Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying. Simmi consoles her. Ishita says why did he cheat me, I want my answers, he has to answer me. Shailaja meets Mihir and asks his name. She says you are very cute. Mihir says you are mistaken. She says we will go on long drive and dinner too, it will be fun. Mihir asks her to leave him. Mihika comes to his rescue and says I m his GF, go from here. The girl asks why did he call her on blind date. Mihir says I was waiting for Mihika, I did not call you. Mihika asks her not to go on blind date, anyone can take her advantage. She sends the girl.

Mihir says that girl was forcing herself on me, she held my hand and was taking me. Mihika asks him not to be too stupid. They leave. Manoj comes home. Shagun says I ordered Chinese food and surprises Manoj.

He asks is there anything special, your birthday or something. She says yes, but we will talk later. He asks what is it. She says she thought, when her partner comes home tired, she should get his fav food. He asks what did she say. She asks did he not understand, you said we should give a chance to our relationship, so I m trying, I thought this was perfect way. He asks is she joking. She says no. He gets glad and lifts her. He says you made my day and my life. She says I m pregnant. He says sorry, I m very happy, I will inform mum, I will call dad. She smiles and says Raman was right, Manoj loves me a lot, I wish a good relation develops between Manoj and me.

Raman comes home and family stares at him angrily. Raman asks what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks how can you… Ishita interrupts and says just I have the right to ask him. She asks Raman did he make a relation with Shagun, does he have any affair with Shagun. Raman asks are you mad, how can you think so, you trust me right, there is nothing like that. Ishita says we are sure, as you used to hate even her name and never wished to talk to her, you care for her, you talk to her why. He says there is a reason. She asks him to say the reason.

He says there is nothing between me and Shagun. Simmi says please don’t lie, you lied to me in hospital that you are helping Shagun in giving her child a name, you both fooled me, I did paternity test as I don’t trust Shagun, the reports are positive, you are father of Shagun’s child, we all know this. Raman scolds Simmi for doing DNA test and this is breaking Ishita and his relation. Ishita asks what relation, you would have told me this before, Shagun is pregnant with your child, why did you not tell us, love is blind, not to this limit, I can’t trust you, tell me. He says I have no answer. She cries and says he has no answer for me, it means there is no place for me in this house and his life. yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… She says its fine and goes to her room.

Mihir and Mihika are at restaurant and talk about that girl. He talks about Rinki and gets sad. Mihika makes him smile and talks about come contract. Abhishek sees them and says Mihika is on dinner with Mihir and joins them. Mihir gets a call and goes. Mihika says I m so sorry, we ordered food so soon. Abhishek asks her to tell Mihir that she loves him. She says there is nothing like that. He says I observed it, you both are compatible, he needs you at this time, tell him if you like him. She says I won’t lie, but I always had feelings for Mihir, I want to be there for him as his friend, he is my best friend, I m happy and Mihir will say if he feels for me. He says till love is realized, it gets late, maybe Mihir also likes you, we have to know what he wants.

She asks what does he mean. He says I have an idea, we can pretend we like each other, we will know whats in his heart, If he has feelings, he will get jealous and fight, then we will know if he likes you or not. Mihika looks at Mihir. Abhishek says it will be good for you both. He thinks this plan will work for him, he will use his charm on Mihika, maybe she really loves him, afterall everything is fair in love and war. Manoj says I tried calling mum, its unreachable, I will try later. Raman comes to them and says everything went wrong, Ishita is mistaken, she feels Shagun and I have an affair and this is our child, its all my mistake. Manoj asks Raman to clear it, it was our decision of not telling Ishita. Raman cries and says my home is breaking. Shagun calms him down and says Ishita is mature, she will understand. Raman says fine, come with me and tell her. Shagun says this is not right time, she would be more angry. Raman asks what shall I do.

Ishita packs her clothes. Simmi asks it this any solution, we will punish Shagun. Shagun and Manoj pacify Raman and tell him that they have to explain Ishita, its right time to tell her, she will calm down, you wait for some time, we are doing this for her, she won’t be annoyed after knowing all this. Simmi says we will teach a lesson to Ishita and takes her along. Raman leaves and Simmi and Ishita come there to meet Shagun.

Raman and Ishita argue over their relation. She says you did not respect me, you made me a Aaya/governess/caretaker infront of Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. guys yhm day by day ithna worst hothi jaa rahi hai na trust me mere paas tho koi words bhi nahi hai use explain karne ke liye chiii raman jab tumhaari pyaar tumhaare liye tab bhi tum sahi vakth ka intazaar kar rahe ho kahi e sa na ho ki jis vakth ke liye tum intazaar kar rahe ho vo vakth hi tumhe tumhaari pyaar se alag na kar de……..aur uper se sbs nd sbb me ithni saari ghatiya news aa rahe hai ki kya bathaavo meri dhimaak tho ghoom rahi hai mujhe kahi dhoor dhoor tak e ishra ki kushi,hasi,nokjhok,romance kuch bhi dhikayi nahi de raha hai #RIPYHM mai poorani yhm se kithna pyaar karthi thi aur ab ye yhm se ithna nafrath karthi hu i hate it ektha mam i hate u till the core shagun e achi rahe buri rahe ya tho mar bhi jaye ishra ke liye hamesha apshagun ban kar hi rahegi

  2. i seriously don’t see any logic in this track?y can’t raman tell the truth to everyone?at least they will know raman has no affair with shagun…..
    but I’m finding logic in ekta kapoor’s show!

  3. diya

    ab shagun suicide karegi and will come back as a ghost to investigate rinki’s murder . paruske bad kya hoga??? ny idea?

  4. horror track?
    bus hijak,murder and now horror?
    I thought yhm was abt a mature couple’s love story… -_-
    i thought it was a family drama…now it has turned into crime petrol and saavdhan india -_-

  5. chiki

    are they going to spoil ishu’s character now by some stupid mysterious drama??? this is unforgivable!!!! ekta has gone mad!!!!!!

  6. Sm

    Really. How stupid of Raman. Just tell ishita already about it being her child. I don’t like the writers making Shagun carry the baby by tricking ishita to sign papers. That is totally wrong. If Shagun comes back in spirit to make things difficult for bhallas after dying in child birth ( a spoiler said this) then that is so bad. Let Shagun be with the Doctor after giving baby to ishita

  7. why the writters make the serial too much drag raman should tell to his family about
    shagun as surrogate it is his responsibility to clear the doubt why he need the permission
    of Dr.Manoj and shagun

  8. jhanvi

    Oh God sooo much dragging…. Y Raman can’t tell everyone d truth….??? Nd what d hell…!!! Y Shagun didn’t want Raman to tell ishu…??? Nd actually I m confused guys what Shagun is doing..???

    Anyways I don’t tthik she can cmt suside…. As she is pstv or ngtv… She is really strong…. I don’t think she will cmt Suside….

  9. eera

    Now v shd change the name frm yhm to shagun ki hai mohabbatein first they spoiled raman character nd nw ishu’s

  10. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    intriguing the audience with it’s twists
    and turns in every episode.Now it is
    gearing up for a Suicide and new entry
    of a Ghost(LOL).
    As TellyGuru mentioned earlier that
    Raman will bring shagun to bhalla
    house to clarify everyone’s doubt and
    stop ishita from leaving the house.
    All the Family members taunt shagun
    with various names which irritates her
    and she gets angry.She tells Ishita
    that Now she will not give the baby to
    anyone.Shagun warns them that she
    will leave the country with their baby.
    In the coming episodes, Shagun takes
    a big step and decides to jump from
    the terrace.Ishita runs behind her and
    apologizes her.But shagun will not
    listen anyone’s words.
    Ishita begs her not to commit suicide
    but shagun jumps from the building
    OMG!So Much Drama in the upcoming
    episodes.Raman will be left shocked.
    Everyone believe that Shagun died
    along with Ishita and Raman’s
    baby.But it is heard that it Shagun will
    not die but she will live away from
    everyone with ishita’s child to take
    revenge from them.
    Soon we will see a spirit and enter
    ishita’s body and Sarika’s truth will
    be revealed.
    Did Shagun really died or she is
    acting? Will Rinky’s death mystery
    comes out or not?
    Keep reading for more updates.

    • sandra s thannickal

      Rithu..mein ek spoiler mein pada ishu phir bhi preganent ho javungi,kya tumne aisa suna?sarika ka matter kya hai?issne khoon kiya?MIMI ek ho javungi?

  11. shagun ne raman ko rok diya .usse dikhay nahi de raha hai raman ka ghar toot raha hai .andhi hai kya woh .pagal aurath .sirf surrogate mother hai lekin ishra ke beech uska koi kaam ya matlab ya dakhal aandaazi nahi hona chahiye .surrogate mother hai badi baath hai lekin iska matlab nahi ki kisi ka ghar hi tukde tukde karke tod de .

  12. i am really confused is yhm a serial or and crime based show with a lot of crying crimes murder etc.and all .i think ekta should change the genre of yhm.

  13. stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    in yhm .plz makers and ekta .try to understand
    and dont make the serial horrible and even
    more worst .

  14. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

  15. we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    we want our old yhm
    plzzzzz….. ekta and makers .plzzzzz…..

  16. No we will get our old yhm back but I suppose after the horror track gets over and serial will be again fine I have full hope with the director to end story or serial is not a reason and in comparison to veera or any other serial it is rather interesting.

  17. Cham

    An emotional track. Ishitha’s words filled my eyes with tears and made me cry.Also it will surely happen again on tomorrow, when the up coming track shown in the precap is aired.

  18. i dont understand why shagun is
    preventing raman to tell ishitha about the
    surrogacy . she wanted ishitha ‘s happiness and
    for all that she did a lot of drama .and who the
    hell is she to prevent raman from telling the
    truth to ishitha.its her right but still showing
    dominance .

  19. Cham

    Really happy to hear that there will be NO Ishra SEPARATION!! That is the most important thing than whatever which is going to happen.

  20. bechari ishitha ro rahi hai aur raman shagun ke paas gaya tha .pagal aadmi .usne ishitha ko dhoka diya hai aur phir bhi shagun ke paas gaya hai .lagtha hai he has gone crack.

  21. jab tak ekta apni dimaag ki kahaaniyaan tv pe dikha nahi lethi tab tak usse chain nahi hai balai hi poori duniya ko serial ka track pasand naa aaya ho.

  22. jhanvi

    Waiting for a Good epi…

    I m confused abt Shagun …I dnt think she can cmt suside.. Coz she is pstv or ngtv… She is really strong.. So I think she can’t cmt suside..

  23. waise bhi surrogacy ki zaroorath hi kya hai jab ruhi aur adi hai .aur iss surrogacy ki wajah se ishitha khud apne aap ko bhaanch aur aaya samaj rahi hai . ruhi aur adi ki maa hai woh toh buss woh bhaanch nahi hai .lekin phir bhi raman aur shagun ne surrogacy ki baath chupake usse bhaanch ya aaaya hone ka ehsaas dilaa diya . cheee….. shagun itnaa toh sochthi ki usne tumhaare bacchon ko sambhaala aur unki jaan bachaayi kayi baar khud ki jaan ki parwa kiye bagair aur phir bhi usse aur rula rahe ho surrogacy ki baath ko aur chupake .pehle hi drame kam the ki ab phir tumhaara hi ek aur naaya drama shuru.

  24. Cham

    hey! seems like the track with black magic has started shooting. There are videos on Dailymotion. Also the up coming tracks of which Shagun commits suicide….

  25. shashi

    what type of surrogacy is that. mother don’t know about it. father is keep running to the mother who is his ex-wife and first love. any one can atteched with the mother of his child if the person take care of the mother so much. i think no one like to have surrogate mother on the condition of loosing the husbend (I wont) wife is crying that husband is cheeting on her. and he is just taking care os sugun. what type of the happiness he is goning to give to ishita. when he loose her. i don’t get it.

  26. diya

    most of the viewers dnt care about shagun’s death in the show . koyi fark nhi padta bit horror track is the worst of all actually …. but i dnt want ishra seperation.. i thinks itz just a trap .nd makers jo bhi promo dete hai woh hamesa 100% correct nhi hota .kuch unch nich to hota hi hai . i guesss is k baad ishita k khud prgnt bane ..nd 9 mnths of happiness nd only smiles . leap to nhi h . confirmd . actually ye cvs bohot unpredictbl h.last momnt pe track chng kr dete h. iss par agar shagun maregi to baccha bhi marega so basically it marks the end of the surrogacy track.rt ?. which the viewers were vehemently opposing . par cnt say anythng so sure pad ek baat to pakka hai.its not a dream sequence jo bhi hoga woh real hoga. there is much more cnfusion. yeh abhiskh nd mihika wala natak. how will manoj react to shagun’s death ?? nd sarika ka sach pata chalne k bad romi aur rohit ka kya hoga ? sooo many qstns .. there is no place for leap here rt now ……. but ek baat hum sab log dil se chahte hai ki ishita firse prgnt ho …and mera dil kahta der se hi sahi par ahsa hi go ..

  27. soniya

    Is there any point begging ekta to stop this crap..? both she and raman loves shagun so they will do anything to bring their BELOVED shagun to top.

    Y divyanka agreed at the first to act on a track like this

    • how can raman that is actor Karan agreed for destroyed his character as him self Anitha
      may be his best friend but how can he himself spoil his image Also all the fans are now
      pity about ishita only we still hate shagun no one like shagun if she may be change as
      positive also

  28. Darshika

    According to the this epi, raman can’t do anything without shagun. He rushes for lick shagun’s foot….! He gets advice from her instead of consoles ishita……!!! Lol…. At least he didn’t try to talk with her. He knows ishita’s pain. But he runs at shagun’s feet.
    And shagun commits suicide. It’s true. But I think that she doesn’t die. Yaaaaa….. She never dies. But there may happen miscarriage…… Happy,if it happens.
    And that ghost drama May be a raman’s dream…..
    Good to see shagun with manoj. But I think,this surrogate baby will destroy everything. Shagun may become vamp again.
    From SL

  29. all the mistakes were done by raman,shagun and manoj if shagun going to get suicide
    with the baby means ishita will feel quilty life long why she need this punishment without
    doing any mistake.

  30. Shagun gets sad and jumps from the cliff. Ishita tries to stop her, but Shagun doesn’t listen and falls down the
    terrace. There is a heated argument between the two. Ishita apologizes to Shagun for misunderstanding her. Shagun
    in a fit of rage falls from the terrace to take revenge from Ishita. She feels bad as all the Bhalla family thinks her
    wrong. She has died with the heir of Bhalla family in her womb. This is shocking twist of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Ishita gets in shock after knowing Shagun committing suicide. Raman, Mihir and ACP reach there. Ishita tells Raman
    about Shagun jumping off. This is actual Shagun conspiracy to take revenge from Ishita. She will not die so soon,
    and will give birth to the baby, very far from Bhalla family.

  31. HM

    I think!!!!!!! that Ishita is going to go mad or may be pretend to be. so that she can go away from the Bhalla family and Shagun can get back in the Bhalla house in this way her child can also be alive this is where they might bring in the leap ……………

  32. S

    Sorry guys but couples always get separated on ekta’s shows.
    Even bade ache /kausauti/ many others I can’t recall names.
    I think a similar storyline in bade ache was that they had a child or she was preg and then went away. Then leap happened. So same thing might happen here. The public did well with bade ache. (I never watched it but it went on forever). I think once a shoe does a leap the end of the show is not far. Yhm is stretching it out. I don’t know why they can’t focus in story lined based in regular life. Since they are a working family. Show mr Bhalla getting in trouble. Simmi having found someone new. Ishita having some sort of secret. I don’t know. These storylines coming up are far fetched to say the least.
    Anyways I don’t watch yhm anymore. It got boring and Ishita can be kind of annoying with her perfection. She is always snooping and acting like she knows all. Just relax and make a mistake for once! Even when she makes a mistake it still works out for her!!
    It wud be nice to see her as a normal woman. Not super Ishita to the rescue!

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