Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adi is sleeping ..hangover…Puttar questions if he’s happy seeing them all worried for him…adi was not interested in his lectures early in the morning…
Adi says … That he’s doing what he has been doing for the last 7 years…never thought of the family…
Raman says ..” You’re a matured than your papa”… The bestest self realization ever…acceptance ever..
And tells him hitting the bottle is not the solution…while adi back answers him…putar hands over the bottle to him…and to his shock, adi thanks him for the drink and vows to take revenge on aaliya.

Aaliya is thinking about adi…and wanted to apologize …and texts him”.if they could meet …adi agrees…

on his way to meet aaliya…he sees his friend agasthiya…and offers him a ride…and that’s the last thing that was needed, more fuel to the fire…his friend is in a similar situation…he wanted to teach his gf a lesson…his friend gets off the car …adi wanted to teach a lesson to aaliya…aaliya is waiting for adi and is watched by someone…the person gently taps on aaliya’s shoulder..she turns and the acid attack ( chemicals) happens.
Aaliya is in the hospital…the nurse reAds adis message.
Aaliya is waiting for him
Mani enters..Shagun is making coffee for mani..awww…the care and concern…
Police at mani’s”…requests him to come to the hospital.
Police at the office…they inform Ishra about the attack.
Ishra recollect adis words…

Romi breaks his partnership with Ashok…
Ishu wants to deal in her own way…
Ishu bribes the union guy…Greed over powered him, wants from Shagun and Ishita…he fell right into the trap…and agrees and the union workers witness this…
And Ishu starts her bhashan…though it was the truth…I just couldn’t take it any more..I’m tired …finally they decide to work..looks like they couldn’t take her lectures anymore…
Aww Ravan Kumar is Proud of his wifey…

Precap…Shagun tells that they are chances that Adi might have done this as he can do so when he is angry. Ishita looks on shocked. Police finds the acid.

Update Credit to: Mdwst


  1. Barbie

    Plzz if u r nt intrstd in writing the update…dont write it…its a sincere request…and if u r intrested rather write in a bttr way….plzzzπŸ™…πŸ˜€

    • VP

      Please Barbie Ameena is busy .. when some one takes effort to updat e , please appreciate the same .Every body is not blessed with good writing skill .. you are true .. Ameena writes superb .. but it hurts others .. Ameena may b busy with Eid .. Very sorry if I hurt you ..,

      • Mino

        Very True VP After all this Person did us a favour in her or his way just to satisfy us. it is very Rude to scold him r her. Everyone does not have the skill to write . Amena may be An Exceptional . But Just relax & Cool Down Dear. don’t be angry ok.. sorry if ur feelings got hurt. but if we are nice to people they will in return like us.

      • KIRAN

        Even I Agree With You VP.
        Amena Helped US in Many Episodes by Updating The Story.
        She Gave Her Time in Updating The Story.
        THANK YOU Amena for So Many Updates
        Inshaallah Tum Future mai Aur ACHCHI UPDATES Hame DENA.
        Barbie Don’t Misunderstand Me
        I Just Conveyed My Feelings.
        If You Felt BAD
        Then I Am Really SORRY Dear
        GOOD Morning in ADVANCE
        Have A NICE DAY.
        Take Care

    • QueenB


      |Registered Member

      HI Barbie
      I hope you understand this better πŸ™‚

      The episode starts where Raman is seen taunting Adi to which Adi replies that he doesn’t want to listen to any lecture. Raman tells him to stop misbehaving. But, Adi says that he is just following his father’s footsteps as he reminds Raman that when Ishita left him, he also drowned himself in consuming alcohol and he is doing the same, so he wasn’t wrong Raman yells at him and offers him a bottle of alcohol and further asks to prove his love for Aliya. Adi replies that these tantrums will have no effect on him and tells Raman that Aliya will have to pay a heavy price for whatever she has done to him.
      In the next scene, Aliya is seen texting Adi about an apology. She texts him a sorry message. She asks Adi to meet her in the morning. Adi agrees to it. In the office, Romi enters and suggests of filing a case to which Ishita replies that she doesn’t want to file a case and will handle this case in her own way. She asks Mihir to fix a meeting with the union leader.
      Adi is driving and thinking about why Aliya has called to meet him. Adi meets a friend on his way, who asks for help and asks him whether he could sit in his car. His friend starts complaining and cribbing about his girlfriend, listening to which Adi gets more frustrated. Adi asks his friend to get down off his car. Adi thinks to teach Aliya a lesson. He drinks alcohol.
      In the next scene, Ishita is seen offering her jewelry to the investor. She asks for help and convinces him to accept the money and to get the work started. He agrees and leaves. Everyone catches him red-handed. Raman, Mihir and Romi are glad that their plan worked. Ishita scolds all the workers for believing this man who accepts money so easily. Workers agree and resume their work.
      Aliya is waiting for Adi in the garden as she talks to herself and hopes that Adi forgives him. Someone from behind calls Aliya and throws acid on her. Aliya is rushed to the hospital, where the nurse sees a threatening message on her mobile sent by Adi.
      In the last scene, everyone praises Ishita for her win. Police enter in their room and ask for Aditya Bhalla. Everyone asks police about the matter. They tell them that Aditya Bhalla has attacked a girl by throwing an acid on her. Everyone gets shocked and asks the girl’s name. Police answer by taking Aliya’s name.

  2. shoba

    OMG!!!I can’t believe this.adi itna rude nahi ho saktha hai ki usne aliyah ki aliya keep upar chemical dal liya even he is a bro of 2 sisters.I wish ki aliyah gets fine soon&I have a doubt on shagun

    • shreya shetty

      sorry to be rude but try to understand that it was shagun who was the mastermind of this evilish plan.forgive me if I am wrong dear

    • Parichary

      Shreya Chill please!!!!!

      Shoba, I will try to make clear with you.
      Adi did not throw the acid on Aylia.
      Adi is drunk.
      Can Adi see where Aylia is?
      If Adi is drunk can Adi throw the acid where Aylia is standing?
      Is Adi with his friend before?
      Where did Adi went to?
      If Adi is in jungle and how can the acid got in Adi’s car.

      Don’t you see that Adi did good upbringing by Ishita. Adi don’t want to disappointed Raman and Ishita because he loves them. Ishita will be arguing with constable that Adi did not do that and Mani take case back because he know that Ishita did Adi upbringing are not wrong. Adi are in shocked and don’t know what is happening so Raman and Ishita will try to get Adi out of Dilmena. Shagun and Nidhi plan all this revenge on Ishita. Shagun used Mani to revenge on Ishita and Raman to get Pihu custody. Raman and Ishita lose Pihu custody because Mani told court that Raman and Ishita are bad parent because of Adi is in jail. Adi will realsed his mistake and will ask parents (Raman and Ishita) for forgiven but Pihu leave Bhalla house to stay with Shagun. I think that Pihu is not happy to stay with Shagun so Pihu want to stay with Bhalla house and Raman.

      • shreya shetty

        ohhh please stop getting overconcerned about me will u.i know properly that adi would never dare do such a horrible thing on aaliya like that but its indeed that stupid dog shagun who not only wants to send her own son to jail but even kill aaliya and mani to get raman and kick out ishita for monery and greed.shes just an enormous evil greedy witch

      • Parichary


        You have given nasty words on me. And I am not happy with this.
        I know what is happening and what is going on. As you are saying that I am getting overconcerned about you. I am not overconcerned on you but I only have a chance to explain to anyone who don”t understand what is happening. That is why I am asking Shoba few question.

        Have a nice day and I will not comment in your post.

  3. Swara

    Shagun is just impossible which kinda revenge on ishu will
    Make her send hie own son to jail then what family is talking about ??? A family of just her Raman and Pihu what about ruhi and adi last epi she sent ruhi to be beaten by nidhi and this epi adi in jail what kind of a mother is dat seriously dats stupid on her path I just hope ishu overcomes this as well and dat stupid adi grow up its beaches of him now ishu will loose Pihu forever how did our mature adi become so useless

    • shreya shetty

      swara u r right dear shagun can take any drastic step like killing someone,using her own children even possibly raman,destroying her son adis life etc or even kill aaliya and mani for the sake and benefits of retrieving pihu back in her side.that ll never happen I say and I am very sure about it.shes evil,cycnical,stupid,crazy,witch dinkiest mother who wishes to intentionally destroy adi,shes hell no 1 demon

      • Mino

        What kind of a mother will do this wicked things VP.? & She is Never going to get Raman can’t she get that into her stupid brain. Raman Could have married her for the past seven years if he wanted. the main problem she was in her comfort zone living it up & never wanted marriage. but when Ishu Came she started to get insecure. But to take revenge from her own kids. Mani has been a fake too. look how he took his revenge. they should not pair Aliya & Ardi. He deserves a better person not some cheap silly immature girl. but he is no better behaving like that . IF Aliys refused him even can understand. how on earth will Aliys know he is in love with her. why blame her u can’t force love from a person. it will never be a happy marriage. look how Ishu waited patiently For Raman Anyway once again the evil won. so This EKTA Person must be really happy for ruining this show. love to VP, Sindhu, Rithu, Shivani, Az, Monique, Jaz, Arditya & All the fans Of Our YHM Family God Bless u All Luv..

      • Parichary

        mino mino mino

        You are saying that Raman should marry Shagun in the past 7 years. Raman don’t want to marry Shagun and never want Shagun to enter in his life. Raman know that Shagun will leave him again for Ashok. Shagun make Pihu fool child that she is married to Raman by using sindoor. Pihu did not know the truth that Raman did not want to marry Shagun. Raman is sad for his ladylove Ishita. Raman knows that Shagun will not going to protect him. Ishita is the only one woman who protect Raman and families to risk her life. Raman get hurt by see Ishita endanger her life and Raman want to blame himself but Ishita stop Raman for blaming himself. Raman find Ishita a ideal mother, wife, daughter-in-law and babu. Raman only loves Ishita alot.

        As you read Adi traunt Raman that Raman was drunk and doesn’t care about Adi and did not think about son who need father. Adi know that Raman loves Ishita and did not want Shagun to be part of Raman and Adi life. Raman and Adi know that Shagun will destory their lives. Raman was drunk and call Ishu name and mumbling Ishita name many times. Ishita felt that Raman is calling and get confused. Raman missed Ishita and Ishita missed Raman. Shagun use Pihu to separated Raman and Ishita. Pihu want Raman and Shagun to get married but get stopped by Romi and informed that Ruhi and Nidhi is alive. Raman want Ruhi and Ishita back in his life and Adi need Ishita badly. But Aylia is the problematic. Mani married to Shagun so Mani should take Shagun and Aylia to Australia. Adi will live a better life without others to ruin his life and even to revenge on Ishita.

    • Parichary

      Shagun will not be able to touch Ruhi because Ishu made Shagun clear. Ishu say “anyone touch my daughter and I will not talk to you but will kill you”. Shagun get shocked by Ishu words and Ruhi surprised. Ishu take Ruhi and leave the place. Ishu will not be able to kill Shagun for getting Pihu. Raman had to control Shagun. Shagun think of her winning to get people as her slave. Shagun will never know that Ruhi and Raman is on Ishita side. Adi learnt that he had made mistake and will catch the criminal who threw the acid on Aylia and put the acid in his car. Shagun did not care about children but she want men and money. Raman hate Shagun to the core.

      • Mino

        Hi Sweetie i did not say Raman Should marry Shagun. I think U have Misunderstood. I said if raman wanted Shagun He could have married her when Ishu Was missing for the last 7 yrs. ok sorry u got the wrong impression.

      • Parichary

        That is okay Mino. πŸ™‚
        I understood you. I did read your statement
        “Raman could have married fer for the past 7 years if he wanted.”
        But has been clear to Raman that he don’t want Shagun. Raman want Shagun to get marry to someone else not him. Shagun want Raman. Raman want Ishita. Like love triangle.

  4. shreya shetty

    shoba have u gone nuts????didn’t rithushree tell that adi didn’t attack aaliya with acid attack in the future updates.what the heck is wrong here.adi is just rude planning to take revenge on aaliya for not accepting his love and on the other hand poor aaliya gets attacked by one stupid doggy goon with chemicals,and I 100 percent gurantee say that it was shagun who planned all this so that she could not only destroy her own son adis life but also aaliyas too making mani to break his friendship with sweet ishu.that witch is on the loose one day she ll get the chance to go to her own grave a grave of losing,lonlines and misery

    • Parichary

      Shreya, please don’t attack on people with your words.

      Shoba did not know what is happening. So I gave Shoba few question that she did not know and she will answer all my question when she see what is happening today episode update and furthermore.

      Have patient Shreya.

      • shreya shetty

        ya ya got it parichary.i know my temper well so i bluffed those words out.sorry anyways i know this is my daily habit so heheheh,just forget it.i am very patient dear and don’t worry about me coz i know how to handle other peoples bad commentary on ishu and raman,i wish these writers could send shaggy shagun to her grave right itself coz i know it was her idea to send the goons to attack aaliya with acid!!!!!never expected this from the show like that seriously

  5. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    y adi behaves like that today he proved she is shagun’s blood .pls cvs dont turn adi negitive

    • Parichary


      Adi is not Shagun blood to turn negative.
      Adi is Raman blood and Adi is very senitive like Raman.
      When Shagun left Raman for Ashok, Raman had behave little like Adi but not attacked on Shagun and employee. Raman get drunk and start to hate women. Ishita enter Raman’s life and Raman life changed slowly from hate to love. Just like Adi. There is new girl who will enter Adi life and will change his life like Raman. Adi will not marry Aylia and so is Mihir. Mihir will marry someone else. Adi will forget Aylia and will get all his loves back.

  6. navya

    Shagun has done this.. cause she planned it with nidhi and also I read somewhere that Shagun said aaliya to do a false acid attack nd put adi behind bars so that she can force mihir to marry her and then only alia will take back the case nd would free adi

  7. shibir

    this is terrible.. no mother would send her own son behind the bars for the crime he never did.. however evil she is afterall she is mom.. i think its shagun plan.. she might had read aliya’s msg and planned all this to ruin ishu’s life.. i don’t know how low will she go just for the sake of revenge.. adi shouldn’t have reacted like this.. then no one have thought of him falling so low.. it’s just because of his behaviour and msgs that he us being blamed.. this should be end soon..

    • Parichary

      No Shibir

      Shagun did not read Aylia msg.
      Shagun want Pihu badly to get Raman.
      Raman refused to go to Shagun because he loves Ishita.
      Shagun and Nidhi plan to send goon to attack on Aylia and want Aylia to revenge on Adi and force herself to Mihir to marry Aylia. Aylia will turn negative for Shagun. Mani will also turn negative for Shagun to revenge on Ishita.
      Mihit get shock by Aylia threaten and inform Ishita. Ishita get shock and stuck between Aylia and Adi. Mihir then tell Ishu to save Adi so Mihir will do something to stop Aylia. Aylia will be shattered that Mihir married to stanger.
      Mani and Aylia will hate Ishita. Ishita did not say anything because she knows that it is Shagun and Nidhi plan to revenge to hurt her.
      Mani will realised that he had made huge mistake and will ask Ishita for firgiven and Ishita will throw Mani and Aylia out.

  8. rinku

    Hello all…. Today they showed a bad move … Acid attack
    It shouldnot be shown like this . People will get bad effect … This is what happening in this world now …

  9. Ruhi

    Yeah shibir you are right. it’s all adis fault. agasthya is behind all this. adi’s friend, remember he came with adi and instigated him. He only has kept the acid bottle. Sure nidhi and shagun are behind this. Disgusting. stop ishimaa lecturing so much.

    • shreya shetty

      oh hello ruhi,whatever lecture ishimaa is giving its none of ur business understood.shes giving a good message to everyone about family and well being and will u pls for god sake stop blaming ishimaa and adi.adi s behavior is a problem nothing else get it.what do u think that ishimaa is bad or what huh????

      • Swara

        I agree with Shreya ishu lecturing is to send out a good message so I see nothing wrong with it. The way has been adi has been behaving shows he has shaggys blood in his veins poor Aliya she has to live with a burnt face just because of stupid shaggy and I can’t believe Mani will believe shaggy instead of ishu I tot he said he will always be at her side what happen all of a sudden

    • VP

      Agree Ruhi even I felt Ishitha is lecturing too much … but from begining itself her character is shown lecturing to be fair .. to bring out the truth … its for a good cause … so we can excuse …

    • Parichary

      Ruhi, you can’t tell Ishita to stop lecture so much.

      When you will become mother and you will understand by one day you will become Ishita.
      Ishita always put children lives safe first. Shagun does not care about children.
      Why does Shagun fall pregnant with Raman and does not show her loves for her children (Adi and Ruhi)?
      Shagun only want men and money.
      Ishita does not want money. Ishita want children and love. Raman gave Ishita what she want. Raman is happy with Ishita. That is why Raman always pamper Ishita and Ishita pamper Raman and children(Adi and Ruhi). Adi and Ruhi loves Ishita so much and so is niece and nephew (Ananya, Sharvan and his sister). Pihu did not know that Ishita is not bad and her real mother. Shagun will be surprised that Pihu have Ishita’s blood. The way Ishita behave and Pihu did same as Ishita behave.

      Remember, Ishita get angry with other girl who lied to her about Raman relationship with him and Mihir (Shagun plan). Ishita then goes home and become like a tonando. Ishita took Raman and Ishita clothes and threw everywhere while Ruhi and Sharvan witness and worry about Raman. Sharvan wait for Raman to come home then Raman comes home and notice Sharavn. Sharvan give Raman warning about Ishita and Raman get confused and goes to see what is going on. Raman peeped his room and get shocked to see his room mess and pray to god. Ishita heard Raman then fight start. Raman get angry and upset at same time. Raman loves Ishita only. Pihu did same as Ishita reaction like Pihu take photo frame and threw on Ishita forehead. Ishita don’t like to walk on stony road and moaning with pain then Raman lift Ishita that shocked her. Pihu did same as Ishu but Shagun stop Pihu and carry her. Shagun was about to slap Ruhi and Ishita save Ruhi to stop Shagun to raise Shagun hand on Ruhi. Same again with Nidhi want to slap Pihu but Pihu grab Nidhi hand to stop Nidhi to slap Pihu that shocked Nidhi and Ruhi. Ruhi had seen Pihu in Ishita and herself. Pihu and Ishita have same common but half is Raman when get angry and shouting and even sad when upset. Ruhi and Pihu have same common with love and upset.

  10. VP

    Hi all … Happy Eid al azha to all those celeberate Eid and Happy onam to all Keralites … I hate myself for getting addicted to this Yhm and pity myself that i cant stop watching becoz of Divan …if spoilers to believe … I really feel bp rising . How can they spoil Adi the character … now I feel he needs phychiartist help to come over this one sided love .. cvs ..dont you think you reiving a wrong message to the teenagers who are going thru this love and infatuation …And Mani to be negative … very wrong move from your side if , but I have a strong feeling if at all Mani turns negative , its tempsrory .. as he wants to bring Shhaghuns truth out … Ishitha should open out to Mani … And Shaghun , such character , please dont highlight for the sake of favouring Anitha …. I heard somewhere Dt has to learn from Anitha about the fashion … Dt is very decent in her style of dressing …not at all cheap …and here they show 21 years old mother ..Shaghun def acts well negatively but I think they are sidelining Ishra … todays episode they were not able to be happy by the time Alias case came .. when are you going to show them happy … taking care of teen agers not easy both Kp and Dt , do their job very well .. Its beautiful to see the way they take care of Adi and Dt taking care of Alia .. loved it … I dont think any mothers will like to harm their children .. Shaghun as a mother cant accept at all ..we know very well actors work very hard to entertain the viewers but cvs if you twist story line to this non realistic way , we cant blame them at all .. How actors like Kp and Dt has no word on this ? feel sorry for their helplessness .. yhm got the best actors and the best of best lead jodi Kp and Dt …

  11. devika

    Sadest thing is shogun always lives comfortably either stupid raman takes care or some other idiot does but ishitha always loses her happiness to evil shogun this is beyond our imagination

    • VP

      very true Devika .. her life style is really amazing … 15 lakhs she gave to the union leader .. helping Mani .. I dont understand this rubbish and nonsense

  12. Anju

    Acid attack is very bad thing.. that y not liked todays epi..
    I m sure that this bad thing is not done by adi… he is a good boy yaar… ishima’s adi… mammas boy…
    pls dont make him negative…

  13. AfricanoGirl

    If you can’t write properly, don’t write at all. It doesn’t really make sense…
    How can you say, ‘Aww, the care and concern’? We didn’t come here to know your opinion. We came here to see an update, and we didn’t get one.

    I’m going to another website to read the written update.


  14. Naija gal

    Wow! I have no words for the update. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Criticism should be appreciated here. Accepting this would be encouraging mediocrity. Constructive criticism is different from online bullying!

    • Naija gal

      I believe the team should have more than one writers. Ameena is human after all, not a robot. This will mitigate against such scenarios as this. Thanks.

  15. Siddhi

    Hi everyone VP I also felt ishu gives too much lecture when she was giving lecture I was like omg what’s her problem πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚is ka kaam ho gaya na but ishu tum Jo bhi karoo humay tum say pyar hai guys I think adi Is really overreacting he is behaving as if he has bitten by a mad dog πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜– suddenly ishimaa ki parcahii adi turns into shaguns parcahi anything is possible in this serial feeling bad for aliya I still don’t believe this shagun how can she throw acid to something just to ruin ishu life n she is trying to send adi behind [email protected] like seriously asa kaha hota hai kya if its true na to its very difficult to choose who is more disgusting shagun or niddhi 😯😯😯😯 n where is that ashoke mps some time itnay busy ho jatay hai aur kabhi itnay free eid Mubarak to everyone

  16. Siddhi

    I wonder is serial me kabhi kisi crime ki punishment kyo niii miltii I remember once ashokes drive chand set a bomb in bus due to ashoke due to which ishra lost there child prr ashoke ko koi punishment niii hoi aur bhalla family nay bother bhi niii kiya then niddhi she tortured little ruhi for 7 yrs n now she is out of jail 😱😱😱😱😱😱 are these cvs mad is this serial trying to portray Jo karna hai krr loo India may to law name ki cheez hi niii πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Ayesha

    I think writer should b more creativeπŸ˜‚ Its realy impossible for a mother to go against her own children in ordr to stay wid surrogacy child.. If dey are showing that shagun wans to stay with pihu so badly that she turn evil.. Then dey should use brain b4 showing she putting her childern lyf in dangerπŸ˜‘.. I realy donno what kind of messge dey are givin to society

    • Parichary


      Shagun is using Raman’s children to get Raman.
      Raman will not allow Shagun to ruin his children lives.
      Pihu will realised that Shagun is bad person and will hate Shagun badly.
      Pihu will bring Ishita back to Bhalla house to be with Raman.
      Pihu will grow closer to Ishita and will get affection on Ishu.
      Bhalla family will be happy to see Pihu and Ishu bonds getting stronger.

  18. sonya

    Nice episode. With all whats happening in the children’s live we are missing Raman and Ishi Maa’s romance.

  19. Naheed Raza

    Shagun must be exposed soon and put behind bars. adi should be free from jail. mihir should never marry aliya. wicked nidhi again back to jail please.

  20. magic

    Good morning shreya and all the fans of yhm and plz don’t blame the writer for the one day updates amena will back soon have a nice day guy’s

  21. sam

    Who ever wrote the update he/ she tried her best to convey wht she saw n understand… for me i was able to undertand what is conveyed…. those who critise the writter why not u guys do this update… u guys were much better na… hurting someone afford easy but when comes to u sure gonna bck step from upating… those who cant understand just simple go n watch the episode… funny ppl who commenting fr the sake of commenting

  22. shivani

    No siddhi….there is punishment….do you remember Mr.chaddas murder case..ishita got death penalty… adi too got punished for ammas accident case…only ashok nidhi shagun are exempt from punishments….

    Adi gave a good preach to raman….raman need to realize some things….how much bhalla family worried about raman when he came home drunk everyday…but he didn’t care for them…but adi cannot compare his situation with raman….because there was lots of love btwn ishita and raman..ishita was ready to sacrifice everything for raman….in adis case,i don’t think there was such an intense love…

    I never thought shagun will go against adi..
    Shagun doesn’t like ruhi as she supports ishita always….but adi was shaguns pet…how can she do this with her own son…

    • VP

      Simply cvs show liquor as a solution for all worries … please stop all this nonsense .., Its a realization for Adi too .. No parents will like their children to go wrongly even if they do ..Adi is 21 yrs .. so too Alia .. matured enough to understand right and wrong .. the defficult age in children is from 14 yrs to 18 yrs up to 20 .. Parents guidance are very important .. A mother should always be a friend to daughters after 12 years … and dads to boys ..,

    • Siddhi

      This is what I am trying to say kabhi villains ko punishment kyo niii miltii adi nay Jo kiya wo bachpanay may kiya n also coz shagun was not taking proportion care of him aur ishu to mrs chadda ki help karnay gi r
      Thi but mrs ki dealt mistakenly ho gi prr phir kabhi niddhi aur ashoke jasay logon ko punishment kyo niii multi

  23. magic

    I 100% agree with you sam you write what i wanted to write good comment all thinks they could have done better if they wrote

  24. magic

    Shreya shreya shreya plz respect other’s comments yes, you can disagree with them but you can’t disagree with rudely i am telling you such things as a true friend and only true friend can tell you such a good things even after i know you can angry at me after read my comment but i thought i need to tell you and believe me this is the not right way to show your disagreement i hope you get it offcource you will get it you are a good girl

    • shreya shetty

      I am never angry with u magic coz I know u r telling me for my good.huh since when did I think of getting angry at u after apology magic????tell me.of course not I would never think of doing that.u too r my good friend since i agree with ur opinions

  25. sarik

    Thank u so much for the update,but some of us cnt hear the language used so we relay much on the written episode coz its in english,n we wud appreciate if its written fully and detailed as usually done. thank u

  26. magic

    Sorry shreya if i hurt you plz forgive me because you have very short temper and i am afraid of getting a solid treatment with harsh word after my comment against you

  27. magic

    I think writer should reunite aliya with adi, shagun with ashok, raman and ishu already together and pihu with her mom and dad

  28. Pallavi

    What the hell is this…I have never expected this kind of story writing from your site. It’s first time that I can’t understand the story…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.