Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to the ministry to get Raman’s project. Suraj argues with her and she shows Raman’s POA. Suraj says this contract is not a joke. The man says its huge task, you don’t have knowledge and experience, how will you do this alone. Mr. Bhalla says she is not alone. She turns and sees Mr. Bhalla, Appa and Romi. Mr. Bhalla says her family will support her, and tells he has production knowledge.

Appa says he worked with Raman, he is sure they will finish it on time. Romi says he is Raman’s brother, he has worked with him. Appa says Raman is good businessman and a good person, and guarantees that they will do the contract. They convince Murthy. Ishita asks him to trust them and assures him of the work. She says I heard your govt support women empowerment,

and asks him to support them. Murthy says fine, your company will complete this contract. They get glad. He wishes her all the best.

Mr. Bhalla scolds Suraj and says he will not leave them, he knows that they have sent goons, once they get proof, they will send them to jail. Ishita taunts them. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla not to talk to dogs. They leave. Suraj and Parmeet fume. Suraj says Ishita will lose, then she will know. They don’t know business, I will not leave them. Parmeet says we will plan anything new and stop them from completing the contract.

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Amma and Mrs. Bhalla talk about Raman. Amma says she will invite Rinki in baby’s naming ceremony. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to invite Rinki and is annoyed with her. She says its good if girl is away from her maayka. Amma cries and says you said so, but Ishita’s Maayka and Sasuraal are close, and she is staying with Raman in her Maayka. Mrs. Bhalla says I know about Ishita, we know her, she is not like Rinki, sorry. Amma says I was acting, to make you say sorry. Mrs. Bhalla argues and says her son is in hospital, is this time to joke. Amma says sorry, I was joking. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says I was also joking, I fooled you. Amma says I acted well, you acted loud. They laugh.

Ashok is in lockup and talks to Suraj and Parmeet. He asks them to provoke Rinki, she will do their work. Raman asks the family to save them from nurse. The family pacifies him and laugh. Rinki comes there and taunts Ishita. She asks Ishita how she troubled her, she is amazed seeing Ishita lie so much, she said she is not interested in business, now she is saying she is company owner, you are selfish and actor, but even a cheater. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Rinki and scolds her.

She says Ishita is owner of this company and everything of Raman, she always helped Raman and his family, she did so much for us, think what did she ask us for this. She says her love is not dependant on things. Sh says Ishita did this to complete the contract and save Raman’s reputation. She calls Rinki selfish to fall so low for a flat. She scolds her a lot and asks her to get lost. Rinki cries and leaves. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she do this. Mrs. Bhalla says it was needed, it would be better if she slapped Rinki before.

Manoj sees Shagun in hospital and says whats my fate, she is after me everywhere. She holds her hand and brings her aside. He requests her not to tell anyone that they stay together, else his reputation will go wrong, they will think my bad days have come to share a flat with me. Shagun asks what about my reputation, why would I say them, I have better things to do.

The nurse asks him to handle a delivery case. Parmeet talks to Rinki and says he is with her, he will talk to Ashok, he will help her. He ends call and smiles. He tells Suraj that Rinki got slapped, she will support us now. Suraj says Ishita will get a big shock too, lets see how she fulfills the project.

Ishita talks to everyone and says if they don’t fulfill the order, they will lose goodwill and ministry will cancel the license. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk to workers again. Appa agrees and asks the man to call the workers willing to work. Ishita says they have to end this project asap. Suraj gets to know about worker’s strike and says lets see how Ishita completes the contract. Parmeet says Ishita made us lost many times, but not this time. Suraj says she will lose, and Raman will lose name. Parmeet says no one can save Raman’s company from sinking.

Ishita talks to the workers and makes them realize Raman’s support to them, and asks them to support Raman. She tries convincing them to resume work. The man refuses to help her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Hospital scene achcha tha. ..raman kumar. .ab darpok kumar ban gaya hai. ..ishita ne kaha aur sponge bath karwaya. ..drama king bangaya hamara ceo. .

  2. bhagi

    nice episod yar par acha huva rinki ko thappad mila par she deserves more……..i mean how disguistng she is how could she beleive a person who betrayed her own sister

  3. Kaweesha Nethmi

    Than for update…today we lost TV connection. Becz my mom is not going to pay bills as me and my sis are having exams. Tnx tnx …….. I really enjoy the update.:-) 🙂 🙂

  4. jhanvi

    Ya mizum I m fine…how are u all.??

    Ha sahi kaha Rinki ko thappad pada wo isi layk hai ab shayad uski akal thikane ayegi…

    Wow !!! Toshiji ne achha javab diya usko… Sahi kaha ishu k bare me…

  5. darshika

    hello everyone, episode was ok. I like this family power. Very good slap mrs.balha. But one slap is not enough for rinki. Because she hasn’t realized yet. Actually sometime this rinki’s part is very unusual. How does she believe ashok,param,suraj than her own family…….? Rinki knows about their past. How does she behave like this….. ? Please end this track soon….because rinki is useless character. I hate her.
    And param,ashok,suraj…. Dream on…..!!! Because ishita will not fali. you will lose your everything like before. From sri lanka.

  6. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Suraj and
    Param provokes Rinky
    against Ishita by telling
    that Ishita is trying to
    replace Mihir from the
    Rinky badmouths Ishita in
    front of Santoshi and gets
    slapped by Santoshi.
    Furthermore, Suraj and
    Ashok make strike in
    Raman’s office so that
    she would not complete
    the order.
    Ishita convinces half
    worker and Bhalla and
    Iyyer family join hands to
    complete Ishita’s order.
    Ishita also take
    suggestion of her
    neighbors to taste her
    drink which she prepared
    for the children.
    They pass Ishita juices
    and Ishita gets
    successful to complete
    the order.
    Bhalla family plans to
    deliver it on
    Independence Day.
    On the other hand, Suraj
    and Ashok are tensed to
    see they will get defeated
    by Ishita and makes a
    plan to mix poison in
    Rinky overhears their
    plan and realize that she
    joins hands with wrong
    people in her
    Rinlky tells Ishita about
    Suraj’s plan and saves
    Ishita and Raman’s
    Raman will get
    discharged from the
    hospital during
    Independence Day and
    Bhalla family will
    celebrate it together.

  7. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    gearing up for a lot of Drama in the
    coming episodes.
    In the coming episode’s ,Ishita
    reaches ministry office and introduces
    herself as the owner of the company
    and tells him that she will handle the
    order.Suraj and Param try their best
    to top him but the minister gives
    contract to ishita only.
    Ishita goes to hospital to share this
    good news with raman.Rinky
    misunderstood ishita and blames her
    for trying to take mihir’s
    position.Toshiji cannot control her
    anger and gives a tight slap to rinki
    and praises ishita.
    Ishita starts preparation for the
    children’s drink and invites some
    ladies from different communities and
    asks them suggestions for her drink.
    On the other hand,Suraj joins with
    rinky plots a plan to destroy raman
    and he instigates workers for a
    strike.Somehow Ishita convinces half
    of them to work for the contract.
    According to a source,”Bhalla family
    and some other ladies join the work to
    help ishita to complete the contract.
    Rinki hears Ashok and Suraj talking
    about contaminating children’s Drink
    with poison which ends up to
    death.She realizes her mistake for
    joining with Ashok and informs Bhalla
    family about their plan and saves
    Raman’s business.Rinky regrets for
    her childishness and apologizes
    ishita and Raman.”
    Atlast the Children’s drink for
    independence day gets ready and
    Bhalla family sends it to destination
    after pooja.
    Raman also gets discharge from the
    hospital.Seems like Happiness
    Returned to Bhalla family.
    But we have to see what will be the
    next hurdle for Raman and ishita?Keep
    reading for more updates.

  8. bhagi

    hiii mizun mai theek hu aur tum bathavo tum kaisi ho tumne bataya na cold aur head ache aab kaise ho tum………nd guys mujhe tho bahuth kushi hai ki hamari poorani vali yhm is back kya kehthe ho guys vahi puraani vali nhok jhok masti nd no dragging

  9. Ishita takes care of Raman’s business as Raman is recovering in the hospital. She wants to complete the order and does not let his reputation on stake. Mr. Bhalla and Romi help Ishita in the contract fulfillment. Mrs. Bhalla does the truck puja and aarti. The truck is taking the consignment which Ishita and the family completed on time. They get the juice bottles loaded in the truck. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Raman’s rivals do not do anything to spoil Raman’s reputation.

  10. millions of hearts with his fine performance and lively screen presence in one of the most loved shows on television today – Ye Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus).

    Within no time, this hot actor enchanted the viewers with his acting skills and now with the growing drama, his character Romi continues to explore more shades in the show. As Aly started his career with modeling, Aly shares some details of his personal life in a one on one conversation with Tellybuzz!

    Aly said, “I started modeling because I wanted to become an actor. Post Spiltsvilla, Ye Hai Mohabbatein has been my first show and I feel blessed to have bagged such a big show in no time. I never thought I would get such a big opportunity to shoot with renowned and talented actors. My family has been very supportive and I experience immense joy every time I see my parent’s eyes sparkle with joy when they watch me on television and off-screen.”

    Speaking about his character Aly averred, “I like playing Romi as his actions and nature is not monotonous. I am playing a grey shaded character and with each passing day I am adding more and more emotions to the character.”

    Well said, Aly! But we wonder what kind of roles would the actor like to experiment with if given a chance?

    When we quizzed him, Aly stated, “I like playing serious fictional characters but if given a chance I would really like to pull of the role of a psychopath!”

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  11. Has the emotional drama in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein putting you down?

    Well, then as a breath of fresh air, the young and dashing Vivek Dahiya is all set to re-enter the show and shoot up the romance quotient.

    The charming actor who plays ACP Abhishek had been missing from the show and that had raised quite a number of eyebrows.

    But from what our sources share, Vivek was on a break and holidaying in Singapore. And now post the recreation time, he will soon be seen getting back and adding some spice to the tale.

    Shared a source, “With Abhishek’s entry, his love story with Mihika (Mihika Varma) will finally see some development. And unlike the earlier track, for a change, Abhishek will be seen supporting Romi (Aly Goni) and Sarika (Sarika Dhillon).”

    When we buzzed Vivek he confirmed the same and added, “Yes, I was on a holiday and had a great break. It is always welcoming to be back on YHM sets as we have a lovely team. Also with a lot many interesting twists and turns, viewers can expect too much fun.”

    The actor starts shooting from tonight and his entry will air in the coming days.

    Are you excited with Abhishek aka Vivek’s entry? Hit the comment box below to share your views!

  12. Karan Patel aka Raman Bhalla of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” was rushed to the hospital after he sustained minor injuries while filming for an action sequence.

    Talking to Absolute India News , a source said saving a unit member cost the TV actor a few stitches on his right wrist.

    “Karan Patel was shooting for a fight sequence and tube light hit his hand while saving one of the unit members. He ended up injuring his pal badly and blood started oozing out and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The shooting was stalled,” the insider further elaborated. But the wound didn’t keep him away from work for a long time. The extremely professional actor resumed shoot as soon as he was discharged from the hospital.

    Interestingly, Karan shied away from mentioning about the incident on social media. Fans got worried sick when co-star Aly Goni wished him speedy recovery on Twitter. They immediately took to the micro-blogging site to convey their wishes.

    Here are some tweets:
    Priyanka: Hey rockstar @TheKaranPatel how are you feeling today hope your wrist is well now and you feel good do take care #LotsOfLove
    mouny gurram: @MDeepanshi @TheKaranPatel pls dont take pressure on ur wrist and who is tat idiot doesnt knw how to fight properly even stupid fellow idiot
    Kp’s_CrazyFan_RASHII: @TheKaranPatel awwww tc baba get well soonish. Love u loads!! (sic).
    Vishag Ravindran: @TheKaranPatel Thank god please take care bhai while shooting action scenes. love you bhai

    However, later Karan calmed them by tweeting his picture with ‘makeup’ on. Check it out below :
    Guys im all ok …. Except for the wrist where i got stitches, everything else is make up … thank you all to care !
    8:31 PM – 11 Aug 2015

  13. The BARC Ratings for this week are
    Star Plus sees a rise in number and
    once again tops the list with 273 GRPs
    followed by Colors with 223 GRPs.
    Zee TV holds the third position with
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    Channels (in GRPs)
    Star Plus 273
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    This week, the top three positions see
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    Shows (Channel wise in TRPs)
    Star Plus
    Saathiya 3.8 (3.6)
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.2 (3)
    Diya Aur Baati 3.1(2.7)
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  14. Kuchh kariye, kuchh kariye, nas nas meree khole hay kuchh kariye
    Kuchh kariye, kuchh kariye, bas bas bada bode abb kuchh kariye
    Ho koyee toh chal jid phadiye, too bidarayiye ya mariye – (2)
    Chak dey, ho chak dey india – (4)
    (Now where to run, now where to hide
    Lets take our time till we drop) – (2)
    Puchho naa galio me, rashan kee phalio me
    Bailo me bijo me, ido me dijo me
    Reto key dano me, filmo key gano me
    Sadko key gaddo me, bato key addo me
    Humkara aaj bhar ley, das bara bar kar ley
    Rehna naa yar pichhe, kitna bhee koyee khinche
    Tas hai naa mas hai jee, jid hai toh jid hai jee
    Pisna yu hee, pisna yu hee patthar yeh
    Koyee toh chal jidd phadiye, too bedarayiye ya mariye – (2)
    Chak dey, ho chak dey india – (4)
    (Now where to run, now where to hide
    Lets take our time till we drop) – (2)
    Chak dey………
    Ladti patango me, bhidati umango me
    Khelo key melo me, balkhati relo me
    Ganno key mithe me, khattar me jhite me
    Dhunde toh mil jave * woh * me
    Dung hai * nikhare aur khul key aag bikhare
    Man jaye aisee holee, rag rag me chal key bolee
    Tas hai naa mas hai jee, jid hai toh jid hai jee
    Pisna yu hee, pisna yu hee patthar yeh
    Koyee toh chal jidd phadiye, too bedarayiye ya mariye – (2)
    Chak dey ho chak dey india – (4)
    Kee aab kuchh kariye……..

  15. Yhm latest track is boring now….So change track….

    1-2 episode superb dega…uske baad 4-5 episode wahi average….fir wahi hoga….

    So plss change the track gives some special ishra moments….

    Ishra baby scene ?

  16. Radika kumar

    very very good episode Rinki ko thapad it was amazing. wow, you go ishita with women power. Nice

  17. darshika

    oh, then rinki’s track will end soon…..! Thank you makers……
    Guys….., Have divyanka & karan removed their fb profiles……? If anyone know about this, please tell me….. Because I can’t find them in fb.

  18. darshika

    oh, then rinki’s track will end soon…..! Thank you makers……
    Guys….., Have divyanka & karan removed their fb profiles……? If anyone know about this, please tell me….. Because I can’t find them in fb.
    From SL

  19. darshika

    guys…..very bad news and I’m shocked……! YHM IS GOING TO END SOON….. ! ! ! I saw it in fb……. I’m soooooooo sad…. Please someone tell about this….,this is true or not…… According to it, ishita will give a birth for a child and fulfill balha family’s hopes…… Then it will end…. If someone know about this please tell……. From SL.

  20. i think its fake news in fb. many stories and spoilers have come in fb.those are just fan fiction stories created by somebody.yhm is not going to end and even the main lead actors had said long back that yhm will run for years and since it is an ekta serial i wont stop dont worry.

  21. darshika

    Thanks rithushree, I hope so….. I also think that it is a fake. And May you all have a happy independent day….! Enjoy with your day guys….. From SL.

  22. parul

    I enjoy this show really very much,these days due to adverse weather I wasn’t able to c d epi bt really feeling happy after getting updated over here..

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