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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to the ministry to get Raman’s project. Suraj argues with her and she shows Raman’s POA. Suraj says this contract is not a joke. The man says its huge task, you don’t have knowledge and experience, how will you do this alone. Mr. Bhalla says she is not alone. She turns and sees Mr. Bhalla, Appa and Romi. Mr. Bhalla says her family will support her, and tells he has production knowledge.

Appa says he worked with Raman, he is sure they will finish it on time. Romi says he is Raman’s brother, he has worked with him. Appa says Raman is good businessman and a good person, and guarantees that they will do the contract. They convince Murthy. Ishita asks him to trust them and assures him of the work. She says I heard your govt support women empowerment,

and asks him to support them. Murthy says fine, your company will complete this contract. They get glad. He wishes her all the best.

Mr. Bhalla scolds Suraj and says he will not leave them, he knows that they have sent goons, once they get proof, they will send them to jail. Ishita taunts them. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla not to talk to dogs. They leave. Suraj and Parmeet fume. Suraj says Ishita will lose, then she will know. They don’t know business, I will not leave them. Parmeet says we will plan anything new and stop them from completing the contract.

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Amma and Mrs. Bhalla talk about Raman. Amma says she will invite Rinki in baby’s naming ceremony. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to invite Rinki and is annoyed with her. She says its good if girl is away from her maayka. Amma cries and says you said so, but Ishita’s Maayka and Sasuraal are close, and she is staying with Raman in her Maayka. Mrs. Bhalla says I know about Ishita, we know her, she is not like Rinki, sorry. Amma says I was acting, to make you say sorry. Mrs. Bhalla argues and says her son is in hospital, is this time to joke. Amma says sorry, I was joking. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and says I was also joking, I fooled you. Amma says I acted well, you acted loud. They laugh.

Ashok is in lockup and talks to Suraj and Parmeet. He asks them to provoke Rinki, she will do their work. Raman asks the family to save them from nurse. The family pacifies him and laugh. Rinki comes there and taunts Ishita. She asks Ishita how she troubled her, she is amazed seeing Ishita lie so much, she said she is not interested in business, now she is saying she is company owner, you are selfish and actor, but even a cheater. Mrs. Bhalla slaps Rinki and scolds her.

She says Ishita is owner of this company and everything of Raman, she always helped Raman and his family, she did so much for us, think what did she ask us for this. She says her love is not dependant on things. Sh says Ishita did this to complete the contract and save Raman’s reputation. She calls Rinki selfish to fall so low for a flat. She scolds her a lot and asks her to get lost. Rinki cries and leaves. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she do this. Mrs. Bhalla says it was needed, it would be better if she slapped Rinki before.

Manoj sees Shagun in hospital and says whats my fate, she is after me everywhere. She holds her hand and brings her aside. He requests her not to tell anyone that they stay together, else his reputation will go wrong, they will think my bad days have come to share a flat with me. Shagun asks what about my reputation, why would I say them, I have better things to do.

The nurse asks him to handle a delivery case. Parmeet talks to Rinki and says he is with her, he will talk to Ashok, he will help her. He ends call and smiles. He tells Suraj that Rinki got slapped, she will support us now. Suraj says Ishita will get a big shock too, lets see how she fulfills the project.

Ishita talks to everyone and says if they don’t fulfill the order, they will lose goodwill and ministry will cancel the license. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk to workers again. Appa agrees and asks the man to call the workers willing to work. Ishita says they have to end this project asap. Suraj gets to know about worker’s strike and says lets see how Ishita completes the contract. Parmeet says Ishita made us lost many times, but not this time. Suraj says she will lose, and Raman will lose name. Parmeet says no one can save Raman’s company from sinking.

Ishita talks to the workers and makes them realize Raman’s support to them, and asks them to support Raman. She tries convincing them to resume work. The man refuses to help her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. GoØod morning n have a amazing independence day …

    4 all of you yhm friends…take care n be smile forever ?…

  2. very very good episode Rinki ko thapad it was amazing. wow, you go ishita with women power. Nice

  3. happy independence day to all….

  4. oh, then rinki’s track will end soon…..! Thank you makers……
    Guys….., Have divyanka & karan removed their fb profiles……? If anyone know about this, please tell me….. Because I can’t find them in fb.

  5. oh, then rinki’s track will end soon…..! Thank you makers……
    Guys….., Have divyanka & karan removed their fb profiles……? If anyone know about this, please tell me….. Because I can’t find them in fb.
    From SL

  6. hey guys good morning and a very “Happy Independence Day” guys.

  7. Hey gd mrng to all of u…Nd ya happy independent day guys…. And a big salute to our soldiers….

  8. Ya ritushree right we should proud to be an Indian…..

  9. guys…..very bad news and I’m shocked……! YHM IS GOING TO END SOON….. ! ! ! I saw it in fb……. I’m soooooooo sad…. Please someone tell about this….,this is true or not…… According to it, ishita will give a birth for a child and fulfill balha family’s hopes…… Then it will end…. If someone know about this please tell……. From SL.

  10. gggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddd morning yhm fans nd happy independence day to all of u 🙂

  11. i think its fake news in fb. many stories and spoilers have come in fb.those are just fan fiction stories created by somebody.yhm is not going to end and even the main lead actors had said long back that yhm will run for years and since it is an ekta serial i wont stop dont worry.

  12. Thanks rithushree, I hope so….. I also think that it is a fake. And May you all have a happy independent day….! Enjoy with your day guys….. From SL.

  13. I enjoy this show really very much,these days due to adverse weather I wasn’t able to c d epi bt really feeling happy after getting updated over here..

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