Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir seeing Aaliya lost. She says I was thinking Appa and Shagun did not spend time, they are staying alone. He says don’t you think we should give them some time. She says we can give them out time to bring them closer, there should be romance between them, I did all preparations. He asks what. They both decorate the room for Mani and Shagun. Aaliya smiles seeing Mihir. Her dupatta catches fire when she lights the candles. Mihir sees the fire and rushes to her. He removes her dupatta and throws away. She cries in fear and hugs him.

He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says nothing happened, relax. He moves her away and says sorry Aaliya, I did not…. She says don’t be sorry, you helped me. He says your red dupatta burnt, you looked beautiful in it.

She smiles and says so you noticed me. He says one thing is missing, good bottle of champagne, I will call and tell you. He leaves. He calls someone and asks about champagne. He says I want it for special occasion, give me customer number, I will request him. He gets Romi’s number and says it means Romi and Mihika planned something special, I can’t disturb them, I will find from some other shop.

Ruhi goes to Pihu and tells her fairy tale. She shows the drawing story book and says its about a girl Ruhi, she was alone and sad, an aunty came to stay in her building, her name was Ishita Iyer, she was like angel and could not see sadness on any child’s face, when she saw Ruhi sad, she decided to make Ruhi happy, my dad went away from me and she got me close to him, she loved me more than my own mum, so she became my Ishi Maa, I m lucky. Pihu says she would be angel in your story, but she is wicked witch in my story, she is bad, she is not my mumma, Shagun is my mumma. She goes to sleep. Ruhi gets thinking.

Ruhi goes to Raman and Ishita. They ask Ruhi why did she not sleep. Ruhi asks how can I sleep, what will happen of Pihu, she has hatred in her, she does not want to listen, I behaved badly with you both, but when Pihu does this, I can’t see this, Papa we have to bring Ishi Maa and Pihu close. She says Ishita has solution for every problem, go to Pihu and won her heart, she is your daughter, you have to tell her truth.

Shagun comes home and sees Mani and Aaliya, and room’s decorations. Aaliya asks Shagun to come. Mani says Mihir arranged this for us. Aaliya says I know its hard to believe this, he wanted you both to feel special. Shagun says I had long day, I will go and sleep. Aaliya says you sleep in Appa’s room, your room AC is not working. Shagun says but…. Aaliya goes. Mani says I m sorry Shagun, Aaliya is thinking for us, I will blow off these candles. Shagun thinks I have to handle this new drama, but I have to keep Mani and Aaliya on my side. She says its okay, I like candles. He holds Shagun and gives her a rose. She takes the rose and smiles. He forwards his hand. She holds his hand and they dance. Tuta jo kabhi taara………..plays…………. Shagun sees Raman in Mani. Mani gets close and she gets away with a jerk. He says sorry Shagun. She says actually, I m sorry, I don’t think I m ready for this. He says I understand, I m sorry. She goes.

Shagun cries in her room. She recalls Raman’s love and then Ishita. She says why did Ishita come back in my happiness, why don’t I get Raman, why could I not come in between them, I did a lot for them, I have tied the family since 7 years, why can’t Raman see that, my life got ruined. She says these 7 years were beautiful years, I started loving Raman, he was also loving me, we were perfect together, I was his first love, he would have married me if Ishita did not come in between, its fine, I will make Ishita cry, Pihu will support me in troubling Ishita, I won’t leave Ishita.

Raman comes to room and asks Ishita to say what is it. She says Ruhi is saying right, what will happen of Pihu. Shagun is not here, Pihu needs care, someone who loves her a lot genuinely, whom Pihu can trust, I can think of one person, I think it could be you. Raman asks I? They both think the same. She says you can play dual role, mummy and Papa, who can be better than you. He agrees and says this is best way to bring Pihu close to you. She says Pihu needs someone, no one can bring her in good mood. He says Ruhi is right, I will bring Pihu close to you, she will love Ishi Maa soon, we can try and see. They smile.

Ishita thanks Raman and says I felt you won’t agree. He asks why. She asks him to go and make Pihu ready as her mummy. He asks why did you feel I won’t agree, if I can manage Pihu’s mummy, then why not Pihu. She says because you say you are a man. He says Raavan Kumar can become even Sita Maiyya for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. shreya shetty

    ekta is completely a mad woman.i mean how can she twist the show like this even soo worse.i feel like beating up pihu very badly so that she goes to hospital and remembers much patience should ruhi raman and ishu tolerate her bullshit behavior.can pihu get a life.if I were in ruhis place till now I would ve beaten uo with 10 tight slaps right on her face.dammn u ruhanika dhawan I hate ur stupid acting.why cant u quit this show for behaving like a vamp.please go away and stop bothering ishu like that im begging pardon from u pihu aka ruhanika.just leave YHM FOR HEAVENS SAKE.I JUST HOPE THAT SHAGUNS DIRTY SASSY VAMP TRUTH WOULD BE REAVEALED TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND RAMAN WOULD APOLOGISE FOR HIS BLAME ON ISHITA.POOR ISHITA AND MANI FEELING SORRY FOR THE TWO BEST FRIENDS SUFFERING IN SUCH A FATE

    1. Shreya… It is just a serial… calm down… like every1 said ruhanikas acting was superb!

  2. Hey guys a very good morning to all.
    Happy Independence Day to all.

  3. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein News: Raman-Ishita
    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Pihu throws tantrums in Bhalla house post Shagun and Mani’s marriage and blames Ishita for breaking Bhalla family.

    Ishita gets distressed but Raman convinces Ishita and romance with her.

    Both Raman and Ishita comes to a joint conclusion of Raman taking care of Pihu as her mother as Pihu hates Ishita and Ishita will take care of office responsibility.

    Will Raman be able to fulfil his responsibility towards Pihu winning her heart?

    On the other hand will Ishita be able to manage office duties?

    How would Pihu react witnessing this change in her life?

    Stay tuned for more interesting updates.

  4. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Viewers will witness Ishita and Raman exchanging their role in life for the sake of Pihu.

    Ishita turns business woman whereas Raman turns housewife.

    Ishita will wholeheartedly and smartly perform her duties towards Raman’s company.

    Ishita will also win a contract against Ashok and the entire Bhalla family will celebrate Ishita’s victory.

    However, Shagun will fume observing Bhalla family’s happiness and enters Bhalla house to ruin their happiness.

    Shagun enters Bhalla house to meet Pihu but Ishita stops Shagun and asks her to walk out of Bhalla house.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  5. we already reported that ishitha and shagun will have a huge argument because ishita does not allow shagun to enter bhalla house.

    This fight ends when raman grabs shagun’s hand and throws her out of bhalla house.

    In the coming episodes, Raman gets busy with pihu and when ishitha comes to see him, he will be sleeping with pihu’s books. She admires him and removes all the books.

    Unknowingly raman holds her hands in sleep. Ishitha sits with him for sometimes as she don’t want to disturb him.

    This makes shagun very angry and she decides to destroy raman and ishitha. Shagun will again join hands with Ashok to destroy Ishita and Bhalla house. Shagun implements her plan and takes mani’s support on her side. She then opens custody case of pihu.

    This will shock the entire bhalla family.

    Stay tuned for the next update.

  6. sakshi magdum

    I m thinking what is going on in aliyas mind?is she felt for mihir!!!!!!!Srsly No.Adi &alya r perfect.pls don’t change the track.As frst also mihir &mihika track was ruined

  7. Monica Priscilla

    Shagun deserves to stay with pihu not ishitha

    1. What do you mean??

    2. Monica…

      YOu are wrong. Pihu nis not Shagun real daughter. Pihu is Ishita daughter. Shagun is using Pihu as a puppet. You are sayng that Pihu is better with Shagun not Ishita. When you will be like any of two women then you will understand which child will be better with better mother who give all the love that Shagun can’t give.

  8. This court cases r becumin ridicolous if shagun opens a custody case Raman should jus slap her with something she signed when she agreed to become Pihu s surrogate mum,they cant kip going to court,its jus a repetition with these court cases over kid’s custody.

  9. Wow….wow…wow….
    New sbs video?
    Yesterday as I said….ishita is filling some form…that is for MBA admission?dentist is knw gng to study business administration…n our Raman babu is giving her dressing tips..he askd her to go in dress n ishita being ishita says I vl B comfortable in sarees…n Ishita knok jhok?starts…n to stop Raman’s pak pak..?ishu jst kissed his cheek?kiss ki chakkar mein Raman babu ne pihu ki shirt jalgayi..?mama banane ke chakkar mein papa pit jayegaa..?lol his one liners…?

    Another scene…

    Where our mahan..shagun trying to manipulate ruhi against Ishita by emotional blackmail…?ruhi ?our ishita ki laadli….shagun ?ki baand bajadhiya…by saying dn try to manipulate me…against Ishima…I know u stooped so low…but didn’t thought u vl ask kidnappers to kill Ishima…??u don’t love pihu u jst wanna win over Ishima ..dat’s y u r showing off …n u did drama at tym of Ishima kidnapping??????????RUHI is back?????by listening ruhi talks ishita overwhelmed..n shagun?was shocked….

  10. How can Shagun forget she left raman and stayedas mistress of Ashok when she has been kicked by him she starts taking interest in Raman n now married to a 3rd man what character is Ekta trying to show I.yhink forgets the link of the story A young Aaliya is falling for Mihir

  11. Khushiarvind

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    And all my frndd
    Happy independence day to all my dear ones

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