Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Amma gets framed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi playing Amma’s recording near Raman. She goes. Raman wakes up. Simmi comes and asks what happened, are you fine. He asks where is Pihu, Ishita. She says you will have your fav icecream, Ishita took Pihu on long drive to get icecream. He asks why did you let them go, the car has failed brakes. He goes. She calls him a big fool to believe a recording. Raman asks where is Ishita, her car engine is faulty, she will meet with an accident, Pihu is with her, someone told me that her car brakes are failed. Adi asks who said. Mrs. Bhalla says calm down, the car brakes are fine. Romi says we will come along, calm down. Simmi says Raman is getting ill, Ishita is not getting her treated well. Mrs. Bhalla curses Ishita and prays for her son. Romi says I will drive, sit. Raman

asks him to drive faster. Romi asks him not to take tension. Raman says car brakes are failed, look for her car. Aaliya calls Ishita. Neelu says her phone was inside. Simmi says Ishita feels Raman is fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says how can Ishita do this, let her come, I will ask him. Simmi asks who told Raman that car brakes are failed. She thinks it will be fun now. Pihu asks Ishita to drive faster, she wants to go home and have icecream. Raman sees their car and asks Romi to take u-turn. Adi says calm down, the car is fine, nothing happened. Raman says the car will crash, shall we wait for it, make her stop the car. Romi follows Ishita. Raman shouts drive faster. Raman shouts Ishita stop the car. Ishita sees Raman and asks what is he doing. Raman asks Ishita to apply brakes, her car is faulty. Ishita stops the car and asks what happened. He says your car is faulty, anything could have happened. She says car isn’t damaged, calm down, who told you. He says anything could have happened. Romi says lets go home. Raman says we will go in our car, leave that car. They come home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why is she playing with Raman’s life.

Ishita asks what did I do. Mrs. Bhalla asks don’t you know, you would have gone mad seeing his mad state, you told him about brakes failed right, you took Pihu in the same car. Raman says she didn’t tell me. Simmi asks who told you. Raman says it was Amma’s voice, she told me about brakes failed. Mrs. Bhalla says I won’t leave her. Ishita says why will Amma do this, please. Mrs. Bhalla knocks the door and gets in to shout at Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did you lie to my son. Amma asks why, did you get drunk. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t joke at me, why did you tell Raman that Ishita’s car brakes failed, Raman ran madly to save them. Amma says I didn’t meet Raman, how will I tell him. Amma says leave Amma, she will not lie. Mrs. Bhalla says come with me if you are not a lie. Parmeet smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Amma there. Amma says I never lie, I didn’t say anything. Raman says I was sleeping, I heard your voice. Amma asks did you go mad, why would I say this. Ishita says don’t call him mad, he is in stress. Amma says how will I meet him and say this. Simmi thinks to make her move. She says Raman was sleeping in room, Amma didn’t come there. He was murmuring that car is damaged. Ishita thinks Raman is getting out of control, its Simmi’s plan. Raman holds Amma and says you told me. They all stop him. Simmi smiles. Pihu gets scared. Raman says Pihu I didn’t do anything. Ishita asks Raman to relax. Amma says Raman got so violent, what happened to him, I m so worried.

Kiran gives her water and says don’t think much. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma didn’t you say anything to Raman. Amma says no, believe what you want. Mrs. Bhalla warns her. Amma asks why would I do this with Raman, he is my son in law, go from here. Parmeet says you can’t make my mum in law out of here. Mrs. Bhalla goes. Ishita says its late, everyone should go and sleep. Mrs. Bhalla says she is saying the same, she didn’t say anything to Raman. Ishita asks Raman to take rest. Simmi says its a serious matter, if we didn’t tell anything, is Raman having any illusion, is his condition getting worse. She gives wrong examples. Ishita says it was just a nightmare. Simmi says I worry for him, his face turned pale, did Raman hear Amma saying anything. Adi says why would dad feel so. Simmi says I m scared for his mental balance, is he fine. Raman says shut up, I think Simmi is right, send me to asylum, I won’t be harming anyone, children are scared of me, I was raising hand on Amma, I will go crazy. Adi says I think dad should go to asylum.

Ishita says he is your dad, whoever can support Raman, be with him, else stay away. Aaliya says we are with you. Ishita says stand by him, mark my words, he is fine. Raman says Pihu is crying inside, I will go. Ishita asks Simmi are you happy now. Mrs. Bhalla asks what did Simmi do, you are Raman’s enemy. Ishita says yes, I m the most selfish person in the world, I m thinking for myself and my children, Raman is my husband, my children’s dad, I worry for him, I m not his enemy, he won’t leave this house. Raman says I should go. She says you won’t go. Raman asks Romi to stay away, he can harm anyone. Ishita says you won’t do anything. She cries.

Ishita says you are going through a trauma, you will get fine. Raina says Ishita will have to die now. Raman says as long as I m alive, I will not let anything happen to my children and Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Kuch v!!! ab ekta ko asylum chhod ao plz

    1. Well said ! Ekta pls pls go to an aslyum

  2. Susan Whitman

    Omg i am sooo tired of these memory lost thing with Raman. I hate seeing ugly face of simmi and param, who made these ugly people acting in the serials. Ekta grow up. They want the main character to die. Now Bala will do suicide cause of param. Ekta this is not a family show. It looks like wanted crazy people show. Adi soo stupid agreed with Raman going for asylum.
    It’s a waste of time and headache watching yhm. I am not watching anymore

    1. Yeah true!!! Adi is sooo stupid to not understand it’s param and Simmi’s plan. Go to hell Simmi & Param !

  3. Hey Ekta, here’s one idea. Why don’t you send Raman and Ishita abroad for a couple of weeks, just the two of them, far away from these crazy weirdos? Then he won’t be taking any of the poison that Simmi is giving him, he will be fine, he will remember everything, everyone will be happy for a change. And oh yes, have someone accidentally give a huge dose of that same poison to Simmi and param. Where is Ashok when you need him !

    1. Rithu17

      Confirmed! Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel to fly down to London for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

      I think ur idea just got answered!!

  4. raman, mr&mrs bhalla ko unka khud ka dimaag ki nahi he kabhi bhi… bohath hogaya inka bakwaas. yeh sab bakwas ko dhek kar meri bp high hojathi he

  5. such a cheap drama… can’t even find words to comment.
    never seen such horrible drama in any language. Does that Mrs.Bhalla have any brains? This much of cruelness might not exist even in Hell. Being national TV show, current track is not even comparable to stage skit.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t have any problem with what the writer writers because she has license to write whatever he or she wants to write. We as viewers or readers can either go through the mind of the writer or interpret it the way we see it.

  7. IF we stop watching and trp go down. exta will stop this serial

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Whether it is a novel or movie writers have always written from their own imaginations not from the readers or viewers imaginations. As a writer she creates from her own stock of ideas which is what I think the writer of this serial is doing so there is no need to keep shouting at them and condemning them. Vampire movies and novels were written by somebody but that does not mean that I believe in vampires or even think that they could exist but I still watch vampire films.

  9. Ow the whole family is going nuts all because of one freaky sister SIMMI bravo bravo she is winning against those blo*dy fools only two ah Dem yuh know and they are creating so much havoc you can tell how stupid the Bhallas are I do not know Ishu’s dad name count them in too.Wow so much too much yaar hmm great serial too good kudos to you Ekta wah wah

  10. azuka nkwonta

    You can’t tell ekta kapoor to end the serial just because you don’t like the story she is telling. You have to understand that she has right to tell the story that she is telling because she is telling it from her own mind and not from yours. She has right to her story. The problem some people are having is just that at this moment story is not favoring ishita or Raman otherwise they won’t be saying this. Only when ishita is winning that is the only time they get happy. Another thing is that if you can’t watch the serial anymore you can sell your television set and leave us alone.

  11. TO hell with this serial not watching any more

  12. These mrs bhalla is stupid, she believe on simmi word, and is ready to send raman to mental asylum, and adi, you are wrong simmi will never be right, ishita is right.

  13. To all the people who agree with Ekta’s mind you are just as twisted as her – how much bad luck can Ishu have – why do these writers make woman feel inferior- do they get joy out of a woman crying all the time – if it was my story – Ishu would have left Raman, married Ashok, sued for custody of Pihu and lived happily ever after.

  14. It’s dramas like these that line pockets and give the general public ideas. Disgusted with storylines that create rifts in families. To portray a sister doing what she is doing to her brother. Then raksha bandana will come and everything is fine. Load of fxxxg bollocks. Only have to watch it when I come to my mothers.

  15. Now this is my Simmi limit!! The precap is just not ok. I’m not watching it anymore. Will keep reading the update here and if there is a happy episode, maybe I’ll watch then..

  16. Azuka …. you wrote exactly what I was thinking. if anyone doesn’t want to watch it Don’t. From all the comments and TRP ratings – other people are watching it. I’ve never missed an episode of YHM. Last night Glow TV showed episode 778 I think, what a wonderful scene of Ishra. They always drag an storyline and create drama.

  17. DeviG and Azuka. People are watching this rubbish nonsense in the name of YHM only for the love they have towards the actors of this serial… hoping that at least today or tomorrow they get something good to watch…. but the brains of the producer director cvs etc have become so much emptied that they are not able to take the serial into any proper track with a good creative idea…. when that is so at least they can take suggestions being on and off given on this forum… this is what the viewers are expecting… to see thier fav actors in good light….
    serials are made for common people to watch who expect some relaxation…. and not for sant-mahatmas who take every nonsense thing patiently and try to search only for the “positive” among the episodes….

  18. ishita along with her team can just kidnap simmi and param for a month and frame circumstances in such a way that all others believe that the two are away on some work….anyways mr and mrs bhalla and raman have no brains to ponder over their absence…. then she can give antidotes to raman against those “mysterious jaaduwala pills”…. simple solution….
    CVS please adopt at least one of the suggestions poured in by viewers…. and try to take on the show in a better way…

  19. Since its inception this show hardly hs any good scenes of Raman n Ishita together. They hv hardly spend 5 days peacefully without anyone interfering in between thm. Aise hi naam rakha Yeh hai Mohabbatein. I cant see mohabbatein anywhere?

  20. The characters in the serial are ageless. Its high time that senior bhallas are retired from the serial. Let the next set of bhallas..viz., raman,ishitha, romi,mihika etc take on.

  21. Sethupathi IPS

    Chappal maro Azuka aur DeviG ko

  22. Such a garbage serial. Used to like it but not going to watch anymore. All the characters are getting annoying and irritating.

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