Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying Papa did so much for me, I should also do something for him, and goes to class to make card for Raman. Someone comes to her, and she asks what is that person doing there. Raman looks for Ruhi. Shagun talks on phone and says she will send Ruhi’s audition Cd to them. Raman asks her about Ruhi. She says she will be here, don’t argue, we will find her. He says I will look for her and goes to her class. He does not find her anywhere in the school. He tells Shagun that she is nowhere. She says where did she go. The guard says Ruhi went with a lady, not Ishita. Shagun asks who.

The guard says she went happily, so I thought its family member. Raman says I will ask at home. He calls home and asks dad did Simmi bring Ruhi home. He says no, is she not at

school. Raman says Shagun and I are going police station. Ishita gets worried and asks Mihika to take her to Ruhi’s school. Raman asks Shagun to stay here, as Ruhi can come back there. He leaves. Ishita and Mihika and ask Shagun about her. Shagun says she is nowhere, I tried to find her. Ishita gets Ruhi’s pencil and recalls her.

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She asks Mihika to look for Ruhi’s stationery around. Mihika says fine, stay here. Shagun says she did not check her pencil box and does not know. Raman calls her and says what, they won’t take missing report. Mihika says she got more pencils at 10m distance. Ishita says it means she left trials. Shagun says Ishita has lost it, as if she will get Ruhi. Romi follows Sujata and says where did she go, how to know. He says did Sujata take Ruhi and if his doubt is wrong, Raman will be angry on Sujata.

He calls Bala and tells Ruhi is missing from school, does he know Sujata, her address. Bala asks what will you do going there. Romi says I thought she took Ruhi, I was following her, she was talking about Ishita and Ruhi, I could not see that guy. Bala asks did he tell Raman. Romi says no, he dislikes Sujata. Ruhi comes and shows coloring box to him. Bala turns and sees Sujata and Ruhi. Bala keeps hand on phone. Sujata sends Ruhi inside. Bala says he can’t hear Romi and ends the call. Romi says he heard Ruhi’s voice.

Bala tells Sujata that Romi doubts on them. Ishita and Mihika get more clues of Ruhi. They get Ruhi’s belongings on the way. Ishita sees those things and recalls Ruhi. She reach a house and ring the bell. They are shocked seeing someone. Raman and Shagun are angry and argue on the way. Shagun says ask Ishita, she was being a spy seeing a pencil. He says she will find her. He gets a call and says I m reaching.

Raman comes home and is happy seeing Ruhi back. Shagun comes after him and looks on. Ishita hugs Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi where did she go. Ruhi says she was playing Chor Police. Sujata says sorry, I took her from school. FB shows her picking Ruhi from school, while Ruhi was making a cared for Raman. She asks her to make card for best parents, and says why she feels Ishita does not love her, she loves her a lot, and lets take her exam. She says lets test Ishita, Raman and Shagun, we will leave some clues, if Ishita finds you first, then we will know how much she loves you, then she should forgive Ishi Maa.

Ruhi says Ishita found the clues and her, and she loves her. Sujata apologizes to Raman and says someone filled in Ruhi’s mind that Ishita does not love Ruhi and wants Adi, but everything is clear, I made her understand. Shagun scolds her for hiding the kid, and says Ishita bribed her right. Ruhi says why is she saying so, even Shagun would not found her. Shagun scolds her reminding what happened in court. Ruhi asks Ishita to tell Shagun.

Ishita says she will not give explanation to others, but her. She asks does she feel she does not love her. She explains her why they chose Adi as per his need, she loves her a lot, she will always be in her heart wherever she stays. Raman smiles. Ishita asks Ruhi will she doubt again. Ruhi says no and hugs her. Everyone smile. Adi comes home and everyone smile seeing him. Shagun hugs him and asks how is he. He runs and hugs Raman. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him. He meets Ishita. Shagun asks Ruhi to come home. Ruhi says she will not come, she will tell judge how to shifts her between here and there, she will be with Ishi Maa. Shagun asks her to behave herself and court gave her. Raman stops Shagun from taking Ruhi.

Raman says he will not let her take Ruhi. She says she will not go without Ruhi. He asks why, its Ruhi’s wish that she wants to stay here. Sujata supports them. Shagun says she also has lawyer and she will not leave them. She asks Adi to come with her. They are shocked. Shagun says it was our condition, Ruhi here then Adi there. Ruhi says she won’t go. Ishita stops Shagun and says they are kids, not any deal. Adi is their son and he won’t go anywhere, he will stay in this house.

Shagun blames Ishita for making Adi against her and says she will have to pay for this. Adi and Ruhi play with Ishita. Raman smiles seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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