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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. He says no one will come in this house, we are also leaving from here, pack bags. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I m your mother, you can’t dictate things to me, I will get Ishita here and not leave this house, you can leave if you want. Romi says you should have made Raman leave years ago. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi why did he come. Romi says I came to give my wedding card, I want you to come and bless me and Mihika. He touches mummy ji’s feet. She asks him to do this acting with Amma, as he did not invite them in sangeet. She says I will think whether to come in your marriage or not, leave now. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that I m your mum, I have full right to decide, I decided I will get Ishita in this house. He says fine, get her and forget you had a

son. Simmi says wow, mumma has become tigress again. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its all because of Ishita, she is my courage, I will not listen anyone after Ishita comes here. Mr. Bhalla says great, I m with you. Simmi says I want to meet Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I will give her address, go and meet her. Adi smiles and thinks no one can stop Ishi Maa from coming here now.

Appa tells Amma about the tea, this is not coffee. She tastes it and says sorry, its tea, I made this for Bala and gave you, I will get coffee for you. He makes her sit and says I know you are hiding something, you are worried about behaving bad with Ishita, since I know she is alive, I wanted to meet her, but I did not meet her for your sake, I m waiting for the moment when you realize we should meet her, she came back after 7 years, we should know why she did that, she is still bearing problems. She cries and says I want to meet Ishu, take me to her. He says we will meet her tomorrow morning, everything will be normal.

Its morning, Amma and Appa go to meet Ishita. Ishita gets surprised seeing them. Amma says sorry and hugs her. Ishita hugs Appa. Ishita thanks them. Amma says sorry, I did not think about you. Ishita says its fine, you hugged me and called me daughter, its all covered up now. I missed you two a lot, I m here now, what else do I need, I don’t need sorry, I need you two. She says Pihu looks like Ruhi, I had reason to leave her, but Pihu would have needed me, I did wrong to leave her, Raman forgot to smile, I can’t explain him anything.

Amma says you have right on your daughter Pihu. Simmi comes there to meet Ishita. She gets happy seeing Simmi and holds her hands. She says its so good to see you and they hug. Amma and Amma look on. Ishita compliments Simmi, and says Amma, Simmi has come, did you guys decide and come. Amma and Simmi start arguing. Ishita gets shocked. Ishita asks whats going on. Simmi leaves. Amma says nothing, you come with us. Ishita says no, I came with Mani, I have to talk to him. Amma says fine, you can come anytime. Ishita hugs them. They leave. Ishita says what happened between two families, how were they talking.

Pihu asks Mrs. Bhalla to get ready. Mrs. Bhalla asks where do they have to go. Pihu reminds Romi’s marriage, they have to leave today. Mrs. Bhalla says we won’t go there. Pihu insists and asks what will you wear. Simmi comes angry and tells about Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Pihu chooses a dress. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to explain Pihu that they can’t go in marriage. Simmi says why not, we will go there and see Iyers. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu to go. Pihu says you are keeping secrets with Simmi and goes. Simmi tells everything to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go in Romi’s marriage and teach lesson to Iyers.

Aaliya sees Ishita upset. She asks where are you lost. Ishita says sorry. Aaliya says its fine, come and sit. She asks why are you lost, whats the problem. Ishita says my Amma and Appa came to meet me, and even Simmi. Aaliya says its good. Ishita says their relations changed, they were fighting. Mihika calls her and reminds her to come in her marriage, as everyone know it now. Ishita says everyone will react different way, their relations look different, I don’t think I should come. Mihika says you should come to make everything fine, you connect everyone’s hearts. Ishita asks her to not pressurize. She says let me take decision on her own, give me time to think. She ends call.

Aaliya says I know your husband won’t like seeing you there, but you have to go there and make things fine, its your family, you said we should run away from problems and face them, you should go and help them. Ishita says you are right, maybe I can make things fine, I should go in Mihika’s marriage. Aaliya smiles and goes. Ishita worries.

Aaliya asks Ishita why are you nervous, are you afraid that you can come across your husband there, do you still want to go back to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was worst.. Nothing happened today.. Hoping that next episode will have something worth to watch

  2. raman bhalla is not bearable

  3. Hi to all yhm friends

    1. It’s not at all Ishita’s fault—- ANY of this!! 7 years before Raman ditched her blaming her for Ruhi’s death but I don’t really think it was Ishita’s fault! Moreover, Ruhi is not even dead!I mean how can this Raman Bhalla even dare to call Ishita his bad luck after all she did for him and his freaking family!Ishita should seriously leave and go back to Australia and I bet that one day Raman will go to Australia and some day Ruhi or Ruhaan will claim her or his misunderstanding. Anyway.. in spite of all these I love YHM.. u rock!! IshRa-U r awesome! And Ruhi and Ishima is an incompatible pair.. They are THE best!!

  4. Good episode though!! But I want raman to teach lesson to ishita cause she has hidden herself for like seven years!! Ppl missed her heartless could she be!! Sheh!

    1. Well said,zohra….Whatever the reason be,a lovable mother will never leave her 2days old baby.Shagun was held guilty for leaving 6months old Ruhi.Ishita had also done the same thing.
      CVs had destroyed the entire value of characters.The show started with the selfless love of ishita and now what they are showing depicts another ishita.Not only ishitas but the entire characters had been destroyed
      The only reason for the show to run is that making.Moreover best team is been casted in the show

  5. Hi everyone, I wonder why in the precap Aliya asks Ishita whether she wants to go back to Raman. Of course Ishita wants to return to Raman if Raman accepts her in the house. I read that in another few more episodes Ishita and Raman will reunite and that is the promo scene with her white saree that most of you all saw. So it is not a dream but they will unite. How the producers are going to bring in the scene is wait to be seen. I am eagerly waiting for Ishra to reunite. I am not sure whether Ruhaan knows that Ishra have reunited so she gets very angry. There was on location shoot that I watched which showed Ruhaan/Ruhi throwing some papers angrily. They show her as Ruhi with her long hair.

    1. Ruhi throwing papers etc is the promo scene
      i just wish Ishra unite before they get to know ruhaan is ruhi
      becoz if they unite after they convince ruhi about her misconceptions then it will be picturized as if ishra’s love is only becoz of ruhi

    2. Ya Sindhu,I have also seen Ruhi/Ruhan throwing some papers.They are the old photographs of bhalla family

    3. Alia is insecured …. thats why she asks the question …. she is 21 yrs and she knows for sure her amma wants to go back to her husband …she spent 7 years with Ishitha than Ruhi and Adi just 2 years .. From her teen she is with amma and their bond is good … but she is understandable will join hands with Adi . Ishithas meeting with her parents was good but Simmis was very true and touching … Mrs Bhalla and the whole Bhalla family is happy … Cvs for a change mafe it brilliantly . Ishitha is afraid to open up to Raman , one he doesnt allow her to open her mouth … Atleast Ishra should meet before Ruhi is identified …. or Ishru …. cvs please dont make Raman a villain … his love is back … But sure Shaghuns entry is going to add more spices …. we will wait and see hi to all …

  6. I like the way the episodes are written and hope that they do not have any twists but bring ti to this direction. If the episodes go in this direction it will be very good, Something positive. Amma, Appa, Mihika, Bala, Toshi, Om prakash, Simmi, Neelu, Adi and even our dear Pihu who does not know Ishita but have grown fond of her have all accepted Ishita. It is only left with Raman to accept her. It is one against so many of them. Hope Mani supports and encourages Ishita to rejoin with her husband.

  7. Nice reunion of ishu vid her parents nd simmi….
    Nd Mrs bhalla u r d one who can bring ishu to bhalla house….

  8. the episode is ok…I have seen a promo in which knows the reality of ruhaan as ruhi..and ruhi shouts on adi that she never reunite ishra and separates them..felt bad..after.watching this…:-(

  9. Ekdum bakwas episode

  10. sorry it’s adi know the reality of ruhaan

  11. I just hope that Ishita clears the misunderstanding between the Iyers Bhallas !!! And I also want Ishita and Raman to reunite please make them happen.

  12. Guys where is ruhan???

  13. episode was worst .precap was ok.

  14. Even I was thinking tat Adi will know ruhis truth first tat she is not ruhasn bt his sis ruhi….
    ?? the same thing I watched in new promo…. At least Adi knows the truth he will tell everyone tat ruhi is alive??? hmm…..hope tat happens I upcoming…….nd today epi was not upto that level……..ok…….

  15. Even I was thinking tat Adi will know ruhis truth first tat she is not ruhasn bt his sis ruhi….
    ?? the same thing I watched in new promo…. At least Adi knows the truth he will tell everyone tat ruhi is alive??? hmm…..hope tat happens I upcoming…….nd today epi was not upto that level……..ok…….

    Tu plzzzzzzz post tis…..

  16. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita join Romi and Mihika’s wedding. Raman gets irritated when Pihu stands in between of him and Ishita. Raman recalls how Ruhi used to do this and takes Pihu in his lap. Raman tells Pihu as no need to talk with strangers and Ishita feels bad but she thinks that she deserves this because she is responsible of Ruhi’s death. Romi and Mihika exchange their garlands where both Bhalla and Iyyer families join the function. How will Ishita remove differences between Romi and Raman?

  17. hey guyzz… dis is simran here i hope u ol won’t have ny probs be oz I started commenting I’m reading ur updates from long time but never commeneted becoz I was scared but today I thought I should and I love dis show very much I’m alao a huge fan of dis show yeh gain mohabatein

  18. The wedding drama will provide for some emotional moments Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who is back to India after a seven- year stay in Australia will have an emotional reunion with her family. There will be outpour of hidden feelings in Mihika’s (Avantika Hundal) wedding. Yes, Ishita’s little sister is getting married to Romi (Aly Goni). It is a grand wedding with even Raman (Karan Patel) and Pihu ( Ruhanika Dhawan) in attendance. However, a grand wedding will take place with all taam- jhaam. There is buzz that there will lot of confusion during the wedding due to the cultural differences between the Iyers and Bhallas. Both the families will want to follow their cultural traditions in the marriage. But no unsavory incident will happen and the marriage will take place smoothly. Ishita will be seen in a very emotional mood at the event. The lady is looking gorgeous in a hot pink sari with black blouse. Raman will look dapper in a blue suit with glares. Mihika will take promise from Ishita to stay back in India. The wedding will be an emotional moment for all. In the last few episodes we saw how Ishita had a run-in with Inspector Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) who has now resigned from police service. She also has a showdown with Raman over the Aaliya incident. As of now, it is only Raman’s mother who is happy to see Ishita. In the coming episodes, we will see Ishita’s meeting with Pihu on the middle of the road. She will save her and break down.

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  20. ritushree where is yeh kaha aa gaye hum

  21. can someone please tell me what will happen to shagun after the reunion of ishra

  22. I hope ishita sees raman there n ignore him

  23. very nice episode.

  24. Well ishita only left her baby thinking she is a bad mother as she lost Ruhi so she doesn’t want same to happen to pihu not bc she is selfish ?

    adi-ruhi fight over raman-ishita union and seperation

  26. nice and lovely but where is shagun

  27. nice and lovely but kaha hai shagun

  28. Shagen is in Australia trying to find ishita because pihu saw her there at the Pastery shop than told shagen

  29. One thing i dony understand is raman ne ishita ko kaha tha ruhi niddhi ko dene k liye….or jab ishita ruhi ko handover kar rahi thi to woh bewakofon ki trhab soch raha tha k kaise bachaon to sara blame ishita per q atleast she tried to save her both daughters…. Pore drame main ishita raman n uski family ki prob hi solve krti rahi or ab raman ne usko bad luck bol dia…. Bilkul stupidity dikha dete hain yeh log

  30. Adi gonna learn about ruhaan’s truth and would also be tensed knowing that his sister doesnot want ishita and raman to be united…. nidhi and ruhi will celebrate when they would learn about ishita and raman seperation however ruhi wont be that happy it seems…

    1. Thanks Ayesha for the update!!!! 🙂

    2. Really Ayesha?? Ruhi should now know that ishita loves her!! Enough of these hatred melodrama! Still Adi should be the one to unite all of them.. even if i hate this raman!! My god!!!

    3. Oh my godddd!! Really!!
      Just so bad…
      When will ruhii love for her ishima win?? :'(

  31. Oh my God Raman will marry shagun but ruhi will not be happy with the news but Niddhi will be extremely happy with the news and will ask ruhaan to become like ruhi means remove the wig and become a girl…. Oh God Raman will marry shagun

  32. Why is this amena not updating the episode

  33. Where is the update please??

  34. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Nidhi is happy
    knowing about Raman
    and Ishita are separated.
    Nidhi pampers Ruhaan
    and asks him that now
    she has no problem with
    him and calls him as
    Nidhi also puts a bindi to
    Ruhi and decides to
    celebrate this news.
    Ruhi is tensed that she
    wants to see Raman and
    Ishita separated but now
    she is not happy with this
    Apart from this, Raman
    and Ishita argue over
    Ruhaan’s assignment
    with their companies.
    Raman tells Ishita that
    Ruhaan will sing for his
    company as he has paid
    double money to him.
    Ishita is shocked to know
    when Ruhaan’s PA tells
    her about Mani is already
    know about it.
    Nidhi provokes Ruhaan
    against Raman and Ishita
    but their effort go in favor
    of Raman and Ishita’s
    Old days fight will return
    in Raman and Ishita
    where they do not want to
    see each other face.
    Furthermore, Adi will find
    out Ruhaan is his sister
    Ruhi in real but is tensed
    know about she wants to
    separate them.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  35. what happened? why the episode is not yet updated?

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