Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir seeing Aaliya lost. She says I was thinking Appa and Shagun did not spend time, they are staying alone. He says don’t you think we should give them some time. She says we can give them out time to bring them closer, there should be romance between them, I did all preparations. He asks what. They both decorate the room for Mani and Shagun. Aaliya smiles seeing Mihir. Her dupatta catches fire when she lights the candles. Mihir sees the fire and rushes to her. He removes her dupatta and throws away. She cries in fear and hugs him.

He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says nothing happened, relax. He moves her away and says sorry Aaliya, I did not…. She says don’t be sorry, you helped me. He says your red dupatta burnt, you looked beautiful in it.

She smiles and says so you noticed me. He says one thing is missing, good bottle of champagne, I will call and tell you. He leaves. He calls someone and asks about champagne. He says I want it for special occasion, give me customer number, I will request him. He gets Romi’s number and says it means Romi and Mihika planned something special, I can’t disturb them, I will find from some other shop.

Ruhi goes to Pihu and tells her fairy tale. She shows the drawing story book and says its about a girl Ruhi, she was alone and sad, an aunty came to stay in her building, her name was Ishita Iyer, she was like angel and could not see sadness on any child’s face, when she saw Ruhi sad, she decided to make Ruhi happy, my dad went away from me and she got me close to him, she loved me more than my own mum, so she became my Ishi Maa, I m lucky. Pihu says she would be angel in your story, but she is wicked witch in my story, she is bad, she is not my mumma, Shagun is my mumma. She goes to sleep. Ruhi gets thinking.

Ruhi goes to Raman and Ishita. They ask Ruhi why did she not sleep. Ruhi asks how can I sleep, what will happen of Pihu, she has hatred in her, she does not want to listen, I behaved badly with you both, but when Pihu does this, I can’t see this, Papa we have to bring Ishi Maa and Pihu close. She says Ishita has solution for every problem, go to Pihu and won her heart, she is your daughter, you have to tell her truth.

Shagun comes home and sees Mani and Aaliya, and room’s decorations. Aaliya asks Shagun to come. Mani says Mihir arranged this for us. Aaliya says I know its hard to believe this, he wanted you both to feel special. Shagun says I had long day, I will go and sleep. Aaliya says you sleep in Appa’s room, your room AC is not working. Shagun says but…. Aaliya goes. Mani says I m sorry Shagun, Aaliya is thinking for us, I will blow off these candles. Shagun thinks I have to handle this new drama, but I have to keep Mani and Aaliya on my side. She says its okay, I like candles. He holds Shagun and gives her a rose. She takes the rose and smiles. He forwards his hand. She holds his hand and they dance. Tuta jo kabhi taara………..plays…………. Shagun sees Raman in Mani. Mani gets close and she gets away with a jerk. He says sorry Shagun. She says actually, I m sorry, I don’t think I m ready for this. He says I understand, I m sorry. She goes.

Shagun cries in her room. She recalls Raman’s love and then Ishita. She says why did Ishita come back in my happiness, why don’t I get Raman, why could I not come in between them, I did a lot for them, I have tied the family since 7 years, why can’t Raman see that, my life got ruined. She says these 7 years were beautiful years, I started loving Raman, he was also loving me, we were perfect together, I was his first love, he would have married me if Ishita did not come in between, its fine, I will make Ishita cry, Pihu will support me in troubling Ishita, I won’t leave Ishita.

Raman comes to room and asks Ishita to say what is it. She says Ruhi is saying right, what will happen of Pihu. Shagun is not here, Pihu needs care, someone who loves her a lot genuinely, whom Pihu can trust, I can think of one person, I think it could be you. Raman asks I? They both think the same. She says you can play dual role, mummy and Papa, who can be better than you. He agrees and says this is best way to bring Pihu close to you. She says Pihu needs someone, no one can bring her in good mood. He says Ruhi is right, I will bring Pihu close to you, she will love Ishi Maa soon, we can try and see. They smile.

Ishita thanks Raman and says I felt you won’t agree. He asks why. She asks him to go and make Pihu ready as her mummy. He asks why did you feel I won’t agree, if I can manage Pihu’s mummy, then why not Pihu. She says because you say you are a man. He says Raavan Kumar can become even Sita Maiyya for you.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nish

    Finally the old Ishra pair is emerging.thank you CVs,for finally getting it right. Today’s episode the chemistry was good.not so pit on,more natural like the past.

  2. disha

    nice episode ishrahi sceans back only shagun part is some boring ruhi try to convence pihu .shagun said -mai raman ka pahla pyar hu so tell me raman ko chhodkar ashok ke pass kaun gaya tha

  3. Avanthi

    Episode was good. Pihu shld be told the truth b4 its too late…. Shagun can do anything..
    Aliya and mihir very disgusting pair…. I think mihir also likes aliya… Adi shld have been in mihirs place…that would have been awesome!
    Ishra romance started yeeeee!!!! Cool😊. After so many months they have put such a nicest precap!!!!😊😊😁👌❤❤❤❤

  4. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE…..
    Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Siddhi Monique Jaz Aditya Saritha Khushi Nandu Shreya Az and all YHM fans….

    Kill two birds with one stone..that was mani shagun marriage…both shagun and mani are out from ishras life… seems like raman was waiting for a chance to kick out shagun from his life……because after her exit ,Raman isn’t leaving any single chance to romance with ishita…

    How can shagun think about raman like this….??…Actually its all ramans fault…he proposed shagun just to show ishita that he is happy without her…but that stupid shagun thought raman loves her…

    But mani is a good person…he deserves some happiness in his life…hope shagun turn positive again, and live happily with mani and aliya….and for ishras happiness, either ashoke should die or ishra should move on to some other country with their children…

    • Nandu

      I really feel sick ….hw mohit n aliya come-on mohit she z ur sis daughter nw in relatn😂ekta do u have any sense of showing such a love story….😂
      I thought of story would continue diz way…like..simmi n Mani would marry…aliya n adi would b bst fnds..n wen another gal enters aliya would feel jealous so their love story starts…but here shagun n Mani married….😠 nw mohit n aaliya

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      Hi shivani,
      Agree with ur comment. Shagun shld accept mani nd move on. But i thnk pihu shld go to shagun. Only if she is turing positive again. She genuinely luvs pihu bt i strongly reprimand her actionnof spoiling a kid.
      Actually the root cause of al these pblms are raman himself. His impulsive nature. He is the ine who annoynced his mrg to shagun nd made shagun hate ishitha
      Cant trust hum he can change any time. Evn though i luv these ishra moments dnt trust cvs. They cam change track any time.

  5. Farzana

    Felt happy seeing ruhi explaining pihu. Hope pihu understands dat ishita is her real mom and finds out shagun’s truth. Love ishra scene.

  6. shahabana

    Yhm is back. But mihir aliya pair i dnt like it. Hate u shagun but poor mani. Love u ishra and yhm.

  7. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Episode was ok. Precap ok also. This track of pihu should end now . let’s hope shaggy truth cums out soon, she’s using mani and aliya. Cvs plz don’t pair aliya en mihir.ishra still the best jodi.

  8. Laya

    Loved the precap episode not bad ehh ishra 😍😍😍😍 thanks Shagun only the reason why u r negative then only ishraruhuya

  9. Nandu

    Hi …,shivani, khushi, rithusree,vp,n all YHM fans….felt pity fr shagun in today’s episode …😂 nasty bhallas always think of themselves…when ishita has come Mrs bhalla old lady ignored shagun to core…ya I too agree in these 7yrs they didn’t gve shagun ishita place…but treated her as pihus mom…n in dat regard fr society sake they wanna get married shagun to Raman even he z nt willing…n when Raman brought match fr shagun she scolded him n said she doesn’t need anyone n she z happy…at the same tym if she realized she s nothing to Raman there would nt hav been a problem…but our Raman babu by agreeing to marry her raised hopes in her thinking she would get her family…at last ended up with ishita….so she z thinking ishita was cause to her problems…instead she should have looked hw insane bhallas has turned their plates….but m nt going to justify shagun act…but if v analyse Bhallas r root cause😏to everyone problems in yhm. Pihu 😉ur gonna c ishma love so soon dear I can c dat😛

    • aruna

      I am with you nandu I can’t see shagun crying like this. In the previous episode when Ishita confronted shagun. She told shagun that how can you compare you with me and Ruhi and Adi chose me over you even knowing you as their own mother but Pihu doesn’t know about it. Then if she is thinking like this why did she tried to attempt suicide after hearing Raman’s words without thinking of Pihu a 1day old girl. But then itself shagun came into light where she brought all of them out of trauma of deaths of both Ruhi and Ishita but wen Ishita returned Mrs bhalla without thinking of shagun she just said we can think of her later but I’ll not lose Ishita wat nonsense is this and in the past also she did wrong with subbu she made his life hell and she said sorry if the same thing happens in bhalla family would Ishita and Raman leave the woman they would have made a complaint. I don’t know but I hope my analysis is right. Sorry if I hurt someone….

      • Nandu

        Hi ..Aruna…I jst felt pity fr shagun in diz episode😂……here nly bhallas r at fault…..ishita was never at fault…bcz if v c ourselves in ishita’s place…a girl who suffered like hell ppl call her infertile n ppl reject her due to her infertility….. luckily she got ruhi..n so her life again blossomed…n was happy…even she was molested n even bare hatred 4m mom in law ,sis-in law,n slowly everybody understood her…even though every tym anything bad happens every one in bhalla house blame ishita…but she didn’t loose hope r disrespect family bcz Raman was her strength…..think once the same person who raised hopes by saying “ishma…suchmuch ma ban Sakti”called her as banj….n ruhi was root cause of her soul existence she lost her…at dat tym a ma heart was disturbed to the extent dat she couldn’t think of anything lse beyond ruhi…n Raman calling her banj… subconsciously she knew shagun was there to look after pihu..if she leave she thought problems would b solved….I justify ishita in every possible way…but I m fan of kp…but as a girl I support ishita…

        Shagun…character would have got standing applause if she sacrificed here…but by making her negative CVS made ppl to frgt wat shagun had lost 7yrs..nw ppl dn care..abt shagun..bcz no ma vl use her children …. disgusting…

    • VP

      Nandhu seven years I agree she spent with them that too was her self interest . yes Mrs Bhalla changes according to her childrens happiness … but Raman never showed any interest at all … he even suggested her to marry some one else … how can she expect love from him when she had cheated him all thru … her expectation was too much … today third day we ate seeing her with this blouse and sari looked horrible … very cheap way of revenging … I cud see Raman feels free after Shaghun is out of his life … i had commented the same … yhm fans and Ishra fans request is ansered by the cvs but I am scared whether any other bladt is coming soon … Ruhanika both negatively and positively is very brilliant actress .. We can see Pihu loving her mom … Felt sorry for Mani … wish he is acting … He doesnt deserve Shaghun … And Mihir Aliya please cvs dont do this … really not acceptable …. Ramans and Ishithas chemistry is not yet up to the mark … I think Raman before leap looked better loose shirt rather than tucked shirt with belt … but he is with his Madrasan .. their love is something beyond imagination … very understanding … but still he owes one apology to Ishitha … may be it will be shown .. Ruhi quite matured enough to unite Pihu with her parents … where is Sindhu … Khushi I am fine ..Jaz your little princess had a great birthday …

      • aruna

        Hello nandu I am also a huge fan of kp I don’t blame Ishita I am telling the circumstances that made her do that… I don’t want shagun to be negative after so much of positivity just make her realize Ishita and ask her for Pihu as a genuine mother. And I don’t think aliya and Mihir pair would happen bczz aliya is Mani’s niece that means she bcms mihir’s daughter as shagun and Mani got married so definitely they should make adi aliya pair I guess

      • Nandu

        Yeah Aruna.😊 Let’s c wat happens …I have seen shagun is gng to open custody case nw Raman putter vl cme to knw about the vamp shagun😂 I wanna c Raman repent fr scoldng ishita ..😂literally

  10. Shravya

    Shaun hate u.and plz dnt pair up alia and mihir it’s really not good.alia and Adi good pair.let pichi know the truth of Shaun and ishita.

  11. Shravya

    Sry pihu know the truth.ekta now make Raman shud say sry to could ishu can accept the hell he insulted ishu in all ways he supported shagun.

  12. pradishma

    Oh god, Shagun loving raman…shame…she left him for ashok…again she loved that doctor, again she loved raman, again married mani…now she wants raman…shagun again marry few more will be nice…Ekta maiyyaa ki jai ho..
    Mihir and Aaliya (Haha , mihir never had romancor romantic idea with Mihika or his wife) – No words…
    Where is Adi…Missing him

  13. Starbucks

    If only shagun wasn’t negative and everything would be just like it is the story will be great(not mihir or Aliya or romi charting parts just the other good parts)😍

    • Manju

      I think bringing back Ruhinka Dhawan after the leap as Pihu was a bad move. They should have brought another rather uounger child artist to her place and make the leap shorter. Leap of 7 years was brought to match the age of Ruhinka and nothing else. These days I do not enjoy Ruhunika’s acting as she acting shows dhe is no more a child

  14. Mino

    Hi All Hope U all Had A great Sunday… . So Finally ISRA Is Back. Read spoiler that Shagun IS going to kill Mani & She will get together with Ashok. That part is good as They both evil & Are Good Together. But Why Poor Mani??? Then again Romi & Ardi Joins Shagun against ISRa. Oh We Can’t take anymore hatred. Pls Check the U tubes they are saying all this. I am not Indian So i can’t understand the language. but they have put headings in this Context.. Hope & Pray i Am wrong. IF it is true. CV;s are really Crazy..poor old Mani. i don’t care what happens to Romi Ashok . Ardi Going Negative is bad. & Areliya & Mihir it is so sick Uncle & Daughter. how sick is that. Sorry for writing like this .. Hope i am wrong.. Have A Good Night all God Bless..HI VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Az, Khushi, Rithu, JAz, Monique, Ardithya & i know only these names for the moment & All the YHM Fans.. By the way where is Sindhu??? JAz i sent Birthday wishes for ue daughter hope u received them & she had a great day,,

  15. Saritha

    Hai RITHU ADITYA JAZ KHUSI SHREYA SINDHU SHIVANI VP MINO BHAGYA MONIQUE.D AASTHA MARIA SHONY ARUNA DEEPTHI DISHA DARSHIKA and all yhm fans. Today episode was good. Precap seems like our old ishra are coming back with their cute love scenes I hope soon pihu will find that her real mumma is ishita and witch is that shagun.

  16. Ro

    No no no!!!😞😞 Might and alia must Not be pair😞😞 OMG they are 20 years apart!!!😭😭😭😭😭

    Pihu got the scoldings and also she deserved, for obeying her shagun mamma… Now we r all waiting for the slaps shagun should get!!😠😠😠😠😠


    JAZ Kushi Monique Rithu VP AZ Naaz Ahliya Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Mino Dish Ramchin Megha SHIVANI Bhagya

    Even if You Are A GIRL You Should Be 100% Fit
    And 100% STRONG.

    I Don’t Know HINDI Much.
    GOD Bless You Dear


    Hi Rithu Kushi Monique And The People Who Know The Procedure of Knowing Story of FUTURE EPISODES.
    Please Tell Me
    Even I Want to Know The Future STORY of Other SERIAL.
    Please tell Me

  19. methara

    Today’s episode and precap is so nice, I’m waiting for upcoming episodes. What nonsense that alia loves mihir. That pair is not matching. I think alia should romance to adi, not for mihir. What rubbish. Poor adi. I think pihu should listen to elders and be respect. After so many time romance between ishu and Raman happened. I hate shotgun, she is very bad and very jealousy full women, teaching bad things to little child, how can she do this. I think Raman should tell pihu that her real mum is ishimaa and tell the truth of shotgun. Pihuhas so bad behaviour. If shotgun wants raman should she shouldn’t devoted Raman and went near ashok. She has done the wrong and blaming to ishita that he snatched the family and children. And mani is also too bad. He’s romancing with shagun . A ugly couple. I hate mani. Mani is a boring character. He now listen only to shagun. I wish shagun die. Theaters no problem for the family. She’s playing with little pihu.all the family members should she know her truth of and should break manis and shaguns married life. She should sent to prison. I’m waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Agun is very ugly women wearings*xy Saree, and using pihu, mani, alia for her tricks. I think that ishita and raman and others should end shotguns tricks and her hatred. Pihu should know her real mum is ishimaa very soon. I hare pihu. She’s always turning negative and always against ishita.

  20. Sp

    What kind of a aerial is this I don’t understand once ruhi side problem another time pihu problem all the time problems it is one of my favourite but it’s a worst serial ….

  21. mimi

    Shagun is nice and better then ishita because when ishita was gone she had an option to marry manoj but for adi and pihu she left her true love.

    • VP

      Mimi … you believe that … if that case why she is poisoning Pihu … No mother will do the way she does … She wanted security and family and that she knows she will get from Bhallas only as she is the mother of the children …Mothers can never be selfish …. did you hear what Ishitha told Adi … please bring back Shaghun back to Pihu … its ok she kidnapped me … and its for Pihu … how beautiful Ishitha explain … being selfless is very defficult … if you live someone … make them happy the way they want … thats it

  22. rithushree

    Episode was ok.precap was also ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha mino Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna priya bhagi mansi bhagya disha juhi siddhi Khushi shreya jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl az Monique d and all yhm friends.

  23. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita defames Ashok gets contract for Raman’s company.

    Entire Bhalla family celebrates Ishita’s success and distributes sweet between family members.

    However, Shagun enters to destroy Bhalla family’s happiness meting to Pihu but Ishita does not allow Shagun to meet Pihu.

    Ishita puts condition in front Shagun of confessing her crime in front of family which makes Shagun angry.

    Adi is surprised seeing drama but he believes that Ishima can never wrong so he supports Ishita.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita throws Shagun out from Bhalla house

    However, Raman also enters in the scene hearing drama and asks Shagun to go out but she refuses going without meeting to Pihu.

    Raman has finally known Shagun’s true face so he throws Shagun out from house.

    It is sure that Shagun will back with new master plan for getting Pihu’s custody.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  24. susan

    Feeling sorry for Shagun? Let me think about it for a second. Noooooo!!!!! There is no script that Ekta can come up with that would ever make me feel sorry for Shagun! In fact the more I see her sad sorry scenes the more I don’t like her. Now suddenly she loves Raman? Whenever Ishita comes close to Raman, Shagun suddenly remembers that she loves Raman. He has not shown interest in her for 7 year! But no, she feels that he would have fallen in love with her if Ishita had not come. Really!? Anyway. I am happy happy happy. Can’t wait for that precap episode. IshRa is back!


    I WISH ALL The Members of The GROUP
    GOD Bless You ALL.
    Take Care


    Hi Rithu!
    How Can Future Episodes information?
    Please Dear HELP Me.

    • rithushree

      Happy Independence Day to you too. I get the future information from many websites. If you go to Google and search yhm future story you find many websites like serial etc.if you go on any website you find future story of yhm and like that you can also get future story of any other serial.and I copy and paste the future story of yhm in this site .you can also go to telly also.

    • rithushree

      If you go to telly then there also you get weekly three time spoilers on Monday,wednesday and Fridays.

  27. Juhi

    Happy independence day to all my yhm fans. episod was ok nd precap is nice sravani nooooo this is not fair yaar how it is possible. We want ruhanika in yhm (in positive character). Please don’t pair up aliya and mihir . yhm is back

  28. Rameeza

    Wishing all the YHM Indian fans a very happy ‘Independence Day.’ May God brings peace and harmony to your land and people too.

  29. methara

    Ishita drama on upcoming episodes are very good, she should make shagun very angry and make her leave pihu . An ugly couple that is mihir and aliya. Please i kindly request to don’t pair mihir and aliya. They are not a matching couple. Alia should definitely romance to adithya. Poor adi. I’m waiting today’s episodes are coming. The precap is very nice one. I hate shagun. She’s always making new plans always, telling lies to raman and ishita that she’s going to see pihu only, and secretly telling lies to pihu and making pihu and bad and so rude. What a shame that mani is in romance to with shagun. Now i that serial they are not showing wandu, bala, shrau. All the family members should help ishita and raman and they all should help know shagun true plan. Please i kindly request that pihu should know her real mum is ishimaa. When ruhi trying explain her, she went against ruhi and scolded to ishita. And went to sleep. How rude is she. I think someone will slap pihu nicely and tell the truth and about her dramatic, so rude behaviour.

  30. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Happy independence day
    Hey guys jaz Shona aditya Khushi darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Aliya naz sindhu Natasha mino Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna priya bhagi mansi bhagya disha juhi siddhi Khushi shreya jeni super girl az and all yhm friends.

  31. shreya shetty

    ekta is completely a mad woman.i mean how can she twist the show like this even soo worse.i feel like beating up pihu very badly so that she goes to hospital and remembers much patience should ruhi raman and ishu tolerate her bullshit behavior.can pihu get a life.if I were in ruhis place till now I would ve beaten uo with 10 tight slaps right on her face.dammn u ruhanika dhawan I hate ur stupid acting.why cant u quit this show for behaving like a vamp.please go away and stop bothering ishu like that im begging pardon from u pihu aka ruhanika.just leave YHM FOR HEAVENS SAKE.I JUST HOPE THAT SHAGUNS DIRTY SASSY VAMP TRUTH WOULD BE REAVEALED TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND RAMAN WOULD APOLOGISE FOR HIS BLAME ON ISHITA.POOR ISHITA AND MANI FEELING SORRY FOR THE TWO BEST FRIENDS SUFFERING IN SUCH A FATE

  32. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein News: Raman-Ishita
    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Pihu throws tantrums in Bhalla house post Shagun and Mani’s marriage and blames Ishita for breaking Bhalla family.

    Ishita gets distressed but Raman convinces Ishita and romance with her.

    Both Raman and Ishita comes to a joint conclusion of Raman taking care of Pihu as her mother as Pihu hates Ishita and Ishita will take care of office responsibility.

    Will Raman be able to fulfil his responsibility towards Pihu winning her heart?

    On the other hand will Ishita be able to manage office duties?

    How would Pihu react witnessing this change in her life?

    Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

  33. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Viewers will witness Ishita and Raman exchanging their role in life for the sake of Pihu.

    Ishita turns business woman whereas Raman turns housewife.

    Ishita will wholeheartedly and smartly perform her duties towards Raman’s company.

    Ishita will also win a contract against Ashok and the entire Bhalla family will celebrate Ishita’s victory.

    However, Shagun will fume observing Bhalla family’s happiness and enters Bhalla house to ruin their happiness.

    Shagun enters Bhalla house to meet Pihu but Ishita stops Shagun and asks her to walk out of Bhalla house.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  34. Nandu

    we already reported that ishitha and shagun will have a huge argument because ishita does not allow shagun to enter bhalla house.

    This fight ends when raman grabs shagun’s hand and throws her out of bhalla house.

    In the coming episodes, Raman gets busy with pihu and when ishitha comes to see him, he will be sleeping with pihu’s books. She admires him and removes all the books.

    Unknowingly raman holds her hands in sleep. Ishitha sits with him for sometimes as she don’t want to disturb him.

    This makes shagun very angry and she decides to destroy raman and ishitha. Shagun will again join hands with Ashok to destroy Ishita and Bhalla house. Shagun implements her plan and takes mani’s support on her side. She then opens custody case of pihu.

    This will shock the entire bhalla family.

    Stay tuned for the next update.

  35. sakshi magdum

    I m thinking what is going on in aliyas mind?is she felt for mihir!!!!!!!Srsly No.Adi &alya r perfect.pls don’t change the track.As frst also mihir &mihika track was ruined

    • Parichary


      YOu are wrong. Pihu nis not Shagun real daughter. Pihu is Ishita daughter. Shagun is using Pihu as a puppet. You are sayng that Pihu is better with Shagun not Ishita. When you will be like any of two women then you will understand which child will be better with better mother who give all the love that Shagun can’t give.

  36. Sarik

    This court cases r becumin ridicolous if shagun opens a custody case Raman should jus slap her with something she signed when she agreed to become Pihu s surrogate mum,they cant kip going to court,its jus a repetition with these court cases over kid’s custody.

  37. Nandu

    New sbs video😍
    Yesterday as I said….ishita is filling some form…that is for MBA admission😍dentist is knw gng to study business administration…n our Raman babu is giving her dressing tips..he askd her to go in dress n ishita being ishita says I vl B comfortable in sarees…n Ishita knok jhok😘starts…n to stop Raman’s pak pak..😂ishu jst kissed his cheek😍kiss ki chakkar mein Raman babu ne pihu ki shirt jalgayi..😂mama banane ke chakkar mein papa pit jayegaa..😂lol his one liners…😍

    Another scene…

    Where our mahan..shagun trying to manipulate ruhi against Ishita by emotional blackmail…😍ruhi 😘our ishita ki laadli….shagun 😂ki baand bajadhiya…by saying dn try to manipulate me…against Ishima…I know u stooped so low…but didn’t thought u vl ask kidnappers to kill Ishima…😂😠u don’t love pihu u jst wanna win over Ishima ..dat’s y u r showing off …n u did drama at tym of Ishima kidnapping😂🙌💃💃💃💃🙌👏👏👏RUHI is back😂💃😍😍😍by listening ruhi talks ishita overwhelmed..n shagun😂was shocked….

  38. Smriti tyagi

    How can Shagun forget she left raman and stayedas mistress of Ashok when she has been kicked by him she starts taking interest in Raman n now married to a 3rd man what character is Ekta trying to show I.yhink forgets the link of the story A young Aaliya is falling for Mihir

  39. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma
    And all my frndd
    Happy independence day to all my dear ones

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