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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita requesting Bala’s mum not to say this to anyone. She says I did not tell this to Amma too, I can’t see her husband in danger and can’t see her family breaking. She says I know you dislike me, its your free opinion, but please don’t tell this truth to anyone. Bala’s mum says I have done wrong with you, when I recall all that, I feel why did I do this with you, you are a good woman, good wife, good mother, good bahu, I wish you were my bahu, but I lost this chance, don’t worry, I m with you, I will not tell anyone. Ishita hugs her and thanks her. Bala’s mum says I will help you if needed, I see lots of horror movies. They laugh. Bala’s mum says I have to change my words that I have seen Shagun, I will try. She goes. Ishita gets relieved.


asks really? Bala’s mum says sorry, I created confusion, Ishita told me everything about Shagun’s death and her final rites done by you all, I was mistaken, I saw that lady in burqa, it can’t be Shagun. Raman thanks her. She says you are good husband and wife, you protect each other. He asks what. She says I mean you both understand each other. Amma comes and says you here, how was London trip, how is Subbu. Bala’s mum says it was good, he is fine, I will meet Shravan and Shitija. She goes.

Romi tells his friends about the problem, he wants money and is selling the computers. His friend asks is he mad, who will buy in one day. Romi says I will sell at cheap rate, tell your contacts I m selling at 50% loss, I want money by evening, its about my respect Bunty, someone challenged me. He gets a call from Gupta and tells him that he will give all computers at 50% off, I want money till evening, thanks. He ends call and says I will show her now.

Shagun talks to Abhishek. He asks how did she see you if you were wearing burqa. She says Vandu’s mum in law have seen me, when I lifted veil for a second, I was following Simmi. Ishita calls her and tells about managing Bala’s mum. Shagun says she has to tell her something, she has seen Simmi with her wrist hurt. Abhishek asks is it Simmi? Ishita says no, she loves Raman a lot, it can’t be Simmi, you are mistaken Shagun. Shagun says calm down, but we decided to find that person by that hand wound, we have to know who is supporting Ashok. Ishita says Simmi can’t do this, we have time to find out. She ends call.

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Shagun says we can’t ignore that. Abhishek asks Shagun is she sure it was Simmi. She says yes, I have seen her. Abhishek says either Simmi has some other reason for getting hurt and its Simmi who has thrown that grinding stone. Romi comes to Sarika and gives her termination letter. She gets shocked and asks did this come from office, how did they fire me, I will call HR. He says no need, I have got this from your office. She asks why, I lost my job, do you understand. He says he got the loan amount, it settled, don’t worry, I told your boss not to keep you on job again. She cries and says its my wish to work or not, how can you take decision on my behalf, I will work, don’t dominate me, I m going. He pushes her and says you are not going anywhere, be at home and take care of Rohit, don’t show me this attitude of having money. He leaves. She shouts I will go and cries.

Mrs. Bhalla worries seeing Ishita sitting near Shagun’s pic. Raman says nothing will happen. Mrs. Bhalla prays that this puja gets complete. Raman thinks did Ishita come in Subbu’s mum’s talks. He goes out and meets Prateek. He says he is worried for Ishita’s state, will this affect her again. Prateek says I will talk to Ishita, this puja is for good, its for giving peace to dead person, its just belief, not guarantee. He says everyone should be present in puja. Prateek goes to talk to Ishita. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla about Sarika and Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to get Ananya’s medicines. Raman says call her and asks Romi about Sarika. Romi says she is unwell and sleeping. Raman says she was good in morning and goes to call her.

Prateek tells Ishita about Raman’s worry. He says I got Shagun’s call, she asked me whether you are convinced about Simmi. Ishita says how can I, bandage can be for different reason too. He says I know its tough for you, you can’t be emotional as that person will hurt Raman, be practical and strong. He says you are catching a criminal, not family member. She says it can’t be Simmi. He asks where is Simmi, and Sarika is not seen here.

Sarika tells Raman that she won’t come, Romi behaved badly, he misunderstands me, he pushed me. She cries and says I feel he changed. Raman says please this puja is imp for Ishita. Sarika agrees to come. Raman asks Romi to get Sarika and Rohit, and don’t make any issue. Sarika takes Rohit and goes to attend puja. Romi looks on. The puja goes on. Everyone pray. Simmi comes home and covers her hand bandage with her dupatta. Ishita and Prateek look at her.

Ishita asks Simmi how did she get hurt. Simmi says Ananya was playing and fell on my hand. Ishita asks plaster? Simmi says I said I will be okay and doctor insisted. Ishita cries and turns.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. missed the half of the episode.mujhe nahi lagtha simmi kuch aisa vaisakar sakthi hai raman ke saath .zaroor uska koi mystery hai .ishitha aur bala ki amma ki scene accha tha .ab woh bhi positive ho gayi hai .acchi baath hai.

  2. Boring episode…its just dragging…
    They could soon show the real culprit….

  3. I guess parmeet is troubling simmi again and she doesn’t want to disclose as family is already struggling with issues…

  4. may be simmi is a real culprit………………….but i hope it will not be happen…plzz…..sarika hi thik hai yaar…..plzz…nt simmi…

  5. simmi ke behaviour s aaisa hi lag raha hai ki wo simmi hi hogi…..

  6. aaj ka episode thora boring tha

  7. The culprit is rinki
    raman ‘s younger sister
    m sure
    they didn’t show her death properly
    I have a doubt that she’s still alive and plotting with ashok

  8. don’t drag this too much!!!! pls reveal abt the real culprit soon………

  9. nice episode

  10. Darshika Natashi

    Bit boring,but it’s an ok epi…… And simmi is not the culprit. And there’s two possible ways for simmi’s behaviour. * I also think, param troubles simmi as sowmya said. *Or simmi has an affair with subbu again.( Subbu’s mom may be know this,so she behaves normal and well with ishita. And that injure is some accident)
    where is mihika…… ?
    Actually today nothing was happen. Plz, don’t drag unnecessarily.
    From SL

  11. Ya….. kp…… It’s a nice prediction….. It may be happen….. !

  12. Its definately sarika who is he culprit
    These people r just dragging these episodes and are beating around the bush

  13. one more thing, this sarika and romi’re a sooooooooo stupid couple. They can’t handle anything properly since beginning. ( They’d had baby before marriage).
    Missing ruhi too.

  14. i think culprit is mihir!he is doing ths 4r save rinky

  15. Raman and Ishita romance in rain while standing near the window. They enjoy the rain together and feel love,
    recalling their lovely journey till now. Raman smiles and takes Ishita with him to give her a surprise. Mrs. Bhalla
    happily cooks lunch for Ishita, and Sarika helps her in kitchen. Mrs. Bhalla does not know about Ishita’s secret plan
    and is very worried for her.

  16. simmi kisi party mein gayi thi air tab se uske haath nein chot hai aur woh ghabrai hui hai aur lagtha hai simmi ke friend ke party mein kuch hua jo simmi kisi ko bathaana nahi chahthi aur woh toh sabhi family members ke saath hi thi jab raman ke saath woh haadsa hua .sbb sbs sbas mein reveal ho chuka hai ki sarika hi culprit hai toh simmi culprit nahi ho sakthi .lagtha hai simmi ka kuch aur hi maajra hai.

  17. does anyone knows the trp then plz post it guys.

  18. ya guys .i agree with you all that they are dragging but i hope it does not get drageed too much for weeks like before revealing shagun is alive they dragged for many week or hardly a month.

  19. Hi

    Everyone now a days boht kam comments hote hain really dissapointing boht se fans ne yhm dekhna chor diya
    Hai anyways they r dragging now i am getting bore but still I am hoping for something better missing ishru scenes

  20. Epi was okay . Yes they r dragging it ..much ..nd huge non of cmnts only on xcitng epis .. gawd knows wts going on ….plz reveal the culprit soon nd waitng for ishra scene . Gawd knows …raman ishita ko kya supriz dene wala h . Dekhtw h.

    1. Its god not gawd

      1. Ting tong please update your ff…

  21. Yeh !! don’t drag it like that .. And simmi ?? No way !! She would never want her bhaiyya dead!!

  22. I think simmi is in trouble….. Missed d epi…

  23. guys .. keeping evrythng aside…wtevr romi did today reallyc enraged . who gave him the right to say sarika that she cant do the job… ???!! …i hate dis kind of dominating men.

  24. I think the culprit is sarika n simi covering for her

  25. me too diya(about romi)…….. That couple has become TYPICAL husband and wife now……. “Wife can’t do a job” What a stupid idea…….?! Hope cvs’ll clear this.

    1. it doesnt look like romi is dominating sarika. as sarika has said that “IF YOU ARE CAPABLE”. this phrase enraged him that way, as she has shown attitude of having money.. the phrase she said itself rages any men.. hahahahaha.. take lyt. it is just an attitude of having money. 😛 😉

  26. Yr plz yeh sabh khatam kro drama aur Mihika aur abhishek ka relationship start kro abh we want to see them together kabh se abhishek entry hui h but abhi takh uska mihika ki luv story start hi nhi ho rhi dang se…

  27. I also agree with u diya n darshika romi n sarika is a very stupid couple

  28. Priya Choudhary

    simmi can’t do this.
    But may be because she was that one who revealed the truth of raman’s baby to wrong way.
    may be anyone is forcing her to do this all like rinki or param

  29. hey guys plzz..aaj sbs sbb sss me kya dikhaya batao…may be ishra ka raindance hoga….plzz…koi to batao jaldi…m waiting yar…..plzzz…..

  30. Today in both sbb nd sbs.. it showed tht ishita and raman r romancing nd dacing in the rain on the song chak dhoom dhoom nd later in another raman ishita ka ornaments para raha h . sau baat ki ek baat .. its time to see some good ishra momnts .. yaay …i hope ekta never sepeeates thm .

  31. I think may be sarika
    Bczz may be she killed rinky … By mistakenly
    Now Ashok taking advantage of that

  32. Ok wait nd watch

  33. thnx diya……

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