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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman giving milk glass to Ishita and asking her to sleep on bed today. He asks her to drink it. She finishes it and smiles. She says thank you so much. He says why me, come sit. He says actually, I should thank you, if I start, it will be morning, as many are pending. She says she has a shortcut, talk to Mihir, please tell him not to break relation with Shagun, relations are made by much efforts. He says Mihir has blamed her for wrong, she took your side and he is not understanding, Mihir won’t understand now, its been a long day, sleep now. He says sleep now. He covers her with the blanket and rests on the couch.

He asks her to switch off the lights. She sleeps. He gets up and looks at her as she feels cold. Music plays……………. He goes to her. Dil

kahin rukta nahi………….. plays…………… He covers her with blanket again and looks at her. He goes back to couch. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………….. He thinks how much will you do for us, your heart is very big, I wish to do something for you, but what…..

Its morning, Parmeet laughs talking to Suraj. Suraj says Ishita got insulted because of Adi. Parmeet says Raman freed her, it would be good if she stayed in jail for few days. Suraj says she has send me to jail. He asks about Ashok’s bachelor party and he has arranged everything. Suraj smiles and says he has an idea to create a scene. Parmeet smiles. Suraj says I want Ishita to come in this party. Parmeet says how will she come, even Raman, Mihir and Mani won’t come. Suraj says he will ruin Ishita’s respect. They say cheers.

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Ishita asks Mihika not to feel bad, as they can’t control Adi, he went through trauma, he is already bearing a lot, I don’t know how is his relation with Ashokl its imp for kid that someone explains him to handle relations. She asks about hen party. Mihika says I want a small help. Ishita says first you used to order, now will you say like this. Mihika says Shagun wants to meet you now, she is waiting downstairs. Ishita says what. She meets Shagun. Shagun apologizes to Ishita saying Adi did wrong yesterday. Ishita says its alirght, I m not his mum, but I understand kids and knows their heart insecurities. Shagun says I know, so I m apologizing.

Ishita says no need. Shagun invites her in her hen’s party, its all girls party. Ishita says what will I do here. Shagun says you have to be there, as Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, Mihika’s sister and my friend. Ishita says Mihika will be there. Shagun says please come. Raman explains Mihir to understand and attend all functions, else world will think you are leaving her because of me, Adi will feel more bad. He says do duty of a brother, if not for me, then for Ishita. She wants you to attend all functions.

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Shagun says my brother is with me because of you. Ishita thinks about Raman’s words. Shagun asks Ishita to come, and get Raman and family along. She says come for Mihika, please, if you don’t come, I will feel you did not forgive Adi. Ishita says fine, if you want this, I will come. Shagun smiles and thanks her. She leaves. Mihika thanks Ishita. Ishita says I said yes, but I m really worried, what will Raman say now. Mihir tells Raman that he loves him, and respects him, he does not want to embarrass them, so he will attend all functions. Raman thanks him.

Adi thinks about Raman and Shagun’s scolding. Parmeet comes to him and sees Adi’s anger. He acts sweet and shows concern. He asks what happened, is he annoyed, Ishita did all this, she has made Raman go against him, else he won’t dream to make you away from Shagun, and now Shagun knows this, what will she do, Ishita breaks relations wherever she goes, see she made Simmi away from me. He says I know you want to hurt Ishita as she has hurt you, but you are a kid, what can you do. He says I m your Phupa, and can’t you see pain, you are not alone, I m with you. Adi asks will you help me. Parmeet says I have a plan, use Shagun’s phone and send a message to Ishita, she will get a big lesson that she should not interfere in other’s life.

Parmeet asks is he scared, I will do something. Adi stops him and agrees to do whatever he says. He asks sure? Adi says yes. Parmeet tells his plan, that Mihika has kept a bachelor party for Shagun, just send wrong address to Ishita, she will get insulted and lose her image, she will know it how it feels. Adi asks what wrong party. He says it will be fun. Adi says mum’s phone? Parmeet says you will be caught if you use your phone, get mum’s phone. Adi runs. Paarmeet smiles and calls Suraj, saying he has done his work. He says Adi will send message to Ishita from Shagun’s phone, she will come to our address and the evening will be beautiful, she will dance to our tune now.

Adi comes and gives Shagun’s phone to him. Parmeet types the wrong address and smiles. He asks Adi to send it by his hand. Adi sends it. Parmeet says no none should know this that we are together, its our secret, go and play now.

Mihika says she is getting late. Vandu says she won’t come, as Shagun does not like her. Mihika says no, she is Mihir’s sister, come. Vandu agrees. Mihika goes to take mehendi pics. Ishita comes asking for sambar masala. Mihika asks Ishita will she come directly or with them. Ishita says she will come directly, as she is not feeling well now. Mihika says have medicines. Vandu says please come, else I will get bored. They tease Mihika. Mihika says Shagun said it’s a theme, and she will send address and say the theme. They talk about guy’s bachelor’s party. Ishita says you don’t care about Bala there. Vandu says yes, its his life. She thinks she has scolded Bala and asked him to send all details. Mihika says yes, I told Mihir to enjoy his life. She thinks she has scolded Mihir too and asks him not to touch the drinks.

She gets Shagun’s call and says we are coming. She takes Vandu and leaves. Ishita says I really hope this time nothing wrong happens, everything should be fine. Suraj asks Parmeet did Adi sent the message. Parmeet says yes. Neelu tells Ishita that her phone is ringing and message came. Ishita gets the address and says what will I do going in hen’s party, I will see. Suraj says Ishita will be alone in men’s party. Parmeet says yes and they shake hands.

Ishita gets ready. Raman stares at Ishita and she asks him to praise her if he wants, she won’t feel bad. He asks does she really want to know.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman feels upset seeing how much Ishita is facing by his family and rivals. Even his son has troubled Ishita, another time now by falling into Parmeet’s trap and sending the wrong address to defame Ishita in the men’s party. Raman realizes she is getting all the humiliation, sufferings and disrespect because she married him. He thinks she has done a lot for him, being so selfless towards his family, and even Shagun and Adi. Raman decides to free Ishita off their marriage, to give her a peaceful and prosperous life. Abhimanyu comes to know about Ashok and Parmeet’s wrong doing of teasing Ishita and rages in anger. Will Raman and Abhimanyu join hands to teach the creeps a lesson?


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    Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:

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  3. fully disappointed reading the spoiler. the person who updates spoilers informed us that this wil not happen, Ishra fans can relax. Raman leaving Ishita, the thought itself is undigestable. both love each other. how can raman alone take this decision. how can u kill ur love. this was the reason y the makers did not bring them close physically. I hate balaji telefilms. I will quit this show but ignoring IShra wil be very tough. Mani showing his concern/care for Ishita proves that he will marry Ishita.

  4. william brown

    This cant happen its a bet ishra alag ni hon gay…accept my challenge 123

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