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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying I will manage, it will get fine. Ishita asks her to let her do aid. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla come and apologize for their mistake, as Neelu added that chemical by mistake on their saying. Adi asks when will haldi start. Ishita asks him did he apologize to Roshni. He asks why shall I apologize, I did not know why she did that, everyone is waiting, come. She says everyone will wait till you apologize to Roshni. Roshni says no, we shall go, Adi is right. Ishita says I m talking to my son. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to apologize. Adi says fine, I m sorry, just come soon. Ishita asks Roshni to take rest well, and teaches her to talk in hindi, as she stays here.

Neelu comes. Mrs. Bhalla says we have got our specs now. Roshni says I want to drink water. Ishita corrects

her to say in hindi well, and smiles. Mani asks Aaliya why is she not ready for haldi. Aaliya asks for Shagun. Shagun comes home. She asks Aaliya why is she not ready, so sorry, I will help you, I have a surprise for you. She shows the Kalirey. Aaliya smiles and asks how did you manage. Shagun says I went to Khandpur and got this Kalirey. Mani asks did you go there. Shagun says yes, my daughter asked for something for the first time. Mani says you did so much for Aaliya, you are the best. Aaliya hugs Shagun and says this Kalirey is precious for me, even my own mum would have not done this, I love you. Shagun says I love you too. Mani asks Shagun to make Aaliya ready fast. Shagun asks Mani to see guests. Shagun says God knows what was Gagan saying, how will I tell Mani, if he tells Ishita then, more issues, I should not do anything, once Adi and Aaliya get married, then I will see.

Adi’s haldi goes on. Ishita asks Mihika to record well, they have to show Raman. Amma asks Adi to take bath, then his skin will glow. Adi says I will go and take bath myself. Romi tears his kurta saying its ritual. Ishita asks Mihika to take some haldi from Adi’s face and send to Aaliya. She asks Neelu to prepare haldi plate. She sees Roshni preparing haldi plate and asks what’s this. Roshni says its already late, Aaliya will be waiting, so I have prepared everything, are you angry with me. Ishita says no, you spoke well, its a nice try, I m really proud of you, when you study IAS, you will do well, you are talented and sharp minded. Adi says Ishita is favoring her a lot. Romi says I will kick her out of her life and house.

Shagun gets angry and says Mani is not noticing me. She stops him and asks him to notice him. He says its imp phone call. Call ends. Mani says I m calling Aaliya’s Dadi. She says maybe she is resting or went temple. He says he has to come here for marriage. She asks will she come here. He says of course, she is Aaliya’s Dadi, its imp for her. She says all functions will be in punjabi style, she will be upset, Ishita and I already fought, we have many issues, I won’t be able to do anything according to me. He says we will manage, if she does not come, Aaliya will feel bad. She says I will manage Aaliya. He says we will discuss later, just get Aaliya out, you are looking beautiful. She smiles. He goes. Shagun says now Dadi is going to come too.

Adi asks Ruhi why can’t you make Aaliya’s haldi video, I want to see Aaliya. Ruhi says its matter of one day now, then she will be with you. Mihika says after some days, he will request us to take Aaliya away, guys don’t value anything after they get it. Ruhi says right. Adi says just make video, take anything. Ruhi asks for beautiful lahenga. Ishita asks them not to trouble Adi, I will make video. Adi says thanks, I love you Ishi Maa. He turns and sees Roshni. He scolds her for impressing Ishi Maa.

Roshni says I will leave from here once you get married, why will I impress Ishita, I m not troubling anyone, Mrs. Bhalla has sent these gifts for you, I just came to keep this. She goes. Shagun gets Aaliya for haldi and asks guests to not apply haldi on face. Ruhi takes selfie with Aaliya. Ishita asks shall we start and applies haldi to her. Shagun asks Ishita not to apply on face, bridal facial effect can go away. Ishita says this haldi is made at home, Roshni has grinded this at home, and added malai and rose water, its best for Aaliya, this is removed from Adi’s face. She applies haldi to Aaliya’s face. Shagun asks them to apply less. Ishita asks Mihika and others to apply more haldi to Aaliya. Shagun signs Mani. Mani signs her to let it go. Shagun sends Aaliya to take bath. She shows the Kalirey she got for Aaliya.

Ishita says Roshni would have told you right place to get Kalirey. Shagun asks why, is there any problem in this. Ishita says I did not mean it. Mihika says I think we should go. They leave. Mani asks Shagun why did you not tell Ishita that you got Kalirey from where Roshni said. Shagun asks why shall I say, Ishita always does this, you are calling Dadi now, she will also interfere much, I will not attend this marriage. Aaliya shouts to Shagun. Shagun and Mani go to her. Aaliya says my skin… Shagun asks is there a rash, I told Ishita not to apply on face, we will go to skin specialist, come out.

Aaliya comes and says skin got so soft, I m feeling fresh. Mani says I m glad you are fine and goes. Aaliya says everything is going on well, I wish Mani gets Dadi soon. Shagun asks her to go and have food. Shagun says Ishita is really getting on my nerves.

Adi says Papa, Aaliya wants me to make a dish for her, I can’t take anyone’s help, I want to make Aaliya happy. Raman says Madrasi women are mad. Adi says I understand, I thought to make Bengali food for her. Raman says she will sink you in sea. Adi says rajasthani. Raman says think more.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good that roshni gave an answer right away to our angrybird aditya ji!! Nice that after ishita Cvs are showing another understanding and loving character i.e roshni…She has an aim in her lyf…Hope Cvs shows roshni as a successful women and they just dont turn serial into same love wala track as they always do!! Marriage is sacred and hope Cvs doesnt pair up adi-alia before settling adi-roshni’s relation!
    After so many days, one interstng and nice track in Yhm!
    Hope They show AdiShni together(pure and eternal love just like ishra) along with roshni being an IAS!

  2. Maybe in the upcoming track, ishita will get to know AdiShni’s marriage truth and she might stop Adi-alias marriage till the divorce of adi-roshni!
    But as it happens in every serial divorce needs tym,mayb 3-6 mnths and in this meantime ishita might help roshni to have a complt makeover,preparation for Ias and all! Also AdiShni’s relation might get better and adi might realise roshni is really really a sweet and caring girl who is ryt for him! He myt regret for misunderstndng roshni! And at the end, divorce might not happen! Afterall marriage is precius and it means a lot to be husbnd and wife! So in the end he myt choose marriage!

  3. Have not been seeing yhm since few days…saw this aditya roshni’s tracj to be intrstng and am seeing it again now.

    So just like raman and ishita getting married due to circumstances(ruhi being d reason for their union), Aditya and roshni also got married due to circumstances!

    Correct me if am wrng! So AdiShni is another admirable jodi next to IshRa!Just like love blossomed between raman-ishita, adi-roshni also will love each other eternally!
    Hope this happens!

  4. Oh my god..why is this ishita maata keeping on advicing and interferring..shagun knows well what to do and where to buy things for her daughter…
    Too much of interference from ishita Devi…
    As raman says because of her nose poking nature ,she falls into trouble always.
    Shagun next time just hold ishita by hair and throw her out

  5. I like Roshni but she doesn’t suit to Adi. Adi Alia are the best always… Wonder why Shagun is always over-possessive of Ishita. Hate her character​. Shagun can’t change. She wants everything to be her own. Why is Ishita being friendly with Shagun? What was the need? I hope Ishita makes Adi Alia married and find a new boy for Roshni. Roshni looks like Adi’s elder sister. Ekta madam and Sandeep sir are not worth to be called as director and creative director. Why sideline ishra?

  6. azuka nkwonta

    This current track is nonsense. What’s the need to make adi’s love ❤ story to be exactly like ishita and Raman’s love ❤ story. Why are they repeating stories. This repetition is what is making yhm uninteresting this days thereby making people angry ? and frustrated with it
    The writer of yhm should wake up and think of the viewers and fans feelings.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    The problem with yhm is repetition. This current track is a plan to make adi’s love ❤ story look like Raman and ishita’s love ❤ story. We the viewers and fans are tired ? of watching what happened to one character also happening to another character. I don’t see the reason why the characters in this drama ? should be going through the same phase in life. The writer of yhm should think about this and do something concerning repetition. The viewers and fans are getting bored of yhm because of this repetition.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    I like the fact that shagun is coming out again unlike before when she was acting good. I don’t like shagun but we need her villain character to push up the drama and also to deal with ishita and teach her lessons. Am happy that shagun is tensing up the drama and only her can create tension in ishita’s life. Right now ishita is making me angry ? so I like the fact that shagun is pushing her now, so sweet.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni should stop trying to impress ishita.

  10. Rahul96

    I really don’t like Ishita today ( sorry guys its my personal opinion ) . Why is ishita teaching hindi to her??? She is best in her village language . Why people generally takes English and Hindi as a measure of education ??

  11. Hii frnds I’m a silent reader
    I’m much intrested in reading u’r comments….
    I love this drama a lot..

  12. Santana Russo

    Damn Rosh & Shag u both r just amazing. Adi is just like Ravan, so irate and anger management to deal with. If Roshni is helping Ishu out that doesn’t mean she is impressing her, she is just returning favor after all Ishu is sweetheart and is the one who is helping her and Adi even if she is trying to get the good side of Ishu it is non of ur bis, u should just focus on ur bis like ur marriage and Alia and leave Rosh out of it. The only prob here is Rosh should let Adi burn in hell and not save his ass because every time she do anything good 4 u, u start yelling her as if she is the culprit, so girl let him burn and don’t let him or anyone trump card ur goodness. Pc and luv 2 both Ishra&Roditya, although I dont like him and he is an ass they still look nice and she could beat his ass to teach him good manners. Luv u Ishra& Roditya

    1. Superb comment ?? Roshni is d person to teach aditya a lesson and manners! RoDitya track is interstng!

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