Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ashok reveals his illness

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Simmi getting angry and recalling Ananya. She takes the color to spoil the portrait. Ishita comes in between. Simmi makes a face and leaves. Raman comes and says you are here, don’t know, since I saw you, its not professional but…. what happened to you. She says colours. He asks her to have veg sandwich. She says I got colour on hand, I can’t eat. He says its fine, I will feed you. He feeds the sandwich to her.

Kaun tujhe …..plays…. They go walking. She smiles seeing him ride a horse. They have a cart ride. He holds her. Mr. Bhalla says Romi did mistake, we can’t cover up for him. A man comes to meet Aaliya. He says call her, I trusted her and asked her to settle it on time. Mr. Bhalla asks what do you mean. Mani comes and asks the man to

come with him. Mr. Bhalla says don’t know what they are doing. Mani gives the money to the man. The man says I gave her 15 lakhs, this is just ten. Mani pays more and asks him not to come here again. The man threatens to tell truth to Bhallas. He goes. Mani says what did you do Aaliya, you should have thought for family.

Ashok comes to Shagun and asks did somebody see my business partner. She says she would be near entrance. She goes after him. She asks what’s going on, we know you don’t know anything without agenda, she hates you, why did you help Ishita, are you fine, do you need something. He gets coughing. Ishita comes and asks are you okay, come with me. Simmi asks what’s going on between them. Shagun says God knows.

Ishita asks why did you come here. Ashok says I m fine, I have to tell you about medicines, I didn’t need to take it to lab, I met a man and he told me its a banned drug, its side effects are very bad. She asks is it a banned drug, what are the side effects. He says person can lose memory gradually if its taken regularly. She recalls Raman. She says you mean Raman is losing memory, I thought he is annoyed, how can anyone forget someone, he asked me if I m married, he forgot me, he is forgetting himself because of his sister, he did a lot for Simmi, he loves her so much, she should have taken revenge from me, why from Raman, he is innocent. She sees Ashok sitting away in dizzy state. She goes to him and asks are you okay. He coughs and bleeds. She says I will call taxi. He says I m fine, I want to do something good before I die.

She says you are not going anywhere. He says I want to repent before death, let me do something good, when doctor told me I have Gallbladder cancer , I was much shocked, I saw my life as a picture, what bad things I did with people, all my mistakes and cheat, I realized I m so lonely, I never kept relations well, it was just for use, that day I thought if I m a very mean man, who has no goodness, someone is needed to help me, someone who doesn’t know evil, that’s you, then I started finding you, but it took much time, what I like about you is your goodness, its your big plus point, the way you keep your family united, you don’t see any bad person with badness, you push him to do good, this is very rare in a person. She cries. He says before dying, I want to apologize to Raman and you, I did much bad with you, when I went your home, I learnt you are in jail. She says you thought this is best way to apologize to me, that you free me from jail, all my hatred and annoyance went away, its big thing you are able to think good, I m thankful that I m close to family because of you. He says we have to work a lot, we have to get Raman’s memory back, we have to save your family. She says we have to save Raman. He asks how will you do this.

She says there is someone, even if entire family is in Simmi’s control, there is someone who will believe me. He asks who. She says Aaliya, I m so sure she will be able to save Raman from Simmi, you get fine soon, I can’t see you this way, I have always seen Ashok as a strong person, we will go to a good hospital and start your chemotherapy, life gives second chance to everyone, you have to help me. He nods. She goes to get taxi.

Shagun and Aaliya see the monuments. Aaliya sees Ishita and thinks how to ask Shagun to leave. She makes an excuse that she got tired. Shagun goes. Aaliya goes to Ishita. She asks is everything fine. Ishita asks why is Raman taking those medicines. Aaliya says Raman was in depression after you left, so doctor suggested this. Ishita says don’t you think its strange, he is losing memory. Aaliya says doctor said maybe he will talk strange things, Simmi and Parmeet got that doctor. Ishita gets angry.

Ruhi asks Ishita not to unite her and Raman. Ishita asks Raman about his wife. He says she is Madrasan, she used to call me Raavan kumar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. loved todays epissode …waiting for tmrw…madrasan….

  2. There are so many grammitic mistake in your post.I think you need to take good sleep.

    1. Vivian20

      Dear I could not stop myself but it’s grammatic and not what you said… please improve upon yourself as well

      1. So so true – maybe s/he is an English professor in la la land

    2. I am ill in bed but I saw your comments and could not resist replying.
      Do not insult Amena – if you are bothered about grammars then write your own update in your own website. This page is about commenting on the show’s episode and not to insult good people.
      Amena please do not get upset over ignorant behaviour. I understood everything very well. Do not mind such silliness. Some people are very brave behind computer screens.

      1. Kaina1

        missy dear you dont comment on yrkkh now??? even i dont dear do use ur reistered account i sent you so many msg

      2. Hi Missy what happened ? Get well soon dear. Yes I was also forced to write a reply for english grammar . Be thank ful Amena is explaining so well and with in no time .


      1.yaha koi english ki class to chal nhi rhi hai jo tum grammar thik krne me lge ho.
      2. Agr samjah aa gya ki kya likha hai story to grammar sahi ho ya galat kya frk prta hai. Koi English exam thore dena hai yahan pr

  3. Todays episode was awesome.
    This Budapest and Raman memory loss track is awesome. After surrogacy track, this is the first episode which i feel to watch it again and again.
    The first scene was awesome Ishita portrait with her children.
    Second scene was very awesome, beautiful. Raman feeding sandwich to Ishita and after that both of them walking through road was so peaceful and beautiful scene.
    Ishita Ashok conversation was the most beautiful part of today’s episode and one of the best, beautiful conversation of whole YHM. Although i hate Ashok but his today’s conversation brought tear to my eyes. Such a sentimental conversation.
    He is the main villain of this YHM but today he said the most important thing of YHM and that too in such a beautiful and positive manner.
    Few of the conversation which i remember very well and was one of the beautiful and peaceful conversations of Yhm :-
    1) Mihir scolding shagun.
    2) Ishita convincing Mihir to forgive shagun and to move on in his life.
    3) In same episode Raman convincing Mihir to forgive shagun.
    4) Raman convincing Ishita to forgive subbu.
    5) Romi saying sorry to Raman, after Bhalla family breaked due to misunderstandings created by rinki.
    6) Raman beautifully consoling Ishita, after Dr Manoj tell that Ishita will not be able to conceive.
    7) Todays conversation when Ashok tell Ishita that he wants to say sorry.

    I want Ashok character to die in but before he die i want him to become good person and should say sorry to Raman and Ishita.

    But earlier they showed Param is also going to die and he change for good but at end CV again made him villain.

    I think that Ashok should say sorry to Raman before Ishita. Because Raman has suffered more than Ishita due to Ashok. Ashok has troubled Raman more than Ishita. Because he was troubling Raman even before when Ishita entered his life.
    And whatever Ashok today said about Ishita was right.

    1. I totally agree with you Rahul every point
      I can’t comment much as I am ill
      But you are so spot on about Ashok’s redemption. If it stays this way – good
      The moment he got Ishita out I forgave him of past deeds. I knew that Ishita will not go with Ashok if it was bad.
      I am monitoring this new story line closely if they start any illogical stuff again then I am off.
      I am suspecting that Ananya did not die but Param has done a plot to keep her away from Simi and she is burning with revenge fire.
      Hi all YHM fans

    2. Ruhi ishu bond was the most beautuful moments in yhm.. trophy given time and bgm.. also ruhi instigating ishita to check pregnancy … Ruhi-ishu every scenes were awesome .. ruhanika divyanka chemistry ????

  4. Guys, i am sorry fans!
    But there was a time when i used to love, love, love ishita.
    But today when she made that stupid face in trying to stop simi from splashing paint on the stupid portrait of their broken family. Trust me! For the first time, i cud feel simi’s pain. Ishita shud put HERSELF in simi’s shoes. wE all know that ishita didn’t kill simi’s daughter. But if simi had done the same thing to pihu would ishita forgive her. Doesn’t she owe a detailed explanation to simi abt what heppened that day, in fact an explanation to the whole bhalla and iyyer family

    1. I agree with you – that’s why I am keeping track of this storyline closely

    2. And the reason why fans are not sympathetic with Simmi is because of all the plotting she did against IshRa during Ruhi’s drama with Nikhil. I can’t feel simi’s pain and I am very empathetic and for me I think it is what she is doing to the family. I hate revenge plot lines as I find them stupid
      Or then again the actress who plays Sui is not convincing enough that she lost her child. I have thought about it carefully. WHY I am not on Simi’s side

  5. I mean come on, one moment the bhallas r ultra, filthy rich and the next moment they dont have any money! Kisi bhi angle se: na attitude se, na behavior se, na emotional attachment se, raman aur ishita teen bacchon ke maa baap lagte hain! I know this is a tv show and people like to watch romance, but they r getting on my nerves now. What kind of parents protect their children in their atrocities (ruhi is the meanest, most atrocious, ungreatful daughter i have seen) and their crime (pihu). Agar ishita ne sach kubool kar ke pihu ko minimum sazaa dilwai hoti to acceptable hota. But now they r encouraging their pihu to do wrong and get away with it.

    1. I grew to your points raised and yes it is plausible that they can loose their money in two years as their riches came from the business and if Param is taking stupid decisions for the company then investors as well as clients will walk away.
      About IshRa’s parenting I commented on the same thing last week Wednesday that Ishita hiding Pihu’s crime is doing more harm than good. Children should be taught to tell the truth and that’s how they become good human being for society.

      1. *agree to

    2. I agree with your points on romance – it is the new mantra of all the serial fans and I wonder if this does not influence the logic of the story.
      Now we see Ishra trying to romance when he has forgotten her and she has stated that she is married. I am not interested in that and do not comment on that but on the characters behaviour and interaction.

    3. pihu is a child it was an accident
      she doesn’t understand she thinks she will be punished

  6. Why do people hate simmi, didn’t she lose her daughter. If simi is despicable, then so is ishita! She keeps commiting mistakes and then abandons her family and gets away with someone. Then one day, she comes back to “save” her family. WOW!!!
    Really, i try my best to like this show, but its a DISASTER.
    Abt ashok: remeber they made us feel bad abt param when he had cancer and thought he was gonna die. Why did the writers make him bad again. And now ashok. Ugh….

    1. Your points are so valid
      That’s why I think and have said it before that the producers and CVs should call it a day and wrap up the show. It is so far removed from the YHM of yester years.
      PARAM bad – good – bad
      His turning bad is illogical as there was nothing so drastic to make him turn bad – using the wife, who used her family’s money to help you get better.
      Ashok I am afraid can go the same way that’s why Rahul said he should apologise and dies.

    2. It not you just don’t know how to enjoy drama ?

  7. todays episode was good but very confusing at times what has aliya done in the past to owe that much money and how will simmi ever b stopped with param?? the next storyline woll be very interesting, also when will ishita tell everyone that she did not comit murder??
    enjoy all

    1. I think Aliya used it to pay bills in the house because Simmi and Param might not be doing it or she is shopping a lot to help cope with the situation at home. Or she has a gambling problem ????? this is the Bhallas we talking about anything is logical in their world.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t believe that Ashok is dying or sick. I can’t believe that Ashok who is the master minder of the best plans and tricks in this serial can be easily believed by ishita. The only way that I can believe that Ashok is sick is when he dies. I think ishita has to apologize to simmi, why am I saying so? Because she claimed to be the one that killed her daughter, I know that apologises will not do anything for simmi and that is why she needs to tell her the truth. I don’t support ishita in this murder case at all and every step she is taking so far is still wrong. I can feel simmi’s pain. Ananya was her only child. Two years ago ishita said in front of simmi and everyone that she killed ananya out of revenge, that was so arrogant, no mercy. Even in the court she was so unapologetic, how do you expect simmi to feel. I cannot blame simmi whether she is taking good revenge or bad revenge all I can see is that she is trying to heal her wound and ishita who could have helped her heal her wound is not concerned.
    What I have been saying about ishita’s manipulations are true. Before ananya’s death simmi have already hated ishita. That is to show that all along before she started hating ishita that she was under the influence of ishita’s manipulations. Even if you argue that param was controlling her I will say but param was controlling ruhi and Raman as well in fact param almost wants to control everybody but why did Raman and ruhi not hate ishita, the truth is that simmi came out of that influence before her daughter’s death. Ones ishita starts giving anybody lectures psychologically she starts controlling that person’s mind.
    Ishita and Raman can look good romantically when they are not together or when they are separated but when they are together again as couples they will become cat and dog.

    1. I totally disagree do you know what Simmi will do to Pihu if she found the truth her exact words were I won’t spare the person who pushed my daughter so Ishita had no choice I know it not good to lie but put yourself in Ishita shoes wouldn’t you protect your daughter. Simmi was always against Ishita from the day Param tricked her in to thinking They only care about Pihu so I’m totally against Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla I mean afte all Ishita done how can anyone think she would do that. And did you not just read what she did she gave her brother medincine to lose his memory do you know how evil that is I can feel her pain but hurting other innocent people is really bad what Simmi is doing can put her in jail if it wasn’t for Simmi none of this would have happened she created the rifts her and her husband and now she suffered for it by losing he daughter but I wish Ishita would tell the truth to Aliya and Adi

      1. Wawa Still do not justify it. Truth should be known because it was an accident. If Ishita hasn’t obstruct justice then the whole thing would have been dealt with sensibly.
        Ishita just proved that there are mothers who would go to any length to hide their children’s crime and that is wrong motherhood – what makes Ishita thinks that her own motherhood is better than Simmi’s?
        I loved ishita character in the beginning but not since the Australian storyline.
        The reason why I can’t feel Simmi’s pain is because I feel the actress who plays her is not doing justice to this plot line – so you don’t feel her pain. But humanity is humanity – justice is justice.
        IshRa has always done this – they make decisions for one child and ignore the others wether it is Adi, Ruhi or Pihu. What I mean is if any one is in trouble they abandoned the others and take decisions based around that child – then what about the others? That is why their children are so emotionally damaged and so insecure.
        Every major decisions of theirs have sidelined the other children when it is to do with one.
        And about the romance it is very sordid – let me explain they are meeting as strangers – Raman has forgotten Ishita – Ishita has told she is married – so why is Raman getting close to her, knowing she is married, unless there is more to Raman’s story, which we don’t know.


    Where is pihu??

    1. They haven’t revealed that yet – me too I am waiting to see what became of Pihu because such a big secret and her conscience – has she lost it. Because that is a big mistake – killing someone dear.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Ashok said that he wants to do good before he dies and he is helping Raman bhalla. There are so many kids on the street who have no mother no father they need food,home ,clothes and good health. There are poor kids who whose parents need money for their heart transplant and there are others who are suffering other diseases but have no money to cure them why did he not look for them and pay for their treatment and help the ones that are walking the streets without hope instead of helping a rich man. He thinks helping rich Raman is doing good before he dies, nonsense! As for ishita I was looking at her face when simmi tried to pour paint on their portrait I saw how angry she was and I was wondering why is she not showing remorse over ananya’s death since she claimed to be the killer and is protecting pihu. She should at least do it for the sake of pihu. Ishita’s reactions are part of the things that are paining simmi because we are all human beings. Somebody killed your daughter she is not showing regret or remorse. There was no good explanation given by ishita to simmi over ananya death and people call this woman ishita a good person, it’s very pathetic!! I got so angry looking at ishita’s face.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita use to say that kids should be taught this or that. The other time she was teaching shitija how to know a good touch and a bad touch just because param carried her on his lap. She always preached that kids should be explained what is good and what is bad. Now why did she not tell pihu that she committed a crime and that crime is punishable by not trying to hide her crime and and protecting her against it. When adi was a kid she did not support that Adi’s crime should be hidden when Raman and shagun were trying to hide it. Ishita told Raman that adi needs to be punished for knocking Mrs. iyer down with his car so that he will learn from his mistake and after giving Raman very long lectures about kids and how to raise them Raman agreed and adi got arrested and was published for his crime. Ishita is just a two face woman. She does good when it benefits her and bad when it does not. The truth is that those days ishita was also using circumstances to manipulate Raman in other to bring him to her side and make him trust and relly on her. It does not matter if pihu gets punished for ananya’s death, she will go to a remand home definitely because she has to know that she committed a crime. She can as well be given other social punishment.

    1. I agree with all your points – I myself pointed out a couple of these last Wednesday/Thursday on this page. I am checking update to find out what happened to Pihu. The show has become illogical.
      As for Ashok seeking forgiveness from IshRa does makes sense because they are the ones he hurt the most. Besides that you are right he could be doing more good in society.
      What Ishita did is also damaging to Pihu because an 8year old girl is going to keep such a big secret, knowing she killed her cousin/sister. What about justice for Ananya.
      I don’t know why I feel like there is a bigger plot line to come out in regards to this show.

    2. You are right ishita character is two-faced.

    3. I think u r the only person who analyses about darker shade of ishita and I’m now scared to watch watching will happen whn pihu grows up. I totally agree with you on these points

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