Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani getting angry seeing Aaliya. Shagun says who will be with Aaliya. Mani says who else, Adi. He goes to scold Aaliya and says just because your Dadi came, you came here to meet Adi. Mani and Shagun get shocked seeing Ishita. Ishita recalls how she left her car and took taxi to reach restaurant. She calls Mihika and asks her to collect her car. She stops Adi from meeting Aaliya, and tells him that Shagun is getting Mani to show them. She sends him to office. FB ends. Ishita asks Mani why is he shouting on Aaliya, can’t I meet Aaliya.

Mani says no, I felt… Pihu asks Shagun to come. Shagun asks her to go and have food. Pihu sees Ishita. Pihu tells Shagun that she told Ananya about coming here. Shagun thinks did Ishita know that I have given phone to Ananya.

She tells Mani that we should get restraining orders against Ishita, she knew Pihu is coming here and she is using Aaliya, Pihu gets disturbed seeing her. Mani and Shagun ask Ishita did she know Pihu is coming here. Shagun says you made Ananya call Pihu, you are following her, why are you stalking her, this is not done. Ishita asks what nonsense. Shagun says I know what I have to do and goes.

Ananya talks to Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, and says she will have food later. She does not eat food and waits for Pihu. Ruhi tries to make Ananya have food. She tells her that they should trust parents, obey them, don’t do the mistakes which I did. She makes Ananya have food.

Raman comes and asks did the clients come. The peon says Romi and Adi are attending them. Raman goes in meeting. The clients praise Adi for the good presentation. The man says Adi convinced me that I give this project to you. He asks Adi to make contract papers and he will seal the deal today. Raman thanks them. Raman asks how did this happen. Romi says Mihir and I were waiting, you got late, so we started. Raman says my car stopped on the way. Mihir says Adi had meeting which got cancelled. He came here and gave presentation in some time, well done Adi. Shagun calls Raman and asks him to come to restaurant, Ishita is here. Raman says whats the problem. Adi offers lift to Raman.

Simmi is angry and says I don’t want credit card. Ruhi talks to her and explains her. Simmi is angry that kids are using phones these days. Ruhi asks her not to worry for Ananya, as she will manage Ananya. She asks Simmi to have food. Simmi refuses. Ruhi says I know you are not eating thinking of Ananya, I went to her school and made her have food, now its your turn. Simmi asks really. Ruhi says yes and makes her have food.

Aaliya is worried and Ishita asks her to wait. Raman comes and Shagun complains to him about Ishita making Ananya call Pihu. Raman asks Ishita did she make Ananya call Pihu. Ishita says yes. Aaliya tries to say… Raman says I don’t want any outsider to talk in my family matter. Dadi comes and asks them what are they teaching kids, I thought you all are educated, what are you showing them, what examples are you presenting. Shagun says Ishita did this. Mani asks how did you come. Dadi says Adi is sensible, he got me here. Shagun says Ishita spoiled Adi, she is teaching this to him. Ishita says I did not spoil him. Dadi says like Shagun is spoiling Pihu, I kept rule that Pihu will not eat pancake today and you got here to restaurant, before taunting other’s parenting, look at yourself, atleast Adi is sensible, I feel I should give a chance to Adi.

Mani gets shocked. Dadi asks why are you shocked, you feel Adi is not right for Aaliya, I don’t think you are right to know this, I will find out how is Adi, he will stay in our house for few days. Ishita and Aaliya smile. Dadi says I will know Adi, this is final. Raman says look… Ishita says it’s a good decision, if you stay with him, you will know he is the best. Dadi says done, Adi you stay with us. She tells Mani that she is going home to make guest room ready for Adi. She goes. Shagun thinks my plan flopped. Adi hugs Ishita. Mani asks Aaliya to come. They leave.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi not to worry, he will win Dadi’s heart. Raman asks Adi not to change his clothes. Adi goes to pack his bags.

Adi tells Ishita that everything will be fine. Ishita says it won’t be easy to win elder’s heart, you have to prove that you are best for Aaliya, that you are a good person, I m sure you will succeed, I want you to get a good life partner. She hugs him.

Amma ties the lungi to Adi, and tells him not to enter kitchen without having bath. He says I m not Madrasi. Amma says you are going to marry a Madrasi girl. Simmi and Ishita ask Adi to follow the instructions. Amma asks Adi not to eat chicken now, as she had applied vibhuti to him. Mrs. Bhalla makes Adi have food and says they will make him eat just veg food. Simmi says we will send chicken for him to his office, he can have it here. Romi asks Adi not to worry and impress Dadi. Adi says I m done. Romi and Ishita say they will drop Raman. Raman says its not Adi’s bidaai, I will drop him. Adi waves to everyone and hugs them. He leaves with Raman. Ishita smiles.

Adi and Aaliya smile seeing each other. Dadi applies vibhuti to Adi and asks him to take blessings. Ishita smiles. Mani and Shagun look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woohoo!!! This is the best episode of all!!! Since Manis mom came,episodes are better. That Shaggy shld suffer all the time…that is my wish. I am excited for the precap. Its time that Pihu shld know that Ishita is her mother. I am waiting for the leap. Adi was so nice and funny in that getup!!

  2. Really i liked todays episode after long time

  3. ? sometimes even emojis can explain your mood!

    Wow ?! Aliya ki dadi is incredible! I love ❤️ the way she handles shagun!???

  4. Nice epi shagun’s plotting flopped in her face

  5. superb episode since so many months we are fed up with that shagun evil plans …….after dadi enter it was awesome….waiting for tomarrow episode

  6. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame Divyanka Tripathi met with an accident in Surat.

    A very shocking news for our beloved Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi’s fans who meets with a deadly accident on high way.

    As per source, Divyanka was returning from Surat attending an event and suddenly her driver snapped for a while.

    Driver lost his control on car and car hits with a divider and fallen below 6 ft from main road.

    The good is that Divyanka Tripathi is fine and she believes as it is miracle for her.

    Divyanka says that she recently went to Ajmer Sharif Dargah and participates in navtrarti so it is blessing of guardian angles who saved her life.

    1. Bad news but as you say she is ok now so it is very good part of news hope tripathi recover soon

    2. shreya shetty

      ohhhh my god that’s indeed a very horrible news shivani.but the good thing is that our sweet lovely divyanka aka ishita is safe and fine all because thanks to god hopes and blessings of saving her life.nothing has happened to the driver I guess

  7. Finally I hope all shaguns plans backfire and mani and Ramans enmity finishes

  8. Raman (Karan Patel) jealous seeing Ruhi pamper behaviour for Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ruhi finds about how Ishita handles the situation between Adi and Aaliya.

    Ruhi decides to do special for her Ishima and she cooks food for her which makes entire family members happy.

    Ruhi especially pampers Ishita by serving food to her while Raman teases Ruhi for doing everything for Ishima and not for him.

    Meanwhile they ask Mihika about Romi and she tells that he still has not returned from office which makes Raman shocked.

    Raman tries to call Romi and then Romi enters in Bhalla house along with Aaliya.

    Adi and Aaliya’s house swap game

    Romi tells them that if Adi can stay at Aaliya house impressing Aaliya’s nani and Mani then Aaliya can also stay at Bhalla house learning their customs.

    Ruhi is very much excited seeing Aaliya and happily welcomes her and now Ruhi will become messenger of both Adi and Aaliya.

  9. shreya shetty

    wowww aren’t these episodes turning out to be super and great as usual these days!!!I mean now that aaliyas dadi has come to fix that shaggy doo alright its very fun loving for all of us to see.that bad apple pihu and rotten mixer shagun deserved right from dadi because now she has come they must follow her brahmini system of not eating from outside or spoiling pancakes for pihu until she accepts ishita as her ishimaa,yaayyy aaliyas dadi rocks

  10. Hi all yhm fans.sorry didn’t write was busy with finals.thanks to God it was OK. Tks vp for urgent concern. Today’s episode was better.aliya granny must make shaggy suffer the way she has made Ishra suffer.have a nice day u all.

    1. Wish u to pass with flying colours.. Good Luck dear Super Girl

  11. Woow Finally looks like we are Getting the old YHM back… This is how the story should have been without all the unwanted scenes. Shagun has met her match. I think Mani’s Mum can see Shagun Through & Through . though Mani has become blind with anger & revenge. serves him right . when he realise the truth it will be too late for regrets. Ishu will never forgive him. His Mum will know how Shagun treats her own son with so much anger & must teach Pihu some manners that she will want to come back to her dad. Pihu too deserve some rules not to be rude to elders & to talk with respect. Aliya should tell Dadi that Pihu is Ishu’s daughter & she should get to know that she has been so bad & rude to her mum
    oh as Always Raman jumps into Conclusion. why does he always undermine Ishu & Listen to Shagun’s version. can’t he at least listen to his wife. He is such a pain always hurts Ishu. Poor thing was trying to protect his son. there again she gets the blame. Sometimes i think Ishu doesn’t deserve Raman. for all the insults he puts on her. and all the problems are cos of him . not Ishu. Anyway have to wait there are some happy time ahead at last… Hope u guys will agree.. Hi To VP, Where are u by the way ? hope ur are ok & doing great with ur health.. May God Protect u. hi To Sindhu. Shivani, AZ, Jaz, Rithu, Magic, Shreya, Monique, Khushi, Arditya, Super girl hope i got the names right as i am still not good with the Indian names. Sorry if i hv made any mistakes in the spellings. God Bless All

  12. This comment is deleted.

    1. Who is this?? Please dear don’t use bad words. I also misunderstood Ishita. She is not a bad mother. Shagun didn’t love her children. She was just using them to take revenge from ishra. Remember that Shagun left a six month Ruhi and Raman for that Ashok. She just wants money and men. She doesn’t deserve children and love. Shagun left adi at an hostel when he was small. She doesn’t love them. She is selfish. And then Ishita and Ruhi became close and decided to marry Raman for the sake of Ruhi. Ruhi hates Shagun because of her attitude. Adi hated Ishu I’m the beginning but when he came to know Shagun’s truth of using him as a pawn and doesn’t love him, he hates Shagun and accepted ishu as his mother too. Now Pihu hates Ishita because of Shagun.she filled poison in Pihus mind that Ishita is bad. Ishita didn’t snatch Shagun’s kids Ruhi and adi.. They knew that Shagun used them and went to ishimaa. They love their Ishima so much. If Shagun was a good mother why will she give a phone to Pihu and allow her to use WhatsApp in this small age?? She is purposely spoiling Pihu.

    2. shreya shetty

      mind ur language xyz and please next time try to go for some training to behave good and not calling ishu such offensive words like that get it.get out of here if u use any sort of bad words offenses allowed about any character here so if u hate ishita then please I suggest u would leave from here and keep ur negative thoughts to urself

  13. Hi all….I am sorry for badmouthing Ishu. I got annoyed with her because she was selfless. She hid the truth from Pihu. I hope Ishita wins always. I am extremely sorry for using bad words. I always support ishra but I was angry that time. Ishita is so selfless that she is bearing all the blames and insults. So I didn’t like her when she was losing. I am extremely sorry for hurting ishra and their fans. I hope that Shagun goes to hell with the help of dadi.

    1. shreya shetty

      ok fine meghnaa u r forgiven but why did u badmouth like that I mean if u are getting angry then please we would like to know about ur problem and share it with us like how many times I got angry and shared my problems with our friendly yhm fans out here,thats fine but next time please try not to repeat that ever again dear.sorry for that rage which I ve shown to u by scolding ur previous bad comments about ishu on reading them I tolerated and understood that u hated ishu,ok fine once or twice but everytime writing bad made me furious.thats why I was against u and that riyas earlier nonsensical comments about the show any chance if u are mad with me or anyone then please I am sorry from my side

      1. That’s okay Shreya. I didn’t mean I am against Ishita but she was also wrong why was she selfless when Pihu insulted her?? My problem was I misunderstood Ishita. I am really sorry and I take back my words against Ishu. I am against Shagun.

      2. Saalekh forever

        Really? Shreya Shetty is forgiving people for bad mouthing? This is the best of Hypocrisy ever. You are one among those who has used the extreme of bad words for people and that too under a different name. I guess Raman is spreading his personality to some people here.

      3. shreya shetty

        hello saalekh forever that was my alter ego so please don’t accuse me like that because I am too young and little bit mature not so much coz as a teenager it takes time for me to if u don’t mind stop getting into others like that and please control ur buisness

  14. Pihu and mani should realise the truth soon FGS. Please, please end shagun’s stupid plotting and planning. This is too much.

  15. Oh Whats happening to this friendly site YHM.??? We were such a friendly Family…How good it was Why are people using such bad words & being personal. I think VP Dear ur Right . I think i will also stay away from commenting as it is not like the good old days. Good Luck To All Pls don’t fight Be a family as this is only Fictions not real ok. Shall read all ur comments but not comment. thank God it was deleted. Good Luck To All & God Bless

    1. shreya shetty

      hold on there mino please don’t get so serious I mean there was one just new commenter who s xyz.dont know what was that persons problem for calling ishita such offensive words like that I mean cant these haters get a life or something in order to replenish themselves from poisoning the friendliness in this group fan site.i got very furious and gave a hit reply to that person for what he/she has written about the characters.

  16. How a comment is deleted??

  17. Shagun such a bad mother for all young viewers. Hopefully will end up postive

  18. Pihu being smart over call from ananya but failing to see the relationship of ishitha with the family makes only one conclusion that she is spoiled and bad child still ishitha can forgive her but not raman who keeps on leting her down he accepted dirty shagun and takes her words over ishitha
    We are fed up with this how low a husband can be
    It takes me away from yhm whatever romantic moments they put on and off

  19. Guys thats not lungi its veshti… its a traditional wear…

  20. Hi EVERYONE…..
    pihu is very much disturbed by ishita…she hates ishita to the core…so painful to watch it….

    Hi VP and mino…you both took a shocking decision…its so sad…i really enjoyed ur comments..

    1. Hi Shivani very sweet of you and thank you for liking my comments …. Magic … you should not leave like that …. you people are very young and should enjoy your each and every moment … life is totally defferent once settled with a good job then marriage then job …then you have to look seriously on your life …God gives us two gifs ….chance and choice … chance is the human life gifted to us …but choice is how to make it beautiful and the best …. Ones upbringing teaches not to spell out bad language on anything …Saleekh I liked your comment . in short this serial now going to show Shaghuns bad upbringing and Ishithas good upbringing .. I mean … even now Raman puts Ishitha own in front of Shaghun ..whats cvs are upto I dont know … isitha has to respect herself and get out of Bhallas … where is she staying now ? These rain dance and all just to play with our emotions … the dance they did well but leading to the rain dance and ending too … really cud not understand the meaning of it …And its so scaring to see Dts accident … its a miracle she escaped without any injuries … she is liked by millions … just praying for her … both on screen and off screen she is adorable . Shivani I too like your comments … as and when I finish watching serials … I think few of you all … anyways as long as this site remains healthy good for all … Mino … I am ok … thank you … Magic your comments I used to enjoy … please dont stop

      1. I am very happy now because you are back vp mam your every comments are with full of maturity thats why i like your comments most and i am (actually not i am) but everyone are lucky that you are with us because you are experienced and well educated lady yes i have temper problem but i think every one at younger age have this problem when i read wrong comment than i couldn’t resist myself to reply and shreya is my best friend at this group so, Did i do wrong to tell her right thing? And if i did than am sorry and i will try my best not to comment rubbish about anyone but plz don’t leave vp thank you

  21. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) and Raman tensed seeing Pihu’s upbringing with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani)

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Ishita and Raman are tensed for Pihu.

    Ishita sees Pihu with Shagun, Ishita is shocked seeing Pihu with costly mobile phone.

    Ishita asks Shagun to stop spoiling her daughter as no mother will ever do such things for small kids.

    Ishita discuss her tgis problem with Raman, he is also tensed seeing Shagun’s behavior towards Pihu’s upbringing.

    Ishita thus decides to tell truth to Pihu that she is actually her daughter and Shagun is just a surrogate mother.

    Ishita tensed for Pihu

    While Raman goes against Ishita’s this decision as he don’t want to loose Pihu forever, as this truth can have negative impact on Pihu.

  22. Hi Magic nothing wrong in correcting some one if they are wrong … once I too did … but when I realized I should not , I moved out of it … One time you can advise …. maximum three times by the time if you dont learn anything seriously something wrong in it … your mistake is you said you are matured than …. so Raghu cleared it … My ten year grand daughter is highly matured some times I learn from her .. you can say you are elder to her and so nd so … becoz you asked I am saying all these … after a point of time certain comments we have to ignore .. ok nice reading your comments ..

    1. I understood now thank you very much vp mam

      1. Hi Magic VP is Right Don’t take things seriously. stay calm all five fingers are not the same. everyone has a right to comment but minding the language. Shreya is saying sorry . we must realise this is fiction. not real so why do we have to have disagreements , pls calm down dear don’t take too much to heart & don’t take anything personally. God Bless U.

  23. Hi yhm friends, i tink shagun real face come soon to Mani because he mum is the best.

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