ashok talks to his informer and says this time Raman should be shell shocked and be desperate to take Ishita as per our plan, get dressed as Ishita and you have to reach Ruhi’s school to attack on her. He ends call and says Ishita this plan will finish you,

Ruhi baby does not know she is of much use for me.

Raman is on the way with kids and cheers Adi and Ruhi by talk. Ruhi asks does Shagun’s spirit want to kill me. Raman asks why do you think so. Adi says we know everything, everyone is talking about this in building, tell us. Raman says Ishita will be fine. Ruhi says Ishita did not give me tiffin today. Raman says I was thinking we will get chole bhature and have together. Ruhi says it will be fun, we will have it together. They smile. Raman thinks Ishita should get fine soon.

Mrs. Bhalla hears Amma talking to her sister Soumya about Mihika. She says I will talk to Vishwa, we can think about Mihir, yes, he is single, Mihir and Mihika are friends, I will talk to Mihir and see. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and goes thinking. Shagun is worried for Ruhi and thinks to see Ruhi once. She says she will go to her school, see her and come back, she wears the burqa and thinks to call Prateek and Abhishek. She wonders will they agree to take her there and understand her desperation. She decides to just go and come, seeing Ruhi in ground during her sports practice. Mrs. Bhalla comes to meet Mihir. He asks is everything fine. She says I came to take Rinki’s belongings. He says let it be. He says no, I have to take it. Amma calls Mihir and talks to him.

Amma says Mihika is divorced and she should move on. Mihir says yes, I m really happy for her. Amma says I will talk straight, Soumya and I were thinking if you and Mihika… you are alone and you both are best friends, if you both think to marry… you both have chance to move on, Mihika likes you a lot. Mihir gets speechless and says Amma, I like her, but how marriage.. Rinki just…. No Amma. Amma says I will not force, you both know each other and got engaged too. Mihir says yes, but so much happened, Amma please… Amma says fine, and ends call. She says I did not know Mihir will refuse. Mihir says how to explain Amma, big chapter ended in Mihika’s life, and she loves Abhishek, I m just a good friend. Mrs. Bhalla looks on.

Ruhi says she is going for dress change. A peon sees her and calls the informer, asking to come in locker room, he will send her there. He tells Ruhi that her mum has come and waiting in locker room. Ruhi says Ishi Maa has come and goes to meet. Ruhi tells this to her teacher as well and takes permission to meet her mum.

Ruhi goes to locker room and asks Ishita where is she. The informer holding the knife comes to Ruhi. Ruhi says so you are hiding from me. The teacher calls Raman and says Ruhi’s mum has come here, its not allowed to meet in school hours, its against rules, Ruhi is missing class and meeting her. Raman says sorry, this won’t happen again. He calls Ishita and her phone is off. He calls home and talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She says Ishita went to her clinic. He worries.

Shagun asks a girl about Ruhi. The girl says Ruhi went to locker room to meet her mum. Shagun says Ishita came here, I will see Ishita once. Ruhi goes to see Ishita and gets shocked seeing the knife.

Shagun gets the knife and holds it. Ruhi sees Shagun and is shocked. She says Shagun mumma. Shagun turns and sees Ruhi crying.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Hii friends!!! Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Divz…

    Epi was ok ok…But feeling bad for Ishita and Ruhi…Dont know when the track will end.

  2. diya

    i tld u . this will happn today only . it means raman will doubt on ishita but not hate her .bcz after this they will go to rajasthn nd dn after cmng back the crocodile attack . this will be it.

  3. Reshma

    ekta plzz wake up from your dreams and come into reality for a while. dragging the same track since a lo.g time. does that creep ashok dont have any work other than targeting Bhallas??? same old story of revenge between Bhallas & ashok.

    coming to the present track do u wanna separate ishra??? I wonder why u people failed to show the bond between ishitha & ruhi in yesterday’s episode. the show is famous for ishru’s bonding. ryt?? when ruhi got scared seeing someone, cant she identify ishita??? u showed that little girl doubted it is ishita…

    u were showing ishra’s bonding with friends,understng ,husband&wife. hiw many long years will they play hide & seek in disclosing the matters??? I dont feel they are respecting their relation by hiding things from eachother??

    in spoilers I hav read ishra’s love to turn into hatred. do u wanna separate them??

    its better if u separate ASHOK from their lifes and end the show on a good note, rather than spoiling the flavor/aroma of love in the show..

    • diya

      no reshma . that…i hv seen the onlocation vdioes of all the upcoming episodes .nothng like this yet shown nd i hope in near future nothng hppns like that

  4. what happened next the spoiler said raman also see shagun the misunderstanding will being ishra how can it be after he sees shagun’s face why he took ishita to torture centre and when
    the crocodile scene any one can clear it

    • diya

      okay ..frst of all hiiii ..parvathi
      now .. raman will run bhind shagun ( miss burkha wali) but will not be able to see the face . but he will doubt on ishagun . whn he will get home he will find the face of the burkha .( which sarika used) nd ask ishita but she totally unknown of nythng will say i dnt know . raman will say say okay nd leave . ishita will say i think he is again doubtng me . dn the nxt scene will b raman will say i hv to get ride of this shagun ghost which is hurtng u nd the kids . nd thn they will leave fr the torture centre . there ishita will frst walk over the coals ( i thnk!!) dn she will go inside nd meet the baba . there she will tell baba evrythng . the baba ‘s heart will melt hearing her sacrifice nd she will be freed. i thnk after returng frm rajasthn.she will b attackd by the crocodile . i thnk the truth will cm out with this incident. rest is still a mystry.

  5. Natasha

    Black reflection is following Ruhi…..and it aims is to trap Ishita somehow. A woman wearing a burqa comes to kill Ruhi in her school. Ruhi sees her and is shocked and tells Raman that she has seen Shagun. Shagun came to save her daughter from Sarika. Sarika in a disguise of Ishita comes to harm Ruhi. Raman sees Shagun’s face…….and follows her….Shagun sits in the car and leaves. Raman and Ishita’s love will turn into hatred after Shagun’s truth is revealed to him.

    How it will be if ishra separeted?

  6. fathi fathi

    Feeling irritated on seeing thz the precap….no words to tell……n hi janvi,rithu,minol,darshika,siddhi,faya n all YHM fans

  7. Rehana

    hi all of u ……
    agar aise hi show ko drag karte rahe na toh aage ki storh aisi hogi ki….
    ishu aatma ka drama karti reh jayegi aur ashok baazi maar lega and this show will get a sad ending ???
    lol 🙂

  8. Rehana

    hi all of u ……
    agar aise hi show ko drag karte rahe na toh aage ki story aisi hogi ki….
    ishu aatma ka drama karti reh jayegi aur ashok baazi maar lega and this show will get a sad ending ???
    lol 🙂 ekta eat mentoes dimaag ki batti jalegi

  9. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    intriguing the audience with it’s
    suspense filled story line.
    As we have seen Ruhi is attacked by a
    lady and Raman finds ishita’s chain in
    Ruhi’s room.Raman get doubt on
    In the coming episodes,Ashok sends
    his informer to Ruhi’s school to
    frighten ruhi. A lady comes in black
    gunghat and tries to kill ruhi with
    Shagun who comes to school for some
    work hears Ruhi’s voice and goes to
    search her.In this process,Ruhi sees
    Shagun’s face and feels that she
    came to kill her.
    Somehow,Raman reaches school and
    on ruhi’s saying he runs behind
    shagun but his efforts go in vain.Later
    Raman finds burka in ishita’s
    cupboard and questions her.He also
    warns her to stay away from Ruhi.
    According to a source,”Raman feels
    that ishita who is possessed with
    shagun’s spirit is trying to harm ruhi
    and Adi.He will send Ishita to a place
    where possessed people are treated.
    There she is attacked by a woman
    who tries to kill her. There Ishita
    reveals the truth to the Baba and tells
    that she had been impersonating as a
    possessed woman for the well being
    of her family.”
    Soon it will be revealed that Informer
    is none other than SARIKA. But
    ishita’s drama will bring difference
    between the couple.
    Keep reading for more updates.

    • diya

      rithu i think crocodile attack the truth will comeout . cz ishu will oviously b highly injured will fightng .maybe she will b hospitalized or smthng like this. the truth has to come out with this .i m 99% sure .lets c

  10. SIndhu

    I think they should not get Ruhi involved in seeing the woman who is Sarika trying to harm Ruhi. After all the family should know so far nothing happened to the family when Ishita acted as possessed. Suddenly things are happening so they must feel that something strange is amidst. I just hope the truth comes out quickly and Raman knows that Ishita is doing all these to save him. I only wish that Ishita has told Raman the truth now that Ashok is getting into the picture. It is ridiculous that Prateek, Abishek,Simmi and even the Baba Ji will know the truth except Raman. Even Mihir suspected at one point that Ishita was acting but I am surprised that Raman is still in the dark and never try to find out about Ishita. Why does Ishita not trust her husband and tell him the truth? Things would move on smoothly. Strange that Sarika can come into Ruhi’s room and even go to the school and no one bothers to find out who is the strange person coming loitering. Sarika does not need to work in the hotel and does not need to look after her son. She is so free to be an informer. What happened to Romi? Does he not suspect his wife’s strange behaviour disappearing in the middle of the night?

  11. Jhanvi

    Hi guys how r u ??

    Heart broken …no words to express d epi.Nd upcoming is more worst than it..

    But want to say Ekta…. Jst hate u …..

  12. Diya

    Hey guyzzz…iam back…missed 4 days without u…I went for a camp and was not here… I can’t tell anything now I have to see all the episodes I missed at tell tomorrow.. Bye frnds..

  13. Siddhi

    Hi rithu , misty , fathi fathi , days , jhanvi , sabrin , Natasha , nimrit , diya , diya , dharsika , days n all I am really fed up with all this drama n want too cry really disappointed

  14. sony

    Lady with knife was shown wearing saree under black coat.when she entered ruhis room.saree matched ishitas mum saree.

  15. Annu

    Really ekta kapoor need a proper treatment…. same story and that also a bad story…. Ishita drama just intolerable…. love Shagun….and Ruhi and Adi should not get involved….eagerly waiting the truth to come out and also separation of Raman and Ishita…hate ishita and ekta

  16. Cindy

    I think the epi was great today the truth will be revealed tomorrow cos shafun will see the informer while trying to save ruhi from her and raman will come to see ruhi and see shafun and the informer both simple ashok will fail

  17. Siddhi

    Wa ekta an kal to asa lag raha hai jase shagun heroine hai n ishu is villain what r u showing hate. This n hate u

  18. Shraddha

    Hadddd hai ek to show k cncept se hadd gye the vo bhi thik tha kyu ki raman nd ishita sath the…
    But ab to toooooooòoooooooooooooo much ho gya h… na yeh draging katam hoti h or na hi kuch reveal hota h…
    Uper s tadka lg raha h k raman nd ishita alg ho jayenge due to this hide n seek drama….
    I hve decided not to watch this show now… i request all of you the same.. jb trp katam ho jayegi tbhi show wapas track pr aa layenge writers…

  19. Shraddha

    And i have a strong feeling shyad ashok ka kabri sarika nhi neelu b ho skti h as aaj kal hr episode k secene me sarika dikhe na dikhe but neelu jarur hoti h…
    but yeh sirf mera perception h..

  20. Eera

    Since ekta has decided to drag this drama ,,i think they will drag for another month soon she will go in depression by making such craps

    • Diya

      Yes…me too feels the same..
      She will drag drag and drag and bring out the truth on new year as a new yr gift..

  21. i hope jaise spoiler mejn likha hai ki jab raman ko sacchayi ki patha chalegi toh ishra ke beech differences aayenge toh woh hona nahi chahiye aur agar hua bhi toh jald hi sab theek ho jaana chahiye.

  22. No nothing of this to happen I guess track will close but hope so new track is of romance again and informer could be romi I can say as he was upset with raman and ishita

  23. Cham

    Please don’t separate Ishra! Then the value of the story will be destroyed! A married couple living together is the most important thing.Whatever happens,both should be able to stay together,and that’s a real loving couple. So please understand this Ektha and don’t you ever think of separating Ishra!

  24. diya

    i dnt hv much to say about the episode . am feeling really really really bad for ishita . it is really inhuman nd cruel to use a child to pln a game. bechari ruhi. she was soo eagr to meet her ishimaa . precape was bad . though i know xctly wts gonna hppn next . but still…am feeling a lil stressed aftr watchng todays epi. ishita tell raman evrythng plz.. nd i feel raman has no fault in it. raman iz doing all these to save his children …… but guys chillax seperation won’t happen . but they r going to dragg this track .till 2015’s end.

    miss ekta kapoor plz use ur brain..nd bring some sense in the drama ….
    u cnt misuse the unconditional love u hv fr yhm . plz start showing sensible tracks .
    nd another rqst plz star yhm in starutsav . so we can enjoy our yhm the show is loosing its charm…. . i thnk after this track the show will only concentrate on abhika nd mihir . plz no leap no seperation .

  25. diya

    yez rithu …differences to hona hi chahiye .ishita ne itni badi baat usse chupayi .but i feel sab thik jayega . this show is dr fr ishra. without ishra its nothing

  26. Jhanvi

    BL***y Ashok Khanna
    Wamp sarika

    Poor Ruhi.
    Helpless Raman
    Stupid ishita
    Mad Shagun
    Nikkama Acp

    Unbearable dragging
    Unbelievable story
    Useless drama
    Nonsense track
    Crap epi

    Guys please pray for our so called Ekta mam Nd her CVs… They need this..

  27. ekta ko harr cheez mazak lagtha hoga.ek acche serial ko banaana aur phir ussi serial ko kharab karna woh acche se jaanthi hai .maana ki hamare desh mein supernatural tracks ka raaj chaltha hai serial mein aur trp bhi acche aathe hai toh jab ybm mein supernatural track hua toh trp no.1 position par tha atleast ek hafthe ke liye .lekin sirf ek hafthe ke basis par ekta aur uske mahaan urf bewakoof makers ne yhm ko chewing gum jaise kheech diya aur ab toh yeh bhi phatt chuka hai .roz roz agar aise hi episodes aayenge toh koi serial bhi nahi dekhega .nagin serial ko highest trp mili hai toh baki saare serials ka haal bhool gaye hai lagtha hai .toh agar aise hi chaltha raha toh ekta ki sirf ek hi serial hogi woh hai nagin.pehle sirf raman ko show mein bewakoof dikhaya aur ab ishitha aur shagun ko bhi bewakoof banaa diya. pehle ashok bewakoof tha aur uske chaal ussi par mudd jaathe lekin ab woh kameena chalaak ho gaya hai aur uske chaal bhi chal rahe hai . ishitha raman ko nahi batha rahi hai sach aur apne hi pair par kulaadi maar rahi hai .jab raman ne surrogacy ki baath chupayi toh ishitha ne raman ko blame kiya ki woh hamesha ishitha se baathein chupaatha hai aur wahi ishitha kar rahi hai .ekta ne sirf iss track se bewakoofon ka foug aur wrong mesaages de rahi hai . koi bhi track ya naya twist ho ekta par bharosa ahi karna chahiye kyunki baad mein aiae twists laathi hai jo logon pasand nahi aatha aur log unhe hate karthe hai aur jo bhi track ko uska direct nishaana ekta ka hamesha ya toh seperation,leap,misunderstandimg aur differences pe jaake land kaartha hai .phir fans aur veiwers inn sab ke against protest karthe hai.

  28. Jhanvi

    Poor Ruhi ..she was so scared..
    Nd how can sarika go there wearing such a cloths Nd no one stopped her…?? Nd Shagun too…, strange..!!!!

    Nd mihir pls understand that mihika is lying she loves u only not Acp….
    I want to see them together again….

    Nd what will happen when Acp will come to know bout sarika…

    Nd I hope diya , whatever u said will come true Nd this crocodile fight will help to end this track…

  29. aur kheecho makers aur ekta aur yeh ab toh aise episodes ke liye toh mera dimaag phatt chuka hai aur mere phatte huye dimaag se yhm ka wah !wahi nahi hai balki mere phatte huye dimaag se yhm ke liye disappointment. abhi plz ekta aur makers plzzzzz….. hume hamaara purana unique yhm waapas de do naaki aise yhm .

  30. diya

    saach mein i agrreee wid all of u . haan yaar jhanvii …meina jaisa predict ya gir info cllct kiya hai uske basis par hoga to hi ye show puri tarah spoil hone se bach sakta hain ..plz plz plz god make it hppnn….

    btw ekta kapoor’s new show tere mere darmiyaan is going to go off air bcz of low trp nd bad plot .uske jagah silsila ye pyaar ka will cm .

    well guys if after all this .. i mn whn he will get to know the truth ..each nd evrythng ..nd if raman still doesnt feel bad fr ishita gets angry with her . raman bhalla frm being the worst husbnd u will turn the worst one.
    cz now ishita will walk over burning coal nd nd will bear with severe pain just for u. she doesnt deserve all this yaar.

  31. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi all…….
    Epi was ok. Ekta, don’t dare to think about separate ishra. We’re watching this fot ishra and ishru.
    And don’t do most stupid,disgusting,blo*dy thing in this world. ” x wife reunite with x husband by kicking out current wife.” It may happen your(ekta’s) cheap,blo*dy,mean society. But it’s not the reality. Don’t try to give such disgusting massages for society.
    Anyway, I think there’s no place to separation. Raman loves ishita a lot and he tries to find the truth. Nothing else happen. Don’t dream on about separation.
    And if we think again, everything has a reason. Raman hid surrogacy before,coz he waited for right time. Now ishita waiting for right time. (but both have done wrong-hiding truth. Agree with it. But past is past now. Nothing can do. Better to look ahead)
    Mark my words…… Shagun may be change now. But everything because of shagun. Coz first, ashok told shagun to kill raman. ISHITA IS DOING NOW SHAGUN’S WORK. Ishita defends Shagun and she is blamed by all…….!!! Poor ishita bears everything.
    And RESULTS OF SHAGUN’S PAST EVIL blo*dy ACTIVITIES ARE TOLERATED SUFFERED BY ISHITA…….! Ishita has to protect shagun from ashok because of shagun’s OWN evil past…….!
    I didn’t want to tell this all before. But today I feel, I should tell those thing now,today.
    Love ishita and raman always…..!
    (my comment is not an answer for anyone. And now just stop blame to raman and ishita. Look ahead except blaming their past)
    From SL

  32. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    But we have every right to blame to cvs. Don’t end this serial soon. It’s just had two years now. Better to stop watching, if someone hate this SERIAL. But I also happy, if this TRACK ends.

  33. ending the serial is not the solution for bad episodes instead ekta and makers can make good episodes .and i want yhm to go on for years just because of iashraruhadi and unique story.i am sure ekta will atleast make yhm rock for trp.

  34. V P

    Hi every one it’s very true that we fans have the same feeling regarding this serial . But can’t blame the actors at all … Production , directors and story writers have to be blamed . I don’t understand what are they upto … Some reality at least … One serial millions watching that too outside India. … The whole world was after this beautiful unique story line . How can they damage this story …,like this ? Unbearable …. They wanted to bring hatred between Ishra …. For that this is the best they can do to break strong love of Ishra …. I don’t watch any other serial other than this ….. But almost all goes like this. … Really very sad to see this …. And viewers feel totally rubbish about the whole thing … I don’t know is this twist is to bring Shaghun as Devi and Ishitha to experience her thrills .very sad Rudi and Adi if leaving the show , to exit like this ? Ekta madam ? Are you entertaining us ? I doubt …

  35. Manvi

    This all because of Ishita.hate you Ishita.
    Hate you Raman. Love Shagun she is doing all this for that Ishita.

  36. Jhanvi

    Good morning….

    Right Darshika.., all this coz of shagun’s past deeds.. Nd Ashok is behind Raman only only only coz of Shagun Nd now ishu has to save her from Ashok…
    No offence to shagun’s fans…

    Ekta did all this to accept d fans Shagun Nd surrogacy Nd look she succeed…
    Stupid Ekta..

    Nd yes it’s better to stop watching., if someone dsnt like this…there r worst shows than YHM…. Sorry to say but YHM is 100 times better than sathiya Nd yrkkh…..

    • V P

      Yes Jhanvi agree with you , those who don’t like , nobody forcing . We fans are sad how it’s been twisted to Shaghuns favoritism . Whatever said and done Divyanka Tripathi is quite enterprising , proved that she can do any roles . Words can’t express how wonderfully she accepts her roles . I really like Shaghuns role as negative in this …. But you can’t compare her with Ishitha in the positive roles . But Ekta you have failed in the reality of this show …. Poorly convinced to the viewers … I wonder how the old Yhm can come back ….

      • Jhanvi

        Ya ….I also like Shagun as ngtv…. Nd Anita is really awsm as negative but poor as pstv…… She acts ngtv damn fabulous.. Nd ofcrse no one can replace Divyanka’s acting….

    • Johnny

      Hey jhanvi mind ur tongue… I think u r bitter(Corolla) not sweet. If u were sweet then u wouldn’t have mentioned #YRKKH with sns. No serial on earth can’t break #YRKKH’s record.. Mind it.. ?
      Saath Nibhaanaa Saathiya is a crap serial. EvErY1 knows that… But u better don’t dare to compare Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai with it. Its a sweet family soap. No villain, no revenge,no mental torture, no hide and seek between husband and and wife, no murder, no suicide… #YRKKH is a civilized show. Got it. ?

  37. Anusha Reddy

    Hi I am Anusha.

    I amalso huge fan of Hei Hai Mohabbaten.
    But I dont know Hindi.Daily i am reading your comments.
    I am watching this serial in Telugu.

      • Anusha Reddy

        Its Dubbed Vertion Diya.But i followed current track also.But now a days i am feeling bore to watch he hai mohabbaten current track.

  38. Reshma

    tere mere dharmiyan to shut down soon. it failed to get trps even after replacing ones of the lead actor with aly goni…

    @diya : I have seen that in sbb’s yesterday’s episode… ANCHOR TOLD due to these differences & hiding of truth, ishra’s love will turn into hatred…

  39. diya

    no dear its not true . i hv also seen it . raman loves ishita alot nd after knowing the truth he cannot hate her .cz she has done so much fr him. the news always givn sbs is always not true. they said shagun’s twin sister will enter .but nothng like this happnd . i thnk u shld follow u me aur tv nd sbb …they give the news always appropriate . this is the reason i hardly watch sas bahu aur sazis. the track will end with the crocodile attack. the promo is also out. nd whn evryone who knows ishita ‘s truth is supportng her y raman will hate her? ekta k itni himmat nhi h ko woh fans k zada against jay.nhi to her shows turn into another darmiyaan . so chill. no hatred will prevail btwn the lead

  40. Randunu

    Please don’t seperate ishra and make shagun and raman reunite.Please make raman aware of the fact that ishita’s doing all this for raman.Don’t make ashok that fool win.But I think that they’ll not seperate because Simmi,Abhishek,Prateek and shagun are with ishita.And now shagun loves Manoj.And she’ll tell about ishita to raman.

  41. nimrit

    hey plz can anyone tell me ki kp ne DT ko kya wish kiya tha kal.,.dt ke b’day pe…..fb sab comnt kar rahe hai ki it was so good….but koi bata hi nahi raha hai ki kp ne kaise wish kiya tha..kya kaha usne dt ko……..plzzz zzzz plzzzz koi to batao….

  42. Jhanvi

    Hey nimrit…. Usne kaha hamari bhot achhi bonding hai , WO best co star hai meri best frnd hai aur bd wish kiya Nd bola keep smiling…career k liye wish kiya…. By d video…
    But have a look Na on fb.. There is a video…

    Nd blv me yar when she saw KP Na she was blushing Nd was really happy for that..
    It was so cute Nd sweet Nd only DivAnians can understand this feelings…

    Nd I had seen another video when chugalkhor aunty ( SBS ) said to her “apke Karan Patel ” nd her million dollar smile.. She was blushing that time too….

    Just have a look on fb video yar .., it’s amazing…

  43. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    ya jhanvi….. I saw both videos.
    Kp’s wish…..
    Hi divyanka, this is wishing you a very happy b’day. Have a great year and may all your wishes come true. You’ve been a fantastic co-star, won the best award, dear friend and always keep smiling……. God bless…….
    Yes, she was surprised. And blushing……
    Then dt said something in hindi(mentioned kp’s name) and Wooooooow……. (I think she said, ”karan patel wished me. Woooooow” with smiling and surprising.)

    (I’m really happy about their friendship)

  44. Always Shagun hate

    Hate to the core shagun…….. Because of her blo*dy works, ashok follows her to force to kill raman. But ishita is doing shagun’s work. Ishita protects her and she is blamed by all……. Ishita, why do you protect that b*t*h by ashok…..!?!? Plz take care yourself,raman and childrens. Next, ishita’ll be attacked by crocodile,because of shagun. Let Shagun die with that baby.
    Love ishita-raman forever…….. Hate shagun…….
    Go to the hell ekta…….!

  45. hate shagun always

    WTF….??? Because of shagun, ishita is suffered…..! Either shagun is good or bad, ishita should tolerat everything.
    Shagun is doing only one help for ishita. “bearing that baby”. But ishita is suffering a lot either shagun good or bad…..! (in the past and now) How do some ppl forget everythin so easily and then blame to ishita and raman. blo*dy hell……!!!
    Next ishita ‘ll be attacked by crocodile,because of shagun. Why do you protect her ishita…..? Let that b*t*h die….. Ishita protects everyone and then blamed by all…..!!!!! Hateeeeeeeeeeeeee shagun.
    Love ishita raman forever.

  46. Jhanvi

    Ya Darshika I m also so happy for that…

    Nd no ……..actually she said wow for d team but bout KP, … she asked to d reporter, ” how did u catch Karan Patel for this ?? ” ( Apne Karan ko pakda kaise ?? )
    Omg it was amazing….

  47. Neelam Thind

    The worst thing would be to separate Raman and Ishita surely Raman would understand the reason behind Ishuta drama So pl make it all good This track has become to long

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.